The Greatest Scenes of Cinema

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  1. Warning: Spoilers!

    We have all seen some of them and traveled on many a journey which left us a little stranger than before. Come, share those scenes from the silver screen which left you in awe.

    The Tree of Life (open)

    Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite (open)

    Melancholia The Collision (open)

    This is from Matilda (open)

    Let me tell you about Tyler (open)

    Jesus Wept (open)

    The Wall The Trial (open)

    Sarah Goldfarb (open)

    Jack Skelington (open)

    Have you ever seen a portal (open)

    The list could go on and on.
    What comes to your mind? Hmmm?​
  2. Can we just link the videos?

    This thread crashes my iPhone6 there are so many embedded videos.
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  3. Sorry. I suppose I assume most are using browsers on a computer.
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  4. Where's @Diana so we can crash her fancy new phone.. >.>

    It's all good. Wasn't expecting so many videos though. Have to watch them from my tablet instead of the phone.
  5. Pff. I am a NORMAL person who browses a roleplay forum using a computer! O__O Phones are for emergencies.
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  6. I had to stop myself. I could have gone on for awhile. And I don't know how I forgot to include The Standoff in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly when Blondie, Angel Eyes and Tuco reach the end of their journey.
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  7. Do you know how hard it would be to bring my desktop to work!? >:(
  8. BLADE RUNNER - “Like tears in rain.” (open)

    Rutger Hauer ad-libbed a large portion of Roy's final monologue as his body shuts down, damned to a short existence by Methuselah Syndrome, and its some potent stuff. Instead of a climactic duel atop the rooftop between hero Deckard and villain Roy, Deckard instead becomes the man to whom Roy delivers his last testimony. It's an incredibly touching, beautiful final scene to a sci-fi masterpiece.

    SAVING PRIVATE RYAN – Omaha Beach (open)

    No-one had seen the Normandy landings reconstructed in so unflinching a manner before 1998's Saving Private Ryan. The handheld cameras and heavy momentum convey the desperate situation to the viewer, pulling them in and mirroring the action on-screen. There's no chest-thumping and jingoism to be found here; this is savage, relentless.

    THE DARK KNIGHT – Joker's Introduction (open)

    By this stage in the film, we've only had a glimpse of Heath Ledger's Joker; this is our first real look at the mad clown of Gotham, and he does not disappoint. Subtle, menacing music and Ledger's knockout performance make this one of the best entrances by a villain on screen.

    NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN – The Coin Toss (open)

    If there is a scarier man to have after you than Anton Chigurh, I don't know of him.
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  9. No Country for Old Men was astounding.
    The same goes for the rest.

  10. On Topic: V for Vendetta.

    "Ideas are bulletproof."
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  11. Ugh, Grumpy beat me to my absolute favourite of that Tears in the Rain Blade Runner scene.

    This one's from my favourite non-critically acclaimed movie, and... Well, probably the best scene in the movie (coincidentally, it's the finale):


    And this one is from my favourite terrible theatrical release, but amazing Director's Cut (notice the music ;) ):


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  12. The moments leading up to this, along with the score... absolutely gorgeous.
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  13. Watching Jaws tonight.

    Can't believe I missed/forgot this one:

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  14. I forgot about two particular movies, both where Edward Norton is the lead role. (of course)
    Fuck Everyone (open)

    The Curbstop and Consequences (open)

    Edward Norton, one of the greatest actors in recent history.
    Edit: Just bought Memento. I've heard good things but never seen it. Oh. I almost forgot my milkshake drains all the oil from the yard.
  15. A scene that would give birth to many memes:

    This movie felt so real like ten years ago but now that I've experienced better, it seems rather dull. It kind of feels like a fanmade Star Wars movie rather than an actual one but whatevs because this scene is still awesome and that last part is so sad.
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  16. ^This has to be in my opinion the outright best.

    Brace yourself Spoilers are coming (open)

    ^And this I just felt obligated to add.
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  17. I was gonna link the 13th Warrior one! Superb choice. :D

    This is an amazing performance.
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  18. Scenes like these show this guy has (had?) true acting talent. It's a shame he got shoe-horned into the roles he did end up taking, and that he was brow-beat for his accent.
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  19. Couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, but found this:

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  20. Spoilers man.
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