The Great War

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    • The Great War is an rp about the siege of an elven city and what happens during and after it.

      1. NO Godmodding (at all).
      2. Cursing is fine.
      3. Magic is okay, as long as it doesn't violate rule 1.
      4. Multiple characters are great!

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  1. I'm definitely interested in this, I'll be typing up a reply soon.
  2. Sounds awesome. To we have to fill out a cs for it? What are all of the races?
  3. There aren't any character sheets/sign ups. Currently, the races are elves and humans, but there might be some wiggle room, and if you have an idea for a non-elf/human character, please pm me.
  4. Oh, I'm also thinking of making an ad banner out of pics of everyone's characters, so like five different characters' faces. So if you want, you could just put a picture of your character/s in your first post, and if I do end up making an ad banner, it might end up there.
  5. Alright! I'll be posting right now.
  6. Awesome! I'll reply sometime tomorrow morning ^-^
  7. Great. c8
  8. I'd like to join this to if it's okay.
  9. Of course! :D
  10. Thanks :D !!
  11. If anyone wants to play General Lanos, pm me! He'll be more important to the plot after this part!
  12. My latest post is completed.
  13. Nice concept although I wish it was expanded more.
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Not open for further replies.