The Great Village Project

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  1. The Great Village Project has four main goals:

    1) Promote cultural understanding
    2) Encourage women to explore their sexuality
    3) Encourage self sufficiency
    4) Encourage participants to enjoy life to the fullest

    Participating villages range in size and layout. Some may only be one massive building with 50 people, others are networks of farmland and manors that house 4,000. However, there is a village of 300 that is most notable.

    Known as the Yule Village, it houses 250 women and 50 men. Largely comprising of Europeans, Asians, and Arabs, the village is not known to produce anything, but it is known for it's self-sufficiency. The non-Europeans, interestingly, willingly have stepped out of governing, bowing to their 'white overlords' with grace.

    So, the basic premise is that your character (whatever race, whatever gender) is living in this village. You can have up to two characters. The only restriction your character will face as a non-European is a lack of ability to be on the council-- but then again this isn't a political RP it's a libertine one :3

    Comments? Concerns? Questions?

    Send them All
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Thread Status:
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