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Cosmic horror, fantasy, sci-fi, wuxia/xianxia
The Great Martial Arts Meet

Come one, come all, to the greatest martial arts competition of the entire world. Be you a student or a master, there's something here for everyone.

Students of martial arts may compete for the glory of being the number one martial artist under heaven, while their elders and teachers are invited to come, watch, and make bets.

The Great Martial Arts Meet is a wuxia tournament charp. For those unfamiliar with the genre, think something like Kung-Fu panda, but if the more supernatural side of the martial arts were more commonplace. Martial artists often belong to groups known as sects, lead by elders. These elders are often among the best martial artists in the land, and teach students their martial arts. Using the Kung-Fu panda example, Oogway and the Furious Five would be considered a sect, where Oogway is the sole elder.
In this charp, you're free to choose between creating elders or their students.

Student characters have two choices as to their participation. They can either participate directly in the tournament to try their luck or can spectate the tournament with an elder from their sect.
Elders are invited to come and spectate the tournament. While watching is the main advertised attraction, however, many of the elders come as an opportunity to brag about their prized student, humiliate the elders of rival sects, or simply to cut backroom deals with the elders of other sects.
I currently plan to run the Great Martial Arts Meet on Saturday, January 20th from 1-4PM CST.
In the Iwaku Discord, under the Roleplaying - Fantasy section.

Anyone is welcome, and characters do not need to be vetted, although I would appreciate having a rough idea of how many people plan to attend. Feel free to come up with over the top secret techniques for your characters! After all, what fun is a supernatural martial arts tournament without flashy techniques to spice things up?

If anyone needs help with a character, I'm more than happy to help. I'll be available on Discord under the username "kookyboy9", as well as in the OOC threads section of the discord.
I'll start my character-creation wheels spinning for this.
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Name: Zi Dian
Gender: Female
Role: Student
Sect: Scarlet Spider Clan
Background: Zi Dian was kidnapped as a small child and raised as a member of the secretive Scarlet Spider Clan, a feared group of assassins and spies.
Reason for Entering: Her Sifu has required that she perform to the satisfaction of the Clan's Elders in order to earn her place as a full-fledged member of her Clan.

Name: Seventh Prince Yu Xuan of the Qin Empire
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Role: Student
Sect: Way of the Shadow Dragon
Background: Yu Zuan is the seventh son of his father the Emperor, by a secondary wife. Since he has almost no chance of inheriting the throne, he seeks power and glory in the world of martial arts, which he hopes will open the way for him to become a powerful general, and bring the throne within reach by fair means or foul. In hopes of gaining advantage, he practices the dark art known as the Way of the Shadow Dragon.
Reason for Entering: To begin his rise to prominence in the martial arts.

Name: Shen Jian
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Role: Student
Sect: The Amitabha Order
Background: As a child, Shen Jian was rescued from an abusive home by monks of the Amitabha Order. Out of gratitude, she chose to join the Order and become a Youxia, a traveling righter of wrongs. Members of the Order live simply, refraining from the accumulation of wealth or power. In addition to mastering martial arts, members of the Order usually learn other skills that enable them to assist those in need. Shen Jian has learned advanced techniques of agriculture and land restoration so she can help bring prosperity to impoverished areas.
Reason for Entering: To prevent an evil contestant from winning, especially if the tournament has some dangerously powerful Maguffin (magical sword, scroll of mystic secrets, powerful amulet, etc.) as a prize.

Name: Xiao Dan
Age: 72
Gender: Male
Role: Elder
Sect: The Elemental Cloud School
Background: Xiao Dan is Grandmaster of the Elemental Cloud School, a martial arts sect that emphasizes graceful flowing movements, flight moves, and wielding the elements of Wind and Water.
Reason for Attending: To study the other sects at the Tournament so he can prepare his students to face their martial arts styles and powers. [If another player plays a Student of the Elemental Cloud School, he will of course be there to support them]
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At a great pavilion atop Shattered Sword Peak, a dignified old man stood addressing a crowd of martial artists."Welcome, one and all to the 357th centennial Great Martial Arts Meet. I am Grand Elder Lufu of the Azure Blade Sect. The rules for the meet are quite simple."The old man pauses, waving his hand as, in a feat of astonishing mastery, a pair of raised arenas rise from the ground."Disciples and rogue martial artists of the newest generation may compete for the title of Number One Under Heaven, while those of older generations cordially invited to join me and the other elders of the Azure Blade Sect for refreshments.""And, for the part that I'm sure that all the competitors are most excited about: The rewards. Those who make it to the top 100 of the meet will receive three enlightenment pills and a mid-grade artifact. Those who make it to the top 10 will receive a foundation pill and a high-grade artifact. Those in the top 3 will receive a peak-grade artifact, and the winner of this year's competition will receive this."The elder trails off as he pulls a jade box from his robe, opening it to reveal a single, immaculate peach."A Peach of Immortality"He pauses for a moment to let his words sink in before continuing."And now, let the open rounds begin!" (Anyone wishing to jump in, simply introduce your character and have them jump into one of the arenas where no combat has yet to occur. If all arenas are full, feel free to mingle between characters. Elders are invited to speak to Grand Elder Lufu and join him for refreshments and to watch the tournament.)

Zarko StraadiToday at 12:45 PM

Zi Dian strode into her arena and settled into a deep Cat Stance, her cold eyes daring anyone to come and face her.

Yu Xuan's lips curled upward in a subtle smile as Grand Elder Lufu presented the prizes. If the Peach of Immortality did what its name suggested, he would not only rule, he would rule forever! He took his place in his first match with measured, regal steps.

Shen Jian took a slow, contemplative breath to center herself before gliding into the arena with soft, silent steps. She took a moment to look around and glimpse the other contestants. It would take more than a glance to tell which of them most needed to be kept away from a 'Peach of Immortality' or any of the artifacts that could be used to empower evil to too great a degree. For now, she would need to focus her full attention on her first opponent.

Xiao Dan "Hmmf. Enlightenment does not come in a pill," the Elder muttered under his breath. Nonetheless, his keen eyes scanned the students preparing for their first fights as he made his way to join the other Elders.

kookyboy9OPToday at 12:58 PM

In Zi Dian's arena, a bald man dressed in golden robes leapt up to oppose her."I am Li Wufu of the Desert Temple."He bows before stepping back into a stance of his own.

In Yu Xuan's arena, a young woman dressed in blue leapt up to face him, drawing a sword made of crystal.
"I am Ai Li of the Ai Clan."

Shen Jian's opponent was undoubtedly of the demonic sects, his aura bloody and violent as he stepped forwards into a front stance. Unlike the other arenas, this opponent took the initiative, striking out with his palm and releasing a ray of bloody qi to strike Shen Jian.

Meanwhile, in the stands, Grand Elder Lufu gestured to a disciple standing nearby and tea and spiritual cakes were brought out to each of the elders. He sat down before his own table, smiling softly as he watched the competitions happening below.

Zarko StraadiToday at 1:19 PM

Zi Dian remained silent, watching her opponent with predatory eyes. With a sudden flurry of motion, her arms blurred into a whirl of her red hanfu sleeves, and a fusillade of black throwing spikes flew at Li Wufu.

Yu Xuan gave a slight nod of his head. "I am Prince Yu Xuan of the Qin Empire. He calmly placed his hand on the hilt of his jian. Its hilt was a stylized dragon with scales of faceted black onyx, ruby eyes and gilded detailing. The blade was of the finest steel pattern-welded with meteoric iron. He settled into a front stance, waiting for Ai Li to come into measure before drawing his sword into an upward cut in a single swift motion.

Shen Jian weaved out of the way of the qi strike, minimizing the use of her own energy.

Xiao Dan bowed his head to acknowledge the disciple as he accepted the refreshments, but his attention was on the combatants in the arenas below.

kookyboy9OPToday at 1:29 PM

Li Wufu simply stomped on the ground before executing a high crescent kick, the floor of the arena softening to sand as it launched into the air, catching the throwing spikes. Behind the wall of sand, he stomped his foot back to the ground, transitioning to a horse stance and striking forwards with his hand, sending the wall of send towards Zi Dian in a wave.

In Yu Xuan's arena, Ai Li bowed in response to his introduction before releasing her sword as it floated up to hover above her shoulder. Putting her hands together, the sword began to glow with an icy light as it flew forward at Yu Xuan. Ai Li followed closely after the sword, weaving to strike from the opposite side with a fist enclosed in an ice lotus.

Shen Jian's opponent, seemingly emboldened by her action in dodging his first strike, leapt after her, striking with another ray of bloody qi. As he entered within range, his arm began to glow with a bloody light, encasing his fingers in bloody claws that he attempted to rake across Shen Jian.

In the congregation of elders, Elder Yuxian of the Heavenly Domination sect approached Xiao Dan.
"Elder Xiao. It's been quite some time since you dared show your face. Did none of your students come with you this time?"

Zarko StraadiToday at 2:07 PM

Zi Dian's fingers curled into the Trap Door Mudra. As the wall of sand rushed through the spot where she stood, it left nothing in its wake. Suddenly a circle of sand at Li Wufu's feet burst open, and Zi Dian surged up, four extra arms of energy reaching out to grab him while her natural arms thrust toward his chest with poison daggers.

Yu Xuan swatted Ai Li's sword aside with a twirling flourish of his blade in a one-handed grip. The fingers of his free hand formed into a claw, billowing smoke whirling around them to form a massive dragon claw with sharp sickle claws that slashed at her lotus fist.

Shen Jian wove gracefully out of the way of the second qi strike and bent her knees to duck under the bloody claw in a single motion, ending up close at his side as he came down. Before his feet could touch the ground, she rose with an uppercut aimed to plow under his ribcage, a left hook toward the side of his head, and a leg sweep at the back of his knees, using her qi to provide superhuman speed and strength.

"Yuxian. You speak as one who gets his 'Enlightement' from a pill," Xiao Dan said. "Elemental Cloud does not exist to perform parlor tricks and fight for entertainment and trinkets. Which you would know, if you were not so darkened by ignorance."

kookyboy9OPToday at 2:23 PM

Li Wufu was slightly too slow in noticing Zi Dian's attack, taking a passing cut with the poison dagger. His face goes white as he holds up his hands."I submit."Unless Zi Dian chose to finish him, he then leapt off the stage to go attempt to purify the poison.

Ai Li's sword spun off to land to the side of the arena as Yu Xuan's dragon claw competed with her Lotus Fist. Unfortunately, both attacks were roughly even, and both were pushed back. Ai Li waved a hand and the sword rose to strike from behind while she wove hand signs, took a deep breath in, and released a wave of frost from her mouth.

The Demonic cultivator feel for the bait hook, line, and sinker. Her strikes each struck him, leaving him unconscious on the floor of the arena. A few fellow martial artists of his power leapt to the stage to drag him off as another in dragon robes leapt onto the stage.
"I am Feng Tu of the Supreme Dragon Palace."He pulled an axe from his back, preparing to face Shen Jian.

Elder Yuxian's face darkened as Xiao Dan spoke.
"Hmph. You speak as though your sect is capable of procuring such a natural treasure. Did you make friends with some hermit in the mountains? Mayhaps that's why you finally came crawling out of your half-dead school?"

Zarko StraadiToday at 2:45 PM

With an effort of will, Zi Dian held back from finishing the man. Instead, she let him leave pursued only by an imperious glance as she turned to go back to her starting position and await her next opponent.

As Ai Li's attacks converged on him from both sides, Yu Xuan clapped his hands together at his chest, fingers pointed upward. He burst into a cloud of smoke that allowed both sword and frost to pass through, arcing into a dragon form that rose into the air in twirling arcs. The dragon opened its mouth and unleashed a breath of black shadow that would spread death to whatever it touched.

Shen Jian bowed toward her defeated opponent, then again to Feng Tu. "I am Shen Jian of the Amitabha Order," she replied, drawing her dao in a flourish that ended in a defensive stance.

"You call yourself an Elder, yet you speak like a child, and a spoiled one at that," Xiao Dan replied. "I do not see any of your students in the arena here. Perhaps they wait in hopes that your poison tongue will win their battles for them?"

kookyboy9OPToday at 2:55 PM

As Yu Xuan's shadow spreads across the stage, Ai Li attempts to combat it with her frost breath. Unfortunately for her, however, the shadow simply consumed the frost breath. As she closed her eyes, certain she would die, however, Grand Elder Lufu waved a hand, a golden barrier surrounding both her and the arena itself."Child, that attack was rather vicious. Plea-"

Grand Elder Lufu was cut off as a knife suddenly erupted from his chest. He looked behind him as a shadowy figure emerged from nowhere. The figure grabbed the jade box containing the Peach of Immortality before fading away back into shadow.A moment of silence came about momentarily before clamor erupted, all the elders of the Azure Blade Sect angrily shouting over each other. After a few moments of chaos, one of them managed to corrale the rest to silence before addressing the surrounding disciples.

"Close off the mountain. Nobody leaves until we've found the murderer."Back on the stage, the barrier holding back Yu Xuan's attack shattered, allowing the shadows to spill forth. Feng Tu was staring at the stage in shock, and many of the disciples who had yet to take to the stages had erupted into a panic.

In the elders' seating Elder Yuxian turned to face the elders of the Azure Blade Sect in alarm before waving a hand and stomping off. The Azure Blade Sect elder turned to address them.

"Unfortunately, the Azure Blade Sect will need to ask your cooperation in our investigation into Grand Elder Lufu's death. You will be provided suitable accommodations for your status until such a time as the suspect is apprehended."

Zarko StraadiToday at 3:23 PM

Zi Dian's eyes went wide when the Grand Elder was struck down, and the tournament brought to an end. Would her Clan Elders except a single win as sufficient, now that she would have no opportunity to prove herself further? And what if the Scarlet Spider Clan was behind the murder and theft?

The Grand Elder's golden barrier seemed to ignite Yu Xuan's shadow breath. Golden flames swept through it, tracing it back to his dragon form. That too was dispersed, reverting him to his human form, which fell to the floor. He rolled to his feet with an angry snarl, but before he could even give the Grand Elder a cross look, the man was murdered before his eyes.

"What skullduggery is this?!" he snapped. The Peach would have been mine! he thought. I must have it!

Shen Jian sucked in a gasp of surprise as the Grand Elder fell. She sheathed her dao, then spread her arms and jumped, flying up to land beside the fallen man. She twirled her arms in a wide, circular motion, gathering qi, which she focused into a glowing blue-white ball of healing energy at her chest, then thrust it down toward the Lufu. Is it too late? she thought worriedly. She was quickly surrounded by Elders of the Azure Blade, but she bowed to them. "I offer myself in service. I am Shen Jian of the Amitabha Order."

Yu Xuan's eyes followed her, then he did as well in a flying leap. He bowed to the Elders. "This dishonor cannot go unpunished! Because the Grand Elder was attacked while focused on me in the arena and unable to defend himself, I must repay a debt of honor. Allow me to lead the quest to recover the Peach of Immorality," he said, bowing again.

Xiao Dan bowed to the Azure Blade Elder. "Of course. If you wish, I can send for my best students to provide assistance. Elemental Cloud stands with you."

kookyboy9OPToday at 3:36 PM

The elder nodded to Shen Jian, gesturing for her to step away as a group of disciples came to respectfully lift the Grand Elder's body.

"Many thanks. We will contact you later if your services are required." He paused as Yu Xuan landed. The Elder frowned but continued. "Although we currently have no plans to involve outside martial artists, you may feel free to conduct your own investigations so long as you do not impede ours or attempt to leave the mountain. Any information you might uncover would be appreciated."

With a final pause to allow for Xiao Dan to speak, the Elder nodded. "I appreciate the offer, but for now, it is imperative that the mountain remain sealed. If we are unable to uncover any clues, we may take you up on that offer, however."

With his part said, he and the other elders of the Azure Blade Sect turned to follow the disciples carrying Grand Elder Lufu's body, leaving the guests to speak to the remaining members of the Azure Blade Sect to be lead to accommodations.
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The Elders of the Azure Blade Sect called a short meeting with the investigators to share the information on the assassin's transformation ability, urging the investigators to double check the identity of anyone they come into contact with after a period of separation. They also begin a sect-wide tally of all disciples remaining within the barrier in an attempt to flush the imposter out of their hiding.As the sect elders conduct their search, the investigators slowly disperse to search for additional clues around the sect, many now focused on searching abodes for dead disciples that may now be the assassin's new identity.

Zarko StraadiToday at 12:20 PM

Just before the group was about to depart, Shen Jian had an idea. She hurried over to Elder Cheng and bowed. "Excuse me, Elder Cheng. "While we pursue the assassin, it would be wise to also wait in front of them. Are there any other items, besides the Peach, that they might wish to steal? Especially any that might help them escape the barrier? Also, are there any individuals who are important to maintaining the barrier, who are not doing so or presently under the best protection? Or anyone who could be used to breach it in one way or another, such as a scholar who teaches the skill of creating such a barrier, or someone who knows counter-sigils? If so, such people should be brought to a defensible location so that they can be protected."If there is anything I can do to assist, I am at your service."

kookyboy9OPToday at 12:24 PM

Elder Cheng pauses for a moment to think before nodding."The barrier formation is safe. For security reasons, I hope you can understand that I cannot explain our precautions. As for other items that the thief may desire..."He stops to think again. "They will likely desire to retrieve their token that they lost alongside Xiao Lifeng's Azure Blade Token. Also, and though I doubt this, they may be interested in the late Grand Elder's peach tree, although even we have yet to breach the formations he had on his personal abode."

Zarko StraadiToday at 12:34 PM

"Of course Elder, your precautions must be kept secret," Shen Jian replied. Her expression turned thoughtful for a moment. "Is there anyone here who might know anything about the Grand Elder's formations that you do not, such as an old friend in another Sect, or an Elder who could have helped him create them?"

"What's taking her so long?!* Zi Dian said. "Maybe we should go without her and let her catch up if she can," she snapped.

kookyboy9OPToday at 12:36 PM

Elder Cheng shook his head."Unfortunately, the Grand Elder designed the formations himself, and they're entirely sustained by the spiritual vein beneath his abode. He did have a few friends outside the sect, but all are hermits living in danger zones, and as such virtually impossible to contact without advanced notice."

Zarko StraadiToday at 12:38 PM

"Patience, child," Xiao Dan said. "In a hunt such as this, wisdom is more important than swiftness of foot."

."Is there any way to disrupt or destroy this spiritual vein? You would never think to do so, but the assassin might." Shen Jian said.

Zi Dian huffed, but said nothing more, leaving it to her tapping foot to express her ire.Yu Xuan remained silent through the drama. I wonder which of the women is going to be the more irritating? It is a close contest thus far, he thought.

kookyboy9OPToday at 12:43 PM

Elder Cheng shook his head."If the assassin had the capability of severing spiritual veins, then they would already be home free and the sect's defensive formation would have long since fallen."

Zarko StraadiToday at 12:45 PM

"Ah. Thank you, Elder Cheng," Shen Jian said, then bowed. "Is there anything you wish of me?"

kookyboy9OPToday at 12:51 PM

Elder Cheng gave Shen Jian a small, tired smile."Go see if you can find the culprit."

  • Zarko StraadiToday at 12:52 PM

    "Yes, Elder Cheng, I will do my--oh, my apologies, one more question," Shen Jian said. "Is there anyone whom you send through the barrier, such as to procure supplies or relay messages?"

  • kookyboy9OPToday at 12:53 PM

    He shakes his head."No, the sect is self-sufficient, even with the formation active. If we need to transmit a message outside, we have contacts outside of the barrier to serve as go-betweens."

  • Off to the side of the pair, the mystery token begins to sink into its own shadow.

  • Zarko StraadiToday at 12:58 PM

    Sensing the current of magic, Shen Jian's head snapped to the token. She lunged to snatch it in a blur of motion.

  • kookyboy9OPToday at 12:59 PM

    Shen Jian attempts to grab at the token, but finds the shadow it is sinking into to be entirely impermeable to her hand. It sinks slightly further, now more than halfway submerged.

  • Zarko StraadiToday at 1:04 PM

    "Yu Xuan, help!" she cried. Yu Xuan turned toward her, considering the idea of being reluctant about it, until he saw what she needed help with. With a swirl of his hands, he sank into a deep dragon stance, whorls of shadow trailing from his hands. Thrusting a hand forcefully toward the token with his fingers bent into claws, he launched a stream of shadow that formed a reptilian claw, grasped the token, and sought to pull it free.

  • kookyboy9OPToday at 1:05 PM

    The stream of shadow mixed with the puddle below the token, allowing his shadowy claw to gain purchase on the token, jerking it free. The token sails into the air before landing on the ground once again.

Zarko StraadiToday at 1:07 PM

Yu Xuan quickly made the same gesture with his other hand to send another shadow claw to grab the token from the ground.

kookyboy9OPToday at 1:08 PM

The claw scoops up the token, delivering it to Yu Xuan's hand. At some point, the token appears to have activated some sort of built-in mechanism, and now is wreathed in an aura of shadow.

  • Zarko StraadiToday at 1:12 PM

    "Let's find out what this thing does, shall we?" Yu Xuan said, holding his other hand over the token and turning his focus toward sensing the shadow aura and the token beyond.Shen Jian hurried to his side. Zi Dian opened her mouth to offer a snide comment, but Shen Jian held up her hand to silence her, flicking her eyes toward the prince: do nothing to disrupt his concentration.

kookyboy9OPToday at 1:14 PM

The shadow aura appears to be some sort of shadow travel technique embedded into the token. If Yu Xuan's mastery of shadow techniques is good enough, he may be able to either track the technique to its destination or even just simply hijack the technique to bring himself and anyone else he desires along for the ride.

Zarko StraadiToday at 1:26 PM

Yu Xuan's lips curled into a cocky smirk. "I can trace the Shadow Path to the assassin...or carry us along it.""Let's go then!" Zi Dian said, bristling for a fight."It could be a trap," Shen Jian said. "They have deceived us before." "Very well, I shall trace it then. Go ask the Elder if he has any other means of instantaneous transport we can use that can get us there undetected.""I can get us there with great speed," Xiao Dan said. "Not instantaneously, but far faster than walking," he said with a twinkle in his eye.Jian nodded, and hurried back to Elder Cheng. "Please excuse me again, Elder," she said. "The prince is able to trace the direction of the 'Shadow Path' the assassin was using to try to take the token. Do you have a means of instantaneous transport?"

kookyboy9OPToday at 1:28 PM

"Instantaneous? No. I have my own movement technique for short distances, or we can use flying swords to send you somewhere quickly."

As Shen Jian spoke to Elder Cheng, however, the technique began to disperse, the shadows growing thinner and bits of the token beneath beginning to show through.

Zarko StraadiToday at 1:40 PM

"We're running out of time!" Yu Xuan said. If he tried to sustain the connection with his own Shadow power, he would very likely alert the assassin.Shen Jian hastily bowed to the Elder and rushed back to the others."Let's gooooo," Zi Dian said before Jian or anyone else could try to offer any words of patience or wisdom."Better to act in battle than hesitate," Xiao Dan said. Jian tried to hide her surprise, but...he had a point. She nodded."Come close, quickly!" Yu Xuan said. The others gathered, and he formed the mudra to bring them along the Shadow Path to confront whatever awaited on the other side...

kookyboy9OPToday at 1:45 PM

As Shen Jian rushed away from Elder Chen, he threw a token with his name written on it to her."Carry this on you and I'll be able to track where you come out the other side and come to assist as long as it's within the Sect-Protecting Formation."Yu Xuan and the other sink into their shadows as though they are water. A current in the inky blackness seizes the group, dragging them along. After a few moment of travel, a light appears ahead of them as they are ejected from the shadows, landing in front of a group of three investigators. A panicked look briefly shot across one of the investigator's faces as the group shot out of the shadow, but was quickly replaced by a more neutral expression."Can we help all of you?"

Zarko StraadiToday at 1:48 PM

"We need to speak with you, alone," Yu Xuan said to the one who had given the brief flash of fear.

kookyboy9OPToday at 1:50 PM

The investigator nods."Alright, then." He turns to the other two investigators before continuing, "Hopefully that should be enough for you to work off of. We can meet back up later to share our findings when I've finished speaking to these four."

Zarko StraadiToday at 2:00 PM

Once the others had left, Xuan turned to Shen and said, "I presume you have some kind of illumination mudra? Use it."Shen Jian sank into a cat stance and put her hands in front of her sternum, wrists touching, hands aimed up and down. Her fingers shaped into that created a warm globe of brilliant light, almost like a miniature sun, banishing shadows from around the group. Xuan tensed with discomfort, but kept his face a stoic mask. "We are taking you into custody as a suspect in the murder of the Grand Elder." Zi Dian's expression turned even more fierce than usual, a lopsided grin on her blood-red lips. Go ahead, fight us, I dare you! she thought.

kookyboy9OPToday at 2:01 PM

The investigator pauses as a flash of alarm passes through his eyes again, but attempts to play off the pause as being taken aback. "...I'm sorry? That's absolutely absurd."

Zarko StraadiToday at 2:07 PM

Yu Xuan turned to Dian. "You're from what is it, the Red Spider Clan?"Zi Dian's eyes narrowed. "Scarlet Spider Clan.""Good. Bind him." Dian bristled at the prince's commanding tone, but she shifted to a front stance and shaped her hands into the mudra of a spider Westerners would one day call the Darwin's Bark Spider. She thrust her hands toward the suspect and cast a stream of magically-infused webbing of immense tensile strength at the man.

kookyboy9OPToday at 2:10 PM

As Yu Xuan turned away, the investigator's hand was enveloped by shadow and shot forward as a spear, devouring anything the shadows came into contact with. As the webbing shot at him, the man sunk into the shadow beneath him before reappearing somehow both behind Shen Jian and Xiao Dan to strike them with roundhouse kicks delivered by shadow-encased legs.

Zarko StraadiToday at 2:40 PM

With a grunt of annoyance, Xiao Dan shifted to a cloud form that allowed the assassin's leg to pass through. Then lighting flashed within him and struck toward his attacker.With her focus on her illumination mudra, Shen Jian did not sense the new attacker until it was almost too late. She leaned to fall away from the kick, swinging an arm to block. His leg struck with a twinge of pain, but she dispersed most of its force by rolling away from him and into a back stance, hand sweeping into a mudra that caused her hanfu to begin shimmering with blue-white light. Then she reached for the token Elder Cheng had given her, took it and thought, We've found him, please come quickly!"Aiiii't--HA!" Zi Dian shouted, striking toward Jian's attacker with a flat hand, fingers held slightly apart. Shafts of blood-red light shot from her fingers that would cut like the sharpest sword.Yu Xuan let the others have their fun for the moment. He was focused mainly on being ready to prevent the assassin from creating a new Shadow Path to escape, but he also extended his senses toward the two figures to sort out which was man and which was shadow.

kookyboy9OPToday at 2:43 PM

The figure attacking Xiao Dan burst, releasing a cloud of shadow around the elder. The one that had struck Shen Jian, on the other hand, unleashed his shadow spear technique once more, clashing directly against Zi Dian's finger technique. He used the resulting recoil from the clash to launch himself into the sky, his eyes seizing on something in the distance.He glowered, beginning to form hand signs as he slowly floated towards the ground, his energy growing greater and greater as a jade box from within his robes floats out in front of him.

Zarko StraadiToday at 3:00 PM

Zi Dian formed the Trap Door Mudra just in time to vanish into the ground as shards of the assassin's spear hissed through the air where she'd been. One of them had managed to graze her cheekbone with a small cut, the sting of it only fueling her will. As with her opponent in the arena, she surged from under a trap door of earth, with two sets of extra arms reaching to grab him while she thrust at him with twin daggers in her natural hands.Yu Xuan thrust two Shadow Dragon Claws at him, one aiming to seize the box as he had the token, the other reaching for the man's face.Shen Jian swished her arms out to the side, rising into the air with a flying jump spinning kick aimed at the assassin, followed up with a backfist at his temple to use the rest of her angular momentum, and a straight punch toward his sternum.Xiao Dan's cloud form began to rain, but the downpour swirled into a thick ribbon of swirling water as he returned to human form, and with a smooth, sweeping movement sent the water flying toward the assassin.

kookyboy9OPToday at 3:06 PM

The assassin makes no effort to block or dodge any of the attacks, simply taking them as he completes his hand signs. Yu Xuan's attempt to seize the box with his dragon claws fails when the sheer energy surrounding the box causes the claw to destabilize and disintegrate. As the final hand sign is completed, the thief pauses for a moment, wheezing out a final few words."If I cannot escape, neither shall you!"His hands begin to glow an ominous purple-black as he slams them together, the box opening to reveal the Peach of Immortality. Before the group's eyes, the peach quickly rots, collapsing into a single droplet of black energy that phases through the jade box."Heaven-Shrouding Secret Art; First Movement: Devour the Eternal"As the droplet of energy strikes the ground below the culprit, his energy scatters and he falls towards the ground, a smile on his face. Just before he hits, however, a black sphere of nothingness expands, completely absorbing him. Gravity itself bends around the group, yanking them towards the hole in space itself as it grows, steadily absorbing the mountainside around it.