The Great Land of Thauvodal

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  1. This is an adventure RP for everyone to do as they please. Start a war, become a hero, raid dungeons, etc, etc. Here are a few rules I would like get out there though:


    1. No magic. I'd like to keep this as realistic as possible.

    2. Nothing too silly. Just.. don't have a character with an idiotic personality come barging in whenever something dramatic or serious is happening.

    3. Be open to character death. I know you love your characters, and I love mine, but please allow for it to happen. The sadness of a well-fleshed out character's death would add such an atmosphere to the roleplay. It also doesn't necessarily have to happen, in all honesty. It'll just happen if you want it to, or if EVERYONE'S character is in a dire situation where their character could possibly die. In which case I would roll a pair of dice to decide each and every person's fate. Life or Death. Sounds fun, right?

    4. And last but not least, have fun!

    Alignment (Good, Neutral, Evil):
  2. Morwick.jpg
    (Golden blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and an icy pale complexion that nearly resembles the snow itself.)
    Name: Morwick
    Alignment (Good, Neutral, Evil): Neutral
    Species: Human

    Morwick entered the Knight's Blade inn covered from head to toe in thick snow, which had stuck onto him as he traversed his way through the blizzard outside. After hanging his coat on a nearby rack, he sat in the booth farthest away from the door. And that's all he did. He sat there thinking, showing a wide variety of emotion in his expressions. But what could have made such a young boy experience such turmoil?
  3. Appearance (open)

    Name: Allan von Dunbann
    Alignment (Good, Neutral, Evil): Neutral
    Species: Human

    Bony fingers rhythmically drums on the oak counter accompanied with a whistling melody by a slightly hunched man. The blonde youth however stood with his posture remained unmoved for what seemed hours to him. "...Fuck." The balding man croaks behind the counter. "Another loss." The man resumed his countings on the stacked money and his murmur of numbers start from one. Again. The youth couldn't complain over this nor even wishing to. He knew one day he would encounter a greater fate.
  4. c481ae78b6f7200bdb524ccb436b965a.jpg
    Name: Anri
    Alignment (Good, Neutral, Evil): Neutral. However, her clan is evil
    Species: Half-Demon

    Hands in her pockets Anri followed the usual secret path that would lead her away from her clan and into town. Being the general's daughter of her clan she was often sent on various missions. Being a half demon made her stronger than the average demon which is why her father tended to send her on so many missions. Well, that and because she was good at what she did. However, there were times when she didn't want to kill. She simply wanted to be like those in town: free and not bound by a code. She supposed that was the human half of her. Now in town she headed to the usual place. The sweet shop. Whenever she went she never actually bought anything. Anri wasn't allowed to eat very much sweets. However, it satisfied her enough just to look at them.
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