The∙ Great∙ Game

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Players: Dock & Sansa Stark


In a kingdom of masks and secrets, lies a lonely king staged in a world of color.
Adored by his subjects, praised by all and yet they knew nothing
of a yearning so small.
He wished for someone to give his heart to, but alas in a court of lies
and hidden purpose trust is the last thing one could afford.
So he harbored his thoughts to himself, silent wanderings of a dream that
never could be.

It happened upon a day, one special occasion where nobles graced the
castle with laughter and jest that a common event took place for
those with pockets too full of money.
An auction and the objects of interests the most interesting of servants
to abide to the court's guests every wish.

It is here where our King was enchanted for the slightest of moments
and made his bid.

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