The Great Forum Upgrade - Lost Connections (CHAT RPs)

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  1. I was: a dancer in the festival of ancestors, a pale skinned man who was part of a gestalt that preserved the memory since the first primordial one. I danced with my group of corspers and encoded everything that had happened since the beginning into fractal pattern of motion.

    You were: tanned, with golden hair, coal-black eyes, a blind yet seeing creature, a beautiful woman, who came to visit the village that had risen around the dancer's home. We had a discussion about your past. I recorded my memory of you.

    I am now a dog, unfortunately. But perhaps that will allow me to express my longing for you in a simpler way.
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  2. [one helluva missed connection ad, i tell ya what..]

    I'm here. You're at the Gym possibly getting your doggy fitness on.
    I'll be around when you get back, possibly wolfing down whole-grain bagels, who knows? :angel: