The Great Divide

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  1. Lightened skies of neon streaks, orange, pink, and yellow set the stage for my birth. The sky was on fire and it seemed to be that the world itself was ablaze. A century old war waged over the lands of earth traveled over the seas until the entire planet became two worlds that clashed in Epic desolations of each other. Conquering their own territories, staking their flags to claim what they fought for. No one today remembers why the war began, but we have come to call it The Great Divide. Indeed a rift had been made in the world and ever since I can remember I had been raised to be a Warrior of heart, but no training, or courage could have prepared me for the events to come. What waited for me around every bend was a blinding light that will have led me to what some may consider treason, Insanity, futile, nothing but dreams.

    Since 4 years old, I have had the companionship of crows, being born in the autumn Equinox of October 12th, my animal spirit, the crow, was under my command and I under theirs. Talking to them and befriending them, I came to enjoy the sound of caws more than that idle palaver of the people in my Kingdom. My father ruled with a heavy heart after my mother passed away while I was still young. She went so suddenly, sometimes I don’t even remember what she looked like. Uther came to me shortly after my mother’s passing, being an albino crow, Uther and I stood out even in the castle full of subjects and courtesans. Years would pass and I would grow to be known as the Queen of Crows. With my father’s passing and my being an only child, I inherited the kingdom. The ruler of our side in the war was far from my Kingdom and I grew tired of the Battles, Always running off to the woods, disappearing for days, weeks at a time to be with my animal kingdom. There I met a man who taught me ways of the Druid.

    Each day my skills Became more fluid and prominent, I could control the elements as nature handed herself over to me and I breathed her in. I would say that it completed me but I would be lying. I did not know that somewhere in a distant land far away from me, there was a man I was to meet and how our meeting each other would change the world we knew forever.

    My teacher gave me the abilities to become powerful, primal forces bent at the wave of my fingers, natural disasters were created at the clenching of my fists and new life grew a fresh start, new life sprung in my wake. My kingdom came to love me and by the age of 23, I kept my Kingdom safe. Until One summer, that summer when he came, I could no longer protect my Throne or my people and so that their lives are spared, surrendered my throne and exiled myself into the wilderness. There I wandered for many days that swelled into months.
    Now that you know who I am and what I come from you may understand better just how strange life can be. How the tides of time change in an instant. One moment you rule a kingdom and the next you are feared and mythologized as The Queen of Crows. Understand that I was happy to be rid of my stone prison of four cobbled walls; I am in rapture of my forests and traveled far into enemy territories untouched and hidden.

    My name is Fijoli and my story begins here

    She had walked on their path, and played with their soil. It mattered not; the lay of claim to land was all hers. All the earth bent for her and flora grew after her, chasing her step. She never wanted for things like she wanted the dirt. Adorned in a year old white robe and a white crow perched at her shoulder, the queen of crows walked through the wood of Salidl. The woods were torn and cinder rose up as the hot coals of dead tree raised the ash to fall down in a rain of soot. Fijoli looked around the burnt landscape, the silver eyes upon her face swelled as she bore the pain of the earth, listening to its silent cry. Uther sat, perched at her shoulder plucking at her tears.

    “Do not cry,” He said,” You can bring it back.”

    Deep empathy washed through her in the connection she felt between her and the forlorn waste of the dead forest, its vastness overwhelmed her and sorrow stung at her eyes. Replaced with a hatred for Man, she stepped to the edge of the woods, turning to look back on the green Vines of foot prints that reached for her as if she were their sun. Brushing back her earth covered white sleeves she raised her arms into the air. The weight of the damage had far surpassed any regeneration of the earth she had ever attempted. She began to sing to the forest, mourning for it, promising to it that she was there for it.

    The winds blew heavy, lifting the ash and coal around into a mixture of what once was. Rain began to pour down on her and the dead wood, soaking into the ground, and a steam began to rise from the hot ash. Her song grew louder and the earth shook under her frequencies of compassion. It swayed to her whim with a sprout; a single sapling burst from the ash at her feet and began to explode with branches, stretching up. Above her head into the sky, the sapling erected into a full grown tree, its leaves bursting from their branches' end.

    One tree, after another, and another, and again, and again, they emerged from the ground into the air, drinking the rain as it fell on their leaves. Emerald bursts of once dead forest returned to life one tree at a time. Fijoli’s voice rang through the air with a vengence, claiming this place with her heart; she captivated its wildness and used its power to return to it its own life. Uther took off in a flash of white feathers; he soared over the land following the Time-lapseed Tree growth. The power he believed her capable of happened, as his wings carried him along her Echoed voice.

    Dropping to her knee the mud and rain absorbed into her robes as she looked on to a new land, a new forest, it’s trees Grown by the very love in her heart. How fiercely she loved, how passionately she cared, it was enough to drown even death with the abundance of life. Heavy breaths sent into the air around her as she broke a smile for her trees. Regaining her stamina she flung herself from the ground into the trees and ran along the woodland grounds Vines racing after her in a frenzy of wildlife.

    Later Uther and Her rested beneath the Hearth of her new trees, sheltered from the rain she build a fire to stay warm, Dozens of Crows circling overhead of the new forest of Salidl. While she slept, a strange Mysterious Man walked along and stood in the wake of the forest that had just been burnt to the ground but not an hour ago. He narrowed his eyes to see that a trail of vines twisted their way around the trees. He hesitated in awe of the sight before him, and with intrigue began to follow the Vines that would lead him straight to the Queen of Crows.
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  2. I hold the iron grip of death, tiger blood flows through my veins. I am the stalker of the living soon to be greeted by the reaper. My will is strong, my enemies weak. While they rest, I have both eyes open, watching, waiting. There is no faith, only a creed. My life for one, and one for me. A warrior only lives for the coming dawn, and in it, a truth that would leave weaker men buckled with fear. I am The Knight October and my allegiance is to the King. His enemies are mine, and my life is his, until the last breath. So be it! I will give my soul for the kingdom in the west, The kingdom of Mantra is my domain. I fear no man walking, and am troubled only by the dead.
    Crimson splatters of gore covered his be-stubbled face while piercing grey eyes swam furiously from left to right through the red haze of war. He sat atop a black warhorse named 'Lychgate', the stallions nostrils ablaze, white foam at the corners of his mouth. October was clad in steel chain over a padded leather chest plate, his arms uncovered and red from the tips of his fingers to the top of his shoulders. It looked as if he had been digging out mens' guts barehanded. His leggings were boiled leather and thick war boots protected his feet. He was a killer and nightmares haunted him with the faces of men he had slaughtered in blood rage.

    Bodies by the dozens lay slumped over each other, blood drenched tongues lolling almost comically, eyes stuck open in an endless stare. Arms, legs, heads and entrails lay strewn about while the living went to fight else where. It smelled like death. Sweat, Piss, shit, blood and vomit; The smell of battle was a pungent reminder that war was nasty business. October knew it well and when he wasn't leading Mantra's mounted infantry in assault he spent his time drinking and living in the finest quarters the king had to offer.

    3 months prior in Mantra, the Kingdom to the West. King Ballaster is being addressed by his advisor, Chancellor Syde Levious.
    "He is absolutely unfit to dine with royalty and the things he says to the royal women are just…" Levious shifted uncomfortably on his feet, being adviser to King Ballester the IV of Mantra was his only useful skill, and without it he could very well be emptying the shit from the knights chamber pots by night fall. Despite this reality, he ventured forward unguarded.

    "I cannot make it clear enough that he is burning all the political ground we have made with the East and with each battle we win, he curses any negotiations we attempt to make on the field. It's as if…." Levious swallowed hard, his throat dry at the very thought of it "…he wants to go to war, indefinitely. The man is suicidal!"

    King Ballaster made unpredictable eye contact with chancellor Levious. Despite his hatred for the man, he knew that his words were always free of personal emotion.

    "For ten years we've kept Lumenthyr on their heels and have covered great ground in keeping the trading routs open by sea, our prime source of goods, I trust you haven't forgotten?" The seafaring traders used Mantra ports above all others due to their safety and ease of use, for this, great wealth was pumped into the kingdom on a monthly basis. 'October is not like other men, I know, but you cannot deny his prowess for battle and his love for the country."

    "Love for his country? The man is crazy! And love? He Only loves mead, less than reputable women and that stupid fucking horse." Levious caught himself and adjusted his tone accordingly. The king, while thoroughly irritated, was listening. Levious had earned the right to tell it to the king straight.

    "And what would you suggest, Levious? Banishment? Demotion to stable boy? His head dangling from the castle gate? He has won me every victory of this decade, and I can't imagine he won't continue to do so." The King Paused, always using his words for impact "And when I say 'continue to do so' I mean this meeting is over." The two steadfast, fully armored sentries that stood on either side of the king moved in closer as Levious turned and left, red faced. October was a rebel with a reputation hated by the nobles and legend among the men. In truth, if King Ballaster wasn't on the throne, his head would have been severed a long time ago. Ballaster was power hungry and greedy, war was unimportant to him as long as it ended in victory.
    "Follow me." Said October, flanked by his ten best riders. They shot through the front lines on horseback and into the fog of war where the ground forces slaughtered each other like hogs. Blood sprayed in a pink mist as one mans throat was slashed into ribbons, frozen forever in time, dead as dead can be. They cut through men with halberd and lance, running them down like dogs. October swung his Knights blade, Tigris, cleaving an opponents skull nearly in two, however the blade was lodged between the cranial bone and neck muscle, causing October to loose his balance from Lychgate and dropped to the ground. He stood, sword still in hand, it's blade stuck, and put a boot clad foot in to he dying mans chest, pulling up with a sickening grinding crunch and dislodging the blade.Before he could regain his mount, there was the sense of impact, and then there was no more for the October Knight.

    The last thing he remembered before the lights went out was a beautifully calm voice telling him.

    "You are not going to die today, Knight. You have one last battle to win."

    Darkness. Then a vague, blue-grey light. In the real world his body was knocked down by the back side of a lance and his men rode on without notice of their captains plight, but here everything was pretty and nothing hurt. Here October was smiling and a feeling in his chest told him that everything was going to be ok. His eyes scanned the surroundings, but it was hard to see because of a bright light that was very unlike the sun. In the distance there was a constant cawing of crows that seemed to echo all around him and reverberate off of thin air. Where was he?

    And while his mortal body was taken prisoner as a bargaining chip for the east, his soul was glimpsing the future. A killer reborn.
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  3. Foot steps pressed into the ground as the man approached the resting woman, Uther's caws resounding his presence. Fijoli's silver eyes opened to see this shadowed man come close her to her and lean over, it asked her,

    "What is your desire?"

    She, wide eyed, took in the seriousness of the question, the mysterious figure helped her up from the ground to stand. As it put a few steps between them, Fijoli narrowed her eyes to see that the figure had a shifting form. Melting shadows and no face to behold emotions or expression. This was indeed serious, this prominent aura was of dark energy and it's inquiry of desire left her in wonder.


    She whispered, billowing curls of steam rising from her mouth.

    "Wisdom that does not die, for the sight of your left eye."

    The dark man swiped at her face and seemingly the shadow's hand went right through her. Uther cawed and sqreeched at the shadow, swooping from Fijoli's shoulder to fly right through the Shadow. It's laughter rang in the air as Fijoli's hand raised to her left eye and from beneath her her pal palm, red hot blood began to pour down her cheek, leaking down her neck, traveling down to soak in her robes. She screamed out as the pain came with the site of a barred wagon. People speaking of political gains of winning the war, they had him.

    "The king's knight", The disembodied voices rang around her, causing her to stumble back, looking around for the where it was coming from. Uther landed beside her and pecked at her fingers on the hand that held her up. Fijoli's hair unraveled from the hood as she looked out beyond the trees to see flames of a traveling group. the barred wagon she had seen in her head now moved along the darkness of the forest. Gritting her, teeth the blood continued to steep down her pale skin as she took off in the direction of the travelers, Uther close behind her.

    Toes digging into the dirt with ever stride she felt a rage growing inside as the conversation of the voices grew louder in her head. No on would win this war and she would make sure of it. skidding to a stop the horses reared up their front hooves and making sounds, the horses settled, breathing heavy to the air. The men sitting atop the wagon looked down at her as she flicked out a small Knife and swiftly moved to step up on the wooden attachment connecting the harness of the horse to the wagon, she stood on the horses back and began to cut the horses free.

    The men began to stammer for their weapons but as they moved Fijoli stood straight eye locking on she clawed the air, slowly turning her curled digits and ripped her hand away to the right of her. Bringing up the earth the wagon fell over as the earth began to swallow it the men ran off. She took the horse and approached the he unconscious knight, lying within his bars, bloodied and wounded. rearing the horses behind her,Uther sat perched upon ones head. she reached inside of the bars and clawed into the wooden flat of the cell on wheels. The wooden exploded and dropped the knight below. Fijoli was wounded and need to find a place to heal and this man needed the same. The Kings knight, She knew the devastation this man had caused her kingdom, the world. She struggled to pull him out from under the wagon, clutching at her face she used her other hand to lift him with the earth, vines wrapping tightly around him and fastening him to the horse.

    She tied his horse to hers and ripped off the saddled to hers and mounted, Uther cawing into her ear gently "I hope you know what you are doing, Fijoli" he said. She looked back at the knight once more before ridding of with him towards the falls.
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  4. While the October knights mind lay prisoner in the in-between world of consciousness, his thoughts drifted. While his body was harnessed by vine to his steed, he drifted to a place that he had not visited in many long years. It was a time before he was a Knight, it was a time before he was a man, it was a time before….

    Octobers hazy memory brings us to the slums surrounding the outer gates of Mantra, 25 years ago. Before King Balllaster IV turned the slums surrounding the outer gates into barracks for the knights armory, it housed poor fatherless families. Men who died in combat fighting for the king left this world knowing at least their families wouldn't be out on the street, however, many of the mothers were either forced into prostitution to feed themselves, or the young pretty ones were used by the soldiers. This slum became a dark place where men took advantage of the fact their were no men to protect the families. The rest of Mantra kingdom, still wet behind the ears at the beginning of war, ignored this fact and Ballaster the 3rd who ruled at that time looked the other way. It wasn't until the sons who grew up in these slums became of fighting age that the issue was addressed and the slums were converted to barracks by Ballaster the IV.

    A small, dirty faced child sits at an old wooden table. His hungry stomach pains him almost as much as his small intestines from a diet consisting mostly of grass and rotten scraps found in the pigs trough. The gunny sack that barley covers his little body is torn and smells of horse shit. It is almost dusk and his mother is not home. She should have been here by now, he thought. She just went to the stream that ran off from the castles moat to wash, but that was hours ago. October, who was called by a different name then, walked outside the little huts straw door and made his way down towards the moat run off. He knew the way, he had been there before. The path through the trees, the one soldiers sometimes used to take the young women and fight with them. October wasn't sure, but he thought the women usually lost the fights as they were often out numbered and limping afterwards. It was a sick, dark world, and for one little fatherless boy it was about to get a lot fucking darker. On his way down he passed three men, soldiers, battle worn, scared and living a life unfit for even the castle dogs. Two of the mens faces melted away as the years passed, but one man, one of the soldiers, the only one of the three that didn't look scared, would stay with October forever. He was from the northern continent, October knew this because of his skin tone which was dark and highlighted by tan colored eyes, a feature not common to men in the east and west. His face October would never forget, and even at the age of 10 the little soon to be solider locked eyes with the man. A killers stare that he would later associate with what he saw next. Little did he know that this was far from a random act of violence, and his own father being the target of revenge. Political revenge, men willing to murder entire families for a crown. The man looked to October, saw his fathers eyes, and said.

    "Courtesy of the north , my son. Don't be a fool and come looking for me" Maliciously mocking, but making no effort to hide his guilt.

    Down by the water a bloody naked heap lay near the stream. October blinked, tears welling up as the naked heap transformed into his mother. He approached. He knelt by her, taking her hand in his. It was still warm, and below her body was a pool of red. She had been brutalized then ran through with a Mantra issue infantry sword. October didn't loose his faith in humanity just yet, but a change would occur in him as he aged. A change that would bury any emotion he had so far inside him that he might as well be dead. The knight known today as October, the Reaper from the west, has been dead inside for many years.

    North, South, East and West. For control of trade, power and land. The war of nobles and the orders they hand down can be just as brutal as the blood that stains the battle field.

    Life swam back into October head as the familiar, rhythmic gate of Lychgate awoken his senses. He tried to reach for his blade, a natural instinct, but found his arms to be bound, as were his legs. One eye crept open as a pain like a thousand knives exploded through the back of his head. The memory of his childhood was gone and replaced with the memory of the battle. He was thrown from his horse, hit from behind and…taken prisoner?

    "You fucking swine, eastern scum." His mouth was thick with bloody, swollen tongue. He spat pure red, his head heavy under the weight of his injuries. Lychgate jerked his own head in defiance, sensing Octobers plight. October knew almost right away what had happened. His life was now in the hands of King Ballaster. October knew how important he was to Mantra, and that his chances of being cut up into pieces and hand delivered to the west were highly unlikely. This enraged the Knight.

    The horse ahead of him carried a slight rider, cloaked in white robes caked in dirt. October spoke louder.

    "You should just kill me now, dog. My life isn't worth the armor that protects it."
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  5. Ears open, one heavy eyes struggled to stay open as the man stirred over his horse. If he had fallen off she would have turned back but the secure vines that kept him locked down only tightened more with as little effort as a fleeting thought in her mind. She made a sound at his horse, and the creature took longer, more steady strides, so as not to rock his head as much. "Be mindful of his head stead" she said in a faint whisper, too tiered to speak at full volume.

    Uther hopped along her shoulders, his claws dug deep into her white robes, red eyes fixed on the knight. Fijoli's silver eyes began to drift shut just as she heard the man begin to speak.

    "You should just kill me now, dog. My life isn't worth the armor that protects it."

    She continued to close her eye and think, what would she do with him? She turned her head showing only the side of her, now, only good eye.

    "Yes, you would take death, reaper of the west, I would have grown tiered of such a life had I lived it"

    The subtle sounds of her voice trailed off for a moment.

    "death will have it's day, but not that day"
  6. Overhead branches sagged under the weight of thick moss and creepers. It was dark in the forest, darker than usual as the riders passed through with October as captive. The knight could only survey his surrounding by moving his neck as the rest of his body was tightly restrained by vines. October did not even bother struggling, mostly sure that they were controlled by magic or under some sort of spell. The October knight knew little about magics and those cursed, black bastards that used it. He knew there were magical races that ignored the doings of humans and their greed, and he knew that King Ballaster employed a few old kooks that could summon beasts and cast various incantations for the good of the royal family, but other than that he cared little for it. What he couldn't grasp in his hand wasn't worth his time. His sword was real, as was the death it brought to his enemies. No wizard had ever won a battle, no wizard was ever knighted. October believed in the tangible, reality of life.

    "Yes, you would take death, reaper of the west, I would have grown tiered of such a life had I lived it"
    "death will have it's day, but not that day"

    Lychgate protested again, kicking his head back and letting out a concerned whine, October flinched, more concerned with the well being of his beloved steed than himself. He swore, right then, if he managed to get free he would gut that cloaked bitch and feed her heart to Lychgate. He might go ahead and kill that fucking bird, too, especially if it kept looking at him with those red eyes. October was gaining his strength back and once again feeling like the lead knight of mantra, even when being held captive he could still win battles.

    "Easy, boy, easy. We'll be back in Mantra by dawn." Sarcastically, baiting.

    "If not death." October responded as he caught a short glimpse of his captors profile, and saw an attractive woman. He did not let this carry into his voice

    "Then what is it you want with me. I have no time for coitus with the enemy…." He paused "Especially not from an eastern bar maid."

    He spat out another mouthful of blood. He was as rude as he was reckless, and as coarse as he was injured. The new pain that shot up his back was a sign that the adrenalin from the battle was fading fast. He would soon feel the full extent of his wounds. This thought lingered only for a moment as the sound of rushing water broke the silence of the thick forest.

    Water, thought October. His mind swam through maps of the area, trying to figure out how far the nearest river was. IF not a river then perhaps a...

    Waterfall? Where the hell were they? October inhaled deeply, taking in only the dank smell of moss, wet bark and dirt.
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  7. FIjoli paid no attention to the knight’s banter as her ears opened to the further sounds of falling water. She lead the horses close to the water’s edge and slid off her steed, to reveal two bright red apples from her sleeves giving one to each horse. Blood caked down her left cheek into the front of her robes as she light wrapped her head with some spare linen.

    “Shhh” She sounded to the knight steed, bringing his head down her touching her forehead to his, soothing the creature’s warlike temperance. Lychgate knelt down to lay in front of her and she, in turn, bowed her head to the creature in respect and gratitude. Rounding the horse slowly she now began to kneel slowly before The October knights face until they were eye to eyes. Her silver eye peered into his, shifting back and forth searching for something deep or hidden within either eye of his. Her hair tangled up along the moss, bringing her face closer her features were striking. Still only with one eye she radiated with a natural earthy beauty, glowing in the light of the moon.

    She grabbed him by the cloak and began to pull him along, the moss made it easy for her to slide him across the rocks towards the water of the fall. Mindful of his head and stepping on sharp jagged rock to sink them below so they would not hurt him. She shoved him over the side into the water, looking down after him still wrapped tightly in her vines she quickly dove after him to wrap her arm around his shoulders and surfaced with him in her arms. She looked up at the full moon, its light brightly shown down on them the water was shallow enough for her to stand and keep October effortlessly level at her bosom.

    Fijoli took the cleanest part of her robe and yanked until it ripped away from itself in a long strip. She ignored anything he said, any struggle he would make, futile. She soaked the torn fabric and began to wipe away the blood from his brow, lips, and chin.

    “I hope this works” She whispered as she put her hand into the water. Soon they would begin to feel a warmth bubble up from the rocks below. The water began to heat up and in slow, wide, lulling circles she spun the weightless knight in the water. His wounds began to close, rapidly healing, a sensation of serenity emanated from Fijoli, her eye glowing down at him. Nearing the water’s edge she let him sink Moving away from him quickly to stand on the moss. She immediately released him from her vines, she looked back only for a moment to see him stand looking straight at her.


    She brought up her arms and in a tidal waved wall she brought the water down on him and like a deer took off, Uther swooping down to grip her shoulder as she disappeared into the forest.
    Slipping behind a tree to hide, she quickly looked around, above her head and jumped, latching on the trunk to reach a branch, pulling herself up into its dark leaves. Hidden from sight she watched as the Knight stood again this time to see she had vanished. Her brow furrowed as she knew that she had done the right thing, she had changed the course of this war, and weather it ended for better or worse, The October Knight would be that end and he would have to be alive.

    She looked up through the opening of leaves to the stars, wondering back to who…no, ‘what’ that thing was that took her eye. Deep breaths Uther’s beak gently tugged the bandage down over her injured eye, water healed the knight, but Fijoli was still injured still bleeding out.
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  8. The Knight saw that he was being ignored and decided to shut up, after all it was just a distraction from his wounds. The pain was now latched on to the receptors in his brain and heading full bore to the rest of his body. Searing tendrils of white hot agony exploded into his senses and a new sense of dread washed over him. This might be the end. Suddenly, he wanted to live. He wanted to be alive to see another dawn. For the first time since he was a child, October actually wanted to live. This wasn't the first time he had been close to death either. What was different now? Before any deeper thought could be reached, they stopped.

    "Where the hell…." October felt Lychgate began to kneel at the cloaked woman's command. He tightened his legs on the steed, but to no avail. Lychgate succumbed. The knight had a moment to notice that she was also injured, with fresh caked blood, just like his own that was crying to a paste on his forehead. What was her end in all this? The knight was now curious, even though the pain that was near crippling, he wanted to know what her end was. She did not seem like an anent of the east, ready to pull his teeth out one by one until he gave away vital secrets about the kingdom of Mantra, nor did she appear to be a rouge trader bartering for the King Barrister's best knight. October was losing blood and feeling weak as his body was drug along the moss.

    When she dipped down with him into the water and they were face to face October did not give any indication of being a captive, instead he studied her face, her eyes and her lips. He found her, despite being in her captivity, quite beautiful. So beautiful in fact that his pain was eased for the moment. October felt himself being healed with her touch and the warmth of the water as his wounds began to heal. For a moment he was in a state of calm that left him unable to move. The next thing he knew he was alone in the water, free of vines, his strength returned and vigor restored.

    He sat up to catch his healers eyes as she looked back.

    Why had she saved him? He sat up and began to exit the pool, when he was knocked down by a force of water. By the time he recovered, she was gone. October knew one thing as water dripped from his hair, face and chest. He needed answers. He stood and began to wake deeper into the forest, with any luck he would track this mystery healer back to her home.
  9. Perched on high braches, thick enough to support her weight, Fijoli placed a palm over her face where an eye once was and with the other watched carefully as the Knight walked by along the forest floor. Silent, she was, moving not a muscle, making not a sound, just watching.

    Uther slowly clawed his way across her shoulders to tilt his feathered white head, also watching this man. Uther's voice sounded in Fijoli’s head as they began a telepathic conversation. “Why did you do this?” he asked.

    “I don’t know”

    “You realize who he is, of all the lives to save, Fijoli…What are you thinking.”



    “....When that shadow took my eye, I had these visions, and this sudden intuition to run and do something. I saw his face, and felt his pain. I saw the kingdoms’ raging fires put out under the footsteps of this knight…I just had this feeling Uther. I don’t understand completely…” Fijoli trailed off into deeper thought.

    Uther warned with Inquiry, “So He was meant to die?! And you just decided to change his fate?...Fijoli, his destiny is forever altered, the world hangs in the balance, You are messing with the unknown”

    Fijoli’s Brows furrowed together as Uther put the bigger picture into perspective and responded in short.

    “Dead men don’t end wars”

    The Ivory crow remained silent, burying his worry for now. The woman looked away to the moon as the knight walked beyond her sight. Exhausted and still wounded, having used all her energy to rejuvenate October Knight’s fatal injuries, she began to feel heavy. Torn and dirt caked robes soaked from the water chilled her and her hair clung to her frame from head to thigh. Her eye started to close and with only one last opening gaze it slowly shut to an instant sleep.

    The dream

    Feet carried her swiftly I a whipped and blurred scenery that fluttered by. Becoming split into seven FIjoli stood, Center, to turn on her heels. Facing the seven Doppelgangers and as she attempted to reach out for the closest the ground broke beneath her and falling into darkness, Uther swooped in circles to follow without being able to keep up with Gravity.

    Gripped by a sudden hovering sensation, Fijoli open her eye to look down on a planet earth to see as its surface ignited, the suns likeness spreading to engulf the planet. Earth split in half and fell away into what seemed life infinity.

    Shielding her eyes from the sight, the queen of crows now stood on the moss covered rock bed of the waterfalls bank, uncovering her eyes to see the Reaper of the west standing the water glaring back at her. He split into two, as one fell into the water the other lunged at her causing Fijoli to fall backward to the ground. As they met, an explosion of white, they now tumbled through the sky, falling passed clouds, Fijoli struggled as the knight gripped at her reached at her throat.

    Trying to scream out, she began to realize she was dreaming as no sound came out and again shut her eye and the falling stopped. Breathing heavy, the sound of her heart echoed in her ears. She hesitated to open her eye this time. Afraid of what she would see, worse how she would translate or internalize what her eye would perceive.

    As she opened her eye one last time, the knight’s hand plunged into her chest and slowly he pulled out her heart and began to squeeze it in his palm. Eye wide, Fijoli dropped, helpless.

    From behind the shadows previously fallen Knight struck the other and took the heart for his own. Drawing their identical sword, the queen of crows watched helplessly from the ground as the knight battled himself, this time unable to close her eye. In a flash of steel, their blades collided in furious tenacity.


    Fijoli woke in a sweat yelling out, her cry ripping through the trees. Losing her balance from her branch she slipped and didn’t catch herself in time. Uther cawed out as she landed flat on her back in the grass. She grits her teeth and shut her eye tightly to maintain the pain and felt her struggling lungs fight against being winded. After a few moments she opened her eye and stared into the sun, she sat up and moved back toward the tree to rest on its trunk. Her breathing, now more controlled, less forced, she began to relax. The knight was surely long gone by now and where he needed to be; she did her part and had nothing to fear.

    Her thoughts were cut short by the hot breath of Lyghgate's nostrils sniffing at her head. Uther stayed perched in the tree as FIjoli looked up to see the knights Horse flapping his lips at her. She cracked a tiny smile and pulled an apple out from her satchel and let him have it. She now realized that the knight wouldn’t be far off, and that his horse must have responded to her cries and coming running. She was too weak and after the dream she just had she felt the reality set in. The notion that the queen of crows and The October knight’s destinies were now intertwined by fate began to soak her mind.
  10. The self destructive Knight stood from the water, catching his breath while scanning his surroundings. Lychgate was gone, fucking horse, and judging from the still, cool silence of the forest, October was alone. He was also confused, wet and angry. His weapon was gone, a custom made sword that was irreplaceable, he was soaked through to the cloth that lined his bare skin, and some mysterious woman had just saved his life. He flashed on her eyes, or eye rather, and something sparked inside him. Maybe it was just an after effect of adrenaline, which has been known to cause strange occurrences, but for once the October knight felt, for lack of a better term, whole. He felt a sense of something, perhaps power, greater than his own. He should have turned, right then and there, heading west to regroup with his army. However, his war boots crushed twig and root in the direction of Lychgates heavy hoofed imprint. He only hoped that the woman was still with him. Her eyes looked deeper than his skin, and this intrigued the Knight. Their almost dream like meeting was clinging to his soul with cat-claw-like intensity.

    While the October Knight made his way in pursuit of his mystery healer, bodies were being stacked and burned on the battle field. The conflict had been a stalemate, with neither side gaining ground and neither side retreating from battle. Those that had survived stood across from each other, caked with drying blood and shaking with battle lust, wondering what to do next. All the ranking officers had been killed when lines were breached, and Octobers men, the ones that fought for King Barrister, were at a loss. His entire mounted division had been killed, their bodies skinned, disemboweled and ran through with stakes that now held their lifeless limbs suspended in deaths grip for all to see. The battle had been a slaughter with east and west both taking tremendous losses. Many widows were made that day.

    Back in the West, King Barrister paced in his chambers, alone with his thoughts. The earlier discussion he had had with his adviser, Levious, was playing back again in his head. He had just received news that October was taken captive and that his army had suffered tremendous losses. The messenger that brought the news was now bleeding out in the dungeons with his eyes cut out and his tongue laying on the floor next to him. This news was bad and the king could not afford it hitting the streets of the castle. The Kings first and foremost concern was protecting the ports, his prime money maker. This constant war with the east over land and trade routes had gone sour and was wearing on him. He knew Levious was right; The blood thirsty knight was out of hand and only causing trouble now. The king hardly thought that October fought for him, in fact, he knew that October fount for no one. His mouth was always bringing trouble to the Kingdom, and now that he had been captured......

    "Send me a runner at once!" The sound of footsteps from outside Barrister's chambers echoed down the hall and before long another set came running back. A timid knock sounded at the door and Barrister grated entry. The doors were opened from the outside by two armored sentrys, while a narrowly built man entered.

    "At your service, m'lord" said the runner, messenger and fastest man on horseback the Kingdom had. His name was Edard

    "Edard Windchaser, at your service, M'lord" He bowed deep enough to smell the mold growing in between the cracks in the stone floor.

    "Take word to the front lines at once, and to our outpost that borders the east. October Knight is hereby banished from my royal army, he has no rank and is a dog in the kingdoms eyes. I want his head on a pike and his body burnt to bone." The king turned to look out the window where dark smoke rose in billowing clouds far to the east, where men with fatal wounds gasped for breath. "He is a traitor and enemy of Mantra."

    Endard Windchaser turned with this news and headed to the stables to fetch his quarterhorse. As a runner and messenger for Mantra he was used to hearing daunting orders, usually meant for ears higher ranking than his own. He had trained himself to ignore these things and do his job. However, unknown to anyone else including the King, Edard had special interest in this news as the Knight of October and he had crossed paths before....
    October had some experience tracking, enough to follow a heavy hoofed warhorse. Lychgate was around here somewhere, and judging by the U shaped, tack lined imprints in the soft dirt, they weren't far ahead. October wondered if that fucking beast had even thought twice about leaving him with a strange woman and her red eyed bird? Lychgate was all October had outside of his men, who only respected him out of fear. Little did the knight know that their guts now feed flys on the battle field.

    Up head, October saw fresh prints and then a woman's voice rang out. It was loud enough to rip through the calm of the forest. He approached, walking towards the cry, and came to the woman resting up against a tree. He ignored Lychgate, who in turn, ignored him, apparently more concerned with the apple in his mouth than his faithful keeper. Fucking horse.

    "Are you……ok?" The concern in Octobers voice startled even him "Please, don't run, I am not an enemy, and want only to know.....why....."
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  11. Fijoli's light eye hung half open while the left of her face was speckled with dried blood. The cloth that covered her injury was half soaked of red and every so often a drop of red liquid was released to run down her cheek. She looked away from the knight, thinking about his question, Uther's warning and the dream.

    "....I felt your pain" she replied
  12. October saw the dark red of her wounds and wondered why she had opted to heal him over herself. There had to be a reason, there had to be something important for him to do.

    "My pain is constant, with or without bodily injury. And what of your wounds." His eyes slid over her body."Surly you will not let yourself die in favor of helping a stranger?"

    The forest was calm, but held in it's thick bramble a sense of urgency. Something was off in the earths cycle, something in the cosmos was sparking off events that would alter the course of the world.
  13. Uther swooped down to gently land at Fijoli's chest, cawing loudly at October. Fijoli placed a gentle hand of slender digits over the birds head to calm him, " Its allright, still."

    she looked up at the man, her skin was pale and colorless, she had lost too much blood.

    "If it meant the better for the earth I gladly give my life."

    Lychgate plopped himself beside Fijoli making her seem even smaller as his head rested along her left thigh. Uther popped his head from beneath her hand and nibbled at her fingers with concern, as if trying to pick her up and not realizing he was too small to do so. The behavior of the animals catered to her as to more then comfort...even lychgate had a look of worry October may have never seen before. after a few moments a few deer, chipmunks, and hares poked round from trees and stood around looking in on the scene.

    Suddenly a great large white stag with wild and long antlers appeared from the brush, his silver-ish hooves slowly placed one in front of the other, making their way slowly to the young druid. Black crows circled over head. Lychgate moved away from the stag as it approached them and Uther flew away to a higher branch.

    FIjoli's eye looked into this creature as it reared its snout to sniff the air and bore down a few gentle licks the her bloody cheek. it curled its tongue beneath her bandage, healing her injury shut. The stag slowly lifted its head and stared at The October Knight and spoke to his mind.

    "Why are you here, Knight? Why haven't you gone home?"
  14. October shifted uneasily as the animals approached. He narrowed his eyes at the large stag and ignored Lychgate. Fucking horse.

    "What the hell do -I- have to do making things right on earth? Do you know who I am? If anything this shit hole would be a lot better with out me" He watched as the stag licked the woman, he had a sudden urge to attack it and end it right there in the middle of the forest, but held his temper.

    "Why are you here, Knight? Why haven't you gone home?"

    The voice reverberated in his head, he shook it off.

    "I have no home. Get the fuck out of my head."
  15. Her brows furrowed as October disrespected the wise creature, she held out her arms and gently wrapped its elegant head in her embrace. Clear tears streamed down her cheek one after the other as she stared at October, vision of him ripping her heart out flashed in her head over and over again. She lost consciousness, slipping into near death.

    "I can't keep her alive," The staged turned and charged at the knight stomping the ground at his feet. the earth shook, trees began to fall around them. The animals scattered, The stag lit the entire area around them.

    "You should be dead, yet the Queen of Crows sacrifices herself for you and YOU DARE TO QUESTION THE REASONING!!!"

    He rears high above Octobers head, Hooves kicking wildly. Fury rained down in lightening wrath around the Kngiht. In short he stopped, snorted at the air and backed away from the knight.

    "You will take her to Ruskala, The Green Witch in the north. Uther will guide you, and if you fail....Knight. I will find you and Keep you alive just to watch you suffer with no soul...for all my days on this earth. You have been warned."

    The stag looked back once more at Fijoli and in a bound leaped off into the brush, Gone. Uther Swopped back to His unconscious queen, cawing over and over again at her, gently plucking at her hair to tug it out of her face. Lychgate stayed low to the ground staring at his master, obediently waiting.

    Fijoli stirred as Uther woke her, it was important to keep her awake. sleep could slip her into dark places and suddenly she felt her urge to thrive again, she forced herself forward, palms holding shaking arms and pushed herself to stand. She remembered that she was more good alive than dead and saving her would prove her premonitions right. Her legs shook as she let go the the tree's trunk for support and wobbled towards October Knight..Just before she reached him she reached out her arms for him, abandoning all fears of him. They collided together and she wrapped her slender arms around his shoulder to hold herself up.

    Fijoli buried her face in his neck and she pleaded by whispers that trailed light air along his neck up to his ear,

    "Please, help me, I promise you'll never have to see my face again......I promise"

  16. Ruskala, in the northern ice planes, sat nestled between the Ruskala mountains and the Theros valley. The way there was straight foreword enough, but getting there was not. It was a cold treacherous journey, never made in the winter or fall months.

    The queen of crows. October's eyes went wide, unsure if he should take a knee in respect or turn and run. He was with the enemy, he was in the midst of the eastern hierarchy that he was no doubt hated and feared by. The very same who's people were slaughtered by the hundreds in battle by the Mantra army. He froze and stared at the Queen of ravens, the one no doubt known as Fiojli. If it wasn't for the stag, October may have run back to the front lines, but the damn thing reared up nearly knocking him on his backside. If he ever got the change, he would have that beast on a spit for dinner.

    "Ruskala?" October barked "We are only weeks from winter, look at the tress! They are grey and naked, shivering in the pre winter dawn." October knew the geography of the north, having trained there in his younger days. A smile cracked across his lips and he spoke with a hint of laughter in his voice "You all must have a death wish, too. At least we are the same in that sense." He glanced at Lychgate who lay docile at Fijoli's side. "And you, worthless animal." October wasn't about to follow some red eyes pigeon into the north.

    "And why does a red eyed bird get to be a guide to me? If you need me to take you into the north to see the Green witch, I will lead the way."

    October, speaking before fully forming thoughts, was taken completely off guard when the Queen of Crows came to him. He caught her weight, and in that moment, with her body pressed against his, October felt his guard drop like an iron post draw bridge. Not just his physical guard, but his emotional guard. He felt something tugging a the corners of his eyes and moisture streamed from the corners. He let his nostrils breath, taking in the sent from her head. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her easily against the back drop of the forest. A sudden flash filled his mind and heart, and at that moment his life made sense. His capture and the years leading up to this moment.

    October Held Fijoli tight, his hardened face softened and wet with his own tears. At that moment, not even aware that his Knighthood had been denounced by Mantra, he became her Knight: Protector to the queen of crows for now and until his last breath.

    "I will protect and serve you, My queen"
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  17. Weightless, her heart pounded. waiting for something...anything. Uther perched himself at Lychgates head as the equine sat lazily waiting. The silence that fell over the forest objectified into a revolving entrance that lead into something forbidden.

    "I will protect and serve you, My queen"

    Feeling his arms support her, pressure relieved from her spine. She held on to his shoulders and blinked once or twice. disbelieving her ears, Fijoli pulled her head back and looked up at the Knight of her nightmares, her lightly multicolored eye staring into him. She froze in place "His Queen?" she thought to herself, questioning within instead of without. Heavy breaths rolled along his armor to find his bare skin. Knees buckling, they gave and she lost all ability to hold herself up.

    Hanging in his arms, Fijoli struggled to stay conscious and comprehend the situation.
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  18. The October knight felt his cheeks flush as Fijoli's breath pierced his armor. Tendrils of sensation moved throughout his body and for one fleeting instant he feared his knees would go out from sheer bliss. He effortlessly supported her weight, his arms flexing under hardened leather. The journey, he knew, would not be easy. He slapped Lychgate on the backside and the horse neighed in protest, but nonetheless began walking. With one swift movement October picked up Fiojli in his arms, cradling her, and began walking slowly towards the north. It was a start, no matter how far, a start was good.

    The scenery was slowly changing as the forest ebbed off and sparse dead trees replaced. In the distance the northern mountains loomed, ominous and monolithic against a solid backdrop of grey skies pregnant with snow. Even from the ground level where the small party ventured, the snow was visible in the distance.

    "We need winter gear," Said October, his voice gruff from battle and lack of sleep
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  19. One simple touch, for thr complex life. Strife ridden lows of sickness swirled in her belly. Only instincts dictated her actions, an intuition suited like the finest robes of twilight.

    she hadnt been carried since she was a babe, memories of a distant childhood swam around, weaving in and out of her reef of thoughts. Time had passed as they moved onward to the north, themountain passed stood faire and untouched. Fijoli didn't even look up, staring at the knights hand he cupped beneath her knee. She drug her finger across his, feeling his lifes work in them. Though the task of keep her eyes open was a trial she'd soon forget. That hand that carried her would remain forever a symbol, an eternal mindfulness, perpetual reminder of what she began to feel.
    It swallowed her, and she succumbed.
  20. From the eyes of an outsider they were defiantly a strange party. The knight -ex knight- of Mantra, the queen of crows, a docile battle horse and the red eyesd crow known as UIther. Each one of them, human and animal, seemed to know each others role in the group -almost instinctually- from the start. The knight would protect Fijoli with his life now, having glimpsed something beyond life, something beyond reality. The things told about in the tales before his grandmothers grandmother.

    The scenery began to change as ever greens from the forest gave way to dead or dying seasonal elms, oaks and maples. The path, or lack there of, was well worn but not often traveled this time of year. Clumps of rotted leaves made a make shift curb line, like those found in the city or castle gates. The sky was grey and sullen with pregnant snow clouds. From the ground where the four steadily inclined in altitude, faint mists from snow flurries could be seen. They would no doubt hit snow and freezing temperatures by the evening, and the October knight knew they would only survive if properly outfitted. He had traveled the road to the north before, and knew that only one small town existed on this side of the mountainous northern tundra.

    "We've got to stop in mountain gate. We will die without winter gear."

    Mountain gate, the name given to the once vibrant town that separated north from south and operated as a trade hub in the times before ships flocked the four seas, was now a dilapidated nest for thieves, drunks and debauchery. The only reason it had not been eradicated and conquered by one of the kingdoms is because of it's geography, providing nothing useful -not even as a battle outpost.

    They walked through the gates where two men standing outside the towns only tavern watched closely, the first signs of snow beginning to touch the ground and stick.

    October, with Fijoli in tote, made his way to an old building with a sign reading leather works. If there was one thing available here it was winter gear. They walked in the door and October saw a host of padded wool lined coats and saddle blankets for Lychgate. October paid for what they would need, holding Fijoli with one arm as he slammed two gold coins with the words Mantra engraved on the face. They left the shop, while the two men who had been watching them approached, from behind, with weapons drawn. Assassins from Mantra.

    The October Knight smelled them, and was ready. He turned, dagger in hand, to face his foes. By the time he laid eyes over there faces, familiar faces he knew, it was too late and blood was spraying across the fresh white layered ground.

    "I'm a marked man, we must move."

    The quintuplet left Mountain gate and headed up into the snowy mountains.
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