The Good, the Bad and the Sexy

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The Good, the Bad, and the Sexy- Creating a character for Mature Roleplay

When creating a character for a roleplay, it's common for players to desire the strongest, fastest, most bad ass fire breathing, martial arts master- who also holds a degree in astrophysics. But, most of the best characters are only slightly spectacular! The plain Jane character is falling quickly into extinction with the rising taste for over powered space alien cat half breeds. It is very refreshing to see a character that is simple and easy to understand; this applies in mature RP as well.

Standing out in a subtle way:
A character does not need to have a terrible past filled with abuse and abandonment to be interesting. A simple pet-peeve or basic dislike for something another character does or says is enough to spark a good conversation. Based on the plot of the story, there are a lot of options that can be explored, you shouldn't feel like you need to rely on a bunch of overpowering skills. It's never a good thing to feel like you need to compete with your partner for the title of the prettiest princess or most deadly assassin- whatever you might be playing.

There are many ways to make a character interesting, and I suggest that you check out Revision's workshop about creating a "Normal" character
Just like powers are not needed to make an overly interesting character- Mature RolePlay does not call for the most charming, suave, debonair men or the most gorgeous, toned, large chested women. It get's very tiring hearing how, large a characters private bits are and it's really unnecessary. You're trying to paint a picture of intimacy in your words, not scare people away with your monster schlong or airbag breasts! It seems there is always a need to prove something, but it's a misunderstanding You're character doesn't need to have the worlds largest dick to get the attention of the damsel (or whomever). Give him some self confidence to rely on his personality! The same goes for women! As much as we like to seduce a man (or whomever) we should not be putting as much effort into that as we do into our characters actual 'soul'.

Being realistic with your character's body is the most honest thing to do, and usually- it's the most comfortable to play! There are certainly characters who may be an exception to this, but it's safe to say that unless discusses in OOC conversation, your partner is expecting a normal sized human being (or whatever race you're playing)

Personality Types:

Here are just a few examples of available personality types that you might want to try out in the future!
The Compassionate Supporter, The Charismatic Leader and The Religion Teacher ( ie. Bilbo Baggins and Mufasa)

The Insightful Counselor, The Patient Mentor and The Wise Sage (ie. Albus Dumbledore and Ghandi)
The Charming Advocate, The Colorful Storyteller and The Outgoing Activist ( ie. Ariel from the little mermaid and Dr. Suess)
The Lovable Romantic, The Fantasy Author and The Sensitive Idealist (ie. Princess Diana and Frodo Baggins)
The Confident General, The Business Executive and The Ambitious Workaholic ( ie. Gary Oak and Magneto)
The Super genius Scientist - The Intuitive Visionary - The Determined Strategist (ie. Gandolf, Serverus Snape and Stewie Griffin)
The Creative Inventor, The Skillful Debater and The Goofy Comedian ( ie. The joker or Bugs Bunny)
The Detached Philosopher, The Sophisticated Mathematician and The Thoughtful Analyst ( ie. spiderman, Sherlock Holmes or Albert Einstein)
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