The Good Girl And The Boxer.

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    Name: Harlow Rinn

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Straight

    Occupation: College Student | Waitress.

    Height: 5'3"

    Hair Color: White

    Eye Color: Violet

    Complexion: Pale

    Build: Curvy

    Scars | Tattoos | Markings: None.

    Personality: Shy | Awkward | Caring | Smart | Good-Girl.

    History: Will Be Revealed In The Roleplay.

    She started College early because she had skipped some grades, since she was pretty smart. She never had a boyfriend, nor has she lost her virginity.
    Everyone used to make fun of her because she never spoke to anyone, which made her realize that she couldn't be so alone because then they'd say stuff about her.
    When she was Fifteen, she started talking and making friends, even though they never really lasted long. She was just way too awkward and shy for people.

    (( I hope whoever joins enjoys the Roleplay ! ))
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.