The Goddesses



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(So this is just a random story idea that people can jump into. I've been in a writing mood lately)

It has been said that in the Washington woods lurk beautiful females waiting for someone to walk to into there slumber. It is said that they have lurked in the Willington woods for as long as anyone alive can remember. It's said that when people go into those woods they never come out. That the "goddesses" keep you as you pet. They call these creatures goddesses because they look like human. Amazing beautiful women. The only thing is they can turn into any creature,plant,etc that they want to. These goddesses are suppose to be sister.

So what happens when people from the Willington high school decide to make a trip to the little forest.

(Can have as many goddesses and students I was just bored and thought of a quick roleplay for people to join)
Goddess-of-Light-by-Hyung-Jun-Kim.jpgRaina goddess of light grew bored sitting up in the tree. The woods grew quiet as the night began to grow. She watched as fog grew like a blanket on the bottom of the forest. She sat alone not knowing or caring where her sisters might be at this moment. She hoped even prayed for some excitement on this cold night.
Masa Sakamoto3.jpgMasa was walking through the woods. "Dammit!" She spat. "Where the hell did the others get to?" Her and some of her friends from school decided to go into the woods, but she was separated from them not too long ago. Masa stood at 6'3", the tallest girl of the group. Everyone thought of her as a boy though, given how she looks and how her voice sounds. Her light purple eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight tonight, making it easy to spot her if someone was paying attention.
Raina heard a faint voice and her ears along with her head jerked up. "Mmm...Company." She said with a sweet gentle voice. It was weird she was so evil but her voice was so sweet. She jumped down the tree and as she hit the floor she became a jaguar. Dark as the night she headed off to see what had dared to come in.
She kept walking, her footsteps sounding light, hardly making any noise as she walked. Masa thought she would run into them if she just kept moving, which she shouldn't of done. She felt an unfamiliar presence around her. "I should of brought my sword with dad said to do..." She muttered, starting to feel uneasy about all this.
Quickly and ever so quietly Raina lept into the tree above what seemed to be a young girl. She could tell by her voice. "Why so uneasy?" She said in a whisper right before she turned into an owl. "Whooo." She said. This would throw the girl off, something she liked. She always loved playing with teens. It was fun to watch them squirm in there own skin.
Masa spun around on her heels, looking around quickly to see if anyone was there. She backed up a little on instinct while she continued to look around, squinting her eyes so she could see a little better. Even though her father owned a dojo back in Japan, and she trained there quite a few times, she always felt uneasy while she was alone. If it was to protect someone, she could do it without any fear. But to protect herself was another story. Sure she was still good, but she had less motivation for some reason.

"Who's there?" Masa asked, her voice having the slightest trace of fear. Her eyes glanced over the owl up in the tree, but she didn't think anything of it.
Raina flew down towards the girl still in owl form landing right in front of her. She tilted her head to the left slightly and once again repeated. "Whooo.." She could hear fear in the young girls voice and could tell that if she tried to pull anything the young girl wouldn't be ready to defend herself. She flapped her wings growing impaitent and yet again repeated "Who.."
Masa stared at the owl landing before her. It sounded sort of like a human to her... but that couldn't be it...could it? "Who...?" She repeated and pointed to herself. Masa squatted down in front of the impatient owl. "You mean my name?...I'm Masa." She said. Realizing she was talking to an owl, she hung her head down. "Look at me...talking to an owl like it can understand me..." She sighed.
Raina and her irritaition only grew with this child and she opened her mouth before she could catch herself. "That's because I can understand you. Just because i'm an animal doesn't make me stupid. Unlike you foolish girl do you not know what lurks these woods?" With that she flew off into the night with great speed not knowing what the girl would do next.

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Masa looked up and stared at the owl as it spoke, then turning while standing up to watch it fly off.
"Either I'm insane...or that just happened." She muttered to herself. Taking a look around the forest, not being familiar with this land at all, she stood there to think on what to do next. >Time to make a choice. Be a bigger idiot and follow the owl, or turn back now and most likely get lost...< Masa thought. A few seconds later, she started jogging, her pace getting faster and faster until she was sprinting after the thing. As she ran, Masa observed the area, looking for both her friends and the owl...or some other animal that could talk as well.

Raina could feel the girl following her path and decided it was time to stop the chance. She found the highest tree possible aand flew to the very top, the girl was going to have to have a good eye to see her from her she stood. Considering that it was night time and the fog was picking up she didn't think that it was even remotely possible for her to see her.
It was getting impossible to see out here in the dark. The fog just made it that much more worse. She stopped running and stood there again. "I think I lost it..." She said to herself, glancing over everything. Masa scratched the back of her head. "Why did I follow it in the first place?" She wondered. Masa closed her eyes after remembering something her father told her to do. She would be able to sense the things around her if she concentrated hard enough. She was mostly looking for her friends, but there were no human presences around her. The only things she sensed were animals. She shook her head and opened her eyes. "There is no point in me being here...maybe the others have already left the woods? I should try and find my way out of here." Masa muttered to herself, then started walking in the direction she thought she came from. Truth was, she was horrible at finding her way around.
When the girl started to turn and leave Raina stopped her. Still in the tree she said... "I thought I was your friend?" She flew down to one of the lower branches so the girl could see her. "Then again I guess I was just... hoping for to much." Kindness was going to be the only way to lure this girl in, so kindness was exactly what she was going to be. She turned her head to the right staring at the girl with intense eyes. "Why would you come into the forest alone?" She asked in a low sort of creepy voice before she could stop herself.

(We could play more than one character to kind of make it more interesting)
Mikal, or Mike as his friends always called him, sighed in frustration. "Where the hell did Masa run off to..." They had only realised her absesnce from the group for a moment or two before he volunteered to go looking for her. Ducking under a low hanging branch he continued to scan for signs of the girls passing. Mike had a thing for the girl, so it was no surprise that he volunteered to go. Most of his friends didn't know about it, but those who did, which was only like one or two snickered a little when he turned to go looking for her. He heard the sudden fluttering of birds wings and froze. He had heard rumors of these woods. Women, bautiful and fascinating, luring people into the depths of the forest, only to keep them here till their dying breaths as pets in their cruel mischief. None of it could be true though, things like that were more likely just old wives tales used to scare children away from th woods. "MASA!? MASA WHERE ARE YOU!?"
Kenzlar brushed his hand through his hair uneasily. Where the hell had Masa gone? To go search for her, he had split up from the rest of the group and gone through the forest. He wasn't sure why he didn't think to stick with the group but now he was breathing uneasily, his heart racing. Nearly an hour had gone by and he seen no sign on his friend. Of course, the forest was rather dense, and they were all foolish to have come here, but hey, they were teenagers, they didn't quite know any better until they actually got themselves in trouble, or in his case, lost.

He called out once more,
"Masa! MAAAAASA!" he stood silent for several moments, waiting for a reply. Like last time, unfortunately, he heard nothing. The forest was too dense, and not only that, but it was falling night. He shook his head in dismay. He felt for his pockets again, and again he didn't feel his phone. Kenzlar spat on the ground beside himself. "Of all nights not to bring my fucking cell..". He trudged forward, a small flashlight in hand, and went on searching. "For all I know, Masa could have found her way back to the others by now. I'm such a damn fool." He ran.
Doug had wandered purposefully from the group, on purpose. He didn't fit in with them and he only came because he liked forests and nature stuff. Hanging at the back of the group he didn't actively speak to anyone, they all thought he was crazy anyway. Spotting what looked like a path going off the side of the trail he followed it to an opening there the canopy was not as thick over an area with no trees. He sat on a stump and chilled for a long while until he decided to see if he could build a little shelter. Never trying it before, it took him a while to figure out how to start. Eventually he had a rough lean-to thing going on and draped some leaves over the slanted branches. He was sure there was a better way to insulate the thing but he decided he'd try to figure it out at another time.

By this time it was dark and Doug decided to attempt making a fire. Taking out his knife (that no one knew he had) he cut a notch into a semi-dry branch and sharpened the tip of another stick while cutting a notch into the other end of it. He pulled the draw string out of his hoodie and made two loops and put his thumbs through them. Then he put the string into the notch on the stick and the tip of the stick into the notch of the semi-dry branch. He started rolling the stick back and forth between his palms, the string around his fingers preventing his hands sliding down the stick and allowing him to keep a constant pressure on it. Doug whistled patiently to himself as he tried starting his fire.
She liked to think of herself as a Muse. Like one of the great Muses of Mythology who seemed to disappear oh so very long ago. However, when she thought about it, maybe she was more like the Sirens.. lureing seafaring men to the murky depths and their watery graves. She chuckled a bit from the tree she sat on. Her sister, Raina, was off wandering the woods for young humans to catch. Well, Raina could do whatever she wished, Fayon would simply sit here, bathed in the golden glow of the sun, and wait for some unsuspecting human to come upon her beautiful figure as she braided her own long golden hair. Her skin shone like ivory in the sunlight, it always made her more noticeable.
"Friends?" She asked, looking at the owl after hearing it speak and land on a lower branch. "Why would you think something like that?" For a few seconds, Masa thought she could hear her name being called out, and she turned her head towards the voices. Were her friends still in the woods and looking for her? She felt kind of guilty now. But when you walk at the end of the group in a dark and foggy place, and get distracted for a while, then getting lost wasn't a hard thing for her. It wasn't unusual for this to happen. She got lost in countless other places while with her friends. Masa cursed at herself in her head, remembering all those times they spent searching for her when they could of been having fun. She looked back at the owl to hear it's response.
When Raina heard the voices of other humans she quickly flew off into the darkness. As she flew she could see more human figures lurking through the woods but figured it was time to find one of her sisters. She noticed Fayon instanly bathing in her beauty. Quickly she sat down to join her changing back into her human form. "I can tell your waiting for someone to notice you sister, and notice you they shall. There's a lot of naive humans lurking the woods tonight one of them should be able to please you" Raina had great hearing and could hear the voices of others still calling out for the girl Masa. They would find her soon and she would only guess the girl would keep the owl a secret so she wouldn't look stupid. Then again she could be wrong.