The Gnarlinstaire Tales

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  1. "Fairy tales weren't always what they were written out to be…"
    There lies many one-way portals to the dimension of Gnarlinstaire. Within this place is every known Earth Fairy tale come to life. However, Gnarlinstaire isn't all sunshine and rainbows, instead an evil gloom has covered the kingdom. The fairy tale creatures are governed by seven criminal organizations that embody the deadliest sins Earth has to offer. Your life is never guaranteed in Gnarlinstaire, everyone around you can't be trusted. In this dark and twisted tale, will you rise to the top?

    Players can make characters of any known fairy tale, and even King Pin positions are available for those who want to play leader characters.

    There will be many perks in this roleplay ;

    • Classes
    • Ranks
    • Occupations
    • Knowledge & Ability Points

    Let me know if this would interest you
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.