The Gladiator's Lover

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  1. Hello, guys!

    I've got a challenge for you this week with certain parallels to the challenges of the lovely Diana & Esthalia!
    Like the "woo the princess" and "perfect match" challenges, your job here is to write a profile for the person who has won the heart (or at least the body) of this here gladiator. The main difference between them is that your job is not so much to create a character profile as it is to explain how and why they became lovers. Is the lover a slave girl sent to him as a reward? A lonely noblewoman whose husband just isn't cutting it? A lecherous priest who can't keep his hands off his hunk of man-meat? That's entirely up to you. So without further ado, click on this spoiler to see a pic of the gladiator and let 'er rip!

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    Here are some questions you may want to answer when explaining how your characters came to be an item.

    Under what circumstances did they first meet?
    Do they have similar opinions of each other, or is the relationship lopsided?
    Is their attachment primarily physical, or are there other factors they consider important?
    As a gladiator, how does this relationship affect his career?
    As a (insert noun here), how does this relationship affect the lover's occupation?
    Are there any risks in their relationship? Would things go badly if someone found out?
    What plans for the future do they have, if any?
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    Under what circumstances did they first meet?
    In the underground arena, of course. It was love at first sight -- for him. He was watching her swing her rusted chains through the air; sweat gleamed on the curves of her toned form as she let out a gutteral cry, wrapping the metal around her opponent's neck. From his position, he could see the pink scars trailing down her spine into the curve of her ass. She met him after her fight, blood dripping down the side of her head and caked in dirt. He kissed her; she knocked him out.
    Do they have similar opinions of each other, or is the relationship lopsided? It's pretty lopsided. She's more interested in the number of kills she possesses than love; sex, if aggressive, is a side interest.
    Is their attachment primarily physical, or are there other factors they consider important? It's definitely more physical than emotional. Or even mental. They don't talk much. Well, she doesn't talk much.
    As a gladiator, how does this relationship affect his career? It doesn't -- I mean, it often leads to having sex in the back rock of the pit after a fight, but that's just the adrenaline talking, right?
    As a (insert noun here), how does this relationship affect the lover's occupation? See above.
    Are there any risks in their relationship? Would things go badly if someone found out? It's not exactly approved. You know, fraternization with other gladiators, but it's a bit difficult to stop two highly skilled warriors from getting down and dirty.
    What plans for the future do they have, if any? They didn't see it as a necessity to think about the future. They both know the risk of the arena; one critical blow can lead to death. Why ruin all that heavy petting for worry and anxiety for what hasn't happened yet?
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  3. Under what circumstances did they first meet? She first caught site of him during the tiger event. His courage and strength in battle wooed her like no pasty royal youth could.
    Do they have similar opinions of each other, or is the relationship lopsided? She thinks he is a bit brutish but extremely interesting and a bit scary, which tantalizes her. He thinks she is spoiled but that she can perhaps persuade her father to purchase him and give him more opportunity.
    Is their attachment primarily physical, or are there other factors they consider important? She is mainly attracted to him physically. He is mainly attracted to her through what she can offer him, secondarily physically, and tertiarilly emotionally. For now.
    As a gladiator, how does this relationship affect his career? (I'm going off the assumption that he is a Roman Gladiator). This could very greatly assist him in becoming a free man and even a soldier or officer in Roman society.
    As a (insert noun here), how does this relationship affect the lover's occupation? With her being of much higher status than he, it would be hard for them to be in a committed relationship. She could be utterly disgraced and even exiled from the family.
    Are there any risks in their relationship? Would things go badly if someone found out? Yes, he could get jealous and berserk and hurt her or her family. She could betray him and have almost anything done to him since he is a lowly slave. Yes, it would be very scandalous and frowned upon while he is still a slave.
    What plans for the future do they have, if any? Perhaps they could run away. Most likely she could assist him as a sponsor and buy his freedom.
  4. Cloelius and Meskhenet
    Under what circumstances did they first meet? Cloelius was a great warrior, one that was feared and admired by all. One fateful day, he was pitted against a savage bear, abused into an untameable, ferocious beast. Cloelius was armed with nothing more than a sword and shield. Despite this, he miraculously managed to slave the creature, causing the huge crowd to erupt into applause. However, no man was more impressed than the emperor, who never missed any of Cloelius' matches. This time, however, he was so impressed, that he called upon the gladiator, and requested that he join the emperor's personal guard. Cloelius, however, shook his head, and politely declined. "I am humbled by your offer, my liege, but I must decline, for the thrill of what I do now is worth more than all of the gold in the world to me." The emperor, once again impressed and intrigued, replied in a slightly disappointed tone, "Well, in that case, I must insist that you accept a gift, as a reward for your courage." Cloelius accepted, and suddenly, a row of beautiful women appeared. "Pick whichever one most pleases your eye," The emperor demanded with a smile, "I have more than enough, myself!"
    Cloelius looked over each and every one of the women, but one in particular caught his eye. Her beauty was like nothing that he had ever seen before. He found himself desperately desiring to reach out, and feel the softness of her golden skin, and to stroke her silken, obsidian hair. He longed to kiss her ruby lips, and to gaze into her emerald eyes, which gazed at him with a brooding expression.
    Her name was Meskhenet, a slave born of Egyptian blood, and she was a woman fit for a pharoah's bride. Of course, he chose this girl to accompany him.
    Do they have similar opinions of each other, or is the relationship lopsided? Cloelius was devastated to find that his desires were not returned, and Meskhenet saw him merely as a master, and nothing more. But after lots of work, she began to love him, and now their devotion to one another in unmatched.
    Is their attachment primarily physical, or are there other factors they consider important? At the beginning, it was Meskhenet's looks that attracted the handsome Cloelius, but over time, he has come to admire her firey persona, and she has come to admire his humorous temperament.
    As a gladiator, how does this relationship affect his career? If anything, having Meskhenet has made Cloelius a better gladiator than ever before, for now, he truly has something to fight for. He now has a reason to to let himself die in that arena, and to never give up.
    As a slave, how does this relationship affect the lover's occupation? Cloelius refused to wed Meskhenet until she agreed herself, and he refused to force his love upon her, waiting patiently and working hard until his feelings were finally returned. Now, they are husband and wife.
    Are there any risks in their relationship? Would things go badly if someone found out? Not at all, all though many judge Cloelius for taking an Egyptian for a wife, for Egyptian slaves tend to be used as mistresses and objects of desire, nothing more.
    What plans for the future do they have, if any? One day, when Cloelius is too old to fight, he plans to become a carpenter, and live a long life alongside his beloved.
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  5. 1. Under what circumstances did they first meet?

    This would not the first time they met. Fate would bring them together once more.

    In a blur it happened, all too quickly, the violence bestowed on the small garrison set to escort her to the highlands. It had been on her husband's orders that she be well guarded when on the road For raiders and rebels cared not about a King they believed to have wronged them nor the woman at his side. The route away From the capital would lead them across the Fields, half a day's journey on horse, toward northern woodlands then the marked destination where she could aid a village within her husband's territory. This was the plan, what she expected when setting out, however, raiders put to rest what should've been a tranquil trip.

    Her party was attacked From the rear, raiders in great numbers slaughtering her husband's men one by one. A messenger managed to ride out, presumably back toward the capital, should he have made it that Far, to warn her husband about the attack while she escaped on her own horse. Escaped with the determination not to be caught, used as a tool in some campaign. Konasha refused.

    Dark, midnight silk hair steamed outward in the wind. The woman with cat-like steel eyes turned her head Forward in order to see the road ahead, to make sure the path was clear. All she could see surrounding in the distance were the endless Fields and Further over treacherous mountains. Her hands gripped the reigns, to her horse, tightly, the ivory creature moving with Ferocious speed to bring both to some safety should it be possible. She looked back again, her lips pressing together in worry. Twenty raiders in all, much more than her eight. The cloaked men rode their own animals hard, intent to capture a King's wife, they'd not give up the chase nor she. Konasha hadn't a clue how long she'd been riding. No matter her impending tire, she would continue on. The chocolate-skinned Queen rode on, her mind distracted. Fear etched it's way into her, on what could happen. What would the King do? How should he react? Since her village's massacre since a child, she'd been groomed to become a slave in the insides. It was when she turned eighteen she met the man whom would become her husband yet she couldn't truly say she loved him...

    Would he kill in her honor if she died on this day?

    With the wind blowing through her hair, Konasha rode on soon realizing they were catching up, the raiders. Close behind, two gained on her, locking on both sides. Why could she not get away? "No." Konasha took one hand out to bat away ones trying to grab her. It was a Futile effort. The raider on her left succeeded in snatching her from her horse that continued to gallop on. She Fought. Her body thrashing, using both hands, doing anything possible. Suddenly her attacker, in between steering his own animal, struck her.

    The woman Fell over the side landing with a thud on the ground. She cried out, something surely damaged. Her left shoulder, it pained her to move it rolling over. The Fast moving horse hooves ceased, the two turned around, and soon the collective group came upon her. She raised up, looking around at them, their cloaked Faces, rags For clothes. They despised the King. He was young, brash, unlike the Father before him. Konasha wanted to change the people's outlook on him, make them see a great leader because despite his Flaws, she saw good in him.

    "Please," The wounded queen spoke low. "I know he may have wronged you in some way but give him a chance."

    They all laughed, her words doing nothing.

    She wouldn't be able to escape in her condition.

    Konasha held her wounded arm. "Please..."

    In the distance it sounded like thunder. The raiders each looked at one another, they turned around on their horses.

    Something was coming this direction, quickly.

    Konasha's Faction still had a ways to go before reaching the highlands, they'd only just set out, it was only natural another group could catch up. She wondered whether it was more raiders, they already had enough now. She couldn't see with those surrounding.



    The raiders left her, their shouting indicated a battle, Konasha eased away, looking, her husband's men had come, the slaves turned gladiators proposed to fight in training but handle his enemies.

    She knew them by their tattoos, armor. Their lives depended on serving their King. Among the large army, one tall gladiator abandoned his horse to walk grounded, a broad sword in one hand and a shield in the other. His tousled shoulder long hair blanketed broad shoulders covered by rubber shoulder protectors. His lower body consisted of long pants, makeshift armor on both legs. He moved quickly, turning, blocking a sword with his own only to bash that shield to his enemy knocking the man from his horse. The gladiator raised his boot stomping the other's Face in whirling around to duck. He handled his own. Using his sword's hilt, he rammed one man's chin upward, the result being blood spit into the air, a staggering moment which the warrior stole to embed his blade deep in that chest. Withdrawing, he spun again clashing metal to metal with yet another raider. They glared at one another. The warrior pulled his head back smashing his Foe with a quick headbutt. It knocked the other out cold.

    Konasha watched the violence. Watched the gladiator drive his weapon through the downed enemy. "Leave none alive." He commanded his comrades. Glancing over his shoulder, he looked at her, the queen.

    "My queen." Spoke the bloody one. "Have you been harmed?"

    Konasha did not speak, the violence all around her alarming.

    "Have you been harmed?"

    Having not an answer, the man came forward tossing his blood-stained sword aside, caring not For the danger. He reached down grabbing her good arm making her stand.

    "My shoulder..." She replied, recognition took away the pain. Her lips parted to speak again. "Thaddeus...?"

    "That is my name my queen, let us get you to a doctor."



    Konasha said nothing more, she looked at him, recognizing him From when they were children living in the same village....the boy she adored as a close Friend. They had been taken into slavery, separated. She becoming a queen and he was a gladiator For Marike? He was actually here. The gladiator peered into her eyes, his mouth curving downward, a stone expression directed at her, his grip tightened a bit.


    She nodded slowly.

    All they could do was look at one another, right there, violence occuring around them.

    3. Do they have similar opinions of each other, or is the relationship lopsided?

    They love each other. Through that love comes their desire to consummate it hence their Forbidden relationship. Somewhere along the line they know that continuing it will lead to nothing other than heartache.

    2. Is their attachment primarily physical, or are there other factors they consider important?

    At First it is physical. Upon meeting on that day, never once realizing how close they'd been to one another, Konasha and Thaddeus give into their desires. There is no attachment, merely a physical attraction through unspoken words about the past and present. It seems like the queen has become a whore to the top-ranked warrior, meeting him when at ever possible to commit sin against her husband. It is when they finally talk with one another they realize they care deeply for one another having spawned a connection since childhood, one that will never die. Love. Konasha understands now why she could not love her husband, her heart belonged to Thaddeus all these years. Nothing would change that.

    5. As a gladiator, how does this relationship affect his career?

    King Marike has appointed Thaddeus to his guard due to his skills in the training arena, out in battle. He's virtually unmatched, his record never beaten, that is until seeing Konasha with the King. It distracts the warrior, infuriates him to no end, watching his leader touch the woman his own heart is pledged too. It is during a training exercise that Thaddeus loses a match to a comrade when seeing Marike kiss Konasha. The angered gladiator leaves the arena with disgust not being able to look at his secret love.

    5.1 As a (queen), how does this relationship affect the lover's occupation?

    Konasha has always been known as the kind-hearted queen, seeing the good in everyone, trying to get Marike to become as good a King as his Father. Since carrying on her affair with Thaddeus, her duties have been neglected. She spends more and more time away From the palace in order to be with her lover. The King has started to notice her disappearing act....

    6. Are there any risks in their relationship? Would things go badly if someone found out?

    "You're telling me to leave? At this point in time?" Thaddeus thundered.

    "You cannot be here." Konasha stated calmly despite his outburst, he couldn't be in her bedroom, not here in the palace when the guard was so close, Marike even. Things were so out of control now, they were too far gone to turn back and she wanted to end it while there was still a small chance. "Thaddeus, please leave. Being could be killed." The woman's grass green dress clung to her curvy body, the thin straps gave way to expose her arms. Barefoot, she moved away From him when he Followed her to the balcony's entry way. Moonlight shined inside adding light to the already glowing candle shimmer on the table.

    "Do you think I care? Death would be a welcome sight not being able to be near you, touch you. I'm not going anywhere." He refused, he walked closely behind her, their steps in sync a moment. His big hands reached up to touch her naked shoulders causing her to pause, to sigh.


    His body pressed to hers, head lowered until his chin touched her head, the sweet vanilla smell Filled his nostrils. "You've ruined me." The man whispered, his eyes closing. "On that day we met, after all the time passing, again...I knew. I've always known." Now he's turning her around to look at him. "Tell me you do not love me. All we've been through, tell me it is not because your heart belongs to me. Tell me Konasha, now."

    Steel-eyes looked elsewhere.

    "Look at me." The gladiator demanded.

    She complied with some relunctance, their eyes meeting Fully. "We will die." Her bottom lip quivered. "He'll kill us For our betrayel." Her words meant the King. Marike.

    "Am I suppose to care about that as well? I'd sooner kill him rather than let him harm you."

    "Shush, you speak treason."

    "I speak truth," Thaddeus drew her close, her bosom tight to his exposed chest, arms capturing her body. "I Fear no man, not one sitting on a throne while his command sends slaves to their deaths or robs children of their childhood by Forcing them to become what I am. He cannot have you. You are mine, now, until we breathed no more. Do you hear me?"

    Tears swelled up in the woman's eyes, she nodded slowly, her own arms reaching up to circle the man's neck accepting his warm passionate kisses which became rough. His hand gripped her neck rising up to cup her cheek wiping away some Fallen tears.

    "I love you..." Konasha told him. "I love you so much..."

    Thaddeus grinned, his lips crashing against hers, more words lost in the Forbidden passion. She gave him the strength he needed. That woman's arms let his neck go. She trailed her hands down his chest, their kisses explosive giving little time to catch their breath, speak. Tilting her head, Konasha let out a sigh when her lover showered her neck with more kisses. She was trapped in a love From which the only escape would be death. Closing her eyes, letting the last tears drop, she opened them momentarily, seeing something standing in the now open doorway to her bedroom. The woman's cat-like eyes opened wide, hands absently pushing at Thaddeus' chest. He stopped kissing her to look at her Face. Those eyes. She stared behind him. At what?

    The gladiator's head turned slowly, his whole body shortly, brown unkempt hair slinging. Standing in Konasha's doorway stood Marike, her husband, his King. The blue eyed man's Face drained entirely of emotion as he stared at the two. Their love exposed and yet Thaddeus stared at his better with confidance, no Fear.

    Marike placed his arms behind his back, head lowered in contemplation. "Is she the one you spoke about? A love lost?"

    Konasha stared at Thaddeus in question.
    "Yes." Admitted the warrior.

    "I see...." Cold blue eyes raised. "Did you think you could get away with it?"

    "With what?"

    "Betraying my trust."

    "This has never been about you King."

    "I hope you know you won't leave here alive." Marike gave his threat, eyes shifting to Konasha a second. "Nor you."

    4. What plans for the future do they have, if any?

    "Would you run away with me?" The gladiator asked quite abruptly. Outside the private stables, the sullen weather produced a hard rain to wet the earth. He sat with his legs crossed over each other, elbow to one knee in thought. He'd put on his pants only. Head turned, ears wanting to hear the woman's response to his question. When she didn't answer he turned around to look at her, lying there on the hay, arm underneath her head. "Konasha?"


    "Are you playing coy with me woman?"


    "My question?"

    "I heard you..."

    "Then tell me your answer."

    "Where would we run to?" She asked.

    Thaddeus thought about it a moment. "Somewhere. I have not been back to the village since we were children, I'd like to see how it now. We can go, anywhere, as long as we are together." He stroked her hair.

    "Anywhere," She bit her lip, nodding. "That sounds nice." She smiled sadly.

    He Frowned. "What is the matter?"

    "Nothing...what will we do when we reach where we're suppose to?"

    "I don't know." His hand ran down her shoulder. "I can build you a won't be anything like the palace but-"

    The woman sat up wrapping her arms around him. "It doesn't matter, as long as I'm with you," She was still smiling. "Our home....and our children?"

    "You want those?"

    "Of course, three or more."

    "Then you shall have them." The male responded. He pulled her back a little to be able to look into her eyes. "I love you Konasha, remember that."

    "And I love you. Always."

    Their Theme Song.

    --Lame I know, I number the parts as they happen.​
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