The Girl Who Couldn't Stop

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  1. JumpIn Info (open)

    This is an original Group Sign Up. This Jump In is just to have fun while waiting and build a feel for things. Character Info Here: Racing Against Time: Blood on the Wheel
    -Please post at least a paragraph.
    -If you need assistance about cars, don't hesitate to ask.
    -This has a lot of racing, mystery, drama, and some violence.
    -I can provide assistance in riding more details about your racing experience; the feel. If you feel you need it.

    **Romance, Violence, and other things are allowed as long as it doesn't stray too far from the story.

    **You don't have to know Lilian right off the bat, she is in the Toyota Car Crew and despises Hondas and Fords.

    On Route 92, a female can be seen on the side of the highway leaned over next to a new, sparkling pearl bike. As she fiddles with something close to the front of the bike, she lets out a small shout: "Damn it!" Lilian has been there for nearly two hours trying to get the bike to start. Instead she let's out a painful sigh and takes a few steps to the ledge meeting the rail with her back. Moments passed as she stared down the bike as if it was cursed, then she turns her head to meet the sunset with her empty gaze that was coated in a hazel haze. Lilian blinked slowly trying to hold focus but her mind quickly drifted out beyond the horizon as she thought about the only thing she could; the past and his death.

    Her dark hair danced in the air as her helmet was held underneath her right arm. The helmet was pearl like the bike and had flat black sidings with a R.I.P.L Airbrushed on the lower rim. Lilian didn't notice it got dark at first till she snapped back to reality from her though. Route 92 was a bit dark with limited street lamps, she walked over to her bike and flipped on her light violet neons that decorated her bike. She was stuck on the highway with no where to go in walking distance and had a bike that wouldn't start. Great, I'm stuck at night. What a blast... Lilian rubbed her head as she happen to look towards the right, in the distance a car was pulling up towards her on the side. She squinted her hazel eyes as the headlights blinded her, the only things she could see was the car contained only a single driver yet could not figure out if it was a friend or foe. She listened to the exhaust for a moment but it sounded similar to a lot of locals and just stood firm in her position waiting for the mysterious driver to step out.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.