The Girl Who Blended In (Open Roleplay)

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  1. "Then, the man says to the horss! HEY, why the long face!"
    The crowd surrounding Mike Appleseed, a handsome and young quarterback for Davidson High Lions. The crowd laughed and drank beer happily, and within the group of gorgeous teens was a young wallflower named Jessie Michaels...she was short, chubby and had long brown curly hair with a cute babydoll face, not what usual men desired in women.
    The man kept talking as the young woman sat there in a dirty old white chair, completely uncomfortable in every way, but it was better than being in the spotlight...where she would panic and act stupid-only feeding the rumors of the very next day for every wanna-be badass teen in town.
    She had been staring down at her curvy legs for what seemed like a half an hour before she looked up and with a look on her face reggretted it instantly! Couples were kissing everywhere within the quarterbacks house, some men were even sliding their hands up the womans skirt, discusting! Or at least thats what she tried to convince herself but honestly she longed to be with someone who treated her right.
    The music was loud and obnoxious, people were sucking faces and she didnt have a boyfriend...the party in her opinion was getting lame but clentching onto the bottom of her skirt she had reminded herself to stay and try to make a friend...but how could she? People were kissing and she was alone.

    Getting up, she quickly walked towards the girls bathroom and opened the door before closing it behind her.
    A loud tink sound echoed through the room as Jessie grabbed on to either side of the sink with her hands, the rings on her fingers are the culprit that made the noise.
    Staring momentarily at the sink before looking at herself in the mirror she backed up...the young woman wore a black baggy jacket over a red shirt to hide her beautiful curves and jeans to hide her wonderful legs.
    "No wonder nobody loves you...your a pig!" Jessie yelled in the mirror before walking in a stall and sat on a toilet.
    There was a stunned moment of silence where the woman just stared at the floor before she buried her hands in her face and started sobbing.

    An hour or two later the door to the ladies room opened and the sobbing girl walked out with her face on the ground before she walked into the kitchen and grabbe a beer, a guy stood there but when she gave a smile and a wave thd guy turned and ignored her.
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