The Ghost, The Girl, and The Shut in

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    There was a huge crash as Blake sat up in bed, looking around the room. It was still, deathly still and dark. If it wasn't for the moon light shining in though the window he would not be able to see a single thing in the room. Maddison blinked open her wide, pretty, deep blue eyes and looked up at him and also sat up. Her long brown hair cascading over her shoulders. She was in a black silk nightgown and had a stunning hourglass figure. Maddi looked around the room before looking him in the eyes.

    "What's the matter babe? Another Ghost?"

    She smiled at him softly before he smiled back at her. His entire life he had been able to see and communicate with the dead...and sometimes tell the future. It was according to the spirits though, they had a better idea since they were closer to everything that was not controllable by humans in the least. An older woman had told him when his cousin was going to die and how. Sure enough a few weeks later Cousin Rita was killed in a hunting accident...just like he had been told.

    "I don't know...I will go check though. Not the first time and not going to be the last a Spirit has woken me up during the night."

    As he stood to go to the door the light flew on and the door slammed open. Two men came through with two nasty looking knives and began rummaging through Maddison's expensive jewlary. She scooted to the side of the bed and began to get up and protest the two men one of them came over to her. He looked around at Blake, holding the tip of the knife to her back.

    "Where is it? The safe?!"

    He shook his head.

    "We don't have one. Please...leave her alone..."

    Soon enough she had the blade buried in her back, eyes wide as he pulled it out. He lunged out at him with the same blade.


    Blake sat up, clutching his chest, trying to catch his breathe. He looked around and moved his hand, going to fix his shaggy dark hair.Once he did he looked over at the clock on his desktop computer. It was two O'Clock in the afternoon...he must have fallen asleep again. He had not slept at all last night because the marathon of a TV show was on, his faveorite. Plus he didn't enjoy sleeping in the least. Every time he did he dreamed of was the last night he was sane. It was the last time that he wanted to help of the last days he wondered amung the strangers of the outside world. The dream was always about the night she died...the night he was attacked but lived...the night his life went into a horribly wrong direction. Since she had died it was never the same and it never would be the same ever again. Reconnecting with people...humans and ghosts hurt too much. To him it was never worth the effort.

  2. Laura was sitting just outside the surgery room. She was nervously clutching a handkerchief in her hand. Her thoughts were unfocused, confused, questioning what has happened. Yet there was no hope for answer until a doctor came out from that room and told her what has happened. To make herself steady and concentrated, Laura tried to recall the course of things before she had to call the ambulance and panic seized her innards. She came home from work around five in the evening as usual. When she stepped in, their dog, Shakal, greeted her. He was jumping on top of her which Laura thought was of pure happiness until she recognized the urgency in Shakal's eyes. She would never think that dogs could transmit emotions so clearly. That they would be able to create such a pure image of helplessness and need.

    "What's wrong, sweetheart?" she asked the dog which looked so desperate. As if he understood, Shakal ran off to the living room. The house wasn't too big, just basement and one floor. There was an extra room on that first floor. That one was reserved for a baby-to-be. No, Laura wasn't pregnant but she and Richard were planning to have a baby for over two months now. Shakal disappeared behind the corner. Laura followed and as she got closer, she could here Shakal quietly whine, almost pleadingly. That was the moment when something felt was out of place, when Laura could finally admit that there was something was missing. With bad feeling settling in her belly, she walked into the living room and froze on spot. Richard was lying on the floor, obviously lifeless. Shock took a hold of Laura for a few seconds before she ran over to him and knelt down by his side.

    "Richard?" She called out his name and touched his shoulder. There was no answer. "Richard?!" Her voice gained some insistence. This time Laura lightly shook his shoulder again; yet there was no answe, not even the slightest move under his eyelids. Fear filled Laura's heart and her expression wasn't that far from Shakal's. She shook Richard abruptly though deep inside her mind, she knew there would be no change. When she was done, shaking her husband like some puppet, she got some sense into herself and finally tried to check his pulse. It took her seconds, which felt like minutes, before she could feel slight pulsing against her fingers. It was as weak as the breath of dying elder. After all, wasn't Richard doing the same? Dying? Rummaging through her handbag, Laura found the phone and swiftly dialed an Ambulance.

    So there she was. In a hospital, knowing that her husband has suffered some kind of heart attack. Was she given any further details? No. Everyone was trying to calm her down. Everyone was telling her that Richard would be ok. Could he be? The door that she was mesmerizing for so long opened suddenly and Laura sprang to her feet almost running towards the doctor but stopped herself before she could make as much as a step. There was something unsettling about the look on the doctor's face. Something that has refuted what everyone has said. "Mrs. Talbot...I am sorry, but your husband didn't make it." Whatever the doctor said after that fell on deaf ears. Laura broke down. Falling on the ground, crying, refusing to believe the simple fact that her husband was gone, she reached out with her hand and cried out one simple word - the name of her husband.

    Few hours later, she woke up, lying down in the hospital but not as a patient, she was still wearing her cloths. "Mrs. Talbot, are you alright?" A soft, female voice asked her and Laura looked to her left where it came from. Round, chubby face came to a view, it was a face of a nurse. She felt weight on her shoulder and it took her few moments to realize that it was nurse's hand, giving her support. Asking for water, the facts of what has happened earlier came back to Laura. It hit her intransigently and with such a force that she felt like air was knocked out of her lungs and had to take two or three quick breaths. "My husband," she said in no more than a whisper. Though for some reason there were no tears coming. Was it due to shock? Or did she cry too much before that there was none left?

    "I am sorry for your loss," the nurse said in her soft, calming voice that was like a balm on Laura's soul. Though what she would need more would be some sedatives to put her back to sleep which would postpone the moment when she would have to face the truth. "I think, I can help you," the nurse carried on and came closer to Laura. It was hard to believe that simple sentence. How could anyone help to sooth the grieving with other than words? However, Laura didn't protest; in fact, she didn't say or do anything that would signal disapproval and so the nurse carried on. "I know about this man. Blake is his name. He helped me once in the past to reconnect with my grandmother. Yes, he can talk to the spirit world. He might reconnect you with your husband so that you can tell him good-bye. But," there was doubt in her eyes before she carried on, "he lost his own wife some time ago and locked himself away from the world. Though I think that if you try to ask him and explain him your story...he might reunite you with your beloved." Amazing idea! Laura didn't care how crazy it sounded. She would do anything to talk to Richard again. Asking the nurse about details of where this man lived, she left the hospital without second glance back.


    Richard knew it would come. His cardiologist warned him several times. Though when it really came, it still took Richard by surprise. It hurt more than he would expect. It was also more frightening, knowing that it was happening. All he was doing before the heart attack was nothing that would case it. He got home early and wanted to make some dinner for him and his lovely wife. He wanted to make it special so he went to the living room where they had shelf with cooking books. As he reached up, he got this sharp pain and thought at first that he pulled a muscle. Well, the next second he was trying to breath but couldn't. After collapsing on the floor, he couldn't remember anything. Now, he seemed to be awake again. First he was floating in some white fog. He felt healthy and undamaged but there was this feeling that something wasn't at the right place. After minutes of intensive thinking, Richard noticed that he was breathing. Surprised and shocked he placed his hand on his chest, feeling for a heartbeat. It wasn't there. Before he could question his state further, the fog seemed to thin and slowly disappear.

    Once it was gone, Richard found himself in a room that he didn't know. In fact, it looked like any other room in the world where he died. Was it the same in heaven as it was on the Earth? Richard looked around trying to see something unusual. Standing tall, his grey eyes were scanning his surroundings till it stopped on a body. Another dead person? Coming closer, Richard noticed that the human was breathing and it was probably having a nightmare considering the moans. Scratching his skull and smoothing out his blond hair, Richard tried to touch that individual but his hand went through and at the same moment the man woke up. It was a sudden, unexpected movement that Richard screamed out, jumped back and went through some furniture behind him. Gosh, it freaked him out.

    "Hey you," he called out in a whisper trying to gain some bravery and confidence in this new, unfamiliar setting. "You!" He raised his voice a bit more, coming closer to the stranger again as if he was some kind of new found species that shouldn’t be trusted. "Is this heaven?" He asked and came as close as he was before, having his face at level with the stranger for which he had to bent down.
  3. Then as he sat there he recalled something...something from when he had woken up. The man recalled hearing someone cry out. Something like anyone would hear when someone cried out in suprise. The voice was masculine and had apperently come out of thin air. Blake shook it out of his head. It had been a very long time since he had experienced something like that...three years ago auctully. It was a year after Maddison had died and another ghost wanted his help, reuniting him with his brother. But the medium just looked at him and told him to basically get lost. Everyone had not bothered him for a solid year after her death...not even his own family...a sister and mother. His father had never been in the picture for him so they were the only people he had left. Yet to him it was far much easier to not have the family relationships. Yeah they still called, told him they loved him, told him they wanted to talk and see him again but he never responded. There was two years worth of voice mails on his awnsering machine that he had listened to but not bothered to care enough to make any sort of effort. Then he heard another small voice and frowned. This was not really something he wanted to deal with now or ever again.

    His doting wife had told him that him being able to communicate with the dead was a blessing...a blessing she seemed to think everyone should know about. So it was not uncommon for her to have her book club over and him end up doing a reading for several of the women. But since three years ago spirits had learned to leave him alone. His patience had come to a point where he could outlast the most patient spirit, refusing to talk to them. The longest was a two weeks before she finally took the hint to leave, that he wasn't intrested in helping a single soul. Then, as he was about to chalk it up to him being completly insane and surrender himself to the mindless thing called computer games, the masculine voice came again. This time it was much louder so he turned his head. Sure enough there was the ghost of a man standing behind him. He was tall and blonde...looked to be in his early to mid twenties. A frown came across his lips, he had to restrain himself from totally ignoring the man. The shut-in's eyes lost a pallet of it's usual deep green as he came closer and moved right into his own face, asking if this was heaven. Blake looked him in the eyes before taking lazy scoots backwards, he leaned himself again the near by wall before looking back at the ghost.

    "I don't know why you are asking me but if you want my opinion take your pick...Heaven...Hell...Limbo...They are all the same to me. And for a not so hopeful future refrence I can see you and hear you just like any person would if you were still alive so no need to invade my personal space...alright now excuse me so I can start ignoring you and e-mail my doctor to tell him that I have utterly lost my mind. So go do whatever it is that ghosts do because I would like to keep what little if left of my sanity while I still have it...."

    With that he turned back to the screen and tried to pretend He wasn't there but the feeling of being watched...the signs...the noise it wouldn't leave him be. Blake just hoped there wasn't anymore suprises instore for him today. This was enough for a lifetime...
  4. Laura got home as quickly as she could. All the way, there was a smile of hope and happiness on her face, her big blue eyes sparkling with excitement. Out there, living on the address that was scribbled on piece of paper for her, was living a man who could help her - someone who could reunite her with her lost husband. Did the nurse say that this man, this great man, might refuse her proposal? No, he wouldn't. After Laura would tell him what she and Richard wanted to do and what was so cruelly taken away from them...from her; she was sure that no heart, no soul wouldn’t be untouched by her story. Parking her car in front of the house, she did not bothering to lock it. There was basically no point in it as she just planned to go into the house, get changed, have a drink of water and then leave to meet that medium. As she opened the door Shakal was there, lying in the middle of the hall, his eyes sad and tired. He almost looked as if he was crying, if only dogs could do that. Yes, for a Belgian shepherd, this dog definitely could express his feeling more than well.

    "Shakal!" Laura exclaimed, her voice shaking in eagerness. The dog raised his head and his ears pointed straight upwards. "I am going to talk to Richard," she said as she knelt down and took the dog's head into her hands. "I will be able to talk to my man. Do you understand?" Few tears strolled down her face without Laura even noticing. As much as Shakal's muzzle was overflowing with feelings few seconds ago, now it was expressionless, though Laura paid it no attention to the subtle change. She was already on her way to the bedroom. Once there, she threw the door of her wardrobe open and without any thoughts picked plain jeans, white shirt and a blue jumper with V-shaped neckline. Almost tearing off her business suit, she quickly got changed. Throughout the process, she messed up her blond hair. Many people had said that she and Richard looked more like siblings than a married couple. Being as excited as she was, she almost left without smoothing her hair but at the last second she grabbed a comb and brushed through quickly. Well, there wasn't much to adjust because her hair was cut into an angled bob but still, she wouldn't want to meet the man looking like a desperate housewife. If she only knew that it was how she kind of looked like.

    "I am off, Shakal. Look after the house for me, will you?" She called out to the dog as she left the house forgetting about her thirst. Almost flying out to her car, she nearly knocked out her neighbor. Apologizing quickly and not bothering to commit to the usual chit-chat, Laura jumped into her car, put the address in satnav and left. Letting her neighbor to stand on the pavement, wondering what has cause this young woman to leave so suddenly and with such anxiety in her eyes.


    Richard looked at the man and cocked his head to one side. So he could see him and hear him. What was the thing about the doctor? Richard didn’t need a doctor. And was this hell or heaven? He was definitely confused and it showed on his face which bore the expression of concern and wonder. "So you can see me," he said more to himself and straightened up, stand almost 1.9m tall, forgetting about the fact that Blake told him to get out of his personal space. Well, he surely didn't use these words but the message was the same nonetheless. "How is it that you can see me? Are you some sort of medium? Why would you want to talk to a doctor? Do you think you're losing your marbles?" Richard asked bending down again but not being as close to the stranger as he was before. When Richard was alive, he used to be the type who listened first and then asked but this was new to him and this lad in staring at the computer screen didn't seem to talk without a little nudge. Richard felt rather inattentive.

    Looking around the room again, he walked around. There was a flashing light on the answering machine and a number that would Richard drive crazy. He always had to listen to the missed calls. He couldn't bear having something unanswered. Surely soon enough, if Blake would carry on ignoring him, Richard would become more and more annoying with his questions and demanding answers. "Man, you must be either really deaf or you don't care about the outside world. Though, on the other hand why wouldn't you care about the outside world when it has so much to offer?" He said and turned back to his newly found 'friend'. Being dead certainly wasn't bad at all, at least not yet. Richard himself thought that it would be more like either falling asleep and not waking up again or living in a huge house with other souls while waiting to be reborn. So far, he was stuck in a room with some dude, who wasn't really talkative. To be honest, Richard didn't give the man many chances to talk yet.

    Walking back towards him, he tried to sit on the table where the computer was. At first, Richard was afraid that he would fall right through which would be really embarrassing so he tried to slowly place his bottom on the desk and - voila! - he didn't fall through. It conjured a smile on his face and he looked at Blake as if he found out something new. Richard was behaving more like a child on an adventurous trip where you get to know how animal lived and what was that thing in the bushes. "So are you going to answer or not?" That was it. The newly 'born' ghost was getting impatient. He wasn't used to being left without an answer when he asked. Though, when he thought that he might finally get an answer someone rang the door. Richard looked towards it and raised his eyebrows. "Pizza delivery?"
  5. When that feeling of being watched didn't go away he glanced back at the ghost of Richard. He looked very confused, just as he should. Wherever and however the man died it wasn't here and it didn't have anything to do with him. The man guessed that he had just materlized here, probably fresh out of his body. From his appearance now his death was probably something to do with inside of his body like internal bleeding, choking, or a heart attack. The medium Was going to go with heart attack victim...but it was so unusual to have him die of a Heart attack so young. He had to have a heart condition or something of that nature in order to have perished so young. If he was the person he was four years ago then he would have felt bad for him. For the blonde ghost to be ripped away from all the people he loved and the people who loved him. But now that he knew how it felt to have the loved one ripped away from him not a shred of sympathy remain for this man nor his trials. Then he was starting to be obnoxious, the ghost commenting that he could in fact see him. Then the barrage of questions that he tried to ignore. They were just questions he didn't want to answer...all those things that he didn't need to know. So he remained silent, his cold green eyes just staring back at the ghost, watching him.

    Then the ghost moved towards his phone, the answering machine that flashed a red number. It was a large number that exceeded thirty missed calls but was under two-hundred. Blake sighed and rubbed his temples when Richard asked him about his missed calls. Also commenting that he must be deaf or not care a bit for the outside world. Then when he said it had so much to offer he clenched his teeth. His opinion was formed in that area and the irritation level was getting so high at this point he was about ready to share it. But not wanting to speak any further he turned back around to his computer screen, pulling up his e-mail so he could send out a message to his doctor.As he did that the ghost came over and carefully sat down on the desk, making sure he wouldn't fall through first Richard smiled like a child who had just discovered how to walk or talk. Blake then closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, whispering underneath his breathe that if he ignored him he would just go away. That the ghost was never here in the first place. When another question was asked there was the loud ring of the doorbell. It was unusual for him to hear that though. Usually it was every two weeks he heard the bell ring. It was when the man brought him his groceries. Richard asked if it was order out food and then he shot a glare at him.

    "No, I didn't order pizza so it is an outsider trying to communicate with me. I don't answer the door for anything but the garbage man and grocery man. And I don't answer it because that outside world that you speak so highly of screwed us both over! It took everything from me and you! Your dead and I am alive but you know what I might as well be dead because I just don't care anymore if you havn't noticed! I don't answer the phone because I don't want to talk to anyone, it's been about four years since I've had a conversation with anyone! Not my family, not anyone! I can see you because I was born a medium and have always been able to see and talk to the dead! And I want to e-mail my doctor because I have lost my mind, I lost it a long time ago! I am not answering the door and I don't want to help you...I don't want to help anyone."

    There was a deep pain in his eyes...a pain that held a deep meaning he really didn't want to bring to light again. He didn't want to face her death...he refused to become attached again to the world that had caused him so much pain.


    The woman looked at the address on the paper. She was so sure she was right after asking the appartment building coodinator. This woman had long dark hair, curled loosly with a hair iron. She had brown eyes and fair skin. At five and a half feet tall and sporting a lean figure she was surely a woman that men saught after. Iris hiked her purse up onto her shoulder as she made her way up the third flight of stairs. Finally she arrived on the third floor. Her Brother, Blake, lived in this appartment building. He had moved here right after the death of his wife Maddison. They had married early but even she was sure that the two were in love. They had planned in a few years to start having a family...both the two were blessed with good jobs. Though one night...she was stabbed to death by a man who broke into their appartment. After that her twin brother had never been the same. Blake locked himself away and had not left his apartment for four years. No matter how much they tried to all him he never answered. Rather worried, their mother asked her to come a few states over just to check on her brother. So needless to say she would not be leaving unless she talked to her brother face to face. Looking to the paper once more she saw the apartment number was 7C. When she approached the door she saw a very pretty woman standing there, looking a bit anxious but excited at the same time. As she stopped next to the door she smiled and looked to the woman.

    "May...I help you dear...? Are you looking for my brother...Blake?"
  6. Such a sudden outburst of feelings blown Richard away. Sure this lad had been through a lot but that didn’t mean he was the only one in the whole wide world. No, Richard didn't feel offended simply because there was such a pain in this man's eyes. Looking away, at last he fully understood that he was dead and wouldn't see Laura anymore. Getting up from the table, he went over to the window and looked out. He would never be able to enjoy the sunlight on his skin again, the touch of wind...the touch of his wife. Blake was right, he was torn away from the world that he cherished, from the ones that he loved and he shall never see them again. If his heart was still beating, Richard would certainly experience another heart attack or literally broken heart. "You know, you are right. Everything I loved has been taken away from me," he said quietly and put his hands into the pockets of his jeans. He was still wearing the clothes in which he died - jeans and black t-shirt and flannel shirt on top.

    "But if I had a chance to talk to my wife again. I would at least be able to say good bye. I would be able to tell her that I love her, that I will miss her more than she could imagine," he said but had to stop himself, feeling that if he would carry on, his voice would start to shake. Clenching his teeth together, Richard tried to gain control over himself again. He wouldn't believe that as a ghost everything would seem so real. All those feelings, was just like he was still alive. No wonder he was confused. Though behind the confusion there was understanding for the hurt man by the computer. Something very bad has happened to him those four years ago. Something that made him what he was now. Sure it included death because above everything that could break you, death of your beloved was the one that could shatter you to million pieces.

    "I don't know what has happened to you those four years ago and I am sorry. But because you have given up on everything you loved doesn't mean, I will," finding some strength within his insubstantial body, Richard has decided to persuade this broken soul to allow Richard to talk to his wife just one more time. Force wouldn't do any good. Moreover, Richard just couldn't grab Blake and shake some sense into him; he would simply fall through his body. But maybe if he would find where the source of his pain was, he might be able to help him get over what has happened in the past and due to that Blake might be willing to help him in return. After all, it was his job when he was alive. Being a psychologist brought so much light onto human personality and how the mind works and what is triggered by what. Suddenly, there was a slight knock on the door. Richard looked towards it and then back at Blake who didn't show any sign of attempt to get up and answer. So Richard might as well have a look who wanted to see this medium.


    Laura arrived at the address without any problems. She didn't get lost which only reassured her that this man was meant to help her. It was hard to resist the need of being a bit loose with your imagination when you have just lost someone and your mind was fragile. The nice, sunny weather made it even harder to resist the need to give in to those delusions. No, she didn't pass the point when she would go crazy - she was far from that. The thing was that as Laura was given the chance to talk to her husband she held tight onto it as a drowning person would hold tight a straw of grass. The apartment building coordinator was a friendly person but had a suspicious look in his eyes when he found out that Laura wanted to see Blake. Nonetheless, he gave her the directions and soon, she was standing in front of the apartment 7C. For some reason, nervousness crept inside her mind. This was it. Now she would face the soul of her dead husband. Was she strong enough to also face her sadness and sorrow? None of these mattered until she would talk Blake into it. Taking a deep breath in, Laura ringed the bell and waited. After few seconds she could hear some noises on the other side and her face lit up. He is coming, she thought happily expecting the door to open any second. However, when the noises died away and the door was still closed, Laura happy expression faded and changed into troubled one. Maybe she should ring the bell again. No. That would sound desperate. No one would want to help a desperate housewife. So instead, she knocked on the door and waited again. As Laura was so concentrating on getting into the apartment, she completely blocked out the outside world, so hearing someone talking behind her made her jump.

    "Oh I am so sorry. I wasn't expecting anyone to be here," she said and smiled apologetically. "Yes, I am looking for your..." Laura stopped in the middle of sentence getting the consequences of this encounter. This woman in front of her, who no doubt could have ten men on one finger, was a sister of the man inside. She might help her to get in there for which Laura would be eternally grateful. "I am sorry again. I must look and sound a bit awkward. Yes, I am looking for your brother. My husband passed away yesterday and I wasn't able to do anything about it, not even say good-bye." It was hard to hold back the tears that started to form in Laura's eyes, but she managed somehow. With all her will power none fell down her cheek. Laura hated crying in public. It was like showing other people that she was weak and she hated to be considered as a weak woman. Though, it was hard to hold back because the pain was still too raw, too sensitive. "A nurse told me about your brother and I was wondering if he could help me to reunite with my husband for the last time. But I was told that he might not want to do it," there was uneasiness in her voice. "Do you think that you could help me talk to Blake and persuade him?"
  7. Iris looked at her. She had blonde hair styled very Cutely and had big pretty blue eyes. When she asked the girl if she was here to see Blake she smiled apologetically, as if she didn't belong here on her twin's doorstep. Then she told her she didn't expect anyone to be here and confirmed that it was him she was looking for. The woman infront of her apologized again, this time verbally and told her the reason she was searching out her brother. According to her, her husband had passed away the day before and didn't have a chance to tell him goodbye. So it was sudden...just like Maddison. No one expected the woman to die from being stabbed through the back with a knife from the couple's own kitchen. Blake blamed himself so much...he hated himself so much. While recovering in the hospital from where he was attacked he was put on sucide watch. After the doctor's informed her that Maddison was dead upon arrival from her one stab wound. When he didn't understand why she was one stab wound he said. But the doctors told him it had severed her spine and went right though her heart, cutting major veins in the heart. The poor woman had died in less than three minuets from the time she was attacked. Maddi Didn't even stand a chance...poor thing. Iris smiled softly and sadly at the woman as tears started to form in the lady's eyes. It must have been so hard for her to loose her husband, But at the sametime it didn't seem fair that her brother locked himself away and here she was. The twin sister hand to take a step back though and think it through...people were people and different ways of grieving. It had broken him when Maddi didn't appear to him. Then though her tears told her a nurse had told her about Blake and came the next day to reconnect with her deceased husband. As Iris fixed her long dark hair she could sense the uneasiness in the woman's voice, she speaking of her brother might not wanting to help.Then asked if he would help her...if she could pursude him to help her talk to her husband. Iris smiled at her, looking her in the eyes.

    "Well...I can try but Blake is my younger twin brother and he answered my texts or phone calls in about four years. The only way we still know he is alive is that our mother puts money in his bank account. Upon checking it we see it's being used so I know he's still getting by...somehow. Blake has been like this ever since he saw his wife being murdered four years ago. But this is going on beyond he is just being stubborn..." She sighed heavily. "Like usual."

    Iris stepped closer to the door and banged on it, not bothing with the doorbell.

    "Blake, It's your twin, Open up now!" when she didn't hear anyone stirr she talked lounder and banged on the door again. "Mom is worried sick about you! I flew out from a couple states over because Mom was busy working to support you being such a hermit! I am not leaving until you open this door you good for nothing twin!"


    After his surge of emotional words the ghost looked away from him, getting to his feet. Richard then went over to the window and looked out. It seemed he was thinking something through as he looked out over the streets the curtins and blinds usually hid. The Apartment was dark most of the time, lights weren't used unless it was vital for him to get around. Then after a long dead silence, the ghost told him he was right...that everything that ever meant anything to him had been taken...ripped away. Richard slid his hands into the pockets of his jeans he had died in, along with a black shirts. When he spoke his voice was he really did understand that he was dead...that he was never going to be alive again...never going to be with those who he loved again. Then he spoke again and told the man that if he could talk to his wife again he would have a message for her. He would tell her that he loved her...he would tell her goodbye and that he would miss her so badly it could make anyone hurt. Then he stopped talking because Blake could hear his voice start to shake. It seemed that to him the dead man was finally understand the realness of the situation. Even still the ghost spoke of not giving up on the things he loved. Just like Blake had so apperntly done. As the ghost moved towards the door Blake scowled at him.

    "What do you know? You are Dead and I am not. Sure your death might have been painful but guess who has the shorter end of the stick ghost?! Your loved ones...we are the ones who have to carry on when you are gone. The pain never goes away, we just have to learn how to cope with pain in our lives. You get to rest and go wherever it is your god determines you go. It's more pain then you will ever experience your entire exsistance. So quit acting like you know what the living are feeling!"

    It was then the pounding on the door started. Following it was an all too familiar voice he had not heard since Maddison's funeral. It was his sister getting up to answer the door was starting to become a consideration. She yelled, demanding he open the door...that mom was worried and she had come a long way to see him. He frowned and sighed heavily, slowly getting to his feet. Step by step he made his way over to the heavy wooden door, Iris shouting and banging at the door the entire time. Then he stopped and raised his voice so it would be heard through the door without having to open it.

    "Stop it Iris, stop the banging! You are going to give me a headache, geez! I thought when I moved out that I wouldn't have to put up with you doing that anymore. What do you want?"

    Then there was one more loud bang and she raised her voice louder. "OPEN UP NOW, BLAKE!"

    "Fine, just stop the noise, the other tendants are going to report you!"

    With that he took the doorknob in his hand and twisted it. The man was dressed decently in his old designer jeans and black tank top showed off his lean but strong arms. For all the years he had hidden away from the world his body was lean and trim. He looked to his sister and scowled at her.

    "You don't have to be so obnoxious Iris...." Then hs eyes caught the beautiful blonde with striking big blue eyes. "Who is this...?

    "I don't know but she wants to talk to you so I'll be back to talk to you again Blake...don't even think about bailing on me."

    With that she turned and started to walk away. He turned his head back around to the woman and leaned up against the doorframe. The man didn't bother to fix his shaggy dark brown hair as his deep green eyes bore into her blue ones.

    "I don't usually get visitors....someone as unimportant and insignificant as me...what do you want? I don't have all day...I don't want to attact unwanted visitors."

    Usually, well before the incident, Blake would have been happy to help. But since nobody had bothered to care about his issues he didn't have a reason to care about this woman's no matter what had happened.
  8. Laura's face crossed a tiny smile of gratitude and she stepped away when Iris got to the door. Sure, the woman didn't bother to be polite or considerate because she started banging the door with such a force that left Laura amazed. Also, the sudden loudness of her voice was surprising. Laura would never think that such an attractive woman would have such a strong voice. Standing behind Iris, Laura looked at the door almost pleadingly. There was no doubt that in her mind she was repeating to herself 'please open, please open, please open' as if it was some magic formula that was supposed to work. Well, after some time it did work and the door slowly opened and Laura was grateful and a bit afraid of what was about to come.

    Inside the room, before the door was opened and before Richard could even reach it, Blake spoke again. The ghost looked back quickly ready to reply to what the broken man has said but there was a loud banging on the door and someone shouting. A woman? Looking from the door back to Blake, Richard noticed the look on Blake's face. Apparently, he knew the woman which was just about to be confirmed by his reply. What was the relationship between them? Actually, that detail didn’t matter at the moment because after all, Blake seemed to be willing to open the door when it was someone he knew, what a nice twist of things. Richard let the medium pass him by before he followed him. There were few stirs before Blake finally opened the door, but thanks to the woman on the other side, who didn't give up so easily, Blake finally made the step forward. When the door opened, Richard saw an attractive woman. There was surely some resemblance between her and Blake so Richard assumed that they were probably siblings. Relationship matter was resolved. If he were still alive, he would look at this woman with admiration and tease Laura like that. She didn't mind him looking at women because she knew that for him, she was the only one that he loved and would love forever. Sadness appeared in his eyes as he remembered all the things they used to do together. That was also the moment when he noticed a second person behind the magnetic brunette.

    "Oh my god," he breathed out and his mouth went agape. He made a step forward being right behind Blake, he stared at Laura not being able to believe that it was her standing in front of him. Due to his surprised and shocked state, he completely missed Iris leaving. At the moment, he had his eyes just for his wife.

    Laura shortly looked at the woman as she was leaving before she turned her gaze to Blake. This was it after all and it didn't even take that much effort to get this man to talk her. Though, Laura knew that without Iris, she would still be standing in front of the closed door. She also didn't dare to get her hopes too high. Everything might still get screwed. Obviously, she didn't see the ghost of her dead husband, how could she. The one who was medium between the three of them was Blake, who was carelessly leaning against the door frame. Yes, there was something into the man. He had a charm but Laura didn't bother with marveling it. She was here for a different reason than to flirt with him. The first thing that she wanted to tell him that he was not unimportant, at least not for her cause of being here, but knowing that it wouldn't be the best start she just simply made a request: "Please, may I come in? It is not really comfortable for me to talk here. I promise, I won't take too much of your free time," she asked politely and hoped that her question would be heard and
    answered positively. Behind the threshold of the apartment, she had more chances to succeed than standing in the corridor. Like this, Blake could close the door any time and she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

    "Take her in," Richard breathed out again. His amazed look might have been confused for admiration of such a beauty, but only Richard knew what the real source was. But due to his temporary inability to comprehend the situation and what was happening, he couldn't help Laura to persuade Blake, at least not just yet.
  9. Blake noticed that Richard had followed him to the door and was looking out with him at the people...outsiders standing on his doorstep. Out of the corner of his eye he saw how the ghost looked at his twin sister. He frowned in disapproval at the ghost. The whole time he was under the impression that the man had been married and loved his wife dearly. But this man was looking at his sister with those eyes...but then a look of shock came into his eyes. Blake swore that if he was still alive then he would have jumped out of his skin. When he looked back he saw that his eyes were locked on the woman in the door way. The beautiful woman with striking eyes and pretty hair. The shut in looked over and to every other person he would be looking at nothing. The look on his face confirmed the suprise that he suspected from Richard. Then he looked back at the woman who at the same time looked to him. He clenched his jaw as he pictured Maddison standing where she was. Long, chocolate brown hair...slim, thin figure, and deep, absolutly gorgous blue eyes. Her skin was soft and peachy delicate looking...the most stunning woman you would have seen in your entire life. He had wanted to see her after she died...tell her he was so sorry...but she never came to him. All of a sudden her image went away and he saw the blonde woman again. She without saying anything looked so anxious and nervous. It was like she needed to say something to him but was afraid to. Then she spoke...asking him if she could come in. That she wasn't comfortable talking about whatever it was she wanted to speak to him about outside. That she wouldn't take too much of his free time. He scowled at her and stood up strait, looking her in the eyes.

    "I don't know what you want to talk to me about and I don't know who sent you here. For all I know it is another person who claimed to know me...try and tell me I need to be admitted into a mental hospital for being so anti-social. I havn't set foot outside this doorway for four years, havn't hardly seen nor spoken to anyone Had not helped anyone in all those years as well...What could you possibly need from me?"

    Then he heard Richard's voice tell him to let her inside, the medium looking over at him. Richard looked amazed...probably that she was here in the first place.

    "Why should I? I didn't ask your opinion you pervert...looking at my twin that way."

    He sighed...he must have looked insane...and nolonger wished for confrontation. Blake just opened the door wider and ushed her inside, taking her to the living room after locking the door. The man heaved a sigh and dropped to his seat infront of the computer and looked at her.

    "What do you need...? Wait first tell me who you are....then tell me what you want..."

    (SO Sorry this one wasn't as long! I promise the next one will be longer! >.<)
  10. (That's alright ;) You still gave me pretty good stuff to work with)

    Laura looked at Blake as he was alternately looking from her to somewhere behind his shoulder. Was something or someone there? Laura couldn't see anything and it made her feel a little bit uncomfortable though she tried her best to hide it. It was her first time being around medium so she didn't know how these people behave and what they say or do. She just wished for him to let her inside, so that she could tell him her reason for being here. When he spoke to her, the annoyance or whatever it was in his voice, made her soul drop. So after all, she wouldn't be let in and would have to manage to persuade this man in the corridor of this apartment building. Looking at the ground as if defeated, Laura heard Blake talking again but the words didn't sound to be addressed to her. She looked up and saw the medium looking somewhere behind him…again. So there probably was a ghost. A momentary thrill ran down her spine before it disappeared when Laura noticed that Blake was letting her in. She smiled at him gratefully with some kind relief in her eyes. She went pass him barely reaching the level of his eyes. Entering the living room as directed, she sat on the couch, looking at Blake and thinking for few seconds how to start, how to answer his questions.

    All the while Richard wasn't far from her. Walking behind her, he was marveling how beautiful she looked. Her body was svelte as always bearing the hints of woman's curves. Her skin wasn't fair but it would get browner once she would get enough time to spend on the sun. As that would happen, she would look like a goddess and men would turn around on the street just to take a second glance, just to remember that unreachable pretty girl who passed them by. He extended his hand towards Laura as if to touch her before he stopped few inches from her cheek. Would she feel his touch? Probably not. Richard was just a ghost with insubstantial body. A look of sorrow appeared in his eyes, he took his hand back but apart from that didn't make any other move.

    "My name is Laura Talbot and I know that because of what has happened to you, you refuse to help other people. I do not blame you for that because I personally know how it feels to lose someone you love so dearly and so deep. But before you ultimately refuse, please, listen to me," she said with urgency in his voice that didn’t sound desperate but pleading. "I've lost my husband yesterday. He was taken away from me so suddenly that I didn't even have the chance to say good bye or to help him anyhow. It wasn't his time to go, I know that. We...we had so many plans together. Traveling, having our own family. I know that all must sound like cliché to you, but you have experienced such a loss yourself when your wife was killed those years ago. You must understand how I feel. Please, help me just this once.” Maybe Laura felt that she was getting too far with her arguments but she was absorbed by the stream of mixed feelings. She was struggling with her own pain, with her own tears. Then there was this sense of understanding this man's grieving over his lost wife. But above all that she just needed, desperately needed, the last time to talk to her husband in order not to lose her mind. She wasn't sure it would help her overcome the pain, but it might ease her feeling of shame and self-accusation about Richard's death.

    "All I ask for," she said in trembling voice, controlling herself beyond belief not to cry, "is a last conversation with my husband; last chance to apologize for the inability to save his life and to tell him how much I will miss him, how much I already do miss him." Finishing her explanation, Laura hold Blake's gaze for a little longer, before turning her head away. She was slightly shaking from the effort to hold her tears back but this time it didn't really work because few tear drops strolled down her cheeks in a noiseless sobs. If Richard would be visible to her, she would be able to see him kneeling in front of her, the same pain in his own eyes. The enormous need he had, to touch her and comfort her, was apparent just from his posture.

    "Tell her it was not her fault," he told Blake and looked at him. There was a mix of request and order in his voice and expression. "No matter what you've been through, find the last piece of humanity in yourself and tell her that it wasn't her fault that I died."
  11. Blake noticed that before he let her inside that the poor woman looked utterly defeated. Like she was about to be crushed by something completely unpredictable and beyond anything she could ever hope to control. But as heopened the door wider, more out of pity and reluctance than anything else, she looked up to him and offered him thankful smile. And in her pretty eyes, blue eyes that were not the same shade as Maddi's, lurked a gentle relief. The shut in could not ever imagine why the woman would have such so thankful to have him let her inside, to see him of all people. The reason the man had shut himself away was because he didn't care to be gawked at by nurses, doctors, and people for his scars that would forever remind him the loss her suffered that night. Plus it was his way of grieving...of protecting himself from being hurt by people, society in general really. They wouldn't want him and he wasn't going to chance being hurt again by the world who, until now had not cared if he locked himself away. Once he snapped back to attention, the woman walked past him and though the door, she being about five to six inches shorter than him. He then shut the door tight, alsol ocking the additional locks on the door. Then Blake turned on his heel and slowly made his way back into the living room. The living room consisted of a leather couch, shag carpeting in a color that complemented the other furniture.

    There was a flat screen TV mounted upon the wall, as wide as it was long. In an adjoining room was a fully functional kitchen. Off in a corner was a coffee table where his laptop was placed just so. MSN Hotmail was pulled up on the screen, him logged in as BLEverly. A fan was positioned in the room to cool the room when the air conditioner wasn't running. He took his time lowering himself to the floor, settling in comfortably next to the laptop with his back propped up against the wall. Once he had let her in she had immediately went into the living room. So by the time he was seated, so was she on the couch not too far away from him. And where the woman was so was her husband the ghost Richard, He had a look of wonder and amazement on his face as he gazed upon his woman. Blake remembered that used to look at his wife the same way. Maddison never ceased to amaze him with how lovely, intelligent, talented, and inventive she was. His wife used to teach him something new every day. She...made him a better person. With her gone his life crumbled down upon him, he becoming the sour homebody he was now. A pitiful man who never talked to anyone...a pathetic skeleton of the man he was. Once he spoke to her, asking his questions. She thought about them for a while as she did the ghost looked at her, wanting so badly to touch and comfort her, his hand extended out to touch her cheek. Then he thought it through and lowered his hand to his side. Blake turned his deep green gaze back to the woman as he started to listen to her speak.

    The blonde haired, blue eyed woman told him her name was Laura Talbot and because of what had happened to him knew he refused to help a lot of other people. A scowl formed on his lips as he continued to listen. He wasn't pleased to have this visitor because now she was going to ask him to do a reading for her...or in similar terms ask him to be her ghost to human translator. Then the woman had the gall to say she didn't blame him because she knew what it was like to lose a loved one. But with urgency in her voice asked to let her explain before he ultimately refused to aid her. Laura proceeded to tell him that her husband had died yesterday and his death was very sudden and unexpected. That she did not get to tell him goodbye or help him along as he lay on the ground dying. She told him about their plans together and knew it must sounded cliché...that he must know how she felt. The woman went quiet and the look on her face showed a deep rooted pain, she struggling with her utter grief. He would admit that he was surprised that this woman he barely knew could potentially cry in front of him. Though he didn't knew her well she didn't seem like the type to cry infront of he locked himself away after Maddi's funeral so people wouldn't see just how many more tears he needed to shed. Even now the man still was grieving his wife's untimely and unfair end. Laura had pleaded with him just as desperately as he had pleaded with the thief not to impale his young wife. But his pleas fell on deaf ears, now he had to decide whether or not her's plea would reach his ears.

    The she spoke up again, this time her voice trembling, trying desperately not to lose it and let her heart breaking sobs escape her perfect lips. In a last ditch effort she pleaded with him to help her speak to her husband. She wanted to apologize to him for her being helpless in saving his tell him how much she missed him and how much she would miss him. Laura held his gaze for a few more moments after her words came to a stop. She then looked away. From where he was sitting on the floor he could tell she was shaking, tears dripping down her face during silent sobs. Next to her the ghost was kneeling at her side. Though he was dead he bore the same pain in his eyes, the same need to touch and comfort her as earlier. The mediums ighed, looking away from her and the dead man. All the pain in the couples expressions brought back the pain, utter despair, anger, and bitterness that he felt back then...right after her murder and in the hospital. She didn't deserve to die that night...she had so much to offer humanity. With all those emotions in his body they began to show in his expression and eyes. The couple looked over at him and the ghost spoke to him in a voice that portrayed request and demand. He wanted him to tell Laura that it wasn't her fault at all that hedied. Then when the medium spoke there was a sad but bitter tone to his voice, him looked Richard and Laura in the face.
    "Four years ago two men broke into the apartment that Maddison and I lived in, they came into out bedroom with knives from our own kitchen and dragged Maddi out of bed. After I requested they not hurt her...that is exactly what he did. He stabbed her in the back and the other one came at me and stabbed me just below my collarbone, near my shoulder and then slashed me from my shoulder clear across my body to the middle of my ribcage...leaving a deep and long gash. Theytook everything that was worth anything and left. They never caught the two men either. When I woke up I found out that the way they had stabbed my wife it had severed her spinal cord and punctured her heart. She was dead before the ambulance even got to the apartment. I never got to protect her or tell her goodbye. Maddison was a model citizen, graduated top of her class and could be anything she wanted to be. But all she wanted to do was be a Pediatric nurse int he ICU at the local hospital. She wanted to work to make the lives of children better. Maddi wanted to be a mother so badly...she wanted to raise children,have a family. But they took that away from her...she had her whole life ahead of her. My wife didn't deserve to die and when she did I never got to see her spirit as I had hoped to at the very least speak to her one more final time. If I didn't get closure it seems unfair that anyone else should have theirs....Now I could tell you your husband Richard in kneeling in front of you, he having something that he wants me to tell you. But you would have no way of knowing that I was telling the truth. Not unless there are something’s only the two of you knew about...”<o:p></o:p>
  12. As she turned her gaze away from Blake and those few tears fell down, she quickly wiped them away with the back of her hand not feeling comfortable at all, but the pain was just too big to be ignored. Though, she managed to control herself again, shaking only slightly. When Blake spoke suddenly she looked at him and listened to what he had to say. He was talking about his wife's death so openly but with the same hurt feelings as Laura had. Was it really possible to be grieving over someone for so long? In Blake's case, yes it was. He was obviously missing his dead wife pretty badly even after four years. It wasn't just stubbornness that Iris has mentioned. This was a soul that didn't have a chance to talk about the pain with someone. Or maybe no one had a chance to do so, as he locked himself away. Laura felt sorry for his loss and in some way, Maddison's death sounded similar to Richard's. Not in the cause, but in the way; how quickly and out of blue they died. She had understanding in her eyes because she simply did understand how it felt. Moreover, his wife sounded like a perfect woman, someone who could have changed the world if given the chance. Even though, Laura didn't know Maddison, she was sure that if she did, Maddison would be one of the people that Laura would admire and look up to.

    Richard was looking at Blake as well and was listening intently. However, he had different feelings. As being the one who died, he was the victim, the one who had to leave for eternity. He saw himself as the one who was also hurt but on a different level. Richard has lost more. Apart from losing his body, he lost the chance to enjoy anything that was out in the world. All his plans were disturbed and would never be completed. Laura and Blake were still alive. They still could do whatever their hearts desired. No, he didn't feel offended or wasn't selfish about his own pain. He just considered his sorrow to be of different kind. Maybe, it was the reason why he couldn't understand Blake's grieving in such depth as Laura did. However, his own eyes had the intense gaze of sympathizing with Blake. As the medium was talking about his loss, Richard finally understood the definite meaning of this whole situation. After he would get to talk to Laura, if Blake would allow it, there would be no more of the two of them together. They would be separate people, souls on their own way of healing. Richard and Laura, they both would have to get over the loss by themselves and the prospect of being alone, so absolutely alone, frightened Richard. He wasn't sure if Laura felt the same way but for him, if there was anything after the talk, the time before he would be healed, was going to be the worst time of his life...or rather said - death.

    Then Blake revealed the truth that Richard was kneeling next to Laura. Her eyes went wide with surprise and she looked to her side but couldn't see anything. It was hard for her to believe and there were chills running down her spine as she imagined her dead husband being so close to her, but without her being able to feel his presence. She wasn't sure what would happen if she would reach out with her hand and just move it from left to right. Would she feel some cold breeze? It was a foolish idea and Laura knew that so she just sat still, looking at the place where she thought her husband was, not knowing that he was looking her in the eye. Somewhere behind all the astonishment, Laura felt utterly thankful for Blake changing his mind and deciding to help her reunite with her husband for the last time. In the back of her mind, she made an unconscious note to repay the man somehow after this would be over.

    "I know one thing," Richard said and looked from Laura to Blake. "During our honeymoon, Laura had a little accident. We went out for dinner and on the way back, she stumbled on a stone stairs and fell down, breaking her wrist. It was a bad fracture so she had to have an operation. The operation left behind a small scar on her left wrist which didn't heal well as she got an infection in it. She covers it with her watches so no one can see." It was something that Laura hated on herself - that stupid scar. It didn't look horrible or disgusting. It was just red scar long as a nail on her thumb. She just hated it because it ruined their honeymoon. She had that accident towards the end of their stay in France, so when it happened and she had to go to the hospital for operation, they basically spent the rest of their holiday there. She always blamed herself for ruining the vacation and Richard reassured her on any occasion he's got that she shouldn't worry herself so much. That the main thing was that she didn't break her neck. Richard meant it as a joke every time he said it but Laura never laughed but gave him only a tiny smile. Yes, it was bothering her.

    "Did he say something or should I name out one thing that only the two of us know?" She asked not knowing that Richard has already spoken.
  13. The man continued to just watch her as his words trailed off. She seemed to be doing the same but it felt like the woman was analyzing him. Like she was picking out things about him. Blake had just told her how Maddison had died and now it was like she was judging him. Judging weather he still had the right to grieve his wife's brutal death. That is exactly why he didn't like being outside in the world. Humans were being spiteful and judgmental creatures who did nothing but ridicule him. It started in the third grade when he was taken to his doctor to find out why he was having such a hard time learning to read. Well, it turned out that he had a disorder called dyslexia. All the words looked mixed up and jumbled. When he struggled to read the other children would mock him and call him stupid. That lasted through the awkward years and then he met Maddison. She was top of the class, perfect grades and breathtakingly beautiful. His crush on her started in the beginning of high school, the boy who had average grades and struggled with English/Writing class didn't think a stunning, strong, but graceful woman such as her would ever take a liking to him. Then when he chanced to ask her to the junior prom she accepted. After that it was all up hill for them...they dated and then married June first, two weeks after they graduated from high school. When the man snapped back to attention he found himself meeting eyes with Laura. Like earlier they seemed to show understanding, even though the pain in her own eyes.

    It almost made him want to smile but he didn't and he didn't have to force himself not to either. However when he looked over at the ghost his expression was different. Richard didn't seem to share the same sympathy that his wife seemed to share. It was either that or he was confused as to why his wife had the understanding for the shut-in. Then an understanding came into his eyes which confused the man. He just shook his head and then looked at her as she looked to her side. The medium knew it was hard for other people to fathom that their deceased loved one was by their side. Sometimes people foolishly reached out to their side and tried to feel for the cool air. Yes, sometimes ghost's had a cold preasance but not all the time. It could be very awkward for him and the ghost to see/feel their loved one reach through their transparent body. Then the ghost grabbed his attention once again when he began to talk, telling him a story.

    Richard began by telling him it was on their honeymoon and that Laura had an accident. They had went to dinner and on the way back to the hotel she stumbled on stone stairs and broke her wrist. The break was bad so she ended up at the hospital for an operation. The operation left a scar on her left wrist and didn't heal well because she got an infection in it. Then he finished with that she wore watches to cover up the scar. Almost right after he finished with that story Laura asked if Richard had given him a story that only the couple would know or if she needed to tell him one. Blake looked at her then to her wrist. He sighed and bit his lip looking back into her eyes.

    "No...he told me something. Geez...I'll never know how I was comfortable with this in the past....but he told me that you two after you were married honeymooned in France. Near the end of your honeymoon you two went to go eat. On the way back you tripped and broke your left wrist on stone steps. So he took you to the hospital and had it operated on but it got infected. Richard told me you have scar on your left wrist but you hide it with your watches....that mean anything?"

    Then from around the corner came a woman with long silky brown hair that was braided loosely but neatly over her shoulder. She had perfect peachy skin and deep set deep blue eyes. The woman was wearing a spaghetti strap sundress that perfectly matched her eye color and skin tone. Also she had on sandles that matched her dress. Walking gracefully she crossed in front of both Blake and Laura who didn't seem to noticed her. The woman sat next to Blake, perching on the table side and crossing her legs, watching silently. She smiled over at Richard, perfect lips, pretty smile. This woman was a very beautiful woman indeed , so surely that both people still alive would have noticed her but they didn' was obvious that she was a ghost but one that Blake could not sense. Waiting patiently and silently she just watched what was going on. Blake just looked at Laura.

    "Is that all or need something else to be convinced? What else do you want me to tell her Richard?"
  14. Laura listened carefully to what Blake told her. He recounted the story that was frustrating her so many years. Yes, she was kind of surprised to hear it but on the other hand it proved that Richard was here. She looked at the place again, where her husband was supposed to be and her surprised expression changed into gentle, sad smile and Laura touched her wrist before she undid her watch which revealed that tiny scar they were talking about. "It is true," she simply replied and touched the scar with her thumb, all the memories of that holiday coming back. Tears filled her eyes once more but this time, Laura successfully pushed them back. It was somehow easier as if she has already accepted the fact that Richard was gone. That she became a widow. After putting her watch back on, she looked up at Blake not noticing the woman that has just passed by right in front of her. Though Richard, he saw the newcomer perfectly. At first, he looked from Laura to Blake checking if they saw her as well but none of them seemed to notice. That must have meant that she was a ghost. Then again...did Blake just pretend that he didn't see that attractive lady? When she smiled at him, Richard returned the smile; at first it was unsure, but gained confidence. One and one make two, right? It didn’t take long for Richard to come up with who the woman probably was. Could it be Maddison? Or was it just another lost soul looking for help? Seeing another ghost in the room made it easier for Richard to realize the fact, that he wasn’t the only one. Moreover, that he wasn't alone. Then Blake's question brought him back and he looked at him. He didn't have to think twice about what Blake should say to Laura.

    "Tell her, that she shouldn't blame herself for my death. The doctor warned me about this but I never got the guts to tell her. I didn't want to worry her too much because of her work and her starting career. Tell her that I am sorry for keeping it away from her." There was a slight uneasy pause. No, Richard wasn't thinking about what to say but how to form the last few sentences so that it wouldn't hurt so much. "Also tell her, that once I am gone, like really gone, she shouldn't grieve for too long. She should go and fulfill her dreams and plans before her time is up and all that time, I will always be with her." Finishing his message, Richard reached out and put his hand on Laura's. The absence of the warm of her body tore him up inside; though what else could he expect? Now, the moment came. That was it, end to everything he knew, cherished and loved. End to his life and beginning of death. He would miss Laura more than he could comprehend; though, he hoped that time would heal his broken soul, if not completely then at least partially so it wouldn’t hurt so much. Now it was Richard's turn to shed some tears and he did so. It was the final time he would see and be close to her. His hand slipped off hers and he used it to cover his face like a little child would, but the real reason was to hide his tears away from the audience that could see him. Some women might not like crying in public, but for men, especially for Richard, it was humiliating. But he couldn't help it, he couldn't stop it.

    All the time, Laura was just sitting on the couch looking at Blake, expecting the message any time. Though, out of blue she felt a sudden chill running down her spine and she got goose bumps as if a cold breeze ran through the room. Though, she shouldn't have felt it because of the light jumper she was wearing. Moreover, there wasn’t any window open as far as she could see. Nonetheless, she didn't think of the incident as a physical contact with the ghost of Richard so she rubbed her arms to make herself warm which was the time when Richard's hand slip. Laura was feeling a little bit nervous about the message, but she was also afraid. She was torn between wanting to hear it and not. Everything was confusing. She was sitting here in an apartment of a medium, talking to her dead husband. It seemed unreal, yet Laura was fully aware of the moment.

    (I am sorry for such a short reply :( I will do better next time, I promise)
  15. Blake watched as the woman returned her gaze to where he had told her Richard was kneeling next to her. The medium had always been baffled as to why people had always been so willing to believe him. It was probably because of how desperate they were to reconnect with the one they loved. More often then not it was a older person or young man or woman who had just lost their loved one. But more often women than men because Blake had to admit..if he was not a medium then he would believe that anyone who claimed to speak to the dead needed to be admitted into the insane asylum as fast as humanly possible. But he was a medium and had to realistically face the fact he had spent the last four years completly ignoring. Then Blake resumed watching, the woman's lips turning into a gentle, peaceful smile. For a split second he could imagine Maddison sitting across from him with that blissful smile on her face. Imagining that softened some of the coldness in his green gaze, and it was clear to those in the room. If only the man could sense the ghost of his wife right beside him and see how at peace she was then he could have the same peace. But it would never be. So Blake Everly would have to either stay as he was or change his life and move past her death. Then Laura removed her watch, softly touching the scar on her wrist, stating what he said was true. With that tears formed in her eyes but she held them back as she put her watch back on and looked back into the medium's green eyes. As that happened Maddison giggled cutely at Richard's at first shy smile. But when his smile gained more confidance, it was clear the she was happy, her deep blue eyes lighting up and seeming to sparkle. When Blake's question drew away the male ghost's attention, the invisible woman just went back to silently observing,

    Blake snapped back into attention as he listened to Richard speak whatever else it was that he wanted to say to her. He relayed it to the widow as he was told the information.

    "Richard also tells me that you should not blame yourself for his death...he went to the doctors not too long ago and they warned him that he was at risk for a heart attack. But he was afraid of you knowing that...he didn't want you to worry about him because you are starting your new career. He feels terrible for keeping it from you and wants to apologize for that..." the man looked directly at the dead man and frowned at the uneasy expression he made before continuing on with his message. "Also he wants you to know that he will have to move on to wherever it is that he will go and that he dosn't want you to grieve for too long afterwards. Laura...he really cares about you...he loves you so much and wants you to carry on and do whatever it is that you want to do...he knows that you can achieve anything you want to achieve...."

    Then he reached out and touched her hand. The man could see it bothered the ghost...tore him up inside that she wouldn't feel his touch. It was really was. Maddison watching gracefully moved to her feet and walked over to Richard. There was a sad smile on her lips. She could see just how much this was killing have this last contact with his widowed wife Laura. To her it was heart breaking and knew how helpless he felt to help his beloved. She remembered seeing and watching Blake in the hospital after he had been told about her death. From that moment until now her still living husband had held a hatred in his eyes for himself and the world who had screw him over to early in life. That a tragic sadness...a heavy almost unbearable sadness hanging in the air dragged down her lover. All she wanted for him was happiness but he ended up at this end of the stick...the short end of the stick of which so cruely pried away the happiness of it's victims. Then she watched as the ghost started to cry, he moving his hands to cover up the pain...pure liquid pain that dripped down his face. Maddison had not seen a man cry in such a way since she had seem her husband mourn her death. After a little while she knelt in front of Richard and gently pried away his hands from his face so see such tears. Then a peaceful, content, but reassuring and understanding...comforting smile came across her lips. Then ever so carefully, softly, lovingly wiped away Richard's tears much like a mother would wipe away a child's tears. It was clear that had she lived to become a mother...she would have been a very good one. The woman spoke, her voice clear as a bell and the perfect tone to make it very pleasant to the ears.

    "Richard Talbot...I understand your loss. I am Maddison Everly and I was murdered some time ago. When I was living I was Blake Everly's wife...we were married young but very happily. Then I was murdered and he ended up here. I wish I could help him but I cannot and you cannot help Laura any longer. She must use her own strength to over come this. Yes...we both suffered the death we were meant to suffer much earlier then what could ever be deemed as fair but now we can't change that. The sooner you make your decsion the better it will be for you and Laura....You can go rest in heaven can become like I have become. I am an angel now...and since I am not directly a spirit Blake cannot sense me...I watch over him and only step in where I must. I cannot influence the choices he makes only stay by his side until he become at peace with my death. Then when he finally does I will not need to be there so much and I can help souls like you go onto where they are supposed to go...It is up to you and I cannot force my hand either way. I am not here to judge or critisize you...only help and to let you know that you are not alone either way...many have made both choices while some have not lived such a good life and not had a choice...but you loved deeply, smiled often, and lived to help people...It is a great loss for the world to loose someone like you but heaven is rejoicing...your own friends and family who have passed on are waiting to see you after you make the choice. If you take too long to make a choice though you will become earth-bound...unable to move forwards...I can see you two are very much in love and I know you will make the best choice for you...not her you. Because your happiness matters to her...just as I know my happiness still matters to Blake..."

    Her gaze shifted to Blake, the same intense love that had always been there for her husband. As she watched him Blake noticed her rub her arms at a cold chill that must have came off of her ghost husband. To him it looked as if all this was surreal to her. It was hard to believe himself that after four years of not helping anyone or seeing anyone besides the grocery man that he had let a woman in his apartment. This was defintly not the day he had planned for himself...
  16. At last, Blake spoke and the words he said, touched Laura deeply. It tickled the raw pain and made it ache more than before. He was telling her to let go. Though, could he imagine...could he even think of how hard it would be? How long it would take? Deep inside Laura knew that she would have to do as Richard said. She would have to get over his absence and start living again, but at this moment she almost think it impossible. When Blake finished the interpreting, Laura was slightly shaking again. "Is that all he says?" She asked in trembling voice and looked into the deep green eyes almost pleadingly as if he might have forgotten to tell her something. As if there could be or should be something more to say. It was over quicker than Laura would have liked. Her eyes could accommodate no more tears. They were freely falling down her cheeks, leaving trails of sorrow behind. As much as she hated crying in public, it was unstoppable. After all, she didn't accept the fact that Richard was gone to such an extent as she thought. It was unfeasible to be able to do that when her loved one died just yesterday. Yes, she got into similar state as Richard but she was still trying to control herself although every attempt, all the effort didn’t have any effect. "I am...sorry," she apologized between sobs putting one arm around herself and the tips of her fingers of the other hand on her forehead in a movement to partially hide her tears. Laura was trying hard to sooth her grief. She hunched over a little bit as if hiding away from the world, from any witness of her tears.

    Richard was on the floor, rocking back and forth indistinguishably. He couldn't get over it, he was too weak to accept the fact and he doubted his ability to be able to make it on his own. He was broke and shattered. Pieces of his souls scattered around the universe, making it impossible for Richard to put himself back together. At first, he didn't sense anyone around him. So much he was consumed by his mournfulness. Only when Maddison tried to pull away his hands, he resisted at first but not for long. What change and matter would it be if someone saw him crying or not, anyway? So he simply gave up. Through his watery eyes, he saw the silhouette of the beautiful woman that made the invisible entrance into the room. Why was she kneeling in front of him? What good could she do? Richard doubted that anyone could help him. Though when she presented herself and began explaining who she was and what was her purpose, Richard managed to limit himself to silent and occasional sobs, trying to take in what Maddison was telling him. So she was an angel and he had the chance to become one as well. He got the chance to look after Laura even when he was dead. He could watch over her, protect her maybe. Anyone else might consent without a second thought. Well, Richard nearly did as well but even before he could open his mouth, thread of unorganized thoughts ran through his mind. Actually more than thoughts, they were feelings and Richard felt it right to trust them.

    "I can't," he said hopelessly and his head hung low. "It would hurt so much to see her and not being able to talk to her, to touch her. Even now, it is tearing me apart that all I can do is look at her." Richard reluctantly shook his head and looked into Maddison's deep blue eyes. "I can't be her angel." Few more tears strolled down his face as he refused the offer but he felt somehow lighter as well; as if a burden was taken off his shoulders. "What happens now?" He asked uncertainly, most of his tears drying out. It would take him a long time to surpass what he was feeling inside, but Richard had the confidence that at one point in the future, he would be alright. It might not happen any time soon, but he would get over the pain and sorrow and enjoy whatever was waiting for him on the other side. He looked at Laura for the last time and felt immensely sorry for her own grief. She seemed to be losing her control and in such moment Richard had always been there to hide her from the world. Now, she would have to get along without him, without his calming words and arms to hold her. Oh, how he was going to miss the moments that they were supposed to share, but he would dream about them. He would imagine how the life could have been if he hadn't die. And among all that, he would cherish all the years that he and Laura spent together. Every day they laughed, would become his image of ease. It would comfort him whenever he should slip into sadness again.

    "I know this is a lot to ask but," Richard's gaze moved from Laura back to Maddison. There was some kind of nervousness in his expression. "Would you be able to look after Laura from time to time as well? Or is there anyone else who could?" Since he wouldn't be able to do it himself, he still wanted his beloved wife to be safe from harm. If it couldn't be him, then someone else might be able to do it. Whether an angel, or living human even though the thought of Laura being with someone else, hurt Richard deep inside as much as the fact that he was gone. Richard looked down at his hands that lay in his lap idly. There was something slowly awakening inside him. It was small but there was the prospect of growing. It was curiosity and peace. Curiosity because of the world where he was about to go. How did it look like? What was there? Maddison said that he would meet with his dead relatives. Was that true? If yes, would they recognize him? Peace resembled the action of accepting facts. Not all of them, but some of them and it did make Richard feel relieved. Yes, the seed grew, yet it was slow development but with time it would fill Richard and replace his current feelings with something more pleasant. Looking at Maddison again, this time more confident, peaceful and calm. "I think, I am ready to leave," he said and a small smile appeared on his face. It was a subtle move of muscles but it was there. Richard was ready to go.
  17. When the woman and his sister arrived on his doorstep this was something that he never expected to happen. First of all he didn't expect to have a ghost of a heart attack victim matieralize in his apartment this afternoon. Nor did he welcome or expect his sister to fly several large cities over just to make sure he was still living and breathing. Him and Iris were not alike at all though being twins...if anyone were to compare them side to side their looks would have been the only similar thing about them. He was male, she was female but they shared certain physical features that made them look related. Their social lives however were drastically different. Iris could have any man she wanted, had the looks to pull it off, but one man never stayed in her life for too long. Dating was as far as she got...his sister was not ready in anyway to settle down just yet. He however had a rough social life. Any girl he asked out on a date besides Maddison had only in the end wrecked the date and called him stupid because he had trouble reading whatever it was they asked him to read. So when Maddison came along and helped him with his reading, treating him humanly...with warmth, love, and understanding. He married her...and now here he was. Funny how things worked him being who he was led to this situation right now. Blake turned his attention back to her as she started shaking, asking if that was all dead husband had to say. He nodded and looked at her curiously. It was almost as if she expected him to say more, according to the expression on her face...a trembling in her sweet voice that was nearly pleading for him to give her something more from Richard, But there wasn't anything else...nothing else but a sobbing from the ghost who seemed to be utterly consumed by the despair he felt now.

    Then taking after her husband the woman lost control of the tears she had at one point with expertise controlled. She looked at him past his green eyes to the soul of himself as Trails of heartbreak streamed down her face freely. Though she was trying in desperation to control her tears it was to no avail, more and more salty tears dripped down her face as she sobbed. Laura swung an arm around herself and another to her forehead, doing what she could do to kind her grief, apologizing to Blake for no reason what so ever. The medium would find no fault in her tears...every tear was were it belonged. Her husband was taken so suddenly...surely the woman was entitled to some tears for herself. Then when he saw her lean over and hunch her back, in another attempt to hide from the world, he felt something in his chest squeeze his heart. It was the all too familiar of loss and pain flooded his body. He clenched his jaw and looked away from her and looked to Richard...he looked even worse. At first it was an unconsolable sobbing but then by some magical force even he couldn't see the ghost mostly gained control of his sobbing...only loosing it at times.

    Maddison watched his expressions as she did speak to him, laying out his options. It was either go strait to heaven or become an angel who was able to watch over two loved ones. She blinked in suprise when her offer was turned down...that he couldn't. It was said in such a way it was almost forced...which led her to believe that he believed he was choosing what was best for himself. Richard shook his head and looked her directly in her blue eyes. He said again that he couldn't be her angel, more tears dripping down his cheeks. Then as those words were spoken by the ghost she felt the air around the two become lighter. A soft smile formed on her lips...understanding in her lovely eyes. Richard then asked what was next...what came after this life? Human had always wondered and now soon Richard would know. But his words were uncertain like he wasn't so sure but so badly wanted to move forwards. Before she had a chance to tell him what beauty and peace awaited him, where he was to go the angel caught his question. He asked her, looking from his wife to herself if she could watch over Laura as well? Or if there was someone who could. With that he looked down to his own lap as if accepting everything he had been taught. A warm feeling filling the air as the ghost accepted his death...accepted that he was not suited for the job to look after his wife in death..with that acceptance came the first of his peace...the calm and confidance. He then told her he was ready to leave...a small smile on his lips looking into her eyes. Maddison smiled happily at him, speaking like he had just accomplished some big feat.

    "Richard are on your way to the most peaceful, calm, beautiful place you can ever imagine. I am very happy for your choice...and Yes. I will keep an eye on your beloved Laura. You can be sure that she will one day be reuinted with you. But you must overcome one more trial in this have to attend your own funeral...from there I will take you home...take you to Heaven. Be patient and endure...restrain from speaking too much to Blake of me alright? He tends to take offense...just tell him if he angel came. He will understand...he has seen a spirit pass on from this life to the next with the help of an Angel...till then Richard it was a pleasure meeting you...oh...and I have a favor to ask of you, please make sure that Blake is with Laura every step of the way until the funeral. It is very important..."

    She then disappeared into thin air. By this time Blake looked at the ghost like he was Mad, he speaking aloud.

    "Are you okay Richard? Your not talking to thin air are you?"

    Blake sat up strait, the tank top revealing the top portion of his ugly looking scar from the night of the incident. He didn't notice it but it was very noticable.

  18. Richard listened to Maddison and nodded his head till it came to the fact that he would have to go to his own funeral. His eyes widened in surprised but before he could say something the angel has disappeared leaving him with few more requests which he had to follow. Why was it so imporant for him to go to his own funeral? Wasn’t it hard enough for him to finally accept that he was dead? Did he really need to see his dead, lifeless body as well? No matter, how much he couldn’t understand this last trial, he accepted it as a necessary thing that has to be done for the greater good. After all, Maddison made it easier for him to overcome his sorrow...partially. He heard Blake talking to him but took his time to answer. What was it Maddison said? She said not to reveal her presence to Blake. But why? Maybe if Blake knew that Maddison was always with him, he would try to contact her again and end up hurt. Nonetheless, any reason that Maddison had for saying what she said, stayed hidden to Richard. Looking over at the medium with his eyes red from crying Richard just smiled. "I am You know, an angel came and helped me to understand though I have to stay a bit longer to pass one more test before I can leave and as it seems, I will have to stay here with you," he explained and looked over at Laura, who was still trying to get hold of herself but failed every time. There was discomfort in Richard's expression as he knew, he could do nothing to make her feel better.

    "Can you calm her down for me please? It hurts when I see her like that," Richard asked Blake. Yes, it did hurt to see Laura broken but it also hurt that he had to ask someone else to do something that under normal circumstances Richard would do but he kept that fact to himself. It wouldn’t feel right for him to complain about something that couldn’t be changed. "Just comfort her please," adding to the previous, Richard looked at Blake again. There wasn't command in his voice but a request that was hoped to be heard and fulfilled.

    Laura was cut off from the real world and surveyed the land of memories. Unwillingly, she witnessed the history that she shared with Richard. Once again, she saw how they met. It happened after she lost her job. She was easily depressed and without mood, her interest about the world decreasing rapidly. All because she lost her dream work and it knocked her down on her knees. She was advised by her friends to go and see a doctor and she was recommended to Richard. At first, she was reluctant to go, ever so sure that she didn’t need help, but at last she went nonetheless. The first meeting changed her life. Richard helped her and supported her and as the time passed and she was getting better. After Laura found a new job, the two of them were already dating for couple months. After her first promotion in the new job, Richard asked her to marry him. It wasn't done by the lights of candle during romantic dinner but that's what made it unforgettable. That day, it was a weekend, the two of them have decided to drive to the national park to have a walk around the beautiful nature. Richard concealed his nervousness very well so Laura wasn’t suspicious. They left in the morning and walked in the park for a few hours before they reached a little waterfall. They marveled it together till Richard said: "You know, there is only one beauty that overcomes this. It is you," he said and looked at her, Laura blushing slightly still not entirely used to be paid compliments. Then he took out a little box from his pocket and opened it. Inside, there was a small plain ring with inscription on the inner side. "And this ring," Richard added and smiled. When Laura seemed unsure of what to do, whether she should take the ring or not, Richard just nodded as an approval. She gently picked up the ring from its soft bed and read the inscription. It said 'Will you marry me?' She didn't have to think twice. Saying yes almost too eagerly, Laura accepted Richard's proposal. The wedding took a place after six months in a nice little church near the national park. It was nothing big, just their family and few friends. Laura still had her wedding dress in the wardrobe as a testimonial of the best day of her life; of the day, when she knew that she would be happy for eternity. Soon after the marriage they bought a small house paying for it with their separate savings. Also, Richard's parents supported them financially so that they would be able to afford it and Laura never forgot to thank them when the timing was right.

    Her life might have seemed happy, but she and Richard went through rough times as well. Apart from occasional arguments there was one time which would stay in their mind forever. It was when Richard's parents died in a car accident. The police said that the driver probably had fallen asleep and lost control over the car. Richard was broken. He cursed his dad's love for driving cars wherever he went. He would drive thousand miles just to get somewhere instead of flying by plane. No matter how hard that was for Richard, Laura was there to help him with his suffering. She felt it as her duty not just because she was his wife but because he helped her before when she was down and it was her turn to return the favor. Together, they managed to get back to life and start anew. Though, Richard was never quite the same. He wasn't as happy, as talkative as before. Most of the time, he spent in the study room working or just sitting and looking at the wall. Laura knew that it wasn't good for him, for none of them, but every time she tried to talk to him about it, he either refused to discuss the topic or said that he was fine. Then she got the idea how to improve his mood and how to pull him out of his grieving. Day by day, piece by piece, she began hinting to Richard that they might have their own family, their own child. Richard wasn't the stupid not to see what she was trying to tell him. He understood her signs soon and the two of them began planning. Then even that ended as Richard died.

    All these memories ran through Laura's mind in a matter of seconds not helping anyhow, only reminding her of what was lost and what would never be completed. She tried to cast the memories away but it was hard because they kept coming back and some of the images she has already seen kept on showing again. Trying to straighten up few inches, Laura fought back but it was useless. Deep inside, she knew that her outburst of sadness wasn't out of place but it wouldn't overcome the feeling that she might be annoying Blake. No matter what he has been through and how much he could understand her pain, he was the one who didn't want to do this at the first place. Her vulnerable mind began to think that she should be the one to show more respect and quit the crying. She began to think that she should get lost as soon as possible, thanking Blake for his help and then cope with her tears behind closed door of her house with Shakal as he companion. However, she couldn't trust her body, not just yet, to carry her out of the apartment and then safely get her back home. Due to the trembling she didn’t believe that she could do it because once she would try to stand up, she might as well collapse back on the couch. That would make her feel even worse. In order to be able to leave, she would have to calm down first and that was what she was working on so badly, her effort taking effect ever so slowly.
  19. For awhile the ghost just nodded and stared off into space but then suddenly appeared taken back, suprised. He didn't know by what but it was obvious the ghost was going mad. Then after a long silence from Richard his question was answered as the ghost finally spoke to him again. Richard looked him strait in the eyes. They were red from sobbing in such a way. It had brought back memories of the time following Maddison's death. When he was told of her passing when he was in the hospital he then started to become stone cold towards everyone that could not save his lover; that included himself. Instead he would sit and watch the hospital food till it went cold, not moving an inch. Then he would scratch at his wrists, making himself bleed. Eventully they placed him on suicide watch for the next three days as he continued to heal, the nurses not even bringing in pens or pencils. Once he was forced to eat again they moved him back to where he was in the intensive care unit, then when he was physically doing better to a normal hospital room. They told him they could treat the scar but he would not let the staff touch it. To him it would serve as a permanant reminder to how he never deserved to be happy again. Thinking back, not once did he cry in the hospital. But once he was checked out of the hospital and home that was a different story. Once home it hit him like a run away train that his wife would not be joining him. But rather instead she would lay cold and lifeless in the hospital morgue. Blake then fell apart like a small child, sobbing loudly, uselessly. Even to this day it felt as if his whole being had been shreaded into a bunch of non-fixable pieces. He would cry through the day up late into the night until he cried himself to sleep. Many tried to help but nothing they could have done could fix what he had lost...his world. Anything that meant anything to him. Then two weeks later the apartment fell silent, he packing and then moved to where he was now. Here he bothered no one and no one bothered him...until now of course.

    Richard smiled at him and told him he was okay now, that an angel had come to him. That he now understood that his business here was not yet complete, that he had to stay longer...with him. Blake frowned and clenched his jaw. There was no way he was going to let himself let the ghost stay...he was bound to attract more attention than the medium ever would care for in his life. Just as he was about to tell the ghost just what he thought about him staying here, he noticed how uncomfortable the ghost was seeing his still living wife crying that hard. So then the next request was one he never expected to hear leave the man's cold, dead lips. Richard in a voice the wasn't commanding nor harsh asked him to calm Laura down, to comfort her and stop her tears. Blake then gave him a look, a frown on his lips. It was a look that told him that he had been empathetic to the worlds people's problems...both living and dead. Why should he do anything to help her? She had done nothing for him after all. Looking back at the pretty woman he saw a pitiful sight, biting his lip. For the first time in such a long time he felt sympathy for someone elses pain. So he pushing himself to his feet slowly went over to Laura and sat on the couch next to her. With her sobbing like she was he could not explain anything to her yet so he reached over and took one of her hands, gently with one of his. He stroked the top of her hand with his thumb and giving it a comforting squeeze.Then and quietly sang, his voice for the moment gaining some warmth but there was a deep sadness in his voice. Yet the song was an old song his mother used to sing to him and in turn He sang to her the song the he used to sing to Maddison so comfort her...a song he had long since memorized.

    "The other night dear while I lay sleeping, I dreamed I held you in my arms, When I awoke dear I was mistaken so I bowed my head and are my sunshine my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey, you'll never know dear how much I love you...please don't take my sunshine away...I've Always loved you, and made you happy and nothing else can come between, but now you've left me to love another you have shattered all of my dreams...You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey, you'll never know dear how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away..."

    There were some parts where he almost broke down but he pushed forwards and finished the song. This was a song meant for Maddison so he didn't have a clue as to why he felt the need to sing it for Laura. But now he did and what was done was done. Blake pulled away, releasing her from his grip...speaking to her softly but somehow with a hardness in his tone.

    "It's killing him to see you cry like this...I didn't know what else to do so I am sorry if that was too much but I used to sing that for Maddi whenever she was frustrated...angry...sad...or disappointed to make her feel better. I am sorry for loosing him Laura...It kills and I know it but He is ready to go angel has come to take him. This is your last chance Laura so it is time to say your last goodbyes..."

    He stood up and bite his lip, scoffing underneath his breath, in disbelief that his shell had finally cracked. Cracked as far as going to comfort some one he hardly knew. The man walked over to his spot, silently looking to the floor.

    (Sorry it took so long, was out of town and busy! And sorry it isn't very long! The song is "You are my sunshine" by Johnny Cash, Original Version, all rights to respective artists!)

  20. Laura suddenly felt someone's arm around her. It was comforting and caring. She completely leaned into it for the support that she needed so much. After a while, a voice started to sing. Through the mist of memories, Laura could tell that it wasn't Richard's voice. Richard couldn't sing. Nonetheless, it was calming her down and her sobs and tears were ceasing to bother her and her surroundings. The callousness in her mind disappearing slowly. Then the song was finished and Laura was almost alright. Looking up, she saw Blake and his green eyes never seemed so distant and...kind of lost. He was telling her that it was killing her ghost husband to see her crying like that. She knew that it would but she couldn't help herself. After all, she could have broke down completely, that much was true, but it wouldn't be fair to Blake. Just when she wanted to say thanks to him, Laura noticed the change of look in Blake's eyes. Even though the medium tried to hide it by standing up and walking away from her, Laura could feel that something wasn't right with him. She dried her eyes with the back of her hand and stood up as well. She felt weak from crying but knew that she could trust her body once again.

    "Blake," she said gently and took a step closer to him. Did this whole situation opened his scars of grieving again? It wouldn't be surprising but it made Laura feel a bit guilty. She knew that she couldn't leave him like that. It would be almost like she just used him and then threw him away after he used his gift. She took few more steps and carefully put her hand on his shoulder. "Thank you very much for what you've done today. I can only imagine how hard this must have been for you. I will be in debt to you for the rest of my life," she said not knowing where those words came from but they were truthful nonetheless. "I want to pay you back somehow, but I know that money won't be enough. I want to help you with your own grieving. I won't be able to do it as you did it for me today, but I can try in different ways." Laura stepped in front of Blake and put her other hand on Blake's other shoulder. "Please, let me hlep you with this." She said and as she was desperate to reunite with her dead husband, she was now desperate to help this lonely soul but none of it showed in her expression. She looked like a carrying, honest friend.

    Richard just watched them. He felt relieved that for this moment there was someone to look after Laura. That she had someone to lean on even if it was just for few minutes or seconds, it was still better for her than being left alone to fight. There was a hint of a smile on his face even though he didn't feel happy. He was just relieved, though still hurting. "Thank you Blake," he told the medium before Blake stood up and tried to hide his own pain. Richard couldn't help at that point. He was the one who was dead. He couldn't understand that type of grieving that Laura and Blake were going through. It was up to his wife then. He knew that she would try to help. She always did when she found out that someone needed it. Sighing silently, Richard got up and sat on the sofa, getting lost in his own thoughts about the place where he was meant to go after the funeral.