The Ghost Ship

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  1. In Britain there where once a ship whom was going to go out in the huge see, to search for new land and new places. They had everything for the travel and enough people to help. Everything seemed normal. The women, children and the old waved goodbye to the young men, seen as heroes and would surely come back someday from their long journey with new stories to tell and stuff to give. Out in the huge water the men worked and the captain looked around to view until one would scream. "Land ahoy!" An Island would be seen with a small vulcano, with their curiousity they set ashore to this island. It was really an adventure when the crew and the captain would go further into this island and search for something, anything and so they did. A small cave by the vulcano had been made and inside it was nothing but darkness, but the captain would get into this cave for he could sense that there was something in there, that wanted to be found. When it was time they walked into this cave, but traps were waiting them and two or three people died, yet the captain wouldn't concede. In the cave all they found was a glimming stone, pretty huge and heavy it was. Yet its light shone beautiful and catched their eyes upon it.
    They took the stone with them to the ship, not knowing of it's past and let it rest with the captain. After some days the captains haven't been outside from the ship at all, while the crew where searching through the island. One man named Andrew went to see after the captain together with two others in the crew and went down to deck but what they didn't count was to see the captain, all dried out, looking at the shining stone in his hand whom have grown even larger. His white dry eyes looked at the white stone still shining for him and wouldn't hear his crew calling for him and then Andrew had enough, he took the stone from the captain whom would loose his control, screaming at him and taking the stone back, even hitting him with the stone in order to let Andrew go of it while the others, shocked, stared at him. The two witnessing what happened with Andrew and the captain, they suggested to take the stone by force if they where more and so they did. As many could they went down to the captain and started their plan while the captain blindly looked at the stone. The men took the stone from him by force and almost jumped over the captain in order to stop him as he could scream like a kid whom had lost his favorite toy. The men who took the stone was now outside, wondering why he've been so weird while some suggested to throw the stone away but the one holding it wouldn't let go of the stone as it would grew larger than when they found it. A huge fith where going on and more and more men wanted the stones light until everyone was obsessed with it, no one wanted to let it go. Trying to kill each other in order to get it, shooting, slashing with swords, hitting with their hands while the stone's light grew.
    The men where blind for the storm that was on it's way towards them as more and more died on the ship and more got hurt. After all their fighting, it only ended up to their own death as the water devoured the ship and the stone with it. Years later in britain people would see a ship far away that would get closer with dead men, rotting, skeleton like, screaming for their shining stone. "Where is our stone?! It's light, we need it!" The dead men would yell and then disappear. Though, the people could nothing do, for the stone was now gone somewhere in the deep sea together with a sunken ship.



    Atlantica (open)

    Atlantica City! New possibilities and a new future, its land is built upon a special stone, build on energy. It has many stories behinde it and it will now help our city! Relax in this huge city with many spa's, play the very new games and our game stores and live a happy new life!

    Andrew (open)

    He turned of the tv and sighed while his mother cooked some breakfast.
    -"Yeah, right." He said to himself as his mother wondered what he meant.
    -"Atlantica City! New possibilities and a new future! That's bullshit!" Andrew said as his mother sighed and turned around.
    -"Andrew, don't talk like that at home! And NOT when your mother is around, I can't stand talk like that! And what is so wrong with Atlantica, anyway?" She asked and Andrew turned around from his comfy seat on the sofa.
    -"Are you kidding me, mom? Have you even been outside this place? The hobos are everywhere, our neighbours are crazy and the older ones are very weird, and to not talk about how this place is build up. The appartment is about to fall off and it stinks outside, I've to cover my mouth and nose everytime I've to go to school!" He said and turned back to watch the tv. His mother sighed.
    -"Well, I'm sorry I ain't rich but atleast you've a roof over your head! What if you haven't had an appartment, then your wound from the fire would've gotten even worse than it is!" She screamed and Andrew took his hand on his left eye and then sighed, got up from the sofa and walked to the door and took his bag.
    -"Andrew, what about breakfast!?" Mother screamed after him.
    -"I don't want any!" He answered and closed the door.
    -"Andrew, Andrew!" She then sighed and watched Olivia come inside.
    -"Did brother and mama fight again?" She asked and mother smiled painfully.
    -"Don't worry, hun. Your brother is just tired and having a bad day. Now let's eat breakfast."

    Andrew walked through the city and looked around the city, the hobos sat down, begging for money and no one made eye contact with each others, the place was filthy and dirty compared to where the rich lives. He was now on his way to school to meet up with his friends, atleast the school was better than his own home, although the teachers can be very strict and boring.
    -"Hello fire boy!" One hobo said whom is called Ectar, Ectar and Andrew where more closer to each others and why Ectar called him fire boy is because of his scar from the fire and that he is a miracle to havae survived such a huge incident.
    -"Going to school I see." Ectar said and Andrew smiled.
    -"Still no money I see?" He said and Ectar laughed.
    -"I'm still better then those rich bastards, also. Don't tell anyone but I've been borrowing stuff from the other in our gang and here ya go." He said and threw something at him, Andrew catched it.
    -"What is this?" He asked.
    -"It's an old necklace, donnow what it's for but I thought I had to give you something since it's your birthday." He said and laughed.
    -"Thanks Ectar." Andrew said and put on the odd necklace, it was golden, no more brown-ich colored and had an very odd shape, some would probably call it steampunk style if not pirate style-ish. It seemed very old though.
    -"Well, go to school with ya and don't tell your ma' that I've given you your birthday present this early." He said and Andrew went off.
    -"I will! Bye! And take care!"
    -"So do you, fire boy!!"
  2. The voice was known at that moment in time for it began to talk to andrew for the voice had taken an interest in him. "Boy can you hear me its only a voice in your head and it's not a hallucination ok i see that you are beginning to unravel something but before we talk any longer please wear that necklace so i can talk to you easier and also my name is eridian just call me eridan for short." Eridan the voice that was in his head politely asked andrew to wear the necklace
  3. -"W-wha?" He looked around but didn't seem that someone was near him, a woman with her baby was walking across the road but it was too far away, nor was anyone else beside him. He then looked at the necklace. Eridan. He thought and then put the necklace on while keep walking to school.
    -"Who is this?" He said and looked around, hoping no one heard him talking to himself and thinking he was crazy or something. He started to see the white building getting clother to him as more and more people walked on the same road towards the school. In this school though, it was too poor to get school uniforms to everyone, so all the students can wear what they want. The more richer schools wears school uniforms.
  4. "Don't ignore the voice in your head talking to you put on the necklace please." Eridan had told andrew to put on the necklace.
  5. ((I've already.... put it on o.O "Eridan. He thought and then put the necklace on while keep walking to school."))
  6. (Thank you for letting me know) "Thank you for setting me free from my infernal prison child...i am no demon also i was trapped there a long time ago i have a secret to tell you." Eridan told andrew in his new human form where eridan wore a purple roe with golden patterns all on it with a small ornate revolver in his hand.
  7. Andrew looked at Eridan whom seemed a bit strange to him but he would listen.
    -"What is it you want?" He asked and looked around, wondering if people knew or saw them but they didn't seem to care at all.
  8. "For you to see the truth." Eridan told andrew as he began to tell his tale Long ago a ship sailed on the sea and dropped a stone here in this location the stone mutated into what surrounds the city but the truth is atlantica city is under the atlantic sea and i know of a way out it will involve you skipping school to steal the exit key from the mayor of the city i am invisible to others but you if you need help i will shoot the attackers and they will drop dead once you have the key grab your family and tell them to follow you to the exit above the sea is a land where a sun shines brighter than in the ocean once up there find the city of sparks from there you can live in a better place." Eridan told Andrew the story and instructions.
  9. Andrew listened but he had a hard time to follow.
    -"Wait, wait, wait!" He said and moved his hands over the air.
    -"I....I..." He tried to think it all over and looked at the strange fella' before laughing.
    -"It's... a joke, right?" He then said.
    -"I mean... a stone mutated into what surrounds the city? A-and what do you mean skipping school?! I don't get it at all!" He then stopped himself, he almost screamed the last part out and hoped no one noticed him, he saw a man and his dog starring at him but then went on. Andrew sighs.
    -"Look, I don't know what you want but... ah! This is just weird! I'm going to school!" He said and started to walk.
  10. There was a charming young lady of the name of Johanna, she was a caring person who had a small devilish side. her beautiful dark blond hair was what kept the men at awe and how she spoke was appealing to them. Her brown eyes seemed like they looked right through them there was one thing that no one understood about her and some avoided her at all costs, She was into the supernatural, ghosts and restless spirits that have failed to complete what they have done in life or to protect a loved one who was still alive. Johanna's mother died because some son of a gun decided it was a good idea to murder a young woman. Her murderer was never caught. Many said Johanna looked like her mother and which she was grateful for them to say, it's been hard to have a bit of her mother since her passing. What she had left was a stuffed dragon her mother made her when she was young which she would carry in her bag, she wouldn't leave without it. She noticed the 2 boys chatting but didn't really make a mental note, she ignored them anyway she could. she didn't really want to bring attention to herself anyway she could.
  11. When Andrew got to school he was shocked to find it burnt to the ground. "Strange...someone burnt down the school i was gonna let you go today but thats strange there." Eridan said as he floated next to Andrew.
  12. -"wha...?" Was his first words to slip out before looking at the person.
    -"Is it you who did this?! Well... I'm not angry or anything, this school sucks anyway but if you did this because of some fairly tail, you're crazy, man!" One side told Andrew to not trust this guy but at the same time another side told him that he was different in a good way, not knowing why though he walked somewhere else to think things through.
    -"Dammit." He said and bite his finger nail, a habbit of his.
  13. "Why would an Illum do this...oh my goodness did i just let me species type slip?" Eridan told andrew being very unhappy after letting his species slip.
  14. He turned to Eridan.
    -"What are you talking about?" He asked and looked rather angry than curious, actually, he didn't know what to feel. Everything was so weird, this morning is weird, this day just turned out weird!
  15. "Well i'm not human actually i'm an illum born from the demon lord long ago though i'm not like the rest i actually went rouge the way to prove your in contact with an illum is the white hair and the symbol on his or her hand." Eridan said as he slid his hand out of his sleeve revealing a vertical eye symbol.
  16. Andrew looked at the symbol and then rised an eyebrow.
    -"Oooh'kay. I'm very confused here. You're not human, you're something else and someone in your species have attacked the school?" He asked and looked at the person, he could actually tell right away that the person wasn't human, but why destroy the school?
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