The Genealogy of The Branded War

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  1. Our Setting​

    The Country of Emile
    History : The Country of Emile, previously known as Leomre was a ravaged land, bombarded with brigands and fiends. The whole country was in a state of shock and the bandits decimated the villages. The nobles left the villagers to die and locked themselves in their castle. But one day a hero rose. His name was Renalt. A knight of Leomre he at first guarded the castle but soon rebelled ‚Äčbecause he was disgusted by the nobles. He assembled an army which consisted of other rebelled knights and brave villagers. Due to his leadership he ridded the land of the brigands, as well as the nobles of Leomre. The people made him king and he renamed the country after a villager girl whom he had fell in love with that died because of the dispute. The loyal retainers of Renalt spread throughout the new-land of Emile and started kingdoms.


    The Kingdom of Legalt - The Inheritances of the Holy Hero Renalt. They have a good military force balancing their attack and defense, the two lords inherit blood from Renalt as well. Legalt Troops are trained in the way of the: Sword, Spear, Axe​

    The Kingdom of Rashyn - The inheritances of the Blademaster Shayna, Rashyn troops are extremely agile and flexible. Their troops have very little defense but they make up for that with their agility. Rashyn troops attack vulnerable parts of their enemies bodies. Rashyn troops are trained in the way of the Katana, Spear, and Bows.

    The Kingdom of Rafaval - The inheritances of the Warrior Rafeal. Rafaval troops are bulky and hard hitting but also lack in terms of defense. Their attacks though are stronger than any other kingdoms. They charge wildly at their enemies and resemble barbarians in their fighting style. Rafaval troops are taught in the way of the: Axes, Bows, and Swords

    The Kingdom of Lorrant - The inheritances of the knight Leon. Leon's troops have decent strength and high defense. They are spear fighters that can take more hits than any other Kingdom. A strong military force. Lorrant forces are trained in the way of the: Spear, Sword, and Axes

    The Kingdom of Allfi - The Inheritances of the Mage Hero Amelia. Allfi troops can decimate weaker units with their strong magic. Their defense rating however is the worse of any kind of character. Allfi troops can heal as well. Only the strongest of mage units can become Mage Heroes. Mage Heroes have better defense then normal mages and can wield swords as well. Trained in the way of the: Magic, Sword(If one becomes a mage hero), and Healing.​

    Our Story: The two inheritances of Renalt blood, the prince and the princess are the two strongest fighters in all of Legalt. They command together on the battlefield and lead one of the strongest forces into battle courageously. While they were away quelling a bandit problems to the south of Legalt Castle, their father, The King Heiman was murdered in cold blood. The duo and their platoon returned as soon as possible but were stopped by the Prime Minister of Renalt, Felix at their very own gates. He accused them of sending the assassins to their father, claiming that a caught assassin had relayed this to the Minster himself. Rannac took charge as king and branded the duo and their platoon. Labeling them as "traitors" to Legalt and are to be killed. The army of Legalt under Rannac's control destroyed the platoon. Only leaving the two lords and Einharle, their loyal mage hero retainer to escape. The story begins as Einharle begins to recruit sellswords to their cause. ​

    Our Characters (Accepted C. Sheets)​

    The Lords
    Accepting applications for TWO lords, one man, one girl.

    The Swordsmen
    Accepting applications for FOUR swordsmen.

    The Knights
    Accepting Applications for FOUR knights

    The Barbarians
    Accepting Application for FOUR Barbarians

    The Archers
    Accepting applications for ONE Archer.

    Accepted Archers:
    Red Winter as Redwinter
    SilverLight as Rein

    The Myrmidons
    Accepting applications for TWO Myrmidons

    The Mage
    Accepting Applications for ONE mage.

    The Mage Heroes
    To become a mage hero you must have had your mage participate in battle 5 times.

    Accepted Mage Heroes.

    Rufia as Einharle Riviera

    Our Paths
    The wielders of the sword can attack quite frequently and have high strength. Their defense is a bit shaky. Their Resistance is medium (0/4)
    The wielders of the spear are fighters are like that of the sword except their defense is usually higher than their strength. Resistance is high(0/4)
    The wielders of the Axe have extremely high attack but dangerously low defense. Resistance is low(0/4)
    The wielders of the Bow can attack safely from afar but has low defense if they are caught up too. Resistance is medium(0/3)
    The wielders of the katana attack hard and fast. They can evade quite well but their defense is low. Resistance is low(0/3)
    The wielders of Magic have higher attacks then fighters but also has lower defenses. Resistance is high(0/1)
    The wielders of the magic and sword (Mage Heroes) they have improved defense and higher attack. Resistance is High(1/2)

    Our Rules
    1.) The stats explained above are not to be used mechanically wise, but to be used with common sense. You must roleplay your fight scenes with these in mind. And people are invincible, get you character hit, cause some drama ask some one to save you.

    2.) No perfect Characters.

    3.) Vulgar words are allowed but keep in mind we are in the medieval century here.

    4.) No Racism.

    5.) If you plan on getting your character killed you can re-apply or choose not too. But either way you must inform me so I can reserve your spot or unrserve it.

    6.) Smut is all good with me but you must put it in spoiler tags and give a proper warning.

    7.) This is how it will go down,there will be periods where the characters can interact with each other out of battle, which would be before the fights. When Einharle announces that the battle shall begin soon. Einharle will inform everyone about the map and the adjective. Also it is expected that we will discuss tactics when Einharle is explaining the map

    Our App

    Name: (Durr)
    Appearance: (I would prefer anime photos but whatever, please put in the tag.)
    Age:(Please make it appropriate.)
    Sex: (Durr)
    Nation: (What nation you are , effects your class!)
    Class: (How your character will fight in the Battle Phases)
    Personality: (How does this character act around other members of the army?)
    Bio: (What was this character's Background?)
    Why did you join?: (Why did the character join the branded Prince and Princess?)​
  2. Very VERY interested! I call dibs on an ARCHER! I WILL BE BACK! WITH CS!

  3. Okie dokie. ^^

    I'll edit the post with you in one of the archer slots.
  4. Character sheet! And I just found out how to use the Spoili tags! Yeah me! *Pats self on back*

    Name: RedWinter

    Nightingale.png She now wears a mask in light of past events (Bio) I am trying to find a good face. (Will add later and/or discribe IC)
    Nightingale armor from Skyrim.

    Age: 23

    Sex: Female

    Nation: Rashyn

    Class: Archer

    Personality: Flirtatious, Cunning, Sly, Manipulative, Skilled, surprisingly humble, secretive, fun, and adventurous.

    Bio: RedWinter is named so for the blood she split on a chilling winter night that stained the snow red. She lived the life of a criminal; stealing and lying, and was able to get by her charm, wit, and agility. She was raised in the streets of a grand city by a group who had adopted her, in a sense. Later in life as she grew older she found herself wanting to adventure. She took the few coins she had and set out on her own. She traveled from city to city and even spent a lot of time in the forests. She twisted men around her finger when she needed her way though a city, and hunted prey in the forests to survive. And she survived and prevailed. One night the wind was chilling and she found herself renting a room at an inn, or rather, someone else's room. She had the unfortunate luck of being caught pickpocketing a guard who was taking his off duty time there at the bar. He sounded an alarm and sent her packing. She led her pursuers on a merry chase but ended up cornered. So she went to last resort, and killed her way out. The snow and her coat were stained red, and the people remembered her as RedWinter as she took her not-so-clean escape from the city. Now from time to time you may see a bounty for "RedWinter," a name she had now adopted as her own.

    Why did you join?: RedWinter is always looking for ways to pocket some cash. And when she heard of the Prince and Princess hiring she signed right up, for the right pay. She also had slim hopes that they two could achieve their goal and in the process, help her clear her name. ​

    Tell me how is! And if in needs tweaking, that I would also like to know.

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  5. Very nice. c:

    I loved the fact that you used a Skyrim Model for your char. (Mainly because I've played Skyrim and it looks pretty good.) It would be nice for our renegade group to be attacked by mercs.

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    Name: Einharle Riviera
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    Age: 23
    Sex: Female
    Nation: Lenalt (Einharle was banished from the Kingdom of Allfi for unknown reasons)
    Class: Mage Hero
    Personality: Einharle is a serious lady who is extremely beautiful, she has a nicer side out of battle, not afraid to take a chug from a cup. She's extremely loyal to her Lords and treats them with the most respect. She is also the main organizer of the army.
    Bio: Einharle Riviera, was a famed mage hero with the title "The Blood Maiden" hailing from the kingdom of Allfi. Einharle was a peasant whom had a brave heart. One day a court magician of Allfi out for the stroll found her and sensed she was in tune with the mana of the world, he took her and trained her as his apprentice, when he had passed away, she became a royal guard but due to mysterious reasons that she dislikes to disclose, was banished from the country. She traveled aimlessly until she arrived in Lenault. She saw how nice the royal family were to the people and joined their ranks, rising with her magic prowess she became the head royal guard of both the Prince and Princess.
    Why did you join?: She was one of the only survivors from the Royal guards of the Prince and Princess. Her loyalty kept her by their sides and she serves them with all she can.

    Just realized I never posted my app. Derp. >.>
  7. I'm surprised more people haven't joined. I hope more do; this looks very fun!
  8. ((How do u do tab?????? I am newbie))
    Hey I am really interested! Sounds fun! Okay here is my CS before I get ahead of myself:
    Name: Rein Scheen
    Age: 25
    Appearance: omg.... best anime guy.jpg (wears white always, wears a cloak over white armor. Cloak has hood (like assasins creed 3 guy does-except pure white) that drapes down covering half of his eyes.
    Nation: Rashyn
    Class: Archer
    Gender: Male
    bio: 2 years ago her younger sister (age: 21) was killed by a woman who goes by the name of: RedWinter. As his sister slowly died he promised that before he died RedWinter would be killed by himself. "My sister, before I die, I will slay this evil woman who has taken your life. I promise you I will shoot an arrow through her heart before she can knock hers." he said. Now he seeks to keep his promise. A good archer he is, but, is he good enough to beat this "evil" woman?
    More Detail (I need to): He is a very good archer and was trained by his father. His mother died giving birth to his sister and his father fighting. He, the only one left in his family is alone in his fight to slay RedWinter. He is brave and carries only his bow, arrows, a satchel (in it food/water/& other needs), and a wanted poster of RedWinter.
    Why did you join?: When Rein heard of the news he had to pick sides. Would he go with the king, or with the princess. He spent many weeks looking into the choices, but in the end he decided to go without the new king. He would go with the traitors. He looked at it as a way to help and also to possibly meet up with his sister's killer. (sorry I forgot about this part :P )
  9. I know your bio Silver! :P That might be because thats all we talked about at the rink. Hehe... Any ways, if you want, I can help you write it, or give RedWinter's side of the story. Just say the word.
  10. I hope I am accepted! -hope,hope, hope-!
  11. @SilverLight

    I'm not exactly sure if this roleplay will take off..but nonetheless your accepted as long as you add why he joined the Campaign of the Prince and Princess. :>

    And if you asking about how I do this:
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    The code is just spoiler then /spoiler withing brackets. c:
  12. SL forced me to join T.T but its ok because I love Rufia xD

    CS will go up after I'm done with the MASQUERADE! =O
  14. Make sure to get Rainbow-Noodie too!
  15. @NorwayFOO Aww. I love you too. xD. There's no need to be hurried though, so take all the time you need. c:

    I'm extremely glad to see this thread getting some attention. Thanks everyone for helping out with advertising and suggesting to your homies~

    I think we'll be able to begin when we have at least both of our lord slots filled. (although I could possibly make it so that its only one Lord.) and maybe some other melee chars. Like one or two sword users and one axe user.
  16. I wana have the axe!
  17. I will get Rainbow :P