"The Gay Rocker"

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  1. Going into the cbox this morning, I saw a conversation between @<u><a href="http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/member.php?u=770" target="_blank">Zorilla</a></u> and @<u><a href="http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/member.php?u=379" target="_blank">Alan</a></u> that reminded me of this:


    If you want to know what they were saying while he wasn't performing, here's a rough transcript:

    Show Spoiler
    Osang: Hello, Good Evening

    Judge 2: What's your name?

    Osang: Osang

    Judge 2: How old are you, Osang?

    Osang: 31

    Judge 2: What's your profession?

    Osang: Uhm, Stand-up Comedian

    Judge 2: Have you been joining singing contests for a long time?

    Osang: I don't really join singing contests -- beauty contests. This is my first time to join a singing contest.

    Judge 2: What will you sing?

    Osang: A sweet song

    Judge 2: Okay


    Judge 1: Oh! Pretty scary! *something unintelligible* I think we should pray over him! That was unbelievable!

    Judge 4: Tito(uncle) Martin, the thing is, a lot of people tried to sing rock -- like those really heavy metal kinds. Songs of that type.

    Judge 1: But that's how you do it!

    Judge 4: That's how you do it!

    Osang: Thank you.

    Judge 4: Haha. Thank you!

    Judge 1: The song was very sweet!

    Judge 4: The song was very sweet huh! I was touched!

    Judge 1: Your voice is a dress, but your song is jeans.

    Judge 4: More

    Judge 1: More!

    Judge 4: Moooooooooooore!*imitation of Osang*


    Judge 1: Oh! I have to say this. Listen to me. We have 4 categories, female, male, groups, over 25, you hit all four of them.

    Judge 3: You know, this is the strangest thing I'm going to say. You come out here and you talk and you act like any other gay person would, but when you perform, you're a hundred percent man.

    Judge 1: Oh my god I have to agree!

    Judge 3: And of all the people who auditioned, your voice and your talent is the most versatile.

    Judge 1: The most!

    Judge 3: The kind that when you know -- that's hard you know, to go from waaaaaagh and then suddenly mr. bombastic --

    Judge 2: And then *sweet high-pitched voice* thank you very much, thank you --

    Judge 3: That's hard you know?

    Judge 1: Where have you been all our lives, huh? You are a total performer, a total entertainer, and a great singer

    Judge 3: You're not just a stand-up comedian, you are a -- you have some serious talent that is hidden inside. What? Vote? One. Two. Three.

    Judges: YES!

    What do you guys think?
  2. I think I want this accient REALLY BADLY
  3. That was awesome Malk. Just plain awesome.
  4. I've always been interested to know what it would be like if a gay rapper had a go at someone in a rap battle.
  5. [MENTION=19]Torsty dalla Norvegia[/MENTION]: You'd be surprised how often it happens in the Philippines...
  6. I'm more concerned about what Zori and I could have possibly been talking about that reminded you of this. :P

    Still, it's pretty interesting!
  7. Having listened to the original of the first song he sung, I must say, that is pretty damn impressive. I am glad that the judges did not let their prejudice get the better of them, because that would be some serious talent going into the wastebin. It is nice to see the world making progress.