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    “This is more than we ever would have expected; the closest we’ve ever been to unlocking the beginning of the game. Do you know why that is?”

    “No sir.”

    “Because we’ve finally got our players son, we have the pawns...”

    Two men stood in a dark room, silence pregnant in the air; there was nothing to be felt but the tense overwhelming sensation. The second man, (which was considerably younger than the first rubbed his chin which was rough with stubble let out a sigh when he heard what the other man said; it was true, the pawns had finally come, now they could begin the game.

    “So now what?” The younger man looked at his elder, who had a thick mop of white hair on his head, eyes narrowed. It took a second before the other man answered.

    “Find them; and make sure that they’re willing to help us.” He drummed his fingers against the desk that was sat in the room. “Or else...”

    The younger man nodded; “I know.”

    “Say it.”

    “The world ends.”

    It was a normal day, maybe you were walking home, or maybe you were home alone; regardless it was just a regular day that was until you were abducted. You couldn’t see your captor before you were knocked out cold. Waking up you found yourself in a plane, along with a few more people your age in which you didn’t know. Puzzled your attention was caught by a short stubby young man who was standing in front of the aisle. He wore thick black leather clothing, and there was a cigar hanging out from the side of his mouth. He introduced himself as Emile, making a snide comment about how each of you were stupid enough to be caught that now you had no choice but to come along with them. Confused and angry you and the others lashed out towards him demanding that he tell you what was going on. He just chuckled and said that you all might want to stay in your seats.

    A long time ago before life existed there was a spirit, lonely it created the spirits which were in the form of gods. These gods grew to forget their master, and contented themselves in forming their own life (humanity, animals, etc..) The spirit grew sad, and sealed himself away from everyone else, in his own dimension in which no one, not even the gods could access. But he promised that he would be known one day, and that when that day came that all that ignored him would rue their mistake of ignoring him. For many years the spirit lay dormant, that was until the gods realized that they did not have the power that they had once had when the spirit was with them, and that they were slowly fading away. In panic they tried to reason with the entity which had created them, but he refused to listen, saying that they were nothing but traitors. He did however offer them one chance for redemption, just one chance.

    When the end of their power came, and the worlds would start to crumble (without the gods to hold them together) he would allow each of them to pick a champion and that champion would be forced to try and play his game – the game of Revelations. They would have to travel through the maze of dimensions that he had set up and find a way to access his inner sanctum – his very own fortress of a dimension. If they managed to come to him and defeat him and his game then he would return, and the gods would receive their power back in full. Not only that but the spirit would open up another realm; a heavenly one for everyone to live in for the rest of eternity. And so the gods agreed that they would do this; that they would partake in his game.

    Now this Emile finishes his tale and tells you all that you’re the champions, and that you have to play the game of Revelations, as it’s the only way to save the worlds. He also tells you that your first take is to find the “Eye of the Universe” which would act like a portal to the other dimensions to try and find the spirit’s inner hold. The Eye is at an unknown location, and the only clue you have is a tome in some long lost language you can’t understand.

    So what are you going to do; are you going to help these people? Or will you let the world fall...?​
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    The Champions
    • Reima's champion is ______. Reima is the god of life and the ruler of all of the other gods; he was seen as the spirit's son, and was the closest to the astray entity. His champion is a reflection of this god's bravery and determination; always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that justice is served.

    • Nox's champion is ______. Nox is the god of trickery, decit, and darkness. He has always been seen as Reima's counterpart, and is considered the second strongest god under Reima himself. His champion is a reflection of his art of trickery, and is cunning and clever.

    • Vista's champion is ______. Vista is the goddess of motherhood, new life, and redemption. She has always been considered one of the more mild mannered of the gods, and has a calm temperance. Her champion is a reflection of her kindness and gentleness, as well as their love of peace.

    • Carmen's champion is ______. Carmen is the god of nature, animals, and music. He's a lively god, and one that could find no more peace in that of nature. He's considered to be one of the weaker gods though he's in fact quite strong. His champion is a reflection of his immaturity, and yet of his passion for nature, animals, and music. A sweet soul who really just wants to have fun.

    • Sopor's champion is ______. Sopor is the god of sleep, dreams, and foresight. Not surprisingly he's the third most powerful god due for his ability to control and influence the sleep and minds of others, and to peer into the future. His champion is a reflection of his solitude, and has both the side of nightmares, and dreams. A bi-polar soul, lost in their own world.

    • Diliges' champion is .______ Diliges is the goddess of love, romance, and desires. She has a strong influence on manipulating people into having very strong desires, and wishes. She is also the "cupid" of the gods. Her champion is a reflection of her lust, her envy, and her being able to manipulate people. (But not as well as Nox.)

    • Xybes' champion is______. Xybes is the god of war, battle, and domination. He's very reckless, and is quite powerful in determining a war's outcome. His champion is a reflection of his stubborness, as well as his lust for battle. Not only this but his champion is also the holder of his inner battle between wrong and right.
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    Character Sheet
    Age: (20 - 25)​
    CHampion Of:​
    Personality: (Can be brief.)​
    Biography: (Detailed - please.)​
    Physical Appearance: (Picture + Detail, or just Detail.)​
    Family / Relatives:​
    Close Friends:​
    Romantic Interest:​
    Other/Misc: (Anything I Missed.)​
  4. Currently Accepting Forms
  5. Name: Alice Lovette​
    Age: 20​
    Gender: Female​
    CHampion Of: Nox​
    Personality: Insane and random​
    Biography: Alice grew up without parents. Her foster parents abused her, and in doing so, she created a friend. Imaginary of course, and soon, people questioned her sanity. Over the years she grew more and more towards her "darker side," her other personality. Now she is 20 and considered clinically insane. Doctors have her on watch, though she does function ok in an enviroment with other people as long as it is not hostile.​
    Physical Appearance: (Picture + Detail, or just Detail.)​
    Family / Relatives: Foster parents. Foster brother whom she grew up the first few years in the orphanage. Promised to see him one day.​
    Close Friends: Madigan (imaginary)​
    Romantic Interest: Oblivious to feelings and relationships, but does have a like for certain people (she may like a person but will not show it).​
    (I will finish later. I have to go to class)​
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  6. hold it save me the sopors spot please i have tter but i need mo it please save it for me i will have it up by tomorrow TT^TT
  7. If the cast starts to fill itself out, I'll drop one for Xybes.
  8. Name: Hadrian Connor
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Champion Of: Vista


    Positive Traits
    - Quite responsible.
    - Very protective (particularly towards his mother)
    - Organised
    - Strategic in his approach to anything

    Negative Traits
    - A loner, mostly, but he sometimes opens up to people whom he feels he can trust.
    - A little paranoid; he easily mistrusts other people, often assuming that they are after something from him
    - Quiet; often thinking about something or judging a person’s character
    - Has not a care for anything else; uninspired.

    [ Rather odd for us pair him with Vista, but we'd like to think that Vista sees something in him that she could relate to her perception of a champion. ]


    Hadrian comes from a wealthy family. Despite the position, one would say that he comes from a rather dysfunctional family. His estranged father, Benjamin Connor, was head of a business firm; he was hardly home when Hadrian was a child.

    Perhaps the only person he could probably call his friend was his mother, the beautiful Yuriko Connor. Because she was from a foreign land, she could hardly speak English. Hadrian’s father never bothered sending a tutor to teach her how to speak and write. In fact, he could hardly care for his own wife that made Hadrian often wonder why he married her in the first place.

    [ like the character "Madame/Madama Butterfly" ]

    Despite this, his mother still cares for him in her silent, mother-like manner. She taught him songs, words in her language and several other things of her culture. Though one day, his father found out about it and immediately sent her away, claiming that she was teaching him to be uncivilized like her people. Thus, Hadrian spent the rest of his childhood alone and away from his strange but loving mother.

    He has never gone to school in his whole life. His education came from the teachers who would come to the house to teach him what was taught in schools.

    By the age of 18, Hadrian was once again noticed by his father. He was groomed to become his heir to the Connor business. By then, Hadrian had little care for any of the sort; to him, he was just following orders. At this point, he does not have any direction in life, nor does he care if he does.

    But a small, glimmer of hope within him hopes to one day reunite with his mother once his father was out of the way.

    Physical Appearance:

    His hair is black, often styled by having it combed to the back. The eyes, with a touch of the Asian squint, are hazel, after his father.

    For being 24, he stands at an average height of 5’10”.

    Hadrian is often seen wearing black suit.

    [ will include picture soon ]

    Family / Relatives:

    Benjamin Connor [Father]
    Yuriko Connor [Mother]

    Close Friends: At the moment, no. [ will update if he does find friends in the RP ]
    Romantic Interest: [ will update if he does fancy anyone in the RP ]

    Other/Misc: [ ditto ]

    - - - - -​
    [ This story reminded a little bit of the Game of Mind from Martin's The Glass Flower (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8725152-the-glass-flower). I wonder if you have heard of it.​
    It plays a bit like yours, but without gods or spirits. Your only goal is to endure the pain through the Game of Mind, in hopes that you would be able to switch bodies with another being. Thus, the young stay young forever, the adventurous embodies another creature, and the loser gains nothing. Just thought I'd mention it to you. ]​
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  9. Name: Lucian Avalon

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Champion Of: Xybes

    If ever given the choice between negotiate or fight, Lucian will always, without fail, choose to fight. His beliefs rest in that talk is cheap, and that actions speak louder than words. There is not a subtle bone in his body. His desires and motives are always made clear, his emotions worn on his sleeve, and he will speak up loudly if he disagrees with your opinion. Impulsive, Lucian is quick to act in any situation, dangerous or mundane.

    Lucian's family has never been well-off. You might say they are the bottom feeders of society. A mother who works two minimum wage jobs to scrape in just enough for rent, two children who had already turned to gangs and prostitution because they saw no alternative, and Lucian, the youngest son, with his feet firmly planted on the same path as his siblings.

    As his mother was rarely ever free, and couldn't afford a daycare or babysitter, Lucian was left in the "capable" hands of his brother. As such, he's been exposed to gang culture and violence from a very young age. While his brother made sure to keep him out of the gun fights and larger confrontations, he saw things a child should steer well clear from.

    When Lucian turned 14, he began to become a full member of the gang, mostly working in a small group to acquire and sell drugs. This was mostly due to the influence of his brother, still trying to keep him away from most of the violence. However, by this point Lucian had found that he enjoyed the rush of fighting, and worked twice as hard to be trusted in a more violent situation.

    His chance came when a rival gang pushed into their territory, killing his brother in the process. Without his older sibling "protecting" him, Lucian was brought into the heart of the gang war. For 4 years, he was part of a bloody and bitter gang-war. It ended with a particularly brutal attack on his gang's base of operations. Most members ended up dead, and Lucian was hospitalized. Their territory stolen, and their group in shambles, the gang dissolved.

    After months of recovering in the hospital, Lucian made a brief trip home. Knowing he couldn't stay, as it would bring the new gang to his home, effectively putting his family in danger, he collected a duffle-bag full of his possessions, and left. He's spent three years hitch-hiking his way cross-country, committing armed robbery and dealing stolen goods to make his way.

    Physical Appearance:
    Lucian has a slender frame, but has built on muscle over many years, giving him a lean, athletic appearance. His red hair is generally cut short, covered by some kind of headwear. At the moment, it's an old fedora that he mugged off some eccentric college student. He stands at 5'7", just a little below average.

    Family / Relatives:

    Mother: Jenna Avalon
    Older Brother: David Avalon (Deceased)
    Older Sister: Victoria Avalon

    Close Friends: Few to begin with, and most of them are dead.

    Romantic Interest: None at the moment. Might calm down enough to find one

    Other/Misc: _
  10. Name: Dreams​
    Age: 20​
    Gender: Female​
    CHampion Of: Sopor's​
    Personality: she kind and caring when she not a sleep and dreaming. she likes toys and teddy's.​
    Biography: (I will do this when I get on to my Kobo. ^.-​
    Physical Appearance: her hair is black eyes gold green. she always wearing PJs and has a teddy with​
    her all the time​
    her Pj: [​IMG]
    if not in Pjs she wars this [​IMG]
    Family / Relatives: all dead​
    Close Friends: no one​
    Romantic Interest: -.-​
    Other/Misc: this is her fav song she leson to it all the time.
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