The Game Of Death (IC)

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  1. Gregory had spent the last two hours trying to find a way out when the voice began to speak. It made him jump, thinking that whatever this thing was not only had it trapped him here but he imagined it being in the room with him.

    Gregory had never killed anyone before and his current plan was to get out of combat and let everyone finish each other off first. He kicked himself, realizing that he didn't know the area someone could easily be waiting outside for him, armed with a shotgun and even if he were to get away, wouldn't the other last man standing, someone obviously a lot more experienced than him easily be able to finish him off?

    As more thoughts ran through his head the door opened, revealing a blinding light. He noticed the bag and placed it over his left shoulder, the strap running across his chest. The knife he tucked into his belt and the Pip-boy he placed on his left wrist. He noticed the combat boots and put them on, placing his original shoes in the bag.

    “Alright old boy…” He muttered “Make a break for it.”

    He sprinted out of the room he was trapped in and straight into the sight of a brutal murder. A young woman had a man who must have been younger than Gregory pinned to a tree as she held him by the throat. As he struggled, she plunged her knife into his gut, withdrawing the knife and stabbing him multiple times. The man screamed in pain and fear for several moments but eventually the screaming stopped. Gregory stopped in his tracks and ducked behind a tree, hoping that the woman responsible for the murder hadn't noticed him. He covered his mouth with one hand as he heard footsteps approach his hiding place. He turned around to see the young woman walk right past him and stand in front. Any second now, he thought she would turn around and see him.

    “Not today.” He whispered, running forwards.

    The woman turned around with a look of shock on her face and kicked him in the stomach, knocking the air out of Gregory and off of his feet. He landed against the tree.

    “Thought you’d sneak up on me, did you?” She snapped bitterly, drawing the bloodstained knife “I’ll make this quick.”

    As she ran towards her opponent, Gregory outstretched one leg and tripped her up, causing her to land with a thud on her back. She let out a grunt in pain.

    “I will not die today!” Gregory shouted, quickly standing to his feet and approaching his opponent. He clutched the knife tightly and was about to stab her when she kicked him in the crotch. He let out a loud grunt in pain before she stood up and wrestled him to the ground. Gregory knife fell from his hands, landing several meters to his right.

    His opponent, who was now on top of him held the knife above his throat, causing Gregory to grab the handle, he struggled to prevent his opponent from stabbing him. As the knife was a mere centimeter away from his throat, he heard a gunshot. This caused his opponent to quickly get off of him and run. She was quickly hit in the back with a hunting rifle, splattering her blood on a nearby tree.

    Gregory looked to see a man armed with a hunting rifle aim it at him.

    “Bollocks.” He muttered, quickly standing to his feet and raising his hands. “I mean no harm!” He shouted
    “I do you little shit.” The man replied, firing.

    Gregory quickly dived out of the way as the man fired, hitting the ground with a thud. He quickly stood to his feet and ran, nearly tripping over the body of his late opponent in the process. He took cover behind a tree as the man fired again.

    “Fuck you!” Gregory shouted
    “I just want to live, can you really blame me!?” The man called out

    Gregory scanned the area, noticing although the woods stretched on for miles he could hear a stream in the distance. If he could get to it, perhaps he could swim to safety.
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