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  1. One Regular Day At School:


    You get to your regular class, sitting down in your regular seat and twiddling with your regular mechanical pencil as you halfheartedly listen to your absolutely regular teacher. Nothing could be more boring, especially after cramming last night and getting hardly any sleep. As the class nears its' end, the Intercom blares its' Good Morning phrases, reciting the scores of sports games and scholarship applications... the like. However, it catches your attention as it does a siren sound, meaning something "fun" for everyone. You listen, as it was apparently important.

    "Now, as everyone knows, the Carnival is taking place this weekend! We just want to remind everyone that if you attend, you are showing school pride! As our way of showing all of you how much we appreciate everyone participating, we have placed random prizes throughout the carnival: On the rides, in the booths, even just laying on the ground somewhere! We hope this is enough incentive for people to come out and enjoy the Carnival... and with that,
    Have a great Friday, everyone!"

    That was the signal to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, and everyone automatically recited in monotone, sinking into their chairs once they finished. You, however, wondered at what these "prizes" were.

    You decide to go to this Carnival, if not only for the prizes then to have fun.


    Saturday, Day One of Carnival:

    As you arrive at the carnival, it is very overwhelming to the senses and you take time to dissect everything about this place that just makes you feel like jumping in and never leaving.

    Colors: Only limited to the imagination, the balloons showed to the retina reds, yellows, greens, and blues, even as the crazy LED's reflected pink and cyan and purple. Amusement Park rides flare their own color schemes, each one seemingly more enticing than the next. One of weak stomach wouldn't be able to watch just one spot at a time, when more than 5 colors passed in 5 seconds along each and every crevice and corner to see.

    Scents: The sickly sweetness of Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, and Soda Pop pervade even the total greasiness of Mega Hot Dogs, Cosmic Hamburgers, and even the Gigantic Turkey Legs. Authentic Food was pricy, and most vendors created a profit from selling the stuff of kid's delights, only to have them throw it all up as they ride The Spinner, fashioned as a spider weaving it's web.

    Sounds: They surround you, never ceasing and always loud. The screams of happy kids and yelling parents wasn't even the half of it; even the air gave off its' own hum as the echoes reverberated from the Gaming Stalls, Haunted Houses, and Amusement Park rides. Beeps, blips, gunshots, roars, and the tinkling melodies from every ride would any normal person hearing damage, if they were to be in a prolonged state of having to hear it, day and night. You feel slightly piteous of the carnival workers, and their low pay, but then again this wouldn't be a bad job.

    Now here comes the fun part; Choices!

    Where do you wish to go first?

    〉 ~ Type what you would do if you were to:
    Approach a food vendor: You want to get that appetite taken care of early!

    〈 ~ Type what you would do if you were to:
    Go on one of the Amusement Park rides: That's the funnest thing when it comes to carnivals!

    〉 ~ Type what you would do if you were to:
    Wander around the Carnival Area, viewing everything: Who knows, maybe you'll find one of the Prizes the school was talking about?

    〉 ~ Type what you would do if you were to:
    Leave immediately: This Goddamn Carnival will be the death of you!
  2. Carnivals had never been Jack's thing, but his brother was a different story.
    He glanced over at his twin and sighed.
    "Did you really have to drag me here? I just wanna be home right now, sleeping."

    His brother frowned at him, Why couldn't Jack just learn to have real fun? "Oh, c'mon J, you have to admit, these rides look awesome! Just one ride, and you'll see."

    "One ride. Then we're going home. And I mean it Nick."

    Nicolas beamed brightly. "One ride, promise." The younger twin grabbed Jack's wrist and drug him to the Spinner. Nick knew that his brother enjoyed extreme rides. They weren't really Nicolas's cup of tea, but it'd be just the thing to get Jack hooked.

    (Vocal Version here.)
  3. As the brothers approached The Spinner, the noise of the screaming people on the ride increased and drowned out the noise of the rest of the carnival. There was a medium-sized line, waiting to ride on the Spinner, and there was a bored-looking ride manager, pushing the buttons and such at their correct times. You can't help but notice that there weren't many school kids going on rides, rather walking around or making out on benches.
    But there was someone carrying around a camera, snapping pictures every once in a while, steadily coming towards the Spinner. As this person notices the two twin boys from school, they smile and introduce themselves.
    Heya guys, the name's Ginger.
    She gives a firm handshake to each, smiling to them. She has short black hair, cut up to the hairline in the back and gracing her jaws in the front, as is the style of the A-cut. Her pale face holds shocking blue eyes under a fair amount of dark eyelashes, accentuated by makeup. She had a button nose and fair lips colored in black. She has a small chest, made even smaller under the large black sweater that was about 2 sizes to big and hid her cut hands when she put them down. She wore shorts that peeked out from under the shirt, leaving her legs bare and shapely until they reached her shoes, which screamed military as she clunked around in them.
    You might know me from the School Newspaper. You see, I'm going around taking pictures for it. It'd be great if I got a shot of you guys, cause you're from the school, and that might motivate others to come.
    Vocal Version:
    What do you do?

    〉 ~ Let her take a picture of you guys; it won't take any time, considering you're in a line.

    〈 ~ Don't let her take a picture! You aren't photogenic at all.

    〉 ~ Ignore her; maybe she'll leave if you don't pay any attention to her.
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  4. Nick's eyes widened considerably at the thought of his picture taken and quickly covered his face with his hands to prevent it from being seen.

    Jack got a nudging little idea and decided to tease his brother a bit. "C'mon Nickki," he cooed at his brother mischievously, "Just oooone picture? I mean, I am going on this ride with you."

    The younger twin shuttered, "Not happening! I mean- no. I-I can't. Y-you know I can't stand that." Nicolas stammered, his face still covered.

    "Oh. Well- Fine. I guess we'll go home. If we're not leaving without souvenirs, then there's no point in coming. Mmmm?" The elder grabbed Nick's wrist and began to drag him away.

    "Noooo," He cried out mournfully, "You promised one ride."

    Jack grinned away from his younger twin so he wouldn't see. "There's no point in one ride if we have nothing to remember it by."

    Nick sputtered a bit before letting out an exasperated, "Fine! But one!"

    The elder smiled widley and strode back to Ginger, twin still in hand. "Yes!" He cried in false excitement. He winked at the girl wickedly. He wasn't flirting with her, just showing her that it was an act. "One picture ma'am!"

    Jack groaned and hesitantly smiled weakly at the the girl for the picture as his brother posed beside him. That bastard, he thought, I'll get him back for this.

    (Vocal Version)
  5. Ginger watched them, smiling at the elder brother's mischievousness. She almost felt bad for Nick, if he hated pictures that much, but didn't say anything as they got ready. Raising the Polaroid to her eye, she smiled and said,
    Cheese! Big smiles!
    Seeing as she wasn't going to get one from the younger one, she shot the picture. She put the shot on the screen and stepped towards them, holding the picture so that they could see it.

    What do they see?

    No choices for this one, just describe how they look in the picture.
  6. (Oh no... I feel a rage coming on. >:D)
    Jack's eyes widened as Nick gasped. Jack wrapped and arm around his brother protectively as he glared at the girl. "What kind if joke are you playing, huh!? This isn't funny, it's morbid!

    What the picture held was them, the twins. They were fine, but it was their surroundings that had changed. When the picture was taken, they were poised in front of The Spinner. In the picture, The Spinner wasn't a ride at all. It was a real spider perched upon a real web. People could be seen in line, but instead of faces of joy and excitement, they held faces if terror and fear. People could be seen sprawled across the web, some cocooned within white strands, some were hanging openly and seemed to be struggling. Within the spider's abdomen, people's silhouettes could be seen and writhing in the spider's jaws was a child, blood dripping from his body.
    Blood was a different story altogether. It was everywhere, splattered on everything, even on unreachable areas of the spider.
    The two twins themselves were still the same though, one happy and excited looking, the other nervous and shy.

    "B-brother." Nick tugged on Jack's sleeve, "is it just me, or is there not many people coming from the ride?"

    "Don't be ridiculous Nicolas, this girl is just trying to-" Jack trailed off when he noticed that only four people had gotten off The Spinner, when dozens had gotten on previously.

  7. Ginger was confused, her face conveying that confusion, and when she looked at the picture her face blanched, the camera slipping out of her hands and clattering onto the ground. She looked at the twins with eyes as wide as saucers, and she whispered,
    I-I'm so sorry... I didn't know... I didn't mean for it to happen, not here!
    Shaking her head, she backed up a step, as if afraid of the boys, and looked to the Spinner as well. Visibly swallowing, she seemed to calm herself as she turned a steely gaze upon the people who went to school with her.
    Sometimes... when I take pictures, something happens that just doesn't make sense. The pictures turns horribly gruesome, depicting death.
    Watching the Amusement Park ride with a mix of apprehension, determination, and fear, she speaks vehemently.
    I want to know what's going on.
    Turning to them, she smiles with a resigned smile of acceptance.
    If you want to tuck tail and leave right now, by all means, I wouldn't blame your fear. But... this has happened to me all my life.
    She hesitates, but she gulps and continues.
    That's why I'm so interested. I want to know why it happens, and only at certain times. It seems as if, the pictures that look gory are the places that death has happened before.
    She waited, wondering how they will react to her "life story".

    How do they respond???

    〉 ~ WTF?! Abandon her, this is too wierd!

    〉 ~ Wow. You'll help her, because now this involves you.

    〉 ~ *She's crazy!* Oh, uh, first we'll go to the police. *She might be involved with a homicide here.*
  8. Jack and Nick didn't agree on much. But they both wanted to get away from this girl and her freaky pictures.

    "Uhm Jack.... home is sounding really good right now."
    Nicolas murmured.

    Jack just nodded and began pulling him towards the entrance, dodging people and booths along the way. As they ran away, the music that played around them seemed to become more creepy and the bright, happy colors seemed to turn dull and disgusting.
  9. (I hope you don't mind if I join)

    Appareance (open)

    Mia looked at the two boys and sighed. She felt bad for Ginger, every time it happens, people would just flee in fear of what they see. Though she didn't know her that well, she could slightly understand her. However, she could only see them through her pictures and only at certain times. Not herself though, no, she could actually see them and she sees them everywhere, every time. At carnivals, at amusement parks and even in school. It doesn't surprise her though, she is kind of part of their kind, spirits, and monsters that only a few could see; the only difference is that people could see her and not them. Also, she was bloodthirsty or itching for murder. "At least I have the decency of looking for people who want to actually die and if they give me their consent, I would just take the rest of their years for myself." She was like a vampire but instead of taking people's blood, she takes people's youth or life energy, however you want to see it. Still, sometime she gets lonely due to not many people wanting to be friends with the mysterious, quiet girl of the class.

    Walking, she decided to follow the boys and see if they would actually leave the carnival, or if they change their minds and stick around to investigate. As she made her way through the crowd, many stared at her since she was the only one in a festival kimono. She didn't care though, her black hair swayed with the wind as she kept following at a considerable distance, so she wouldn't get caught.
  10. A teenage girl, 16 years of age, was dashing towards the cotton candy stand. Her niece had no idea where she was. She grinned as she reached the stand, clapping her hands like a two year old. "One blueberry, please!" she requested, bringing out her purse. She had left young Sophie alone, but didn't regret it. "E-ev-Eve!" came a sobbing voice. She ignored her name being called, her entire being pointed towards one thing: SUGAR! Although she had ADHD, her sweet tooth was probably twice the size than a normal person's. Then again, Evelyn Moore had never been normal. On the day of her 15th birthday, her quinceanera, things.. Changed. She shook those thoughts from her head, thanked the man after she paid then walked off towards the rides, thoughts of her little niece disappearing as she bit into the soft, sugary goodness.
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