The Game in Wonderland Begins

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  1. Her striking purple eyes fluttered open as she felt empty, bare inside as she laid on the neon blue grass, dazed. While she laid there she heard the rustle of leaves, bubbling of water and the soft wind passing her. After a moment of silence a blinding electric wave came out of her body and scattered everywhere telling every and anyone that the last player has finally arrived and the 'Game' has begun.

    As the electric wave began to leave she stood up as her red hair danced in the wind long and free as her eyes looked around taking in everything. The grass was multicolored with any and every color possible in patches and seem to be in no pattern that can be tell and what seems to be plants grew in in all shapes, sizes, colors, pattern and more. While few animals that appears to be crossbreeds of other animals were drinking from a creed filled with light purple water to most people they will think this is strange, foreign even, or that it's all an illusion that they made up in there minds. Bu not for her because she doesn't know what anything should really look like for the place she truly comes from or knows anything about her self for that matter. To her everything was new, brand new, knowing nothing of anything while she tried to learn from what she has seen as if everything is a small puzzle piece to a grand puzzle waiting to be solved little by little by her.

    Her eyes found the vibrant blue sky while voices were carried to her ears by the soft wind but one voice stood out the most that was what almost sounded like children laughing if you listened hard enough but at the time she didn't paid any mind to it. As a thought, a question to be exact came to her mind Where am I? the questioned echoed though her mind as her eyes got lost in the endless blue sky. While in the distances you could almost hear the sound of footsteps from behind her as they come closer to where she stood.

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  2. He scanned the line of oddly colored trees.  It was so strange here.  Shakily The man stood.  "What the hell,"  he shrieked as something brown fell into his vision. Frantically he swatted at it. His heart was pounding in his chest, threatening to break through.  Panting The man inspected a the brown thing, it seemed to have another one just like it.  It looked like a rabbit ear.  They were, they were both long rabbit ears.  Where did they come from though? 
    The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as an odd feeling ran through his entire body.  'The game has begun.'  wide eyed he stood there, wondering where the feeling had come from.  It was unknown, that scared him.  'I don't understand.'  
    He sat in one spot for a while, jumping at each sound.  So far nothing had come to harm him, maybe it wasn't so bad.  Gathering his guitar case he began to walk.  Loud crunching foot steps echoed in the woods as he walked.  Probably drawing attention to himself or not.  He wasn't sure how many other things there were.  Was he the only one?  What if he was? Desperately he began to search the woods for any form like what ever he was.  Eventually he came upon somebody.  Slowing he cautiously approached her.  There was a cascade of brilliant red hair on her head.  Curiously and cautiously he approached her first,  moving the case between them as a sort of barrier.  She didn't have ears like him but she seemed close enough to what he was.  Meekly he tried a few words, "Who are you?"
  3. Little by little the sound grew, coming closer to her but thought nothing of it until she heard it. A sound, soft, almost shaking but heard clearly by her, it forming three simple words. "Who are you?" Who are you? Who am I? Am I something? Maybe I something new? As new thoughts echoed though her mind she slowly turned around as her knees slightly weak almost not knowing how to walk as she face the owner of this sound. His brown hair fell past his waist while him long brown ears hung low almost covering his eyes but she could clearly see his soft brow eyes. She softly locked eyes with the slightly shaking man, his eyes widen as he begun to shake a little more as he began to walk closer to her.

    She stood there watching as the man walked closer to her slowly while that one questioned ranged though her mind over and over again. She thought not knowing what he meant by the question knowing she should ask the man but something made her from not doing so. She slightly opened her mouth a sing like voice came out soft but sweet.

    "Who are you?" She repeated the same question while she lightly tilted her head back and forth from the noise she made, it was strange, but right as her eyes never left his. By this time he was only a foot away not knowing what to do she slowly came closer and almost mother like touch his cool cheek with her warm, soft hand as the question repeated though her eyes. Both stood there quietly only the sound of the swaying of the trees could be heard as his eyes slightly widen but he stop shaking.
  4. 'Who am I?' He thought for a moment as he approached her. Slowly he lowered his guitar case, still clutching to it as sort of a security blanket. His knees felt weak and his heart was beating fast, adrenaline pumping through his veins. Everything in his body was saying 'run away' but stil he crept closer. At first her touch scared him. He did not anticipate for the girl to touch him, but her hands were warm. Soft, very soft. The stroke of her fingers against his frightened face were gentle. She wasn't here to hurt him, that much he knew. Silently her stood wih her. After a moment he tentatively began, "I'm not sure who I am. I don't know what I am to begin with." A floppy ear fell into one of his brown eyes, still devoid of a care free light. "A hare of some sort? Maybe, I'm really not sure."
  5. Strange indeed.

    Peter was merely hip-hoppity-hopping along the blue and pink fuzzed grass when a sound and a smell tickled his ears and nose. And, oh, what senses they were! He had been in this here-place long? He hadn't known. To make matters worse, he didn't have his watch with him to tell him of that time either! Drats, he swore inside his head as his pink nose wiggled again. The smell, as unfamiliar as it was, was drawing him to its destination. The sound, on the other hand, was quick and simple. It reminded him of a gust of win passing through an enclosed area, or maybe a wave lapping off the coast of a body of water. Whatever it was, it was new and he was curious.

    His white pawed feet padded across multi-patterned grass beneath him and they carried him great distances at what seemed a short amount of time? Was he traveling by seconds? Days? Minutes? The curiosity of the new presence was too high for him to grovel over his sense of time. He would get there when he got there. The waving sound stopped Peter's feet stopped as well. All he heard then was the sound of...laughter.

    "This is strange. I don't know where I am or where I am to be. But I do know I want to discover this new thing of which I don't know."he said, sitting up on his hind legs and sniffing into the air. The sweet smell was still there.I guess I must follow my nose then.
  6. "What be here this day in Wonderland? Madness is what, Madness I tell you! True insanity which be with my soft noggin of a head.Oh but Wonderland is such beauty in that of such chaos, but is ruined by the Red Queen! Oh my, I slipped again." Hatter was as crazy as Wonderland was strange, which meant very, very strange. He skiiped along in his trance of madness, looking back and forth between the strangley shaped trees and bushes. Only to know, he was here for something, but knew nothing as of why."Oh! What attracts me so to you, Wonderland? Maybe some tea will calm my brain." And to the old tea table he strolled. Not a thought in his mind, at least any sane thoughts, ran wild unless it was about slaying the Red Queen. He had crazy thoughts, so a grudge was sort of worse. But enough of that lets have some tea!

    He arrived at his table and saw it was still a bit attended by the gentle wild life. Deer were pouring tea, birds were stirring, and the cubs seemed to move on their own. He made three quick claps and hopped up with glee, like a 16 years old girl who just got her first car. He fixed his velvet blouse and sleeves, dusted off his eye-patch and dipped his hat. Then sat at the table to enjoy his tea. At the table's center was a cake about half his size in hight, and he was about 6'10 to most. It had a sweet auroma sure to atrract others, though tea time was perfect to him company sounded good.