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  1. [The Game OOC/Singups LINK]

    The dawning sun rises above the uninhabited island, the location of The Game, a 100% realistic super-popular show with over 200 million viewers of each episode. Scattered all over this island the newly introduced players awake. All of them have been rendered unconscious and paradropped to the island.

    Sayomi landed on a small clearing in the dense forest. A few birds sing to the dawn while various forest animals that are awake during the day rise to greet the morning sun. A single lizard occupies a nearby rock, absorbing the heat from the early autumn sun.

    @Lady Sandra
    Hinari on the other hand has landed on a grass-covered cliff, just a dozen meters from its edge, overlooking the north beach of the island and is basked under the sun. A few seagulls fly around while a bit further from the cliff-face a rabbit is leisurely hopping around.

    Esset is in for a bit of trouble, he landed directly into one of the forests of the islands and is now handing from the branches of one of the trees due to the parachute being entangled in them. A squirrel, ignorant of him being a human, is sitting on his shoulder and looking around for danger.

    Sarah on the other hand landed near the rocky peak of the hill in the north of the island and is now in an area populated primary by rocks with some struggling bushes and grass patches here and then. Lizard are abundant and lavender is growing nearby and the wind is carrying its scent towards Sarah.

    Sougu landed near the spring of a small fleet that runs from the southern hill trough the forest and to the sea. A ermine is currently sniffing his body as the effects of the sleeping drug he was, like everyone else, given lessens up. He chases it away with his right hand and then rises his body, still a bit numb from the drug.
    "So this is it. Life or death. The Game begins."

    Amille on the other hand was more resistant to the drug thanks to her training and after awakening before the rest of new players, she was deciding where to move from the meadow in the center of the island. Hills risen both north and south from her position and in the west trough a forest another meadow that slowly turned to a beach cloud be seen. To the east the terrain was rugged, rising into a long and narrow cliff with a small ruined castle on it's tip. She decided to move north to gain a good view of as much of the island as possible from the higher of the two hills.
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  2. Sayomi awoke minutes after Amille. She sat up and blinked a few times, making her eyes used to the light of the sun. She groaned in pain a little, guessing she had been lying there for quite a while. Sayomi carefully stood up and looked around. She saw a lizard lying on a rock and letting the sun warm him. Overhead she heard the birds sing and although she couldn't see them, she could feel the presence of the forest animals as they awoke to greet the morning. Sayomi decided what to do and put a hand on her hip. A shock of surprise hit her as she felt something in her pocket and pulled it out. Her eyes grew wide as she held a gun in her hands. Sayomi examined it, quite interested in her number one way for survival. "The game of life and death has began." She muttered under her breath and smirked. Sayomi slid it in her back left jean butt pocket and pulled her shirt down over it. Sayomi then waved by the the lizard before walking into the dense forest.
  3. When hinari woke up, she blinks a few times, before sitting up and looking around. Her body was abit stiffed, but she don't let out a sound. She felt the grass she was sitting in, saw the edge of the cliff. She stretches, wanting to stand up, as she notice the near lying gun and Grab it slowly, with routine, she looked into the magazine. She put it back in with a sigh, before standing up looking to the beach in the north. She fixes her skirt, and then walks around, seeing some seagulls above her head, sad a rebbit hopping around.

    "That is the survival game?"

    She sighs, and walk around, searching for a way to get off the cliff and down to the Beach.
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  4. @iPoundMochi

    Rin landed in the exposed upper structure of one of the ruined outer towers, his parachute entangling in the remains of the rotting wood beams that once held the roof of the building. The primary inhabitants of the place are birds with a few rodents and insects also present.

    The forest, trough decent in the density of trees is easily to travel trough, once the bushes and plants on its edge have been passed trough, as the mixture of holm and kermes oak branches slowly dampens the amount of light in the forest, thous reducing the amount of bushes and grass in it. The singing of the birds and the scattered traces of various animals is are all-present.

    The cliff shows no easy way down but a few minutes later a part of it with a rougher surface, with many ledges, holes and outcrops shows up, allowing someone brave enough to scale down the cliff here, if he/she has good physical abilities and enough courage to do it.
  5. She finally founds a place where she could climb down. She doesn't care how dangerous this will be, as she starts to climb down the cliff, slowly and carefully. "You have to be brave and do dangerous things to win such a game" She said to herself and climbs down further. She almost falls, but with last force, she manages to get a hold on the cliff again, before moving down slowly further.
  6. Sayomi pulled the hood of her black cloak over her head to hide her facial features as she entered the forest. Thank god she had to all those camps as a kid or it'd be hard to do anything. Sayomi began running at an amazing pace and dodged the trees. Practice she had done in the woods near their house and she learned that if you don't dodge, your going to get hurt (she would know XD). Out of nowhere a buck leaped in front of Sayomi's path and she skidded to a halt just in front of it. "Whoa. hey, sorry about that." She told him then watched as he left. Sayomi began running again, heading to where she heard running water. Most likely part of a river or stream.
  7. Sougu, finally recovered from the effect of the sleeping drug, moves along the stream, following it in hopes of reaching the coastline, not to escape but to grasp the shape and size of the island.

    Amille made her way to the start of a long slope that lead up to the top of the northern hill. A wall of tress and bushes marked the edge of the forest which stood on the way towards the hilltop so she plunged into it, not wasting any time on her way towards her destination.
    As Hinari descends the cliff, having to glance bellow her to see where to put her legs, she notices a slight glitter of something reflecting light on a ledge some two meters bellow and three meters to her right. Considering that it is pretty bright and intense it can only be an artificial object of some kind laying down there.
    Suddenly the ground bellow Sayomi gave away and a pitfall covered with a layer of leaves held by long, narrow sticks which easily broke when the girl stepped on them, welcomed Sayomi's feet eagerly, taking her to the four meter bottom of the hole. Solid, almost vertical, walls of earth enclosed Sayomi from all sides. The girl had fallen into a pitfall and might be in from some serious trouble.
  8. Hinari sees little light reflections from something under her. She tries to climb further down and to grab it. When she is finally down, she walks further towards the beach. At the same time, she examines the artificial object, trying to find out what it is.
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