The Future of the Nekos

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  1. Law 1127.4: All Nekos in the area as of December 31st of 2015 are hereby declared as illegal and are to be considered dangerous creatures. Anyone found in possession of this creature will be arrested and the neko killed. Any and all nekos seen are to be killed on sight and captured if possible.

    He had changed his name many times, but now he was going by Koji. Koji Hirano. He was by no means an evil or corrupt person, although he was treated as such. He was a criminal, but stole for one purpose: survival. He stole what he needed to stay alive and that was it. He had never killed annoyance, but he was told to be killed on sight or captured if it was at all possible. There was no justification behind this except for one thing: from his back he had a tail and on his head he had cat ears. His eyes had slits and he looked like someone had crossed a cat and boy together. For that was what he was: a neko.

    He was currently holding a tiny sword he had stolen out of a pawn shop, and he was waiting for someone to come by so he could get some food for his meal tonight. He would have to use his friend, Cristian, to go into the store and get him the simple loaf of bread he desired. He just wanted it to be over, his stomach to stop hurting him like he had stabbed himself open. He just wanted food tonight.
  2. It had been quite a long time to adjust to circumstances, but it was never easy, time doesn't ease pain. Alison Wolfe, known to various authorities as a local criminal, left from the half broken warehouse that she called a home, and only barely so. She had her goal, find a store, grab food for the next day or two, attempt to avoid confrontation if possible. Her security, one handgun hidden on her side, was her method keeping things safe for her. On a few occasions before, she had ended up in small gunfights with a few guards after stealing food, but on a few occasions did she actually want to fight. She was ready for it, just not exactly willing. Her hood up, Alison headed to the nearest store that sold food, and her only intent at the moment would be food for the day and the next. Whatever she could get would be fine, sodas she had beforehand weren't holding up. Constantly glancing around she continued walking, trying to keep attention away, though things never really went her way.
  3. Seeing the human walk down the alley, he had little time to identify this person as male of female before he had a katana to the person's throat and demanded money. He only got a few cents, but it was enough to finish off what he needed. Letting the man go, he then melted into the shadows by closing his eyes and dripping backwards so the light made it appear he had literally melted into it. He then laughed evilly and made the man turn around and run in fear, the memory of his katana fresh in his mind. Then Koji smiled and walked into the same store, looking around with a headband holding his ears down and his tail tucked safely behind his shirt. As he started to look, he noticed an old girl with a hoodie up. It was unusual this early in the year, so he made a point of watching her closely. He almost swore her shirt moved on one occasion, but he was hesitant to tell if she was a neko or not. One thing was for sure, he couldn't afford to draw attention to himself yet, not until later on.
  4. Entering the store, she glanced around to see if anyone had been paying attention, ears slightly moving under her hoodie. She paced around the store a bit, looking for small things she could sneak out. Small strips of beef jerky, some chips, a piece of bread, anything she could find that she could fit either in her pockets or in the side of her boot. She looked around as she slipped her hand into the packages of beef jerky, then going down on one knee, pretending to tie her boot but slipping the package in the side. She glanced down the sides of the isles, hiding behind a shelf a bit. After she got back up, she glanced around, looking at the side of the store, packaged sandwiches on the shelf. After fiddling with the contents of the shelf, moving things around, searching, she attempted to slip a tuna salad sandwich into her pocket, then slowly walking around the store again, hands in her pockets.
  5. Unlike her, he made a point to actually pay for the things he bought. He wasn't good at sneaking things that had price tags on them, so he was more adapt to paying for small things at a time. He was watching the girl, and noticing how subtle she was about her stealing methods. It made him blink and wonder more about her own style as he went ahead and simply bought a few more bags of chips and cereal for the mornings. He needed this badly by now, so he couldn't afford to not go without food. So he stood in line and kept a single eye one her through his peripheral vision, curious.
  6. To attempt to keep her subtlety a bit high, Alison went to one of the shelves, grabbed some stuff, then tossed it back in their original place. She then swiftly left the store, glancing around to see if anyone had been following her, ears slightly moving again. Her handgun was ready though if things had turned for her bad luck and someone had noticed, though she had a feeling her luck wasn't holding up. She wasn't exactly sure of it, but either she had slipped up when sneaking some things or she was just being suspicious. She took one last glance around as she exited the store.
  7. She must have noticed his glare, for the way she left with her gun showed him that he may have been too attentive. He made it to the register and slowly paid for his items in cash so as to avoid any identification checks; the last one had made him go to jail for about a week before he broke out. He smiled to her and nodded, taking his bag and slowly following his way to his own little piece of home in this world. It was a run-down apartment with holes in some sides, but he found one in the center of the ground floor that was safe enough, and dry enough, to house him. He started to walk in that direction, always following the large needle that was stuck into the sky as his guide. He didn't notice the other neko following him on a side route. She wasn't exactly following him though.
  8. After hearing the sound of a police car nearby, Alison quickly shifted over as not to be suspicious. Not bolting into an ally, she just looked up, around a bit, then continued walking. Hopefully she could make it back to the warehouse before anything really got far, so she upped her pace a bit and slowed her glancing around, still looking around every few seconds. There weren't many people who caught her eye, but there was that feeling that her luck today ran out, though she had felt that many times in her life. She took a few long breaths in and out, slightly attempting to calm herself down, ears relaxing a bit, though not much, as she always needed to be on guard. She put her hands in her jacket pocket, close to where her handgun was hidden, just in case someone had spotted her or anything.
  9. Koji went home to his apartment, which, as he knew,was little more than a small rotted room with glass he stole from a Lowes store. He made sure everything was (partially) secure and put his food in the cabinet, then he cleaned his sword off of any dirt or grime. This katana he had taken from a pawn shop and nearly went to jail for, but the sword had helped him get away. Even if he wouldn't kill someone to save his life, it was a valuable tool for intimidation. He looked around and he decided to go out again, for he always needed more food. He sheathed his blade once more and took out a jacket as he started to walk solemnly down the road, his head down and his eyes almost shut, hiding who he really was to the world that would kill him for something he could not control.
  10. A police car quickly pulled up and stopped in front of Alison, parking on the side of the street in front of her, two officers exiting the car. "Shit..." Alison said, quickly turning around, then turning at the street in front of her. She then started running in another direction, yet going to her warehouse. Her hunch was correct, and slightly annoyingly she had taken in the realization that she was slightly reckless in her actions, that was the most likely thing. Hopefully though she wasn't, but at this point all she could do was hope and get ready for a fight.
  11. Hearing the cop cars, Koji's first reaction was to turn around and start running away. But upon realizing they weren't after him, he noticed the girl he had seen from earlier running away at a high speed. She looked exasperated and in fear, and he couldn't let a fellow neko die. He knew now she was neko from the way her shirt bounced on her, which meant she was hiding her wiggling tail under it. He drew his sword and ran after her, running faster than he expected until he was near the site, but he didn't get involved just yet. He wanted to see if she needed the help before he ran in to save her life. After all, some nekos would take offense to that.
  12. After turning the corner, Alison had saw an officer follow, she quickly grabbed her handgun, and quickly fired off four bullets, one hitting him in the leg and the other in the torso. Alison quickly turned back and started running again, turning another corner and beginning to sprint down the street, looking back every few seconds. She then tossed off her hood, there wasn't a point anyway, her ears spiking up.
  13. As the officer came to follow, even if he was shot, the other neko, Koji, was now on the ground and his sword sliced his arm. The man fell over and he looked down before knocking him out with a punch to the jaw. As more followed her, he threw back everything he had on his head and let all his neko feature show, and he wasn't ashamed. He ran forward and impaled a man by the shoulder, another he cut on the leg. He didn't think about it, all he did was stab and react to all of it. He punched and kicked at them, making sure the other neko had time to get away.
  14. "What the..." Alison said as she stopped for a moment, then seeing another neko fighting the rest of the officers that were going after her. She then turned back, starting to run a bit more, firing at some more officers that pulled up ahead. Someone else helping her? Not something she saw often. Slightly thinking she almost didn't notice an officer cross the corner, she premptivly shot him several times. Taking out the first clip, putting it in her pocket, she put another clip into the handgun.
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