The Future is NOW: Laser Guns!

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  1. It's going to be a while yet before we switch out bullets for lasers, but thanks to German laser enthusiast Patrick Priebe, we're one step closer to that goal!


    Built on a commission, Priebe has designed a gun that fires a laser 'pulse' that can punch a hole through a razor blade, plastic, and even scorch wood. While far from lethal, without a doubt could it cause permanent blindness (by actually physically destroying the eye, not that namby-pampy ocular-lens trauma).

    I wonder how long it'll take for this thing to get banned in the States? Additionally, I wonder how long before someone takes this idea, cranks it up to 11, and churns out flesh-piercing laser bolts?
  2. The fucking thing looks like something out of Minority Report.

  3. So it's about the power of a Guardsman's lasgun right now.
  5. Satlasers, stat bitches.
  6. *Prepares an armor suit made out of mirrors* Bring it on! Impenetrable laser defense!
  7. Mirror's don't necessarily work if the laser burns hot enough, but this is still a Guardsman status Lasgun, so you're good.

    Still calling for the satellite lazers.
  9. /me looks for the plans online
  10. Sure hope the US army is keeping up with a random German laser enthusiast.

    Otherwise we're going to end up with Nazis firing lasers while using jetpacks.
  11. America does have jetpacks. Just their 90 second flight time that stops them being practical.
  12. There really aren't any mirrors that can truly deflect a laser weapon. We're talking about a weapon that isn't just light; it's also heat, and other nasty things.

    I'd take this shit if it came in sniper rifle form. Really precise stuff, barely any recoil, should be able to generate enough heat to melt/boil stuff and cause an internal explosion that would kill a man. Not to mention the fact that lasers are quite invisible to the naked eye. You'd have people screaming of burns everywhere, and not knowing where the shots are coming from.

    We'll still need hyper-efficient and cost-effective energy production for lasers or other energy weapons to be widespread, though. Bullets are just easier to make.
  13. [​IMG]

    Also, you don't need a suit of mirrors but an IBA style flak jacket using nonpyrophoric materials similar to that found in the armor plating of the M-1A2SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank. The fact that it doesn't burn like straight steel when hit with HEAT or sabots would negate the destructive power of a sufficiently powered laser.

    Plus whatever is using that laser is a big, bright spot for someone with a thermal imager, say an AC-130H Specter Gunship or an A-10A Warthog.

    And I'd have to agree with Nic. Bullets are easier to mass produce AND Kinetic Weapons are Just Better.



    There you go.
  14. I'm inclined to Agree with Arsenal, No matter how big lasers get, Kinetic weapons can always be more destructive.