The Future Comic Book Movies

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  1. Anyone remember when comic book movies just didn't happen?

    Richard Donner and his Superman films made some headway, but while memorable, they were cheesy and hammy (both of which made Superman I and II my favorite comic book movies ever, but still).

    Then X-Men came out. And there was hope. Oh, it was hokey and the franchise has more holes than swiss cheese and DAMN IT I NEVER GOT MY PHOENIX SAGA out of it. But there was hope that modern audiences were ready for comic books movies.

    And we all know the Dark Knight Saga, the Phase One Marvel Films, etc.

    But all good things must come to an end.

    Are we nearing the zenith of comic book movies? Will it all go down from here? For every good movie, there's some bad misses (Green Lantern, Robocop remake, Constantine...)

    How long will the comic book trend hold out?

    I'll be honest, I think we still got a good decade left in the film business, but that's because I can't see how Marvel's going to fuck up Age of Ultron or Infinity Gauntlet at present. And if Guardians of the Galaxy turns out as awesome as it looks, they could conceivably put out a second Howard the Duck movie and people would flock to see it! (get it? Flock? Ducks? I slay me sometimes!)
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  2. There are plenty of story arcs to incorporate into the big 2 for their respective movies. And they can be utilized in a number of ways, either taking directly from or just the basic structure of a story. Then there's reboots and we all know that Hollywood doesn't wait long on those (i.e. Spiderman), so that's something to consider. Not to mention there's indie comics up the wazoo. I've had many a conversation about what indie comics would make the best movies and/or shows. A Tom Strong movie with tie ins from other ABComics characters? I'd lose it. A Crossed series akin to the Walking Dead television show? I'd throw myself out the window with joy.
  3. If we're talking indie comics, I'd have a nerdgasm seeing Irredemable on the big screen, but to truly appreciate that movie requires a certain level of nerdity and knowledge of superhero shout-outs to begin with. Probably would not be the best material for general audience.
  4. I agree with you there. There are some that definitely need a background the general masses don't have. I think there are some sources that aren't too bad. As I said before, the Crossed would be good because the amount of knowledge you need is equal to the amount you'd need in any general zombie-esque movie. I'd relent that Tom Strong would take with only a small group of people. The rest would just like it for it's flashiness without getting the heart of the movie. Sort of like The Watchmen.
  5. So, since this thread is about the future of comic book movies,predictions on the major marvel movie storyline after age of ultron and what I suspect to ultimately lead to the infinity gauntlet saga?

    Or what lies ahead after the age of apocalypse storyline for the x men?

    Or how many people here are afraid man of steel 2is going to fail because they keep forcing in characters to forces justice league movie?

    Let's hear your opinions!
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