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    • | NAME: |
      Jason Edward Campbell

      | NICKNAMES: |
      Jay, 'Slick'.

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Longhorn County, Texas.

      | SPECIES: |

      | D.O.B.: |
      19 Januari, 1995.

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |
      Straight as a scimitar.

    • | ABILITIES: |

      Jason has been inscribed with three different runes, the original one, a eighteen crossing line, looking like the leatter 'C' over his entire left breast muscle The C-Rune allows him the ability to teleport - to alter space in such a way that it slings him through space almost instantly. Following that, he has another rune inscribed on his spine, lines crossing over his spine in the shape of a staff, allows him to perform impossible feats of physical strength, speed, dexterity and agility. Lastly is the rune on his neck, looking like a messy squiggle of a ancient language going down his right collarbone. This rune is the most important one, as it is what powers him, it feeds of of the negative part of the Vis, The Nox, increasing his power the more heated a fight gets. This rune also allows him to sense the presence of Hellions.

      | SKILLS: |
      Jason is a experienced street fighter, turning trashcans into powerful projectiles and tire irons into practical weapons. While he's been in a lot of fights, he's got little formal training, dropping out of boxing in high school after only two months.

      Jason's natually gifted in geography, able to easily get a idea of where he is at any given moment, he also has a excellent sense of direction.

      He lacks textbook knowledge, as he can't tell you who was the 10th president of the country, but he does possess street smarts. This translates to his skills as a Venari, as he's not much for reading old tomes, but prefers to learn on the job. He's picking up a lot of old versions of modern languages, and is able to read latin and old german almost flawlessly from what studying he has done.

      For being a Novice Venari he's skilled in combat, as well as tracking but lacks a lot of knowledge of weaknesses and strengths of his foes. He's fairly skilled handling a blade, and carries his father's old military issued bayonet knife.

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      Not one for thinking ahead, he's impulsive and impatient, usually portin' first, asking questions later. He's got a nack for landing himself in trouble and taking a beating for it. After intense use of his powers he has to take several days to recuperate, leaving him vulnerable to possible threats.
      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Jason runs out of power quickly if he's not getting harmed in a fight, he only thrives in a fight where he's taking as many punches as he gives. While he can take more punishment than a regular human, he's still very much so mortal, a punch gives him a bruise, a knife makes him bleed and a bullet can kill him.

    • | BACKSTORY: |

      • Born to Bruce and Mary Campbell, a former soldier and a nurse in Longhorn County in Texas.
      • He's the second son of the Campbell's, his older brother, Thomas is 3 year
        s older than him.
      • Jason was a happy child, no traumas, he had a normal childhood
      • Got jealous of his dad's investment in his brother, but Bruce payed little attention to him, he felt like
      • In his tween years he latched out in school, getting into fights and acting up.
      • Starting high school he began getting involved in minor crimes.
      • In his Junior year he got knocked out one night after a street fight, and woke up with a aching pain in his chest, soon finding out he had a mark on his chest, and in the coming weeks he began exploring his ability to teleport.
      • He was sentenced to Juvenile penetentory for 8 months in his senior year after a liqour store hold-up. His father died during the time he was locked up. Devestated, he tried going straight, to be a better man than he had been - to be a man his dad had been proud off.
      • He was approached by the man, one Sage of a ancient order. A Master Venari going by the name "Varjas" whom explained that he was the one who had put the rune on Jason to begin with, for he had the power to become a Venari.
      • Jason's was initiated as a Venari, but before his training could begin properly, having only received three runes, Varjas vanished, leaving Jason alone.
      • Jason has spent the last two years traveling the world, fighting monsters where he can, learning as much as he can and honing his abilities.

    • | NAME: |
      Bellatrix Rose Morgan

      | NICKNAMES: |
      Bella, B
      (Trixie or Trixabell if you wish to annoy her)

      | PLACE OF BIRTH: |
      Salem, Massachusetts

      | SPECIES: |

      | D.O.B.: |
      October 31st, 1995

      | AGE: |

      | SEX: |

      | SEXUALITY: |

    • | ABILITIES: |
      Bellatrix is an adept-level magni. A fierce weaver of chaos magic, she is able to unleash her destructive arcane powers in a variety of ways. Primarily, she tends to release the energy in aggressive blasts, using a variety of techniques depending on the situation. For example, she might unleash a wide, unconcentrated wave of power in order to wipe out many foes at a time. Alternatively, she may fire a barrage of smaller, more focussed bolts in rapid succession to wear away at a specific target. She can also exert control over the energy, using it to erect protective shields or to form a large pair of ethereal, claw-like hands. These hands are much stronger than her own body, and allow her to lift large weights and generally apply strength which she would otherwise lack. Finally, being a mistress of chaos, Bellatrix is able to bring misfortune upon her foes through the conjuring of curses and hexes. Unlike her aggressive magic, which takes the form of fiery red magic crackling with crimson power, Bella is surrounded by shining red runes and glyphs when casting these spells.

      | SKILLS: |
      Bella is very calm-minded; she meditates regularly and practices yoga where she is able. All of this helps to keep her thoughts clear and her decision making sound; whilst she is often considered to be quite reckless, she actually puts a lot of thought into whatever she does. She's reasonably intelligent, a trait of most magni, but lacks the self-discipline. Bella is great at keeping secrets and can be trusted with almost anything, providing she isn't made to feel betrayed. In which case, she is very good at seeking vengeance by exploiting the information she is privy to. Bella is sarcastic and witty, which makes her a fun teammate to have as she is fairly easy to get along with. Bella speaks fluent Latin, which is an incredibly useful skill in the magni world. She is fit and flexible, so is able to move quickly and evasively, but she is by no means athletic or physically strong.

      | LIMITATIONS: |
      Bella's powers are fuelled by chaos; that is, disruptions to order. Whilst there is always a degree of chaos in the air for her to tap into, situations of conflict and disaster are the perfect batteries for her to siphon power from. This makes her a formidable opponent in battle, but much weaker outside of combat. When using the Hands of Balk'ul, she is only capable of feasibly lifting up to a tonne, and for short periods of time. Anything heavier than this brings her a great deal of mental and physical strain, and her movements can often be frantic as she fights to release the weight as soon as possible. Her curses are capable of bringing limitless bad-luck upon victims, but mostly this takes shape as various misfortunes and inconveniences resulting in minor injury. Her curses cannot cause people to die. When conjuring protective shields, she tends to erect fleeting barriers of energy that only remain intact for long enough to protect her from one attack; this avoids straining herself at the cost of prolonged protection. She is able to maintain domes of protection, but at great physical and mental strain and a large drain on her powers. She tries not to rely on this for that reason.

      | WEAKNESSES: |
      Bella is physically inept in situations of combat, and relying on her magick can be both a blessing and a curse. Her powers grow stronger with the level of conflict, and so she can often be a 'slow burner' at the beginning of battles. She is easily overpowered physically which makes her a prime target for kidnapping. She must also have contact with the ground for her powers to work, as otherwise her connection to Balk'ul and the chaotic flux is ruptured; picking her up effectively neutralises her. Bella is mentally quite fragile, and puts a lot of effort into keeping a calm headspace. If she is overwhelmed and unable to maintain clarity of thought, her decisions can become reckless and land her in danger.

    • | BACKSTORY: |
      Bellatrix Rose Morgan is the only remaining heir to the Morgan legacy. A powerful lineage of witches, the family acquired their inherent mastery of chaos magick through cunning deception several hundred years ago. The matriarch at the time convinced the chaos entity Balk'ul to strike a deal with her, using carefully chosen words to lure the spirit into falling into her trap. Now bound to the family's bloodline, Balk'ul would sacrifice his power; existing in eternal servitude to the eldest female of the family, which would become known as the Heir.

      Bella's parents were Elijah and Andromeda Morgan (it was tradition for men married into the family to adopt the Morgan surname), and with her maternal grandparents deceased, Bellatrix' mother was enjoying the powers that came with being the current Heir. The Morgans possessed untold wealth via a competent mix of inheritance and strategic marriage, meaning the family spent a lot of time together in their luxurious manor house. It was important for Andromeda to be at home; for the past several decade, the Morgan Heir had been responsible for the protection and preservation of an ancient artefact, known as the Persite Relic and said to possess untold power.

      Before Bellatrix had even returned home that fateful day, she knew that her life would never be the same again. Something stirred inside her, shifting and rising from its slumber and making her aware of its presence. The rest of that day was a blur: she watched as the flames licked her beloved home, she mourned as the police informed of her parent's demise, and she wondered in the realisation that she was the new Heir to Balk'ul's servitude.

      But unfortunately, the power of chaos magick was all she would inherit: due to an error in her parents' will, the Morgan fortune was on lockdown until proper evidence could be provided. And, since her home had been burned to the ground... Bella had little chance of ever acquiring it. She spent the next few years on the streets, flitting between homelessness and living with distant relatives as she tried to find her place in the world. But something always brought her back to Salem...

      She'd been honing her control of Balk'ul's abilities, and she soon realised that with his gifts she could finally resolve the unfinished business she had here in the city. She was going to find out the motive behind her parent's murder and avenge their deaths. And soon she did: the Persite Relic was never found in the ruins of the blaze, and Bella spent many months tracking it down. If she could just retrieve it, maybe she could reach some sort of closure...

    His hand sliding out of his pocket as he reached for the handle off the door, firmly grasping the cold steel as he pulled it down, hearing the mechanic inside of the door open as he emerged into the room. It was the New York museum of modern arts, that currently had a exhibition on geological art pieces – mysterious minerals included. Pulling his hood over his balaclava clad face, he tightened his leather gloves, gently walking through the museum his black leather shoes tapping gently against the marble floor.

    Making his way to the exhibition he produced a flashlight from his pocket, shining on each of the pieces of modern art, grumbling something about 'abstract art my ass' as he did. Stopping when he heard footsteps approaching – the security. Speeding up his search for his loot, he arrived at the right art number that the black market art dealer had given him. The glass casket it was inside of was painted black with lead, disallowing anyone to see inside of it. The would be thief sighed, using the flashlight to smash the glass – which alarmed the guards, as the two guards began running towards his location.

    Putting away pieces of glass, he quickly found that his search was for naught, as the piece of rock he was looking for wasn't present, only finding a empty monter underneath. “Stop right there!” The guard shouted at him, while the other one was calling the police. “Fellas, fellas, fellas.” He said, holding his hands behind his head, walking backwards towards them. Dropping his flashlight to the floor, and as it hit the floor, he vanished. Appearing in the middle of the two, his hand on their guns, he jerked his arms backwards as hard as he could, throwing the guns out of their hands. “That's no way to treat a visitor” The guard threw a punch at him, and he was gone again, the guard's hand hitting the other guard's flabby stomach “Ow! Jim, you asshole!” He cried. “Oh, shit, sorry Hank! Where the hell did he go?” Hank asked, Jim looking around. The vanishing man stood at the exit, chuckling. “Smell ya'.”

    Hitting the alarm as hard as he could, the reinforced steel bars began coming down in the exhibition room while the alarm cried at a ear shattering volume, and like a mirage, the man was gone again. Appearing on a rooftop a few blocks away. Pulling his hood down, he took off the mask revealing his face, his brown hair getting caught in the wind. He sat down on the roof. “Now what do I' do.” Jason Campbell asked himself, digging a protein bar out of the pocket on his pants, musing over his next move.
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  2. Bellatrix MorganBellatrix looked out over the sea, observing how the waves lapped against the dock she sat upon. The moon hung low in the sky tonight, casting an silvery glisten over each wave that danced through the night. It was soothing for her; listening to the slow rolling and hissing of the waters, moving to their own rhythm whilst the rest of the city slept soundly.

    It was during times like these that the young witch questioned her disdain for Salem; that she was forced to confront herself and ask why she held so much contempt for the city. It had not slain her parents all those moons ago... In fact, it had somehow managed to keep the Morgan family safe throughout history; even in the city's famous witch trials, not a single woman of Morgan blood had been hurt. It was quite miraculous, really... No, the city had done her no wrong.

    As a matter of fact, those whose hands were stained with the blood of her parents no longer lived to tell the tale. Bellatrix had spent many months retracing the past, scrutinising each clue and following any leads until they ran dry. And eventually, she had found them. As it turns out, the murder had only been a secondary act of the night; the cold-hearted killers whom had taken the lives of Bella's parents had primarily been men of thievery, and that was their motive for breaking into the Morgan house that fateful eve.

    They had taken a stone, she had learned. In the final breaths of the men who had burned down her home, they admitted everything: it was a paid job, they had no idea who their client was or why he wanted some dumb rock, but he had offered a substantial amount of money and they had accepted. Perhaps they would have reconsidered that decision, should they have known how it would bring about their end, Bella mused to herself. She was not an evil person; she was a righteous one.

    It turns out that the rock had ended up in the hands of a man named Van Gelder, a man with more wealth than even the Morgans had once boasted, whom lived in a large mansion on the coast. This was why she sat here: watching intently as the beam of the lighthouse swung around dutifully, each rotation casting a brief moment of illumination upon the building.

    This man had something that belong to her, and she had every intention of getting it back. But not yet. Tomorrow was her birthday, and Bella could thing of no better way of celebrating than getting herself something nice from a rich man. She smiled to herself, and rose to her feet as she turned to retreat back into the city.

    There, several feet up the pier, sat a couple in passionate embrace, their lips locked in a lustful display of affection. Bella smiled with venom as she began to move her finger rhythmically, red runes and glyphs materialising in the air around her. Noticing the crimson lights penetrating the night, the couple turned to face her.

    "What the fuck?" called the man, shock in his voice. There was little time to explain, as the glyphs began to appear along the wooden planks of the dock, running right the way up to where the couple sat. There was a loud creaking noise, and the pier gave way completely with an almighty crash, plunging the young couple into the cold waters of the night.

    As the couple splashed around in the sea and began pulling themselves onto land, Bella simply smirked to herself, disappearing into the night in search of a place to lay her head.
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  3. Jason arrived in Salem after noon the following day. Stepping off the brand new motorcycle he rode on, hanging his helmet on the side of the handlebars, his hand went through his hair, his hair falling in his face when his hand was once again by his side. He has stopped outside of the local Coffee Shop, and quickly made his way into it, playfully flirting with the barrista before getting his black coffee. Taking a walk through the area, looking at his phone, he had the map to his destination in place. The Van Gelder estate, that was where his contact had assured him the rock would be.

    Better not be wrong again – or he's going off of the tallest skyscraper I can find Jason mumbled to himself, scoping the area out, looking at the perimeter. They had security cameras and several guards posted outside of the area. It certainly would be tricky for the Texas boy to know what was going on inside. Sipping his coffee as he walked past, glancing at the building behind his rayband sunglasses, heading around the corner to teleport back to his motorcycle. He'd have to find someone who knew the layout of the house. - could give him enough C4 to just break in.

    He would have to come back after dark with a new plan, for now, he'd catch up on his fantasy football while having lunch. He was thinking Thai-Food.
  4. Bellatrix MorganHallowe'en was in the air that night, as the Autumn spirit reached its peak. Children in various guises zig-zagged from house to house, knocking on the doors of strangers and pestering them for candies and small change. As Bellatrix sauntered down a particularly wealthy street, she rolled her eyes at the commercial bullshit that had overtaken both her birthday and her favourite holiday. It seemed that each home on Winchester Row was locked in a battle of festivity, with each pompous household determined to put on the most spectacular Hallowe'en display in the neighbourhood. Each house was adorned with pumpkins, orange candlelight flickering through their carved faces of hellish glee. Cheap, plastic tombstones dotted each lawn, with various ghosts and skeletons hanging from porches and roofs.

    One house in particular had really gone the extra mile, with a small army of mechanical ghouls haunting its driveway. A gaggle of excited children dodged and swerved through the animatronic figures to the front door, where a man dressed as a vampire greeted them in a corny accent and urged them to bob for apples. Bella scowled, flicking a wrist casually in the direction of the house as she passed and sending a flurry of burning red runes through the air.

    The barrel of apples instantly tipped over, bringing all its weight upon the man's foot as it toppled over. The large volume of water flooded out and rushed down the incline of the driveway, soaking all the robotic zombies in its path and causing them to fizz and spark as their motions became staggered and eventually stopped altogether, smoke seeping from their points of articulation.

    Bella stopped briefly as the children screamed, turning over her shoulder to address the man. "Heh," she chuckled, shrugging with nonchalance. "What are the chances?"

    The Van Gelder estate sat a good fifteen minutes walk from the end of Winchester Row, through a portion of woodland and out onto the high coast of Salem. Clearly not in the festive mood, the wrought iron gates of the grounds were firmly locked. Raising her hands in the air, Bellatrix invoked something arcane, summoning a giant pair of fiery red claws. Moving them like some sort of mystic puppeteer, she swiftly ripped the obstacle from its hinges and tossed them into some nearby trees. The claws flickered out of existence with the same swiftness as they had appeared, and Bellatrix proceeded to walk casually down the path.

    Approaching the large doors of the manor, Bella prepared herself. She rattled the golden, gargoyle-shaped knocker daintily, as though she were some kind of visiting salesperson or Jehovah's Witness with a spiritual agenda. Of course, Bella wasn't interested so much in what she had to offer the resident of the stately home, so much as what they had to offer her...

    The doors were opened by a portly butler, who peered his balding head out from within. "What do you want?" he snapped. "The Master isn't home." Bella simply grinned, a flicker of mischievous glee in her eyes.

    "Trick or treat!" she announced, before swiftly sending a contained burst of crimson magick at the servant, propelling him back into the hall. She followed him inside, energy gathering around her right hand as she leaned over him and pulled it back, ready to strike. "Now, I'm only going to ask you this once," she explained bluntly. "Where does the Master keep my rock?"

    The man quivered in response. "I-I don't know, I swear!" he whimpered, as the energy around Bella's fist intensified and she clenched it tighter, growling. "Wa-wait!" he interjected. "W-would it happen to c-cuboid?" he asked, feigning naiveté. Bella's grip on the man loosened as she nodded curtly. "Th-third floor, s-second door on the r-r-right..." he muttered, causing the witch to let go of him entirely and begin walking up the nearby stairs. As she was about half way up, the butler made a run for it, but a single sweep of Bella's hand was enough to neutralise him for the rest of her visit.

    She soon found her way into a display room of sorts, full of plinths and glass cases containing strange and ancient-looking artefacts. As enticing as it was to clear out the whole joint, Bellatrix' visit had a purpose that she would attend to before considering her other options. She waltzed through the room non-chalantly, until her gaze rested on what she'd been looking for. A cuboid of solid grey stone, displayed upon a velvet red cushion and lit beautifully by an arrangement of spotlights. Beneath its glass casing was a golden plaque, upon which the words 'PERSITE RELIC' were engraved in ornate script.

    Bella gently dragged her finger down the glass, runes lighting up as a large crack split along the path of her finger, followed by several others until the casing completely collapsed and shards of shattered glass fell to the floor. There was a moment of anticipation as she looked at the rock, the object of her desires for so long. Now that it was within her grasp, how would her life change? Would the retrieval of this heirloom for which her parents perished really bring her the redemption she sought?

    Deciding against wasting any more time, she carefully reached out, allowing her fingers to gently touch the stone. A loud and sudden cracking noise, like a whip being struck against the earth, disrupted the silence.​
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  5. Jason had finished up lunch at the local bistro, next door to where he parked 'his' bike, reading the newspaper and peering out of the window into the shop, looking at all of the people going in and out of the store. If this had been a different life, he would've thought of ways to help them in anyway possible. He'd save people from muggings, rescue people from fires and get lost kittens from trees with ease. But those were all wants for a different life, not the one he lead - the tattoo on his neck reminded him, pulsating with power. It called on him. He had to get that artifact and follow through with his plan. Reading the paper he could read the stories of the 'Concrete Killer' in New York, a serial killer who's victims were all turned into stone - from the inside out. The stories weren't completely true, you didn't have to lock eyes with one of those things, it was enough for one of them to look at you with their petrifying gaze. Or so his book told him - but with the things he had fought over the last year and a half, the books were mostly always correct.

    With the napkin he dabbed his face clean of the steak sauce on his lip, putting his fork down onto the ceramic plate. Paying his tab and walking out. His hand in the pocket of his leather jacket, he pulled out his balaclava, putting it on his head like a beanie, he walked the streets, waiting for the guards to change their shifts at the mansion. And in the meantime, he was enjoying cheap candy and the yoga-panted college students of the area, getting their seasonal coffee drinks.


    Nightfall came, the trick or treaters roamed the streets, most of them looked like they were way too old to be dressing up like spacemen, but too young to dress up as stripper cops. He made his way towards the mansion when he saw that the guards moved away from the gates, and just moments later, a young girl looking like she was dressing as a vampire for the holiday heading towards the gates. Was she looking for candy? Maybe a girlfriend of the guy who owned the place. Kinky bastard. Jason thought, before his trail of thought went off the rails when the girl tore the gates off of their hinges, and then assaulted the Butler. Had he been most others, he would've intervened, helped the underpowered man, but he was intrigued.

    Was she a monster in disguise? A hyperhuman? Or was she a user of the arcane arts? But she didn't seem to be a regular Magni, either. There was something special about her. Jason followed behind, pulling his balaclava over his face, sneaking a good ten meters behind her, making sure his steps didn't give off a sound. Once she headed into the room where the artifacts were held, Jason peered into the room, seeing the reinforced glass case - 'Gonna need a bit of boom for tha- nevermind then' as the case was blown to pieces. He heard footsteps from behind, armed guards.

    The girl was heading for the Rock that was Jason's price, and from where he stood, he vanished, appearing on the other side of the rock from the girl. His hand stretching out onto the rock. "Sorry sweetcheeks." Jason said with a grin, before he vanished with a crack, just as the guards came around the corner, firing a hail of bullets at his previous location. He came into existence in a hotel room in Hell's Kitchen, New York. Where he was sent to the ground, the artifact in hand. Surprised, he scrambled to his feet, seeing the girl on the other side of the room. "Well, fuck. That happened." using his free hand to pull off the cloth on his face.
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  6. Bellatrix Morgan"Sorry, sweetcheeks", came the voice of man who suddenly appeared before her, as if from thin air. He smirked coyly, before snatching at the rock. Before Bella had any time to react, her gut twisted into a knot as the room seemed to spin and shift somehow, too quickly for her to pinpoint exactly what was happening as she found herself thrown into an indeterminate piece of furniture, banging her head. Groggily, she rubbed the back of her skull and checked her fingers for blood; it seemed she was uninjured, aside from feeling as though she might pass out at any minute. Whatever happened, it had fucked with her balance and caused her legs to tremble as she pulled herself to her feet.

    "Well fuck, that happened." came the same voice. She darted her eyes over to its source, and gasped: she was in a completely different room than the one she had been in mere seconds ago. No longer was she in a dimly lit display room... She was in a warm, nicely furnished abode. She soon deduced it was a hotel room by the towels on the bed, partnered with small chocolates wrapped in foil, and various signages around the room confirmed her suspicions. It was not difficult for Bella to realise what had happened; just as this man had popped out of nowhere back at the Van Gelder estate, now he had popped here... Wherever here was. And he'd taken her with him.

    Her eyes burned red as she quickly summoned the hands of Balk'ul, manoeuvring them in such a way that one was able to snatch the Persite Relic from the man's hand whilst the other gripped him tightly, pinning the stranger against the wall. "Not so fast, speedy," she said, smiling as the rock was placed in her real hand by that of the chaos entity bound to her. "I know not who you are, nor why you brought me here." she addressed him, tightening her grip on the man. "But I do know that I do not take kindly to thievery."

    Despite her confidence, Bellatrix was mildly concerned; primarily because she didn't know where she was. She could be anywhere in the world; she knew not what this man was capable of... How would she get home? She certainly didn't trust him to return her safely, so asking nicely for a lift back was wholly out of the question. It was at this moment that she realised she had to leave and find out where she was. "I'm outta here." she spat, releasing her mystical grip on the man and turning to leave the room.
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  7. The girl gasped upon seeing him - not the reaction he was looking for from most women. She quickly darted up, and before Jason had a chance to explain himself he found himself pinned to the wall by the same claw he had seen her use to tear off the gates back in Salem. Sure, he could have moved out of the way by teleporting behind her, but that wasn't so interesting. Jason grunted when she took the relic from him and it landed in her grip, and he was released from her capture she smiled a devilish grin, and Jason couldn't help but smile back. "I know not who you are, nor why you brought me here." said the woman and Jason chuckled "Well, that was purely an accident, miss." He assured her - he didn't wanna come off as some superhuman kidnapping freak, that's more of his brother's shtick.

    Still pinned against the wall, she was heading towards the door and then he raised his voice. "Now, I wouldn't open that door. You probably guessed that I can move from place to place pretty fuckin' quick. Well. This room is in the middle of nowhere, in a underground bunker surrounded by water. That door won't open, and if you open it, you'll drown. What about me? Well, honey, I'll be at a beach in Mexico drinking Gin and Tonic before your lungs fill with water." Jason told her, he was quite convincing when he had to be, but he really couldn't let her leave, certainly not with the relic, but he wasn't gonna fight. And certainly not a girl that pretty. He had to convince her to hand him back the stone.

    "So, unless you wanna die a terrible death - which, judging by your appearance, might not be out of character. You can get out of this alive and well by hearing me out, five minutes, tops." Jason explained, vanishing from her grip, appearing in the bathroom doorway on her left the crackling sound drawing her attention. "It's your call sweetcheeks."
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  8. Bellatrix MorganBella paused instantly, her outstretched palm hovering over the door handle frozen midair. She had apparently been mere seconds away from bringing about her own certain death, should this man be believed. But of course, Bellatrix had never been the most trusting type in the first place and, of those whom she did afford some faith, 'People Who Have Kidnapped Me' ranked fairly low on the list. She turned to face him once more as he requested her attention, scanning the room as she did. Yes, she thought to herself, noting the clues she'd spotted earlier that suggested she was in a hotel room. Doing her best to not appear suspicious, she eyed one of the towels on the bed and was able to make out the embroidered lettering reading Hudson New York.

    Fucking New York? she cursed internally, but did her best to appear calm. How was she going to escape from this nutjob in fucking New York? She didn't even want to think about how she'd get back to Salem with no money. But then she thought, perhaps he'd done this before... Perhaps the room was designed to resemble a hotel, in order to ensure the fate of those who dare open the door. Bella was smarter than that... Resigned to her fate, she addressed her captor with a look of hatred on her face; the kind a child might give their father in reluctant obedience.

    "Fine," she said. "I'm all ears. But keep in mind that you're not the only punk with tricks up their sleeve." she warned him with seriousness. "You try any funny business, they'll be scraping what's left of you off the ceiling." As she made her threat, it seemed for a fleeting second that her eyes flickered with something otherwordly, perhaps as some warning from the other side that Bellatrix meant every word.

    "What do you want?"
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  9. Jason's eyes narrowed as he saw her hand touch the handle. Would she believe him or would she see through his ruse. For a moment he held his breath, his facade never breaking, it was just like the nights he had played Poker in Vegas and he had won the game with a pair of two's. His face remained cool and relaxed, not letting his clam go to waste. He could see how the wheels inside of her pretty head were spinning, untill the words of his relief came "Fine" She voiced, met with a grin. She threatened him with death That usually only happens after the third date. The young man thought. Walking past her, his shoulder brushing against her as he headed to the door, he lingered for a moment, his hand pressing on the door handle "First off -" he began as the heavier fireproof door swung open, revealing the corridor on the other side. "I'm not dangerous, and I only hurt those that deserve it. And so far, you don't seem like that much trouble."

    "As for what I want? I want a million things. I'd like to run for office one day, maybe have my own automobile shop, I'd like to have a billion dollars in my bank account, a cold drink and a big breasted brazillian girl on my arm - a new Corvette and a fine tuned Supra. Not to mention world peace and a beer." He began, motioning for her to leave the room, and as she did, he put his hand against her arm and the two of them were moved to a whole other area. It was a theatre in Queens, it was automated and currently empty of people. It was showing The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton as the two of them appeared in the middle of the theatre. as if they hadn't moved to another part of town in less than a second, Jason continued. "But for now, I'd like to borrow that rock you cling to so dearly. I may look like a no good loser - which isn't wrong - I'm the only thing stopping the death of countless innocent people, but I need the stupid rock to do it." Explaining himself, he sat down, looking at the screen, hit feet being put up on the row of chairs next to him, his legs crossed.

    "You know, I'm not one for cartoons other than Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny always made me laugh. But this one? This one I like." Thinking back to one of his few really good memories back home in Texas, his hazel eyes moved back up towards the girl "So, you wanna turn me into a stain on the carpet now, or after I've saved lives?"
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  10. Bellatrix MorganBellatrix almost had time to vent her frustrations at being deceived, were it not for that dreaded feeling as for a fleeting second the space around her warped and reformed as something else entirely. Thankfully, she seemed to have been transported to a chair, so she was able to adjust more quickly and gather her bearings; but the nausea was unforgiving, and the already pale girl felt washed out by the ordeal.

    "Is a consent a foreign concept to you?" she hissed sourly, clinging to the arm of the chair as she suppressed whatever was stirring inside her stomach.

    As the man revealed what he wanted, Bellatrix scolded herself for not seeing the obvious. Of course he wanted the damn rock, she thought to herself. He'd stalked her into the Van Gelder place, and after whisking her away she'd had to pry it from his grip. She felt stupid for even asking. But this answer only prompted another question: why did he want it? Bella remained silent as he spoke to her, not looking in his direction as she watched the familiar movie play out before her; Jack Skellington's long, spidery limbs casting shadows over the silverscreen. He recited a short speech about requiring the stone in order to save lives; and whilst she didn't respond immediately it sent the wheels of her mind turning...

    "You know, I'm not one for cartoons. Other than Looney Tunes; Bugs Bunny always made me laugh." he said, somewhat out of the blue. It was perhaps an ice-breaker in response to Bella's drawn out silence regarding his needing the rock. "But this one? This one I like."

    She didn't take her eyes off the screen, and remained quiet for another brief moment before finally speaking.

    "It's hardly the best Hallowe'en movie," she said, her voice adopting a forced casual tone. "I've always been more of a Hocus Pocus kinda girl. My folks would always let me pick the Hallowe'en movie; birthday girl's choice, they said. They always knew which one I'd pick, but they let me anyway." Her tone remained emotionally cold as she spoke, fighting not to stir up any of the feelings she had learned not to address. "Of course, it's been a while since we watched any movies together."

    She paused. She rarely had conversations with people at all nowadays, nevermind ones about her dead parents - and with a complete stranger, no less. It took every effort for her emotional doors to remain closed; but she managed to remain stiff and unfeeling as she placed the rock in the man's lap, not moving her eyes from the screen. "I know a thing or two about innocent people dying." she concluded, opting to say no more about the situation.

    After taking a moment to compose herself, her attitude became an air of professionalism; like a businesswoman driving a hard sale. "I don't know what it does, but it was my mom's and she protected it 'til the end. I expect it back - and in the condition it was given to you in, no less. I'm telling you, I see one scratch on that thing and you're finished." she said, realising as she spoke that she didn't trust this man enough to return the heirloom to her at all, nevermind take care of it how her mother had. She reasoned there was but one thing to do. "And to make sure of that, I'm sticking around 'til you're done."

    Silence ensued briefly, before she turned to face him. "I'm Bella, by the way."
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  11. He chuckled upon hearing her ask if he ever asked before teleporting, the question really answered itself. "I've always been more of a Hocus Pocus kinda girl. My folks would always let me pick the Hallowe'en movie; birthday girl's choice, they said. They always knew which one I'd pick, but they let me anyway." Jason chuckled, "Your birthday today, huh? Well, congratulations are in order then, I suppose. " Jason began, before she mentioned something about her family. "Yeah, it's been a while since I had that opportunity, too. Being a street urchin is a lot less family friendly than Oliver Twist let me believe." He too, chose not to dive into the subject further, he recognized the look the girl had on her face when she talked about her family, he had seen it before in the mirror.

    She got soft for a moment, like there was a chink in her armor. Jason looked over at her, and at a moment's notice, she picked herself up and began spewing orders again. She wanted to know what the artifact was used for - fair enough. But she wanted to come with? That would be dangerous, to say the least. He pondered for a moment, before scoffing. "What I do is dangerous, I won't be responsible for your safety." He began, extending his hand over the armrest. "When you're not calling me an asshole, you can call me Jason." Shaking her hand, he dug into his phone. Getting out a iPhone 5S with a Hello Kitty case on it. He chuckled when he noticed the case "Damn, didn't see this yesterday." He said, with a grin. Unlocking the phone, he plugged in a micro USB-stick he carried in his pocket, and instantly the phone booted up a different Operative System and files began popping up on the handheld computer.

    "I'm sure you're familiar with the concept of monsters, demons, and things that go bump in the night, you do use magic, after all. So it's no surprise when I tell you that they're real. All of it - well almost, big foot's a hoax." On the phone were files regarding the ancient myths of the Medusa and how her head had been cut off, as well as footage of people being turned into stone on video after meeting with a hooded woman. "No, it isn't the real Medusa - it's one of her children. Yeah, the old greeks didn't wanna cause more panic, so they kind of left that out. Her children are just as strong, but they don't have to have eye contact with you. They just have to look at you hard enough - and that rock is going to make sure I don't end up being the most handsome statue on New York's streets." Jason explained, he expected her to ask him why he felt like he should do this - or how he could do what he did - or why he knew all of this, and the easiest thing was just to show her.

    Pulling his shirt down, showing the dimly glowing tattoo on the side of his neck, the tattoo glow was pulsating, like it was reacting to his heartbeat. Pointing to the edge of his visible skin, the top end of his chest rune showing. "These are powerful magical runes, that allows energy to flow into them and through my body, allowing me to do certain things. I have one on my back, too. Depending on how well read you are in the world of mysticism, it might mean something to you - I'm a Venari. And if it means nothing to you, that basically means that I hunt and kill things like Miss Petrifying here." Pointing to the phone, shifting his shirt back in place.

    "I showed you mine, your turn." He said with a smug grin, looking at the big screen for a moment, his grin turned into a sincere smile.
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  12. Bellatrix MorganBella smiled meekly as the man wished her a happy birthday, and revealed that he too lived a life on the streets. It seemed the two of them shared more than was first evident, and they both chose to remain respectful of each others privacy despite it being quite clear what their histories entailed.

    "Being a street urchin is a lot less family friendly than Oliver Twist let me believe." he half-joked.

    "You can say that again," Bella replied. "That smug little bitch Annie had me thinking some billionaire was gonna swoop in and love me like his own!" she laughed, for hers was entirely a joke. She had never wished for anyone to even try and look after her, and she pitied the fool that would try. She was quite a force to be reckoned with. He introduced himself as Jason, to which she nodded in understanding as he whipped out a smart phone and complained about the Hello Kitty casing. "Oh sure," she said sarcastically in responses to his claims it surprised him, flashing him a mischievous smirk.

    He began to show her videos, quite horrifying in nature, as he explained the history of the gorgons and the evil powers they possessed. That was where the stone came in; the Persite Relic, as it was formally known, would apparently protect the wielder from this petrifying gaze. All the while, Bella nodded in confirmation as Jason showed her various files and narrated the visuals, though remained quiet in order to allow him to explain. She had forced herself upon this task, which had been more greater and more noble than she had expected, and if she expected to see it through to the other side then she had to fully understand what she had gotten herself into.

    "Y'know, if you had said this back at the hotel room and said please, I'd have leant you the relic with much less fuss." she teased, watching as another couple entered the room, causing Jason to shut off his mobile device at once. They passed Jason and Bella and headed to the back of the auditorium, where they swiftly began to make out. They were fortunate enough to be far enough away (and too interested in each other) to interrupt the conversation between the two, as Jason began to explain where his powers came from. Bella had not heard of the Venari, but she knew the nature of rune magic and was vaguely able to decipher the rune on the man's chest, whilst the inscription on his neck remained foreign. "Traveler," she said, gently placing her hand on the chest-rune in a moment of awe, before chuckling to herself as she realised the connection. "Heh. Makes sense."

    "I showed you mine," he grinned back, seeming to revel in the sexual innuendo. "Your turn."

    Bellatrix blushed ever-so-slightly. "Well, I'm sort of your standard witch." she said, meaning every word of her modest. "I mean, it seems you're comfortable with technical terms, so I guess you'd call me a chaos magni, or something to that effect. I'm the heir to my family's power, which essentially involves the exploitation of a chaotic entity called Balk'ul." she explained, doing her best to summarise where her power stemmed from without boring Jason. "Apparently, old Balk'ul was causing trouble a couple centuries back, and an ancestor of mine tricked the fucker into an eternity of servitude." she mused. "You'd think ageless forces of power would be smarter than that, huh?"

    "As for what I can do... There's a few things, mostly destructive..." she said, the way her voice trailed off suggesting that a good reason to be scared of her was that she feared herself. "But it can be fun too," she said, repairing the situation. "I can influence chance and cause a chaotic imbalance," she said, before realising that was quite vague. She swiftly locked her gaze onto the lustful couple at the rear of the cinema, whom currently seemed a little too close for public legality, with the boy's fingers lost somewhere in the girl's underwear. She smirked to herself at the perfect opportunity as she waved her fingers in their direction, runes of chaos lighting up in a circle around her hand.

    The glyphs unravelled from their ring and silently flew over to the couple, encircling them before sinking into their surrounding and vanishing. Instantly, a crude and embarrassing noise escaped the girl's nether region, followed by remarks of disgust from her lover. He pulled his hand from her panties, but before he could react further his seat folded in on itself, squishing him between the cushions and sending the slushie in the arm rest pouring all over the girl's lap, who screamed out as the frozen beverage soaked her dress. As she stood up, she tripped over her own feet and toppled over the chair in front of her, landing in an ungraceful heap in the next row.

    Bella grinned wickedly, refocussing her attention to Jason. "Essentially, I can cause bad luck."
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  13. "Don't sass me." He chuckled when he heard her joke about the case. "Y'know, if you had said this back at the hotel room and said please, I'd have leant you the relic with much less fuss." she teased, Jason scoffed. "And miss out on making you question if I was going to kill you or not? No way." He joke. then the other couple came in, and he could see how Bella's playful expression turned into a pout.

    Jason smiled when she felt his chest, her hand grazing the mark on his skin. She understood what the rune meant - Jason only knew what it meant because he had been told what it meant years ago.
    "Uh, yeah - Traveler, though I think it's technically meant to mean Nomad." Jason nodded with a sheepish grin. Jason was quick to turn off the gorgon-snuff movie on his phone. A soft smile was on his face when he saw the girl blush at his innuendo, he listened intently at her explaining the origins of her powers - she was a witch, like Jason had suspected but she wasn't a regular Magni. She had a twist to her magic.

    "Trapping powerful entities? Sounds to me like your family could've made fins monster-hunters, too." He remarked, quitely enough that the couple making out could not hear his words - not that they would believe him, anyway. "You know, I think about that. Most really old monsters and creatures really aren't that smart. I think they're senile." His quip was interrupted by Bella's demonstration of her powers, the glyphs flew through the air and landed on the couple, and quickly misfortune occured and their date was ruined. Jason let out a sensible chuckle. "And here I have been making my own luck my entire life and you can pull that. Remind me not to piss you off further - I mean, beyond stealing from you and kidnapping you..." He said, the movie coming to a close and Jason grinned.

    "Wanna get out of here? I have to restock before taking on the Gorgon." The young man mentioned as they were once again left alone in the theater.


    Central Park;

    Two people were walking down the street, a man and a woman - in their late 60's. The man was holding his wife's hand and they were looking at each with love in their eyes - the same love they had felt back in high school when they were teenagers. The two were Mr and Mrs. Jones, Mark Jones was a teacher at the local high school, and Eva Jones was a former Nurse whom had now retired due to issues with her wrists, preventing her from doing the job she loved. Tonight was their 45th anniversary, and they were celebrating it with a walk around the city, just like they had done on their first date so many years ago. They had seen the city in all of it's phases - they had seen it be beautiful, and they had seen it be down the shitter, the loved it none the less, and tonights walk was going just like all the others - it had been absolutely wonderful.

    Well - till they bumped into a figure with a leather jacket and a hood over their face, the female form let out a hiss, as Mark turned around to apologize, he was met with the sight of nightmares, as the hood came off of the stranger, her eyes burning stare turned the man into stone, his wife was shocked but let out a cry that was cut short as her vocal chords turned to stone, and so, two screaming statues appeared in the middle of New York, and the monster had gotten another couple notches on her belt, the snakes on top of her head hissed as she pulled her hood back up.
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  14. Bellatrix MorganThe fleeting moment of nausea was becoming a little too familiar to Bella in the time since she'd met Jason, her feet whisked from under her as her stomach span like she was on some sort of hellish fairground ride. As she adjusted to their new surroundings, she looked around and tried to absorb the environment. It was difficult; she'd never been to New York City before, but even she recognised the spreads of greenery and rock, dotted with picturesque bridges, statues and floral arrangements: Central Park.

    Bellatrix chuckled to herself. Her big plans for her birthday had largely consisted of retrieving what was rightfully hers from the Van Gelder estate; in the time since, she'd been kidnapped and held hostage, then watched a movie with her captor and willingly given him the Persite Relic. It was funny how fate worked, she mused, finding herself here in this landmark after a quick pitstop at another obscure hotel room Jason was apparently using as a bolthole. Even their purpose tickled her: most guys would bring a girl out here to advance bases, she imagined, but yet here they were in search of Gorgons to slay.

    "So, Mr. Venari," she said, stressing the term sarcastically. "How'd you get into the biz?" she asked, inquisitively. "I mean, I get the whole 'saving innocent lives' thing. But there's a buncha ways to save people without going face-to-face with Medusa's grandkid. Couldn't you be like, a firefighter or something?" she suggested as they walked through Central Park, before considering his powers. "I can't say I've ever heard of you." she said, somewhat apologetically. "You're not obviously wealthy, you're not famed. What's in it for you? I see some of those hero-types on the news; vigilantes concerned with drug lords and such... They seem to have a much better deal." she trailed off, as they came to a clearing, in which two stone figures were portrayed screaming in terror.

    She gulped as they stopped in their tracks. "All I'm saying is that... The risk doesn't seem to warrant the reward."
  15. Jason had moved the two of them into the rundown motel room outside of town, where he had put on his Kevlar vest to protect both himself and his runes, as well as picked up his dad's combat knife. Putting on his hoodie and his leather jacket, Jason shoved the sheathed blade into the jacket. Lacing up his boots, he grinned at the girl whom was still not used to being transported in a inconceivably fast time. Jason moved the two of them to Central Park, where the 'tracker' he kept on his phone let him know that the Gorgon had attacked again, and that the police were investigating the crime scene - still not sure what to make of the statues. Central Park was beautiful in the fall, the leaves were in more colors than you could count everything from forest green to searing red, on the other side from the scene, there was plenty of couples walking together, some in Halloween costumes - and some filled with Halloween booze. Jason smiled, as he folded his arm to his side, for Bella to grab onto.
    "Don't want to attract attention - after all." Grinning the two of them kept on walking, his posture stiffer than usual, showing that he was on high-alert.

    She asked him how he had gotten into the business, and he chuckled. "It's sort of a family thing. My dad was a soldier.. And my brother, he.. He's special. He helps people, too. I got into trouble as a kid - Yeah, I know, I can't believe it either. But after my last run into Juvie, something happened to me. I was brought into this 'mystical world' that others seem to ignore. I got my abilities, and a path. I just had to decide if I wanted to take it, or keep being a jackass. As you may have noticed - I chose to do both." The young man began explaining, listening to her words made him reminisce back home. To the times he had snuck into the barn to see what Thomas and their father, Bruce, was up to. It was a bittersweet memory - he was 12 years old, playing in the hay looking down while Thomas and Bruce talked, and in the next moment their father struck Thomas in the face as the younger brother had stumbled backwards. He could hear how Bruce taunted him, telling him to try harder. The two broke into a fight - or so Jason thought - but he soon realized they were sparring, they were training. Why? Why did Bruce teach Thomas how to fight? Thomas was a mild-mannered guy who had only ever hit a guy once as far as Jason knew, and that was when they were kids and Liam Graham stole Jason's bicycle and Thomas punched him in the face to get it back.

    Of course - in the the time following Jason's intrusion, he would find out just why Thomas was so special, why they were fighting in the barn, and it all started to make sense for the younger Campbell. The rest of her questions kept driving the point across. Now, he had all of these gifts, but he was still operating from the dark to help those that walk the light. He knew that one day, his brother wouldn't need to hide behind a mask while saving a runaway train - or when he stops a bank robbery , puts out a fire or saves a kitten from a tree. "Couldn't you be like, a firefighter or something?" She asked, and it drew Jason out of his thoughts, with a chuckle. "My dad was a police detective. He probably would have killed me if I'd become a firefighter." Laughing, he heard her other questions. It was true - Thomas and his friends did have a 'sweeter deal' than he did, and it wasn't the first time he had thought like this. But when she asked him what was in it for him, his face cracked into a smile.

    "You mean besides 'rescuing' damsels and 'borrowing' ancient relics - like a X-men Indiana Jones? Heh. No, there's really nothing it this for me." He finished, as the two of them came up on the police perimeter. "All I'm saying is that... The risk doesn't seem to warrant the reward." Jason shrugged. "But if I don't do it, it's not gonna get done." He said, patting himself on the side of his jacket, where the relic laid. The rune on his neck was pulsating under his shirt, the tattoo glowing softly onto his neck "All right, I can feel her. Stay behind me - we only have one relic, and I'd rather you stay alive." Jason told her, walking away from the police, further into the park where screaming could be heard, his pace picked up into a sprint, and once he could see where the screams came from, he vanished with a crackling sound.


    There were no statues, only two scared teenagers running from the feminine figure, screaming things like 'freak' and 'monster'. The Venari walked up behind the woman - standing on the small bridge, grabbing the bayonet out of his pocket - the 16 inch long steel blade sliding out of it's sheath, twirling in his fingers. The Gorgon laid eyes on him and hissed, her eyes lighting up with a freakish green light and a pleased grin from under her hood as the snakes erupted and hissed, breaking the fabric. Their amusement died down when they found the young man still standing there - flesh , not stone. "H-How?!" The woman shouted, as he grinned. " I got insurance, now die!" Jason shouted, the rune in his spine flaring up under his clothes as he propelled himself forward in a singular leap, rolling under the gorgon, he slashed her upwards in the ribs, purple blood sprouting over him as the beast hissed, Jason coming behind her and slashing her in the back, she turned around and hit him with the back of her hand, sending him over the railing - But he never hit the water.

    Skidding on the grass behind the bridge, Jason grunted, as the Gorgon cried from her wounds. "Curse you human!" She shouted, the form changing and in a moment - there stood the top-half of a woman, and the bottom half of a snake. Jason grunted.

    "Fuckin' course, she'd have to be a Lamia Hybrid." He cursed, the monster heading towards him while he was climbing back onto his feet.
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  16. Bellatrix MorganBellatrix was apprehensive as the pair approached the sound of the screams, but fortunately the teenagers being terrorized by the hooded figure were very much mobile; it seemed the Gorgon had spared them of her petrifying gaze for now. Jason seemed unwilling to give her chance to change her mind, as he confronted her head on.

    The beastly woman summoned an aura of green light as her serptentine hair writhed wildly, disrobing her head of the hood that had previously contained her hideous figures. She seemed shocked that her powers were ineffective against the Venari... The Persite Relic.

    Within seconds, Jason was darting through the air; slipping out of existence and reappearing in an instant elsewhere, disorienting the Gorgon as he proceeded to slash her body in several places, deep purple blood begin to leak from the deep wounds in her thick skin. Jason suffered a blow, but was fast to recover and Bella assumed he was OK; that was, of course, before the bottom half of the woman twisted and snapped violently, fusing together to become a long, thick tail.

    Bellatrix sighed. There was always a catch.

    Rapidly, the snake-woman lunged for Jason with an increased strength brought by her muscular new tail. Acting without thinking, it took Bella but a second to invoke the Hands of Balk'ul, grabbing the snake in her supernatural grip and launching her a considerable distance into a pool of water Jason had only narrowly avoided.

    As the beast resurfaced, Bella swiped with her right hand, leaving four long gashes down the side of the Gorgon's long body that soon turned the pool a muddy purple. Bella gulped; now, the Gorgon's sights were set upon her, and the relic was in the hands of Jason...

    Jason groaned as the Gorgon charged at him, it was about to strike - and he was about to move out of the way. But he didn't have to, as the magical claws appeared and slung the monster into the water, hard enough to cause a big splash, splashing water up onto the bridge. The beast rose from the water and her eyes were shining green as she hissed "DIE!" At the girl. Jason moved quickly and vanished as soon as he saw the Gorgon, standing next to Bella, the Persite Relic in one hand, and his hand on Bella's face, closing her eyes. The gorgon let out a annoyed hiss, charging at the two again.Jason put the relic in her hand,

    He vanished back to where he had been previously, picking up his knife as it stuck up from the grass. On the bench behind him he found a bottle of vodka, a smile appeared on his face. "Thanks, Hobos of New York." Grabbing the bottle, he quickly soaked his steel blade in it, mumbling a low-level magical incantation as he did, one of the few things Varjas had taught him. Producing his lighter from his pocket, he lit the blade of the knife on fire.

    Bellatrix MorganJason had a habit of moving quickly, and before Bella knew it she held the age-old Persite Relic in her hands, and her ally was gone in a blink. Typical, she cursed to herself as the Gorgon drew nearer. I lend him the artefact he needs, and he gives it back to me and flits off. Now what am I supposed to d--

    Her thought process was interrupted as she was knocked sideways by the Gorgon's tail, landing with some force on the grass a short stretch away. Within seconds, the Gorgon was looming over her; survival instincts kicked in, and Bella released a violent burst of crimson energy that propelled the snake-creature away from her.

    Struggling to her feet, she was soon dragged back to the ground as the Gorgon wrapped its tail around her ankle. There was a fleeting second where Bella questioned whether all the monsters Jason hunted were this persistent, but the sensation of her forehead being dragged along concrete was enough to snap her back to the task at hand.

    Turning over, the Gorgon seemed ready to strike, rearing its ugly head to bring an end to Bella. Desperately, she clutched the relic... Only to find it gone. A quick glance across the walkway revealed the stone block discarded on the lawn.

    The fading flame wouuld only last a short time, thus, Jason leapt up the tree, quickly climbing from branch to branch, jumping and gaining as much momentum as he could and right before he would hit the ground.. He was gone.

    Coming in above Bella, Jason swung the knife at the gorgon, the searingly hot blade striking her face, taking out both of her eyes as she hissed in pain, holding her face. Jason rolled on the ground behind the gorgon, she whipped with her tail and caught him in the ribs, sending him skidding into a lamp post.

    Bellatrix MorganOvercome with relief as Jason blinded their foe, Bella quickly got to her feet and began muttering under her breath, conjuring Balk'ul's power as Jason was sent skidding along the ground.

    "Hoc'em es fini'itum!" she cursed, in a language not even she knew. The words were drawn from somewhere else, some deep recess in the abyss from where her power came. Her eyes and hands alight with red ferocity, a circular signet formed on the ground, containing the Gorgon in a ring of power. Runes and glyphs wrote themselves rapidly around the sigil, fusing it with magick foreign to this world as the power within the mark grew.

    "Au'tem!" she roared, a pillar of blood-red light exploding upwards from the sigil and launching the Gorgon into the skies before the spell's symbol began to fade away. A few seconds later, the writhing snake-creature fell back to the earth; the sickening sound of bone meeting concrete breaking the tense silence as deep purple blood began to pool around her body.

    Scrambling back to his feet, Jason saw how Bella demolished the Gorgon, sent her into the sky and back down. He scoffed, vanishing from where he laid, appearing but a moment later, fire-axe in hand. With one swift swing he cut off the monster's head, the snakes hissed as the squirmed on the floor till they eventually gave out and the beast was finally dead. Jason let go of the axe and dug into his pocket, getting out the box of matches. "Aftor de mortem firo." He mumbled, liting a match on fire - and then the entire box. As he threw it on the gorgon's body, it quickly burst into flame and quickly turned to ashes. Leaving only the head. He produced a black trash bag grabbed the head by the dead snakes, dropping it in the bag.

    Walking over to Bella, trashbag in hand, he bowed down and picked up the Persite Relic, and handed it to her again. "Told you I'd give it back. Thanks." Jason said, looking for a fitting garbage dumpster or trash can to drop the head in.

    Bellatrix MorganAs the beheaded corpse of the beast burned away to ash, Jason placed the undamaged Relic back in her grip. "Told you I'd give it back," he said, seeming relatively unphased regarding their victory. "Thanks."

    For a moment, Bella was stunned. She felt the graze on her head delicately, wincing at the sting of the wound. Thankfully it wasn't serious; she was sure she'd figure out a magical way to rid her skin of the dark mark... In the worst case scenario, her concealer could be pretty fucking magical. She looked at Jason, as he looked around the park holding the head of a slain Gorgon in a trashbag. He looked rather disinterested in celebrating... Disinterested in her.

    "So, uh..." Bella said, struggling with the awkwardness. "I guess we're done here... What's next?"

    Elsewhere, in Salem...
    "You idiots!" Van Gelder yelled, his shimmering deep purple robe glistening as its gold filigree accents passed through the light. "How could you let this happen?" he cursed, swatting one of his minions away with his hand. The punched man did not retaliate; merely getting back into line with his comrades.

    Before the men could answer, Van Gelder was speaking once more. "It matters not," he cursed under his breath, feeling the shimmering purple amulet in his hand. "The Stone of Seeking hums to me." he said, as the item of jewellery did indeed buzz slightly in his grip. "The Persite Relic has been activated in New York... Return it to me... Now!" he screamed, as the five men dressed in black scurried into action.

    "And, boys," he called after them. "For your sake... Do not fail me. Return with the Relic, or not at all."

    A tense silence followed, as for a brief moment all was still, before one of the men spoke up.

    "Yes, father."
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  17. Jason found a garbage can where he dropped the bag in, before vanishing, appearing next to Bella, as she asked him what they were going to do now. "I was thinking we need to take a couple of minutes to relax. You know, drink a couple of bears and eat a couple of burgers in a cozy hotel room. I don't sense anymore monsters around, so I got time to relax. Besides, pretty sure I got a couple of bruised ribs." Jason noted, wincing as he held his side. Grinning in pain. "I saw you get hit, you okay?" He asked, genuinely concerned for the young girl. But before the girl could answer, Jason cut her off - he was a fair bit rude, in that way. "Know what, hold that thought." he said, grabbing her by the hand and at the sound akin to the crack of a whip, the duo found themselves in a hotel room, different one from the one Jason had taken her to before. This one was a lot less fancy. Probably just a three star place. Jason nodded at the corner of the room. "There's a cooler there, if you want beer, I think I put a couple of sodas in it, too. The showers are hot, and I'll be back in a couple of minutes with food. You should try to rest."

    Sure, things went quickly whenever the young man was around, but they had to. In his line of work, he could never know when his time was up.
  18. Bellatrix MorganShe had only been with Jason for a very short amount of time, but she could already tell that being around the Venari was an... acquired taste. Being with him meant the consistent rolling of a dice; except, this dice had sixteen sides and was fired from a canon each roll, as opposed to being absent-mindedly tossed across a table. Every move was riddled with uncertainty; there was no telling what he'd do next, or where he'd take her. His mind moved as quickly as his body and she got the sense that his plans changed by the half-second.

    His current plan, it seemed, was to relax and recuperate, and Bellatrix soon found herself whisked into a decidedly mediocre hotel room; but hey, she'd slept in a lot worse conditions.

    "There's a cooler there, if you want beer, I think I put a couple of sodas in it, too." Jason informed her, and though she wasn't particularly thirsty his next offering caught her interest: "The showers are hot, and I'll be back in a couple of minutes with food. You should try to rest." And with that, he was gone.

    It didn't take Bellatrix very long to strip down and run the shower, filling the quaint bathroom with thick steam as the near-scalding water caressed her bare skin and washed away the evidence of her dance with death as both her own blood and that of the Gorgon was swept down the drain. She felt clean.

    Wrapping herself in a large towel, she used one of the hand towels to tie her dark locks up into a turban for fast-drying. She was decent, but she still donned one of the white bathrobes from the back of the door before stepping out into the main room, where she found Jason awaiting her with the spoils of his trip.

    She pulled two bottles of beer from the minifridge and waltzed over to Jason, handing him one of the green bottles as she sat beside him on the bed. A quick burst of red sparks blasted the tops from both bottles, and she took a gentle sip. She didn't really drink beer normally, but she felt this to be an occasion. Turning to Jason and smiling, she chinked his beverage with her own. "Cheers, Jason."
  19. Jason came into the room as Bella was in the shower, giving her a moment to get dressed in privacy, Jason then handed her the food before digging in himself, he was hungry. He was always hungry after a hunt, like evey other time he had stopped a Hellion. Usually, he drank beer alone, before hitting up a club to get even more shitfaced and into human trouble. But this time, he wasn't alone. He hadn't beaten the Gorgon alone, he had help. Powerful help, at that, a sense of assurance he had never felt before, he was used to doing this alone, Varjas died shortly after he had begun training him, and Thomas never really had Jason's back, he probably didn't even know Jason was doing this, even if the whole reason he had these marks on him was all thanks to Thomas.

    He mused on his brother - the fact that he probably knew more about his brother's origin than Thomas himself did, that being of the same blood as the Maverick was why that deamon had searched him out those years ago. He looked up at Bella, with a smirk. It felt good not having to face the monsters alone for a change - he didn't want this partnership to end, even if that was their deal.

    She looked up at him, her pale skin a little blushed from the warmth of the showers. "Cheers, Jason" she spoke, as they toasted to a successful adventure.

    "Hey, Bella. You wanna come with me for my next hunt?" He asked once he had chewed the food in his mouth, a grin on his face. "Not that I need the help - but I figure I'd save a lot more people with a sorcerers on my side."
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