The Frontier of the Four Swords

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  1. Swords clash all over the land. The woods begin to turn into splinters from where arrows and bows will be crafted. Siege weapons are made in imponent workshops.
    The world is at war.
    546 years ago, the elven king Findan hosted a great meal at his Fortified Mallog, Fayrkui (a tree so colossal it was fortified in the inside and outside turning it into a castle not even killing it) to meet with the sovereign of the werefolk, Grundan SharpTongue.
    Together they shall fight as their kins were instructed in times foregone by Gaia herself, the spirit godess of Earth, against the reckless avance of the orcs and demons, whose false gods guided to wage war upon the earth itself.

    Findan and Grundan fought valiantly by their brothers and wipped out the scourge of their enemies, but when the last assault was to be made to end the war and erradicate the evil, Grundan dissapeared. Without a clear and rightful lead, werefolk splited out returning to their ancient regions and accused elves of trying to ally with demons, as the elves recibed a letter of the Demon Lord asking to end the war. This letter made the elves think the demons weren't behind Grundan's dissapearence, but else that he was hiding to make them fight his war and then take them in a quick assault.

    As paranoia took over the Elven Realm of Irollan and the Fera Federation that shared the great forest of Naüsser, little groups of barbarian humans and monsters, allies of the Orcs, started to prey on the weakened nations of Naüsser. With magic and gold stolen from WereFolk and Elves, Orcs and Humans started to create their empires, and left them to their fate.

    Now, Naüsser's forest was bereft of all that made it once proud and advanced, and moreover, both nations of Elves and WereFolk where still at war with the Orc Khanate, that had a new ally, the Human Empire, but didn't wanted to cooperate in the war effort due to not having any more frictions that may lead to a war. But, as time passed, the Human Empire saw the value of using it's position of newly founded nation to use diplomacy to get the bet of all factions. As that was, Humans declared themselves neutral in the conflict and invited all directors of the nations at stake to a diplomatic view in neutral zone.

    When the WereFolk attended the meeting, the Elves though that they where trying to ally themselves with humans and orcs, an declared war. WereFolk did the same and, in addition, declared that they where heretics so the "True Church" would stand in the Fera Federation, and casted out all elves that didn't repent from the grace of Gaia. Elves created then the New Church of Gaia, and reforme their religion.

    When they got to the meeting, every changing breed, every elf tribe and orc clan had a saying, and the Were-Spiders splited up from the Federation to stay in human land, claiming that both groups misunderstood the words of Gaia and that they shall clense their offenses to IT, as their war was just good for the enemies of Gaia. Seeing this, many lesser Breeds and Tribes followed, strengthening the Human Empire and weakening the other two factions. It's been 200 years of this.
    With time, also Orcs declared peace to both countries, letting them kill each other.

    Our history begins with a young elf girl -not more than a child in elven standards- that masters healing magic; and a young wizard of the Were-Cats That seeks his destiny.
  2. The hall was illuminated solely by the decadent evening sun that entered the church from long and narrow windows, turning the room into an autumnal orange landscape. Although it was beautiful, she couldn't appreciate it. She has been summoned by the Master of Light, the healer's maximum authority that could turn her into an apostate by taking out his approval from her.
    The Master of Light was, traditionally, a High Elf, and his beautiful blonde long hair falled as a waterfal over his shoulders and the robe that covered them.
    Who's there? He wanted to know as he was reading a book when you entered.
  3. Kyrie "Kai" Malvaro
    The corridors echoed the sound of footsteps. The corridors were illuminating with bright warm light that is given from the Gods. The season is Autumn, which would explain the warm orange and yellow colors that shone from the tall windows that popped up in between a pillar. The corridors were long, it created anxiety. A dark skinned elven healer walked in those long corridors. She was called out by the Master of Light himself. The large lump in her throat grew each time she was closer to the door. He was the man who could renounce her religion; her religion is everything to her, and if it is taken away from her she has nothing else left to live for. While she walked through the corridors she took a moment and stared out at the window. The House of the Master of Light was approximately a few meters away from the temple she serves, which made things much more worse.

    Kyrie sighed softly and continued to walk. The soft sound of bells ringing echoed in the corridors as she walked. She had bells wrapped around her hips; it kept bad spirits away, she said. Reaching the end of the corridor the girl had her hand flat on the door. Before she entered the room she took in a deep breath and pushed the large doors open. Inside was immaculate. The Autumn color scheme complimented the man in the rooms clothes. The High Elf was a handsome man with long blonde hair that fell to his waist or hip, she wasn't quite sure due to the fact that his robe covered his hair. "My apologies High Elf, I am Kyrie Malvaro, Healer Elf." She bowed her head at the man. Her heart was beating in a rather extraordinary speed. "You have sought me out, have you not?"
  4. Castes and tribes (open)
    OCC: High elves are a tribe of elves. They're higher than other elfs, blonde haired and blue/green eyed. Your tribe should be a different one, since you're a mulato or a black elf. Healer it's a profession inside the clergy of the New Church of Gaia. It could be a caste between the tribes.

    He rose his head at you, and and narrowed his eyes at you. He didn't looked like that since elves had an eternal life, aside from time (although they could be murdered by more violent means). He has been the Master of Light since the begining of the New Church, and time charged him with illnesses.
    Come over dear. Today is a day to glorify Gaia, and for Her Glory, you're taking a job in Mother Gaia's name. He stated.
  5. Kyrie "Kai" Malvaro
    Her eyes widened as the High Elf turned to her. She casually look away avoiding eye contact with the man. Her bright hazel eyes turned to the ground on the left of her. The High Elf gave off a rather strange facial expression, which caught her off-guard. Her hand was behind her back, clasped together. His kind voice pulled her closer to the man. Kyrie turned to the man walking towards him slowly. Each step she took she felt the fringes of her long skirt tickling her leg. A light itch began to irk the woman but she ignored it with the best she could. The news was rather shocking. The girl could feel her body becoming light with excitement. "Me? I mean, I? But..." The girl stuttered. "Why me? I am just a mere healer." Kyrie said being as humble as ever.
  6. You are, and you're young. That's just what Gaia demands. The tall elf walked towards you. Witness now this two Spells. I, as head of the New Church of Gaia command that you, Kyrie, daughter of Gortrix Malvaro, learn this ultimate spells in order to put them to use for the glory of gaia and in the name of the Holy Church. All this solemnity was a litte awkward, but was what the church demanded.
    He handed you two scrolls: they were made of a young lamb's skin, and got golden embroideries. Both were strongly sealed and looked really important.
    These are for your eyes only. Return them when you have learnt them. Dismiss. The Master of Life ordered.
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