The Freeing Star: The War For Earth

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  1. In 2023, a group of scientists discovered a ball of ice in the middle of the night sky. They called it the Freezing Star. Weeks after, it was visible in the day and the night. They discovered that it was getting closer to Earth. They put together a team of iers, scientists and engineers and put them on an experimental space craft with experimental body suits and weapons running off of laser batteries (This information hasn't been released to the public) and sent them to the star. Upon getting closer to the star, they discovered it was a giant space craft, and the meteors around it weren't meteors. They were a fleet of space crafts. Fighters, frigats, and other space crafts flew along side with it.
    By 2034, the art of space travel has been perfected. The movies and Tv shows that fit the science fiction genre have become a reality for all of us. Space stations have been launched, military stations circle the earth with fighter ships and Mobile Combat Suits (MCS) ready to defend the planet from the Freezing Star. Laser combat has become a reality. Laser guns, laser swords, star wars didn't need any more sequals. People were joining the military just to feel like they are part of an anime or a science fiction movie.
    The year is 2039. The Freezing Star broke through the military line of defense and already took over most of asia. It has been discovered that another fleet is on it's way to back up the Freezing Star. The aliens do not take prisoners.
    The Aliens, main mother ship design and main fighter ships.
    The Plot
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    The main plot focuses around a squad of random marines, pilots, engineers and specialists who's drop ships get shot down traveling from American bases to Vietnam camps. They need to work together to meet up with the rest of their battalion (plot one), and then focus on their jobs to help with getting rid of the alien invaders (plot two).

    Character Jobs
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    Marines: The Marines are the basic ground forces that fight for Earth, and everything they stand for. They use laser rifles, laser shotguns, pistols that use bullets, laser sniper rifles, and can be equiped with a laser katana. It is not like a light saber, the sword can't go in and out of the handle. It is put ina special metal sheathing to contain it. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Pilots: The pilots in the military fly the many models of star fighters, earth defense ships, and Mobile Combat Suits. They have been through academy training and are only picked if they are they best of the best. They knew what they are doing, and are always willing to fly, pilot of drive any vehicle that is given to them. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Engineers: The Engineers are the ones who know how to fix a ship, fix a tank, fix a suit, knows how to pilot any one of them, but doesn't do it. Their main weapons are shotguns or pisotls, but they don't usually fight. They are meant to stay back behind the scenes to fix everything. They aren't there to make conflict. But fix what the conflict has caused.

    Any takers?​
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