The Freak Show.

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  1. "The world is for thousands of Freak Shows;
    the image flickers past and vanish;
    The impressions remain flat and unconnected in the soul.
    Thus they are easily led by the opinions of others,
    and are content to let their impressions be shuffled,
    and valued differently."

    - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.


    He worked in 'The Freak Show' House, visited by thousands of different people everyday.
    The Freak Show house consists of people who are different in many ways, bringing joy to the world.

    Humanity think they're rather intelligent and strange.

    Because of that, the new generation just.. Doesn't care about The Freak Show house.
    So they've been quite lonely.

    Would you like to come visit?.


    Slate Coven.
    Freak Show.
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Crimson Red.

    He played with his skull, not really paying attention at the forming crowd.
    He always showed that he was uninterested in the.. More humanly, normal people.
    No one knew why he was so different, coincidentally, the image was just in front of him.
    He was able to make people think he was beautiful, when in real life, he didn't even look human.
    His face, naturally, had two eyes. But they were two different colors.
    His body was lean and very tall, yet in the image that he has set in everyone's mind was of him being short and terribly skinny.
    His body was basically just like a Skeleton, in the image and in real life.
    He loved his body, both ways. As did the other Freaks.

    His temper was absolutely horrendous, so bad that he'd willingly kill.
    Yet, it was his natural thing to kill. He had too if he wanted to survive.
    Survival of the fittest.

    (( If you're interested, please PM me and I'll tell you the details!. :D ))