The Frankenstein Plague

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  1. It's been 26 years since the Frankenstein Plague was first discovered. It started in Central Asia, wreaking havoc across the globe. This disease attacks from within, hiding inside food, water, and air. Symptoms are hard to find until it is already too late. Once symptoms did appear, the victim's skin cracked, blood oozing out. Wracking coughs made them spit up blood, and after weeks of pain and torture, the victim died. It was dubbed the Frankenstein Plague after a Russian doctor tried to sew his cracking skin back together, giving him a look not unlike the famous monster.

    In response to the quickly-spreading epidemic, America swiftly closed its air and seaports, preventing any out-of-country travel and severely restricting travel within its borders. Everyone thought they were safe, that is, until microbes containing the deadly virus were discovered within one of New York's many subway stations.

    The entire country went into a state of meltdown. Everything, from stores to hospitals, shut down, no one doing anything to stop it. The disease was so deadly that it had a 75% mortality rate. The government worked furiously to develop some sort of vaccine, or at the very least something to ease the symptoms. After a year of work, it was finally discovered, however, it included with it a heavy price. It required the most valuable of ingredients, the most expensive of medicines, and the rarest of herbs. But it worked, and so people spent what small fortunes they had, the recession and global financial crisis caused from the disease sucking most families dry. Those who could not afford the vaccine would die if they ever caught the disease and weren't able to get a vaccine any other way.

    That was when the country collapsed. Somehow, every last member of the president's cabinet, including himself and his vice president, caught the virus. Each of them had more than enough money to pay for the vaccine, and did, however, it did not work. They all subsequently died, and thus was the downfall of the American government.

    A civil war followed, leaving next to nothing once the dust settled. From the ashes of the country, there arose two governing bodies. The western Republic, and the eastern Colonies. This story takes place in the totalitarian Republic. Several months passed without another new case of the Frankenstein Plague, and the Republic stopped the searches. But then, someone got it again.

    Now, with the remaining 100,000 total population in the western United States fearful, the Republic has instituted the practice known as the Searching. Government officials, one with a gun, go up and down the streets once a week, pounding on the doors of any houses. If ten seconds pass and no one answers, the soldier without a gun kicks open the door, and they both storm inside. They take a blood sample from each of the members of the household, and put it into a machine that can tell whether or not one of them has the disease. If one of them does, a red X is spray painted on the door, and no one is allowed in or out of the house. They take the people outside, and shoot the adults, in front of the children if there are any. Then, they take the children away, to God only knows where.

    You are one of those children. Except, you resist the soldiers, and run like a bat out of Hell. You know that you don't have the disease, and are not going to go wherever the government wants you to. You also know that if you can reach what used to be the Mississippi River that you'll be safe, that the Colonies will help you and give you medicine if you need it. This is a story about your escape to freedom.
    Lowdown: All of us are brothers and sisters, me being the oldest. On the first day that the Searching begins, your mother is diagnosed with the disease, and promptly shot in front of you and your siblings. I know that wherever they are going to take us isn't good and we run. We don't know where now, but soon we will. Right now, we just have to get out of what used to be Seattle. We are the children of Jonathan White, and we will escape.
    Character Sheet
    Name (we're all siblings, so must have White as last name):
    Appearance (do not have to be the same as mine):
    Anything else? (optional, can be hobbies, favorites, etc):

    Name: Andra White
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    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Strong-willed and firm-set in her beliefs, she holds tight to the thought that the Republic government was not right, that it was corrupt. She always held tight to the belief that her family would be safe, no matter what. She will never give up, and will keep fighting until she doesn't have the strength to go on.
    Anything else: Andra is not stupid. She knows that there is a chance that she and her siblings have the plague, but she won't tell them, not if she thinks it will worry. She loves reading, especially historical books, about the world before the plague. The teenager needs glasses, and knows her vision is failing, but the family never had enough money to get her prescription glasses, and goes without, not daring to tell anyone because she doesn't want them to worry.
    I need a male twin brother for Andra, and a few younger siblings, but if no one else wants to play this, then I can work with just the twin. If you want to be the twin, pm me, and we can work it out. The siblings can be pretty much any age, but have to be younger than 16. Remember, this is a dystopian roleplay, and none of us are anything but human. Got that? Otherwise, post a character sheet and we can get started.

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