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    This post is two-fold, one is to hopefully receive praise and satisfy my ego, the other is to set up an art-trade shop!

    I am a novice in 3D art, though I improved over the years the reason I improved was that I was doing requests at an old forum that sped up the process rather decently.
    So, I thought I should try to do the same here, yes, this means that I will be taking requests by you!

    First a little about me.
    I'm a Norwegian who likes to think himself a Viking, even though I'm more of a viking-looking nerd that should not matter.

    It all started eons ago back in 07 when I were inspired by our own @Shenorai , she had started poking about in her school, university or the fuck she was doing at the time and I thought I should try my hand at it.
    Getting hold of a program that a class mate had at the time I started fiddling about, so here is my progress, something I'm rather fond of myself.

    -First nightmare I created, took me 6 hours of trial and error, but I was proud and happy with it.
    A horrible Katana on a stand marked my intro. Compared to how I did this one I have learned tons, but this was my very first attempt.
    I then started doing some fan art, most I won't show you but I can show you some of what I did, naturally I was figuring out shadows, lighting and how to do things. Which meant I was doing things overly complicated and annoying.
    -Auron's Masamune - Final Fantasy X
    -Cloud's Buster sword - Final Fantasy VII
    -Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts
    -4-point Shuriken - Final Fantasy VII

    At this point I was invested in a different RP forum, a location where I improved vastly so I set up this very shop back then as well, and some good things came out of it.
    -Sword of Light
    -Phoenix Halberd

    I was even given a challenge from someone there, that in X time I was to make a sword as good as I could and he wanted the result as time came. I barely managed to complete it and it was promptly named
    -The Sun Sword

    I then moved on and kept doing requests and another on-line friend of mine became interested, we set up a challenge on who could make the best Morning Star.
    I still think I won with my Rusty Morning Star.

    Then suddenly, not really sure what happened, I figured out some thingies that changed my style and realism.
    -Hakumei - Katana
    -T-Virus canister.
    -Iwate - Ring.
    -Gemino Refero

    At this point I had changed RP forum and set up shop again, the results were pleasing.
    -Icarus' Locking Key
    -Tooth Dagger
    -Chain & hook
    -Belial's Key
    -Cal's Nodachi

    I then again learned new techniques and new stuff started to spawn. I learned engraving amongst other things.
    -Mini sun
    -Spiral Staff & amulet
    -Baseret's Spear
    -Same model as before, but managed to add a Hamon to the katana.
    -Art-trade with @Shenorai , her character's Flyssa.
    -Bloody Bane - another character of Shenorai's sword.
    -The Devastator - My longest and hardest requets to date.

    So yes, that is my bragging. I have more on my Deviant Art.
    Direct link to my 3D folder can be found here

    Now comes the fun part.
    I am opening shop as an attempt to get back into 3D arting.
    There is one slot, no reserving and first one I like the trade, or just the idea of, gets the slot.

    So, rules! (new rules might be mentally added for no reason ^^ )
    1-I reserve the right to deny anyone for no particular reason what so ever.
    2-I have no schedule for how long this might take, might take a day, two, three or a week/month for all I know. All is dependent on my mood and priorities. Know that some of the projects take a long, long time. (the Devastator used me 9 hours of active work time...)
    3-If you chose to try and get a slot, you need to be willing to provide me with a way to send drafts and discuss appearances. I prefer Skype of E-mail.
    4-No anatomy, only objects. And if you want to claim "but gloves are objects". I will say that your smartassery is correct but no slot for you.
    5-Don't go overboard on complexity, this stuff is not like riding a bike, I might need to slowly slide back to my prime.
    6-Though not needed per se, I prefer that the picture is to be used somehow, as a RP character item, for a story, or whatever. I just don't like creating something that no one will see.
    7-I reserve the right to post the end-result, after you have stated it's completion, mainly on my DA. Credit for the design will still go to you, if you have a DA profile I will link to it.
    8-Anyone willing to do an art-trade before of returning nothing will be prioritized. Though you can get a slot even if you won't return art, logically you won't get priority. Fear not, if I have started something someone else won't get a slot until yours is done.

    So yes, will you get a new shiny? Or will it fall on deaf ears?
    Time will tell~
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