The Four Siblings of Hell

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  1. The Four Siblings of Hell

    "We cannot weep, for that is humanity's task."

    --The Fourth
    You may not know this, but the "Devil" is not a being. It is a title, and every so thousand years, the Ruler of Hell holds a game for their offspring before he or she vanishes into ash and dust. The object of the game: kill your brothers and sisters. As awful as it may seem, the reward is of much more value than family relations. The reward is the crown of Hell, the Ruler's position, and millions of demon lives at leisurely disposal, among other things. In present day Earth, the Devil has four children all fully qualified for the position. They are all infamous for each of their unique qualities and abilities. Everything is as it should be, they all thought at first.

    Days before the actual game, the siblings were required to "take a world walk", which in Hell terms means to study the Earth, to get a good grasp at what will be laying in their claws. Being a King or Queen doesn't mean willy-nilly destruction after all. During their separate "world walk", the entrance to Hell located in Aokigahara Forest simply closed. There was no explanation as to why or how. It only closed. There were rumors that God was playing some kind of cruel joke, or that the Ruler of Hell vanished earlier than expected and there was no power source, or that the gate is simply too old to carry on. Either way, four little devils are stuck in Japan with nothing but a human identity and form, a secluded mansion, a nanny, millions of dollars, and a tiny idea of Japanese--hell, human--culture.

    With little clue of when the gate is supposed to be open again(and the clue is awhile), the four siblings must disguise themselves as humans to avoid destroying the order and balance of Earth. That, and they must attend school to avoid further suspicion. Disguised and conspicuous(sort of), they enroll in the middle of the year.
    Meanwhile, the students at Karui High School are stunned at the four new students arriving. They're the ones that live in that mansion, the rumors say. They're mysterious. Making connections with the demon siblings, intentionally or not, the closer they become to the humans and each other, the farther away their crown gets. But there's nothing to worry about. . . right?​

    I'm searching for players to play either the first sibling, the second sibling, or the third sibling, and students at Karui High School as well! So, what do you think? If I made an OOC with much, much more detail, would you join it? <3 I think this'll be fun~ Would prefer Intermediate or Adept writing style please. <3
  2. Hell yeah I'd join! That's one sibling at least right? You know- if push came to shove we (I include myself in that statement simply because I hope that should this RP come to life I will have the privilege of being a part of it) could create a few different NPCs if there aren't enough players to be the human students.

    If it's an option I'd like to reserve a female sibling spot. If not that's alright, too. :)
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  3. This sounds great, I'm totally in! I'd like to play one of the siblings, but wouldn't mind filling in for some students as well! (-:
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  4. I'd join without a second thought! :) I'd prefer a sibling spot, but I would be fine playing a student at Karui High.
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  5. well snap! there ya go- your four siblings!
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  6. Oh my gosh, yay! So many people! You know, I've been thinking about this roleplay, and I kind of want to turn into a small group like this. c: We could all play the siblings, and maybe some human characters to switch the plot up, make it interesting and funny. What do you all think? :3
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  7. That's a great idea!
  8. Yay! Shall I make a PM so we can plan it out? :3
  9. Are we not doing this any more? I was really super excited...
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