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The Four Seasons RPG

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Absyinthe, May 20, 2016.

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  1. There lie five islands surrounded by a magical energy that causes them to disappear in intervals. Four of the islands only hold one season always while the fifth island has all four seasons like normal.

    The first island in the strand is called Sprinfata and it is always spring on this island. The flora is always just beginning to bloom and the temperatures are between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. There is at least one light rain shower a week.

    The Second island in the strand is called Sumenoto and it is always summer on this island. The flora is fully in bloom and the temperatures are between 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. There can be brief heavy rainstorms every month but it is mainly the sunshine all day.

    The Third island in the strand is called Autunmei and it is always Fall or Autumn on this island. The flora is always consistently falling, growing back, and falling again in a never ending cycle. The Temperature is between 36 degrees Fahrenheit and 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The Fourth island in the strand is called Winturof and it is always Winter on this island. The flora is all dead and no plant life grows here. However, the minerals found underneath the ground are very precious and can be used for magic and other things. It snows every week and the temperatures range from -50 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Finally, the Fifth island is a "normal" seasonal occurrence every few months the seasons will change. It is called Nuetolam and the temperatures vary in the month, and the flora and fauna are vastly diverse.

    Upon these four islands, there are kingdoms in which support each other to survive. Each kingdom is led by an entire council of members with a king and queen making decisions final. For millennia,Nuetolam has been a neutral territory, separate from the four other islands. However rumors have spoken of a power coming to overthrow the island and it's resources for their own benefit. Will you take part in these kingdoms and unfold the adventure that awaits you?
  2. How much is that in Celsius?

    Well, sounds Medieval, tastes Fantasy, let's bite!

    Four-directions-four-seasons gives quite a vibe about four certain oriental beasts...

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  3. You've piqued my interest. :)
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  4. I'm also interested x]
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  5. Expressing interest.
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  6. Very interested
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  7. Thank you all for expressing interest, I will be getting the OOC up within the next day or two.
    Crow, I like that picture we should incorporate it into the plot somehow, I think!
  8. I'm interested as well!
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  9. I'm writing up the OOC and all it's main information now~
  10. Just throwing my hat in before this leaves the interest check phase entirely.

    I had an idea similar to this once and I really like this concept.
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  11. The OOC is up if you want to make a character~!
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