The Four Horsemen (MxF

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  1. Alright, so I have been messing with an idea about, you guessed it, the four horsemen. This is still a one on one story so I'll only be accepting one lucky lady to play with. There are two options for the same story so if I can find two people who like opposite options I don't mind running them both. Here are the rules and then I will give the options.

    1. Please post at least once a day. There are exceptions life does tend to get in the way sometimes.

    2. Please check grammar and punctuation. (Not a nazi)

    3. Come prepared to offer ideas. I like an active partner.

    Here are my two ideas:

    Both players are horsemen. One is captured and tortured in hell for info and is rescued by the other. They are already lovers. But because of what he or she went through in hell, he or she can no longer remember who or what he or she is. Can one remind the other of who they are in time to save mankind from extinction?

    Option 2
    My character, a horseman, escapes hell on his own and is found by a human woman. She nurses him to health and they work together to find out who brought about the apocalypse without calling the horsemen. They fall in love during their quest. Will a horseman and a human mortal be powerful enough to stop a force as powerful as death itself?

    There is more info for both but I only want to put that up in private message as I get responses. So if you are interested in joining please pm me.
  2. I would perhaps be interesting in the first option. Perhaps send me a PM and we can discuss in more detail?
  3. Hmmm both are interesting options.... And my interest in the four horsemen was brought back because of the Sleepy Hollow show.
  4. I didn't mention that I am playing the male character and I'm looking for a female partner.
  5. I am a female role-player sometimes. I just a male picture up because it's one of my fav pics.
  6. I am quite interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.