The Forgotten Frontier (Signup)

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This RP is for anyone who loves alternate American history, and/or westerns.

In the year 1546, Thomas Deuriers, an explorer working for the king of Verdrie, founded the habitation of Majestée on the east coast of the New World and founded the colony of Nouvelle Verdrie. Nouvelle Verdrie expanded over the next century into the biggest colony the western world had ever seen. It was so big, it spanned from Unuksuk, the north-easternmost point of the continent to the southern swamps of Henrisianne. They even began to colonize the western frontier until suddenly, in 1722, the colony was conquered by Redding, the kingdom which was constantly at war with Verdrie.

Redding had created several colonies as well as Verdie, wedged in a corner to the east of N.V. While N.V.'s land was large, the population was not. The Red Colonies were small, but they had hundreds of thousands of citizens. N.V only had a few dozen thousand.

R.C. declared war on N.V. in 1720, and defeated them after only two years. Redding took N.V. and greatly shrunk it's territory. Henrisianne, the western frontier and everything south of the Great Lakes was given over to the natives. As a way of punishing the Red Colonies for starting a war without Redding's consent, R.C. was banned from expanding westward.

Several towns and villages previously belonging to Nouvelle Verdrie were no longer part of any colony. Most of the people living there moved up to the small northern lands that were formerly N.V., but were renamed by Redding to be Province of Majest. Some of the people in the abandoned lands, however, stayed there. They chose to be independent, and live on the frontier in the wild or in the towns which were already built and abandoned.

In 1801, The Red Colonies became independent of Redding, and formed a new nation: The Free Union. They began their western expansion and claimed the independent towns of the Forgotten Frontier as their own. The free people of the frontier were against joining the Union, so they fought. They fought for their free cities, and their free lives.

This is an alternate world historical action adventure western thing in which players RP a free person in a land without laws. It;s set in a fictionalized 1800s North America. The factions in the game correspond to real world nations that exist. Verdrie is this world's version of France, N.V. is Canada, Redding is Britain and R.C is the Thirteen Colonies (U.S.A.).

Though the Frontier is lawless, this RP does have rules.
-No godmodding, taking control of other people's characters or general dickery
-No killing other people's character. (there are some exceptions to this rule)
-Be literate
-No self inserts or fetish fuel characters. Don't play edgy loners. Seriously, it sucks for everyone else when people do that.
-Put the phrase "Vive le Roi" somewhere in your character application so I know you read the rules.
-Play one character at a time. If they die, you can always make a new one.
-Normal human characters only, please.
-Reply at least once a week.

Well now that that's over, let me explain the story of the game.
The Forgotten Frontier is being annexed by the Free Union. Your character, a Frontiersman, is fighting to keep their home independent. You're in an alternate North America in the 1800s, so you've got horses, guns, and swords at your disposal.

To apply, simply fill in one of these character sheets and I'll most likely accept you.

PROFESSION (can be anything era-appropriate):
APPEARANCE (image or description):
SKILLS (Fencing, woodworking, horse riding, that sort of stuff):
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