The Forbidden Fifth Kingdom

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  1. King Wilmot May He Rest in Peace...
    King Wilmot reigned over the glorious land of SilverCrest, which housed the four kingdom's: Esterpeak, Aldham, and Ironhaven, with grace and great authority. He was a brave, claim, ruler who brought much success and peace to our world. He will forever be missed.
    Three weeks ago, when the moon began its assent into the night sky, the king was assassinated by Lord Ambrose. Ambrose is a Lord in the Forbidden Kingdom (Blackmead), a dark waste land that only brings death and darkness to whatever it touches.
    A week prior to today, Lord Ambrose sent out a press statement informing all citizens that his kingdom holds two things dear to SilverCrest. The staff of Magnus and the Crown Prince, Vladimir. To refresh your memory, Vladimir disappeared over a year ago, and the staff was lost to us for centuries. Also claiming that the Prince went missing with the help of Aldham and Esterpeak, this setting the kingdoms of SilverCrest against each other.

    Extra info: Long before The Forbidden Kingdom became the Forbidden Kingdom it was apart of SilverCrest. When it began to dabble in the dark arts, it was exiled from SilverCrest Kingdoms.

    [BCOLOR=#800000]PLOT[/BCOLOR]: With the press statement setting the kingdoms against each other and the fear of King Sylvester (king of the fifth kingdom) taking the throne of SilverCrest, a group of trained fighters band together a set out on a quest to retrieve the Staff of Magnus and the crown prince, Vladimir. Some of them are princes or princesses that chose to leave their post to find Vladimir. However, dark forces are working against them, lurking at every corner. Moles reside within their own group and Lord Ambrose's men hunting them in hopes to prevent their quest from succeeding, causes for some set backs. Will they be able to save their kingdoms or watch them fall to the darkness?

    View attachment 93159

    Esterpeak (open)

    Esterpeak is a mystical land that resides on the sides, and between, two mountains. It is constantly cold and has harsh terrain. People who live here raised to with stand harsh climates...and treatment.
    King Roman reigns with an iron fist and is harsh on his subjects. Many of his subjects believe that he in fact did help with the princes disappearance. However, no one knows for sure due to the fact it's ruler has never let a secret escape from his grasps.

    Aldham (open)

    Aldham is the kingdom out of little children's fairytales; however, it holds dark secrets. About a century ago, it was rumored to be in contact with the Forbidden Fifth Kingdom, but as time went on the rumors were disbanded seeing that the kingdom took immense care of its citizens. Could King Henry and Queen Fallon just be putting up a front and hiding their real intentions? Possibly.

    Ironhaven (open)

    Ironhaven is a mystified place that holds many secrets within its walls. The neighboring kingdom nicked named it the "Sly Kingdom" because no one ever hears about the business that goes on with in the walls of Queen Clover's castle. Queen Clover teaches her subjects responsibility and loyalty.

    Silvercrest (open)

    Silvercrest is the reigning supreme kingdom. It was home to King Wilmot since he was a small lad. Wilmot lost everything of the course of a year. Starting with his only son diappearing, his wife- Queen Devina- dying of a broken heart and of course his own death. This is where Ambrose is currently located with his army. Whoever takes the throne, which Ambrose hopes it to be King Sylvester, will rule until their demise.

    The Forbidden Fifth Kingdom (open)

    The Forbidden Fifth Kingdom, as known as Blackmead, is a dark place that houses many criminals. It is the heart of darkness and evil. Rumor has it that once inside it's borders the heart begins to turn black and the soul begins to die- changing whoever is stupid enough to travel there. Much of the dark arts are preformed here and many outsiders fear the subjects that reside within.


    [BCOLOR=#800000]OOC Rules[/BCOLOR]
    1. Please don't be rude to each other, I hate having to kick someone out because they chose to be a douche. And if you didn't mean to be a douche, get the balls and apologize.
    2. Please flesh out your characters, doesn't have to be the work of a god, but I like to see you put some thought into them.
    3. Limit of [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]TWO[/BCOLOR] character. This RP will have a limit on it, so I don't want people taking up all the slots.
    4. Don't be afraid to ask questions, offer ideas, and talk with me or anyone else.

    5. No God-Moding.
    6. Please please please, if you sign-up and need to quit from some reason TELL ME! But please try to stay with us.
    7.Try to keep the female to male ratio even.

    [BCOLOR=#800000]IC Rules[/BCOLOR]
    1. Grammar is everything people! I am not a grammar Nazi, I promise, but no text talk. And please try not to have so many errors that it is unreadable.
    2.Cursing is fine, but don't fly off the handle with it. For example: "I fucking hate this nasty ass, piece of shit, potato soap!" None of that. Space it out people.
    3.If you have a plot shifting thing, like say an ambush, run it by me in PM. I would like to know so if I have to tell you to wait till we get to a certain point to put it in then I can.
    4.Romance is allowed: love it, but if it gets a little too hot and heavy, take it to PM's or fade to black.
    5.No God-Moding.
    6. You can die, if you die talk with me. We will arrange you coming back some how, if you want. Also if you choose to quit, I will kill you character off in the RP (if we are that far)


    [BCOLOR=#800000]Group of Warriors[/BCOLOR]

    In Command: Nala Rose @Infinite_Darkness (Female)
    Open: @IceQueen (Female)
    Open: Belle Mortelle@Satan's Mistress (female)
    Open: Freya @kimsim12 (female)
    Open: Aelfred Bellecote
    Open: Sam Blackwood
    Open: Kyle Zahara

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Royal Fighters[/BCOLOR]
    Open: Prince D'Artagnan of IronHaven@Infinite_Darkness (Male)
    Open: Princess Rosette of Aldham@Br∅ken_Serenity (female)
    Open: @IceQueen (Male)

    1 only.
    -Petra Dunst

    (I will make some CS's for them- Small CS's)
    Queen Clover
    King Wilmot - he will come in visions or flash backs.
    King Sylvester
    Lord Ambrose
    King Henry
    Queen Fallon
    King Roman
    Prince Vladimir

    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Character Sheet[/BCOLOR]
    Picture(Realistic Anime, or realistic pictures)
    Warrior or Royal:
    Hair Color-
    Eye Color-
    Birth Kingdom:
    Kingdom (Home):
    Powers (Max is three: they must relate to each other in some way):
    Weapon of Choice:
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  2. [​IMG]
    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Name: [/BCOLOR]
    Prince D'Artagnan Richard Marketh, Son of Queen Clover "But you can just call me D'Artagnan"


    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Warrior or Royal:[/BCOLOR]

    Height- 6'2"
    Weight- 200 Lbs
    Hair Color- Frosty White- surprisingly its natural.
    Eye Color- Gold
    Tattoos- His right side, over the rib.
    Piercings- None
    Scars- A vertical cut on his left forearm. Receive it from a sword fight.

    Bisexual. "Please don't tell anyone. A prince is suppose to end up with a princess, and if my mother knew that I even looked at guys she would kill me."

    Joker | Manipulative | Silver-Tongue | Handsome to the point it distracts people | Strong | Patient | Political | Witty | Swordsmen | Loyal

    D'Artaganan use to be a shy individual, always hiding being his mother's dress. Many people didn't understand why he was that way, seeing as when he was around certain people he was loud and outgoing. It was soon discovered that the crown prince had special abilities that would allow him to manipulative the perceptions of what another saw and the voices in their heads. Prince D'Artagnan was a special child.
    Around the age of five was when he met Prince Vladimir. They had an instant connection and became the best of friends. They would either spend time together in Ironhaven or in SilverCrest. Their bond was like nothing else; however, when the boys reached sixteen their Prince duties took over their lives and they no longer hanged out as much as they used to. When D'Artagnan heard of Vladimir's disappearance, he instantly became concerned with his old friend. And when he heard about a small, secret, group that would restore the order to his kingdom as well as others, he abandoned their post and rushed off to join them.


    † Girls & Guys
    † Fighting
    † Weapons
    † Adrenaline rushes
    † Horses
    † Ballroom dances
    † Order

    ∅The Darkness
    ∅Killing people
    ∅Constantly being recognized as the crown prince of Ironhaven
    ∅Smelly people

    ∗Being powerless against someone.
    ∗His mother finding out about his sexuality.
    ∗His mother sending out guards to retrieve him and bring him back to Ironhaven.

    ∗Charming someone into helping him.
    ∗Sword-Fighting: Was trained since he was little.
    ∗His wit, which helps him confuse people long enough to get him out of binds.
    ∗His loyalty to others.
    ∗ Hand to hand combat.
    ∗ Making Political decisions.

    ∗Caring about people
    ∗People not trusting him because his mom keeps her kingdom's business a secret.
    ∗People thinking that he is just another pretty boy prince.

    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Birth Kingdom: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Kingdom (Home): [/BCOLOR]

    Hypnosis- The ability to put someone in a submissive trance
    Illusion Casting- The ability to create illusions that alter the victum's perceptions and senses of his/her surroundings.
    Audible Inundation- The ability to overwhelm someone's minds with voices.

    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Weapon of choice: [/BCOLOR]
    His sword


    Has a horse named Pearl

    Despite him being the crown prince he still decided to leave Ironhaven to find Vladimir. Vladimir and him use to be childhood friends, before their duties took over their lives.

    His mother disagreed about him leaving the kingdom.

    Nala Amber Rose


    [BCOLOR=#008080]Warrior or Royal:[/BCOLOR]

    Height- 5'9"
    Weight- 120 Lbs
    Hair Color- Dark Blue- Natural
    Eye Color- Baby Blue
    Tattoos- None
    Piercings- Tongue, Basic Ear.
    Scars- Burn on her back, right between the shoulder blades. Received from a fire ANGRY fire mage.

    Bisexual "I may be bisexual, but I find myself attracted to Males more."

    Scout | Witty | Manipulative | Secretive | Friendly | Strong | High-Pain Tolerance | Sharp-Shooter | Brave

    [BCOLOR=#008080]History: WILL BE RPED[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#008080]Likes:[/BCOLOR] Roses, Guns, Magic, Sleeping, Fighting, Talking, Water, Storms, Food.

    [BCOLOR=#008080]Dislikes:[/BCOLOR] Assholes, Bad guys, Not doing the right thing.

    [BCOLOR=#008080]Fears:[/BCOLOR] Losing the entire kingdom to darkness, falling from the sky.

    [BCOLOR=#008080]Strengths:[/BCOLOR] Her powers, Her skillful fighting, Her intuition.

    [BCOLOR=#008080]Weaknesses:[/BCOLOR] Her lack of trust for newbies, Not wanting to be alone.

    [BCOLOR=#008080]Birth Kingdom:[/BCOLOR] Esterpeak

    [BCOLOR=#008080]Kingdom (Home)[/BCOLOR]: SilverCrest

    [BCOLOR=#008080]Powers :[/BCOLOR]
    Ice Manipulation

    [BCOLOR=#008080]Weapon of Choice:[/BCOLOR]
    Bow and Arrow, along with a dagger.

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  3. Of course I do~

    Spot for My CS here
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  4. Joining, can I reserve Warrior Leader?
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  5. Of course!
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  6. I will also be a warrior
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  7. Warrior as well

    Belle Lyn Mortelle


    Warrior or Royal:

    Hair Color-
    Light Brown/ sandy Blonde. Long and goes to the middle of her back. Can be wavy
    Eye Color-
    Crystal blue like the warm sea waters. Also as deep a them
    back, sleeves, leg, wrist, behind ear,ribs,hip,and neck
    lip,tongue, nose, belly button, and ears
    on her back and arms that's why she has tattoos


    Personality: Belle can be very
    Manipulative when it comes to men or woman's emotions. It can get her anything and everything she wants. When it comes to a sense of humor Belle as one it is just dark humor and very sarcastic,her. She doesn't work know how to have anything but dark humor or be sarcastic. She even adds an eye roll touch to it. When she wants to be she can be charming how ever goes back to her manipulative side. Now what goes along with charming is witty, she isn't dumb and has her wits about her at all times. Now she is brave however some just call it being foolish which it can be but Bravery is facing your fear is it not?

    Sometimes she can be to egar or ambitious as others would put it. That ambition can get her or others into serious trouble or danger. She is bold and sneaky. She can sneak right up on you and you would never know she was there. She was also daring., she would test her limits and those around her.

    Belle was Born in the Forbidden kingdom. Sh did not grow up poor. She however did not grow up super rich. She was middle class. She was taught money yet also how to live off the land by her father.her father taught a great deal of things. She also learned how to protect herself from him.

    However when she was 10 her parents passed in a raid so she grabbed the money they had and head for the hills. So to speak.the she loved from place to place never staying to long. She was always on a black sted with a wolf following her. The one thing her father never taught her was her powers. She learned those o her own in the woods. When she became angry or dad it had fuels her emotions greatly and showed her , her true path an power. She could be kind to strangers, but did not normally wish to interact with them sh was more a loner.
    combat training
    playing tricks harmful or not
    the dead
    dark creatures
    And night time

    bright light
    no contact with spirits
    those to good to see we all have bad
    her good side
    and showing to much kindness

    being powerless against anything else
    Being Controlled by another
    Her true darkness having light shed on it.

    Bright Light
    Mind magic
    Places with no shadow
    No way to connect to the dead.
    Birth Kingdom:
    Forbidden Kingdom

    Kingdom (Home):
    Forbidden Kingdom
    Powers (Max is three: they must relate to each other in some way):
    - has control over the Shadows and the way they hit the light.
    Spirits- controls the spirit world. Can contact an talk to the spirits, the spirits tend to stay in the shadows.
    Decay- can make plants, animals, or humans decay from the inside out.
    Weapon of Choice:
    Magic, but also her bow and arrows
    Watch "Wicked "No Good Deed" Lyrics" on YouTube

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  8. I added a spot for weapons in the Cs
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  9. ~ Can I reserve a Royal Fighter position?

    ~ Also quick question! Do the Royal Fighter's fight alongside that of the Warrior class or not? Sorry.. It is probably due to the lack of coffee to keep me awake and my brain thinking.
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  10. I'd love to reserve a royal fighter if you don't mind!
  11. I will also take a royal fighter~
  12. Will make those reservations.

    And to answer your question @Shayla, yes they do. They are Princes and Princesses who chose to abadon their post in their kingdom to find and bring back both the staff- to heal those effected by the darkness- and Vladimir so he can rule. This allowing their kingdoms to return to normal.
    They can always jog along in hopes to find Vladimir, kill him, and destroy the staff. Either way they are there with the group!
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  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Princess Rosette Elizabeth Lancaster the first, daughter of King Henry and Queen Fallon
    "Just call me Rose, if you don't mind."
    Age: 23
    "I hope my age isn't going to be a problem, anyone should be useful at this point.. right?"
    Warrior or Royal: Royal
    "I'm still fairly useful in combat, don't write me off just yet."

    Height- 5'7"
    Weight- 124 lbs
    Hair Color- Light blonde but dyed midnight black
    Eye Color- Blue but she used grey contact lenses
    Tattoos- None
    Piercings- Only her ears
    Scars- None

    Sexuality: Demisexual
    "How is this anyone's business? Unless, of course, you're trying to get with me."
    Personality: | Mysterious | Secretive | Sarcastic | Stoic | Nonchalant | Easygoing | Flirtatious |
    "Dead sexy with a dash of sadism. Oh? One of those wasn't a personality trait? Whoops."
    History: She grew up a spoiled brat and with her light blonde hair and blue eyes she fit right into the fairy-tale theme. Due to a problem that arose nearly a year ago coincidentally lining right up with Vladmir's disappearance Rose was sharply thrust out of her fairy-tale world. It was around then she changed her look and began looking more like an evil queen than a fairy princess. She won't reveal the dark secret her Kingdom holds dear but without a single doubt she is determined to save Vladmir. Rumors, of course, spread about this. Many people suspect her Kingdom for helping with the disappearance of crown prince Vladmir. Rose's temper becomes increasingly short when this topic arises so people have learned not to bring it up around her.
    "Nothing much, just grew up out of fairy land."
    Likes: | Nights | Rain | Silence | Music | Daydreaming | Literature | Medical Studies |
    "It's easy to make me happy, a little quiet and a library."
    Dislikes: | Chaos | Loud Noises | Ignorance | Impatience | Change |
    "Pissing me off is hard but you'll regret it when you do."
    Fears: Not being good enough
    "Moving on now..."
    Strengths: Strong willed, ambitious and fearless
    "I do what I do."
    Weaknesses: Secretive, enigmatic, loose morality

    Birth Kingdom: Aldham
    "Born and raised, but of course I don't inherit- I don't even know who I'm betrothed to."
    Kingdom: Aldham
    "My parents rarely let me wander off for fear of an assassin."
    Healing Breath (Her breath is healing and covers most injuries that aren't too severe. For example, she couldn't re-attach a limb)
    Blossom (She has control over nature, as in plant life. She can grow and manipulate it it at will and to her specific desires)
    Resonance (She can turn into any plant she's touched in the last hour)
    "This doesn't mean I'm going to be your errand boy. Find a gardener."
    Weapon of Choice: Throwing daggers
    "I can test them out on you if you want?"
    • She has a dark and slightly monotone voice, imagine Raven from the original teen titans.
    "The downside is everything I say sounds like I don't care. It's true but even so?"
    • She met Vladmir at age 7, they stayed casual friends throughout their lives.
    "Shut up. Don't you dare speak the name of Vladmir to me again. Check your privileges."
    • She is betrothed to a Prince, but doesn't even know his name
    "I wonder what kingdom he's from. Hmph, it's all political anyhow."
    • Her clothing choices are usually ornate simply by habit. She can definitely walk into situations over dressed.
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  14. D'Artagnan is now finished.
  15. I'd like to reserve a warrior or two, if that would be alright?
  16. Perfectly fine. I will make rhe reservations.
  17. [​IMG]
    . Name .
    Freya ???
    "I don't have a surname, so don't ask."
    . Alias .
    "Yes, yes, I'm that 13. I'm not going to kill you if someone doesn't pay me to do it, so relax."
    . Age .
    "I may be older, but I can still kick your ass. Experience has its perks."
    . Warrior or Royal .
    "I wouldn't be fit for royalty anyways."
    . Looks .
    "I use my body to my advantage. Get over it."
    150 lbs, approx. 68 kg
    Hair Color
    Dark Brown
    Eye Color

    She has many scars from various occurrences. The largest are on her back, but she has one scar across the left side of her neck that is much more faded than the others.

    . Sexuality .
    Aromantic Pansexual
    "I don't really care for 'love,' but I'll fuck you to get the job done."
    . Personality .
    "I'm a bit of a bitch."
    | calculating | temperamental | realistic | unemotional | pessimistic | seductive | sarcastic | cruel |
    Freya is, above all else, realistic. She hates wishful thinking and prefers to approach situations with her own pseudo-pessimistic flair. She's an "odds" kind of girl and wishes nothing more than to have the odds in her favor, not stacked against her. Despite her realistic viewpoint, she is prideful. This doesn't mean she overestimates herself; rather, her pride is more geared towards the "unwilling to apologize or give up" side. In fact, she won't give in to defeat until she's dead...or worse. She has a calculating nature to her, making her more of an observer than one to engage in petty conversations. Her imposing presence causes many to feel uncomfortable around her, though she sometimes makes up for this with a few well-placed smiles and witty comments. That being said, she doesn't really believe in emotion as being useful; therefore, she avoids it as much as possible. Anger is probably one of the few emotions she actually shows fairly often, though she's usually more annoyed than she is actually angry. If she were ever to be furious, you better fucking run. Otherwise, she keeps herself bottled up tight, showing and usually feeling nothing. Because of this, she often finds it difficult to sympathize with anyone, especially if they're crying. The most she'll ever do is pat them on the head. Because of her lack of sympathy, she could be seen as slightly psychopathic. She doesn't feel remorse for anything she's done, making it easy for her to kill people. She is also quite sarcastic, even to the point of being sardonic.
    That's the true side of Freya that most strangers never see. Although she retains her imposing presence, she uses this to her advantage. She is a seductress--a talented one, at that. She can make almost any man fall head over heels with just a few short sentences. It's all about body language, anyways. Around others, she laughs, smiles, and seems like a generally agreeable person. Actually get to know her and you learn she is quite the opposite. Her line of work does not allow for a distrustful bitch--hence the facade.

    . History .
    "My business is my business, so back off."
    Freya was born the daughter of William and Clarice Acton. Contrary to popular belief, her father was not an assassin or some other criminal. In fact, he was a nobleman. A highly influential one, at that. Sadly, that didn't work well for him when Freya was born. From a young age, she displayed rather terrifying powers that made her more than a headache on her parents' minds. Furthermore, her father had (not accidentally) killed the son of a "crime lord." As you can imagine, assassins were sent...her parents died...the usual. She was supposed to die herself, were it not for her powers that she unleashed on them without a second thought. The attempted assassination is what earned her the scar on her neck. She was 6 at the time. However, the assassins weren't exactly novices, so the ones that survived took her captive rather than killing her. After all, she might prove useful. It was not hard to influence such a young child, especially since the crime lord had someone who could alter memories.
    She grew up in a harsh reality: kill or be killed. At the start of training, there were twenty-five children her age. She was number 13, hence her tattoo. Her training to become an assassin wasn't easy, and failure was never an option. She has the scars to prove that point. Especially since she was an outsider who only knew her first name. Occasionally, she would have dreams of her parents, but their faces would be blurred and their voices muffled. At around age 16, she proved herself to be an adept fighter, able to hold her own against even experienced warriors. She became an official assassin at age 18, one of the youngest. Out of the twenty-five children she had trained with, only five remained.
    Her line of work sent her all over the kingdom, and she could easily adopt accents and dialects so as not to arouse any suspicion. At first, she counted her kills. Now, she's lost count. She's assassinated all different types of people, from nobility to poverty (usually unhappy citizens causing too much of an uproar). Anyone who could pay the price would enlist the help of "13." She became renowned for her work, almost dying many times but managing to survive. She's killed people in every way possible. Poison, arrow to the heart, beheaded, skinned alive, buried alive, hung, broken neck, etc. It was up to her employer how the person would be killed; those in search of revenge always seemed to like the idea of skinning the target alive.
    Fast-forward to present. She has lived very comfortably the last several years due to some high-end jobs. When the king was assassinated, however, her entire life was overturned. An assassin that killed the king? Who could it possibly be? Everyone assumed that it was the infamous "13," the man/woman (no one really knows for sure) willing to do any job for the right price. Not someone to take the heat for something she didn't do, Freya set out to clear her own name. A strange mission, given her other gruesome sins. However, she stuck to it and managed to land herself a spot in the band of royals and warriors. No one knows that she is 13, and she intends to keep it that way.

    . Likes .
    "There are a few things that I appreciate in life."
    +Getting Paid
    +Peace and Quiet
    +Smell of Lavender
    +Good Ale
    +Manipulating Others
    +Long Nights, Short Days

    . Dislikes .
    "There are many things that I don't appreciate..."
    --Loud Noises

    --Ignorant People
    --Getting Blamed (for something she didn't actually do)
    --Long Days, Short Nights
    --Reckless Behavior
    --"Good" People

    . Fears .

    "I don't have irrational fears unlike some people."

    ~Being Powerless~

    . Strengths .
    "I have many strengths."
    She has no qualms about killing people. She actually rather enjoys it.
    She has the most extensive knowledge on poisons you'll ever find in one person. She knows how to make them, how to use them, and how to cure them.
    You aren't likely to see her coming.

    Her facade of a friendly, if not absolutely seductive, woman is very convincing.
    She knows how to use them. She could even hold her own with a sword using a knife, and she definitely knows how to throw them.
    . Weaknesses .
    "Those who refuse to see their own weaknesses are themselves weak."
    ~Unable to Sympathize~
    She simply finds it practically impossible to sympathize with people's emotions.
    While she can definitely still kill you with a knife even if you have a sword, they aren't her strong suit. She would probably be equally (or out) matched by someone with adept swordsmanship.

    She will never quit a fight until her heart has stopped.
    . Birth Kingdom .

    "I can't really be sure..."

    . Kingdom .
    "I usually sleep in a tavern."
    . Powers .
    "Don't try this at home, children."
    ~Elemental Energy Manipulation~
    She can manipulate the elements, fire being her strongest and water being her weakest. An extension of this is storm manipulation, but she can only intensify storms. She cannot create them.
    ~Metal Manipulation~
    An extension of earth manipulation, she can bend impure metals to her will. However, the purer the metal, the harder it is for her to bend it.
    ~Black Fire Manipulation~
    Black fire is different from normal fire in that it's black (duh) and it is far more destructive. It consumes everything it touches, not even leaving byproducts like ashes. It can consume normal fire and even water, to an extent. This "black fire" is more difficult to control, so she does not use it often.

    . Weapon of Choice .
    "I prefer the silent kill."
    Poisons or Knives

    . Other .
    "I've told you everything you need to know."

    {Note: If I need to change anything, just let me know!}​
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  18. Accepted

  19. [​IMG]
    Princess Annaliese Deliria Chrysanthemum Telvarie , Daughter of King Wilmont & Queen Devina
    " Please , Just call me... Well , Deliria."

    " Didn't anyone tell you it was naughty to ask a lady's age?"

    Warrior or Royal:
    " Royal by right and yet a warrior by heart."


    Hair Color-
    Eye Color-




    Birth Kingdom:

    Kingdom (Home):

    Powers (Max is three: they must relate to each other in some way):
    Weapon of Choice:

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