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The Font Addiction

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. I thought I kicked my font addiction and yet I go to find one little font and then BAM. I end up downloading a bunch of them.

    A font is this text you see right here on the screen. Different fonts give you a different style for the letters. Like:

    Times new roman!

    Book Antiqua

    Comic Sans MS

    Mind you, a person can only see font styles if it is installed on the compy. The fonts on our forum editor are defaults on pretty much every compy ever.

    But when making graphics... >:D A place like DA FONT is little text-nerd's heaven.

    You can use fonts in graphics OR text editor programs. (ms office, wordpad, etc) They're fun to play with. c__c I thought I would share.
  2. Re: The Font Addition

    I'm in love with Violette01. Look it up on DaFont.
  4. im trying to install the russian ones!

    well the leggible rtussian ones
  5. I want a font that's comprised of sex positions.

    Then again, I'm not that into Anal Cunt.
  6. I'm so glad to have found other font nerds haha man I did love my typography class XD and Dafont rules!
  7. Hey faggots (and faggettes) care to tell me what font is this?

  8. Well, the letters are sans serif, so it could either be Arial or perhaps Helvetica. What's throwing me off though is that some of the letters DO have a serif (now that I'm looking at the image up close), so they may have used two different typefaces...or fonts as everyone likes to call it.

    As for my favorite font, I like Adobe Garamond Pro, Century Gothic, Helvetica Neue (perferably Ultra Light, rather than normal), and Birth of a Hero--which is a graphic font that you can find on DaFont.

    [/Graphic Design geekness]
  9. haha You like Birth of a Hero too? Lol Inked God rocks as well.
  10. Inked God is pretty cool, though I never used it before. I use either Birth of a Hero or the Maple Origins.