The Flower of Raona

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  1. Suitors. Suitors were a pain. They kissed up to her family, kissed up to her, and in general were annoying, pushy, and uninteresting. Emilia knew that her father meant well, however it didn't change her distaste for the suitors that poured into the castle. It wasn't that she was unwilling to marry, it was that the options were so awful. The only person who seemed to understand her hatred towards grabby suitors was her court wizard, a childhood friend who she has kept close to for as long as she could remember.

    Taking a break from swordsmanship training and the few suitors who lurked around the castle to greet her and win her affections, she hid in the Court Wizard's study. Sitting in one of his chairs and leaning back so only the back legs touched the ground, rocking precariously to amuse herself. "They're awful," she said finally, "like rats swarming an old apple. They're always so persistent." Snapping the book in her hand shut she sighed, "I swear they don't even listen to me most of the time." she groaned, "At least you listen, Rakan."
  2. Rakan had been contentedly mixing a new batch of potions when Princess Emilia had stormed into his study, an enraged sneer on her face and her hair in wild disarray. It was obvious that she had just come in from the sparring pitch, as she had not yet changed out of her practicing armor.

    He could already tell from her turbulent entrance that he was in a foul mood, so he had simply turned back to his work as she had flopped herself down unceremoniously at his table. He let her continue her fit at his back, as he stared down at his vials and measurements.

    He tried to ignore the fact that she creaked back and fourth in his favorite chair -something he constantly asked her not to do, yet she seemed to take great joy in doing anyway - but when she snapped one of his rare herb tomes shut, he turned back around, and took it from her hand. "I'm sorry, did you say something your Highness?" He asked sarcastically, before sighing indulgently and taking a seat in the chair nearest her at the table. "I'm sorry that those fools continue to distress you."
  3. As he took the book from her hand she glared at him, "Not funny, Rakan." she said indignantly. Leaning back she sighed again, "They're so-!" she grumbled frustrated, "I was in the middle of practice and one of them wouldn't stop chatting me up. I was ready to stab him through!" Emilia sneered angrily fixing her hair, "Honestly, what part of 'I'm busy' don't these incessant dogs understand!?"

    Leaning forward again quite suddenly the chair slammed back onto all of its legs and standing quite abruptly she began to pace the room, "I wish I had run him through." she said flatly as she looked out the window, "Maybe then my father wouldn't bring in all these idiots to try and win my hand. I feel like he's getting desperate."

    Emilia leaned against the cool window, soothing against her warm forehead she let go one last sigh before turning back to Rakan, "And what about you? What are you up to Wizard?"
  4. Rakan visibly winced and tsked unhappily under his breath at the slamming of the chair's legs. Watching her pace the room, venting her anger would almost be funny if he didn't know what kind of power came in that small package. He knew she probably did have the skill to fell most of her suitors.

    As the light trough the window filtered across her face and through her hair he couldn't help the soft smile that formed on his face. He also could help noticing how form-fitting her practice gear was; how it hugged the contours of her body, just so. Those thoughts fled however at the sight of her eyes so far-off and her stance so defeated made his smile tug down into a frown.

    When she turned and asked him what he was doing, his eyes flicked to his beakers slowly burning. He glanced back up at her as he reached out and turned the burners completely off. He'd honestly wanted to finish that brew today, but... Emilia would always come first. "Nothing of great importance, and I have some time to spare. Do you wish to go into town with me today? I am in need of some new supplies for my expreiments." He asked offhandedly, secretly hopeful. He did know that in her current state she'd want to leave the castle grounds, and put more space between herself and her treacherous suitors.
  5. Emilia walked back to the table, her finger gliding along the surface as she came back to him, "I am certainly due for a distraction," she half smiled, "I'll go, just let me change into something else. I'll meet you in the foyer in an hour, sound good?" she asked, without getting an answer she went over to his door, "I'll leave you to it then. Remember- an hour. Foyer." she repeated before walking back into the hallway.

    Sure enough an hour later she stood in the foyer of the castle, tightening the strap of her harness that held a dagger against her calf for emergency purposes. Her outfit was a simple yet refined cream dress that stopped just above the floor with a leather under bust corset, and bishop sleeves that hung off the shoulders. It was hardly befitting for a princess.