The flower in the library.

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hi there!
i'm looking for a role-play partner for a 1x1 modern romance rp.
i've already thought up a lovely young lady character and i would love the chance to match her with another character, male or female.
basically what i had in mind was my character works in a library/spends most of her time there so your character would be a frequent visitor to the library.
(university student, writer, or just an avid reader, perhaps?)
friendship blossoms, then perhaps a romance?
i am open to having either a man or woman be my character's love interest, i just want someone fantastic and interesting!
post if you're interested, but first read my character.

name: fleur deulis
age: 21
gender: female
job: librarian
appearance:Screen Shot 2011-10-05 at 6.16.52 PM.png
hobbies: reading, writing, some painting
clothes: vintage tops, lots of black and white, sometimes vintage dresses
personalty: fleur is as quiet as the library she works in and as sweet as the smell of the fresh flowers she always brings in. never one to start a fuss, but always on top of noisy people, ruling her book sanctuary with a very pale and slender iron fist. if fleur wasn't so buried in books she would have much more time for socializing, but of course her focus lies mostly in her work and whatever book she is reading. she is a total neat freak and is never late. some would say fleur is seriously ocd, but she just likes to keep things tidy. romance novels are not her favourite, but she does indulge once in a while because, hey, the girl needs some love in her life!
Aww darn! I'm too late! D8...Well if you are looking for any other one on one RPs Lydia just hit me up! 8D
Quick question: is this a public library or a university library? Or is it in the ethereal plane? Because honestly, the third would be the most interesting, LOL!
i was thinking that it could be a public library that is settled in near a university and has close ties to the university.
that just opens it up to who the other character could possibly be, you know?
okay, that's fine! :) I have work to do tonight, but if I get enough done, I'll get him worked out tonight. If not, tomorrow.
sounds wonderful!
just post him here whenever you get him all sorted out.
Okay, here we go finally. Sorry for the delay!

Name: Dee (last name unknown, but he gave himself the surname Darcy)
Age: Early twenties
Gender: Male
Occupation: university student and cafeteria worker
Appearance: (couldn't find a good pick so I'll describe him) Straight, stringy-looking black hair and black eyes. He's average height and thin, and has a ruddy complexion; he's obviously spent a lot of time in the sun.
Hobbies: Reading, drawing
Clothing: He usually wears a couple layers of dark clothing, all worn-looking, and long-lasting boots.
Personality: Dee doesn't usually talk too much, mostly because others don't want to talk to him. In the library, however, he feels slightly more at home, so will sometimes give an odd comment to someone regarding a book, since he's read so many of them. He sometimes naps in a corner of the library, a book in his lap. He works long hours at the university cafeteria, and audits some classes for free.