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  1. Penis transplant has been performed.

    I find this both interesting and slightly creepy, but at the heart of it, I'm actually glad to hear it.

    Everyone always makes a big deal about women losing their breasts to cancer, and I understand that, but you never hear about what men have to go through. It's nice to finally hear that men who do go through cancer and end up needing certain things done to save their lives will not have to live their lives feeling like less of a man. I'm even more relieved to hear that the process was started with vets in mind as well. It's bad enough that they are going through emotional experiences from the trauma, they don't need the depression that comes along with the knowledge of how they will be viewed.

    The question is though, how many men would be willing to donate their penis to science when they die? Or donate it knowing that within a few days someone else could be using it? I would imagine that demand would overwhelm the supply as it does in most transplant cases.

    Edit: Please, no discussing the transgender aspect of this. I'm not saying this to be mean, just to avoid arguments!
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  2. This gives 'Giving Dick' an all new meaning.

    As for if I'd donate mine when I die? If I go the Organ Donor route than sure.
    Otherwise my plan is to go into Cryonics, in which case I'm not 'dead' but more in a very long coma, and I'm going to need it when I come out on the other end.
    Unless if I go the Brain only route, in which case go ahead.
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  3. This is neat. I'm not so sure demand will outstrip supply though, simply because any guy registered as an organ donor will presumably be a valid donor and I don't know if the need for replacement penises is the same as, say, replacement kidneys or livers. I'm no expert though, so I can't say for sure.

    I'm personally fine with donating my penis to somebody who's gonna use it. I already plan to let others have whatever parts of me might be useful after I die, so I see no reason to have a weird exception out of... I dunno, insecurity or something? It's not like I'm gonna miss it after I'm gone. :P
  4. It's a lot to think about. I think it's because it's not like a heart or a kidney where you know you have them, but you have no control over their activities. If I was a guy, I'd kind of be wondering what the person would be doing with it when they had full function. What if they're a pedophile or a rapist? Granted, I know that the chances of that are fairly low, but it would still stick in my mind. (Mostly because I worry about every damn thing....)

    It's a lot to ask of a person, even if they would be dead. An organ you can understand because a person can't live without them, but this is something that serves more than one function.

    Don't misread why I'm asking, because I do think that it's a good idea and I really do hope that there are those who are willing to make the donations. But realistically, it is a lot to ask and a great deal to think about.
  5. In my opinion worrying about something like that makes as much as sense me worrying that whenever I spend money it's going to circulate into a slave market. You can't help what other people do, only what you do.

    Pun Pun Pun!
  6. First thing I did when I heard this was turn to my brothers and father and said, "Beware the penis poachers"

    Now, its cool that people can do this now for real shameful losses like from cancer or war... But now I'm worried about the influx of idiots getting them after brutalizing their own meat crank through stupidity v.v
  7. I don't think I want to know of the example that put that thought in your mind. XD

    I'm pretty sure that it's a safe bet that this will be restricted to people who have experienced the loss through genuine and uncontrollable circumstances. It is a transplant after all, and there are still going to be a chance of rejection, and possible infections from it.

    Could you imagine if it did become a mainstream procedure like breast implants though?

    "Yeah, I'm on the market for a new penis. Nothing below six inches with the circumference of two Twinkies!"

    I clearly have no idea how one would go about describing their ideal penis. Sorry. =/
  8. I'm sorry, but after "penis rejection" everything got static-y and that's all I could think of ._.
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  9. I meant in the medical sense. :P But, that is a pretty funny thought when you think about it.
  10. Meh.

    Just give me two dicks.
  11. What if the color's wrong?
  12. White guys might finally have a big penis then.
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  13. As a woman I am going to put this out there...

    There is such a thing as too big.
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  14. Well, there are Alot of white people.

    But, I personally wouldn't want too big of a schlong y'know.

    I already have enough of a problem.
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