The First To Fall (Halo RP) [5 Slots Only]

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  1. Character Skelly:
    Service Code: (4-Digit Code)
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Age when drafted:
    Current age:
    Sexual preference:
    Armor appearance:
    Primary armor color:
    Secondary armor color:
    Visor color:
    Role in squad: (See roles available above)
    Primary Weapon:
    Secondary Weapon:

    My Information
    Name: Ajax Thayer
    Service Code: A142
    Nickname: Jax
    Age when drafted: 18
    Current age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Sexual preference: Straight


    Armor appearance:


    Primary armor color: White
    Secondary armor color: Electric Blue
    Visor color: Electric Blue

    Role in squad: Commanding Officer
    Rank: Captain

    Primary Weapon: Battle Rifle
    Secondary Weapon: SMG x2

    Likes: Rain, Snow, Music, Nice people, Cats

    Hates: Letting other die on his watch, Sun, Sunburn, Swimming, dieing
    Personality: Jax doesn't smile much, he takes thing almost too seriously. He likes meeting new people but will hate you if you mess with him consistently.

    Background: After receiving the draft letter, Jax's Parents took him to Canada in an attempt to hid him. He and his father were taken for the draft. His mother was killed when she tried to fight to get her husband and son back.; this left Jax's sister alone, she now lives a home for girls. The broke Jax, he loved his sister. So, He thought that by getting as high of a rank as he could, he'd get out and back to his sister sooner; hence, why he's captain. His father has been shipped out to an orbital system around Earth.

    Other: Blue eyes, panics in water, MAJOR fear of drowning
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  2. How about giving a setting? I have no idea whether this is Reach, 4 or something else in the chronological scale, therefore I cannot make a character. I also do not know a probable plot. For example, if it's Reach, my character would have no sense of hope, and would be focused on simply surviving for as long as possible, and would be rather radical. They would not care much for others and would be an emotional screw up. On the other hand, if it's 4, they'd be considerably more optimistic, and would be much more mentally stable.
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  3. Went back and added a few needed details, be sure to read all of it thoroughly, thank you for bringing this to my attention.
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