The first annual purge

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  1. This is the annual purge announcement, for the next 12 hours, all emergency serveries will be suspended. All crime will also be legal, including murder. Weapons of class four and below will be allowed for usage in the purge, and government officials of class four are immune. May the new finding fathers be with you all.

    The annual purge, that's what most people are afraid of in America, but not Ethan Greenrose. No, the young seventeen year old male seeks out dangers on the annual purge night, killing them so the poor might live another day, little does anyone know his leading a group of rebels known as Silence will be broken. The rich buy their purges, safely killing the poor, the old, and the sick within their expensive homes. It's only up to you if you survive.

    character sheet:
    Name: First and last
    Appearance: Real life pictures please. Or a description.
    Poor/rich/moderate: Pick one of the 3 stages of money he/she would fit into.
    Personality: Details would be nice, but at least a four trait basic. Examples, Sweet, Kind, Grumpy, and rude.
    Likes: At least two
    Dislikes: At least two.​

    Additional Information:
    This real play will be taking place for a total of three real days, each day a new day in the role play. The days will be taking place before the annual Purge, so march 22 2014. Then the day and night of the annual purge, so march 23, then the day after, march 24. The setting will take place in Detroit and suburbs around it.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.