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  1. Johan's eyes slowly flutter open. His room is cluttered with garbage; chicken wing boxes around his bed, pop and beer cans covering the majority of his floor, and a stack of enough piza boxes to touch his ceiling is tucked between the wall and his computer desk in the corner of his large room. Beside his bed is his night table that has two drawers, one for his socks and boxers and one for his PC games. On top of the night table is a stack of Dungeons and Dragons graphic novels, his laptop and a custom ordered Mists of Pandaria panda standing beside the laptop holding a bamboo staff. His desk has a wonderful, expensive green gaming computer, with one laptop on either side of the desk. His guitar is resting against thedest on the side where his pizza boxes aren't. He has a punch of recording mics on the ground beside his desk, as well as a box of pics and his sound effects pedal. In his rather large closet he has a collection of guitar amps stacked up in the corner, a miniature fridge beside that with a single file cabnit that contains all his songs in it annd one on top of that with album concept art he came up with. The rest of the closet is filled with jeans, some shorts, button up shirts, war vests and many band shirts. Along the walls are two big book shelves filled with CDs, and one book shelf with books, graphic novels, and long boxes of comic books. On top of all the shelves are collections of loose action figures. Plastered along the walls that aren't covered are posters of many metal bands, and on the walls around the closet and closet doors boxed action figures are nailed into and hanging on the walls.

    He groaned and rolls onto his side. As he does his copy of "A Dance With Dragons" falls off his chest and onto the ground. Johan had lived in his dorm for a long time, since he came to this school in grade 9. He had been one of the lucky people who had gotten a single room. He had done so much with the room that he had almost fucked himself for when graduation came around. He had to fill the holes from the nails, had to clean up all this crap, and probably repaint because of the tape for his posters. He groans and sits up, running his hands through his long hair. Its the first day of the new year, and he wasn't happy. Football camp, the camp the school held, had been going on for the past two weeks. Even last night. Sure he loaded up on chicken wings and brought some home after, but camp and conditioning had kicked his ass. He could feel it in his joints still. The large Johan stands up and out of his bed. He stretches and lets out a loud yawning groan. He grabs his brush, shampoo, soap and walks over to his closet. He pulls out a pair of black, ripped jeans and a Pig Destroyer T-shirt. He always has his pants picked out for the next day and always has his key in the pocket of the pants.

    He walks down the hall to the shared shower rooms in nothing but his black boxers with the Horde logo from World of Warcraft. After his shower he brushes his hair and walks back throuugh the now busy hall. Everyone who had lived in their dorms had been buzzing and running in and out, to their friends to get ready and what not. He wa lucky, a lot of his hall had metal heads so every morning he got to indulge in many subgenres of heavy metal. The new kids and kids who decided to take a dorm this year won't be going to their dorms until after the assembly. After they would settle in then the classes begin. Johan walks into his room and packs his song writing notebook, his notebook for class, his headphones and Ipod, and a handfull of guitar picks. He puts his backpack on hi houlder, grabs his guitar and a patch cord and leave hi room. He locks the door, and heads down the stairs of the dorm rooms, walking down almost eight sets of stairs. He walk down a hill, the girls dormitories sitting at the bottom of the hill. He walks past the Football field which has a stadium beside it for games, and finally makes his way to the large school building. He walks past every class room, the book stores, the weight room, the gym, the MMA pentagon that they are putting in, and into the large auditorium.

  2. Aidan rubbed her eyes of her day old mascara and yawned. Scratching her head she gets up and walks to her bathroom, her kitchen uniform crumpled on the floor where she left it the night before, too exhausted to even shower. Which explained why she smelled like sauteed onions, which was the extent of the grunt work they'd allowed her the night before. Heaven forbid an intern actually cook. Grimacing at her own scent she hops in the shower scrubbing with her mango passion fruit body wash. The hot water however keeps her in to long so she hadn't even a chance to brush her hair as she flew out of the tub and dried off looking around for that damn uniform that was a few sizes too small. She'd yet to take her sisters hand-me-down uniform to a tailor. She toweled her hair once more leaving it a mass of waves and random curls before grabbing her text books, and bag and hurrying downstairs.
    "C'mon Wayne, not the time to be late," she waited for her sister, Jen's, boyfriend Wayne to pick her up and drive her to the school, her luggage stacked besides her.
    "Thank god," she huffed as she saw his truck pull up and is already throwing bags in the back before he comes to a full stop. "Now just wait after the assembly and you can help me carry my luggage in," She closed her eyes as he drove and scratched his head. He decides to just stay in the car listening to music but grimaces as the CD left in their is some heavy metal crap his adoptive brother, Johan, must have left in their after whatever date with whatever metal head chick he was into that month.
    Aidan didn't necessarily know her way around but it didn't take a genius to follow the mass of teenagers navigating towards an auditorium. Trying, unsuccessfully, she smooths her hands over her messy hair but there were little instances when her hair abided her wishes. Pushing past some bubbling girls and some even scarier looking females , she finds a vacant seat in the back. Looking around she was surprised to see whereas everyone had similar uniforms, they had even more determination to show their identities through their groups of people, makeup, vividly colored hair. It was an interesting paradox she was sure would make this year all the more interesting.
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  3. The alarm rudely woke Christian. It kept beeping until he slammed his hand down onto the button. He rolled out of bed and onto the floor with a thump, groaning as he opened his eyes. The first day of school was about to begin. Christian wasn't exactly, excited. People in his school didn't like him all that much, but that was okay. He had some friends. Christian stood up and walked over to the mirror. In the mirror, he saw a woman wearing boxers. This was the moment when Christian saw Christine, and he couldn't be her. If he ever went to school with make up on, or god forbid some earrings, he'd never be able to live again. People just couldn't accept that sometimes, he just felt like a female. That was when Christian knew that he'd have to force himself to be as male as possible. Attempting to think positively, Christian looked at the straighteners on his desk, at least he could hide his messy hair under a hat. And without make-up, this would take much less time.

    After the shower, Christian fixed himself some small cross studs and a black beanie to hide the hair. He slipped into a tight plaid shirt and some skinny jeans. At least he looked feminine, to himself. "Christian!" His mother called. Time for school then. He looked around his cluttered, cosy room before grabbing his backpack. Inside consisted of his earphones, a deck of cards, lonesome poker chips and some pens with a notepad. Hopefully people would come to him and ask for a card trick, because he had learnt a heck of a lot more over the summer.

    The car journey was awkward. His father stared at his son with a discerning look. "Did your shirt shrink?" His father asked. Christian just rolled his eyes. He was blessed with an understanding and open-minded mother, but cursed with a homophobic, sexist father. Even though he had asked his mother never to mention it, his father must of found make-up, or something. "No..." Christian grumbled, folding his arms in the front seat, watching as he finally pulled up outside his school. God, he hated this place. "Don't be too late home." His father sighed. "I won't, bye." Christian said bluntly before following the swarm of teens to the hall. He knew his way around now, since this was his high-school since the beginning. Once he was in, he looked for a space. Right in the very back, in the corner, was free! It was usually where he sat. Christian bounced up the steps before cosying himself into the corner, already taking his phone out to see if anybody had texted him.
  4. Kenny groaned and rolled over in bed as he heard someone knocking on his door. "He recognized the voice as his grandmother, who was, as usual, shouting at him in Thai. "Hey! Kathoey! Get out of bed!" She rarely ever spoke in English, at least not to him. Especially not now. His grandmother's house doubled as a foster home, though most of the recent group of children had left. The only one left aside from himself was a seven year old girl named Mabel who, like Kenny and his grandmother, was also of Thai descent. For someone who had never been to Thailand she had managed to pick up the language quite quickly over the four years she had been staying with them. Of course, Kenny had never been to Thailand either, but he had spent his entire life being raised by his grandmother, who had been born there.

    He stumbled out of bed, his vision slightly blurred from his lack of glasses. He slipped his glasses on and gazed around his bedroom. It was a complete mess. His various makeup compacts were scattered across his dresser, and the high heels he had worn while out with friends the previous night were lying on the floor. A long black wig was lying next to them, and his grandmother's affectionate teasing rang in his ears. Kathoey. Ladyboy. She had never been bothered by his drag. She had embraced it amazingly for someone as old as she was.

    Kenny stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. He didn't see Kenny. He saw Lucy. He stared at himself for a few seconds before slipping the wig onto his head. A bit better. He took the wig off and slipped into the bathroom across the hall to clean himself up, eventually returning to his bedroom and dressing himself in his uniform. He opened a few of his makeup compacts and did his makeup. It was fairly simple, less dramatic than his drag makeup. Just some foundation, basic contouring and a bit of winged eyeliner. He clipped his hair extensions in and grinned at his reflection. He thought he looked nice. His wigs were exclusively for his drag, and extensions worked just as well for this. Probably better.

    He shuffled out of his bedroom and had to dart out of the way to avoid being slammed into by Mabel, who had been running down the hall. The girl abruptly skidded to a halt and then said in English, "Sumalee told me to tell you that your eggs are ready!" before turning and running back the way she had come. Kenny followed the girl into the kitchen and sat down at his usual place at the table. His grandmother sat a plate of scrambled eggs down in front of him, which he quickly thanked her for.

    His grandmother sat down across from him. "You're going to school like that?" she asked, still speaking in thai, and Kenny noted the concern in her voice.
    "Yeah...why?" As he put a forkful of eggs in his mouth he noticed that his nails, shaped in cat claw fashion, were still painted with sparkly red polish. Good. It looked nice.
    Sumalee frowned. "I just worry about you. People are mean. I don't want anything to happen to you. It is your first day at a new school..."

    "I think he looks pretty!" Mabel piped up. "I want to be as pretty as Kenny when I get big!"
    Kenny laughed softly as his foster sister spoke. "Why thank you, Mabel," he said. "I am flattered." He looked back at his grandmother. "I'll be fine. I'll call you if anything gets out of hand, but I can take care of myself." He downed his final sips of orange juice before standing up.

    "I'll be okay," Kenny said, leaning down to kiss his grandmother on the cheek. "I'll see you after school." He slipped on his leather jacket and picked up his book bag before he slipped out of the house and started walking in the direction of the house. Upon arriving, he hesitated outside the door, not sure exactly where he was supposed to be going. He followed the direction that most of the students were headed, and found himself in the auditorium. He glanced around nervously before taking an empty seat in the back.
  5. Aidan tapped her fingers on the arm rest looking around, seeing as the assembly wasn't starting immediately. People were after all still stumbling around, some arranging their luggage in the back. She saw a young girl, not sure of her ethnicity plop down a few seats over looking a little nervous. Smiling lightly she made her way over and sat down, trying not to be overly obvious but sure she failed.
    "Hey," She laughed a bit and smiled," I'm Aidan one of the million new people- oh my god," she dropped what she was saying as she saw this girl's sparkling red nails, her hands looking like claws," that is so cool," forgetting herself she lifts up her hand looking at the flawlessly filed nails. "Where do you get your nails done??" Working in a kitchen it was discouraged to do anything to nails besides file them down to nubs, but Aidan had always had a weakness for manicures and was currently in withdrawal it being almost a year since she got her nails done.
  6. Alexis woke up early in her dorm. She always woke up early so she could get cleaned up before the showers were busy. Climbing out of bed sleepily, she walked to her mirror and looked at her face. She smiled at it. After years and years of struggling to find herself, she finally had. She found who she was meant to be. Sure, right now, she was a total mess with hair sticking out every which way and, what was that? Dried drool? Yuck. But still, a happy Yuck.

    Alexis looked around her room. Her room was a neat kind of messy. The way where the room was too small to fit all her things. Pushed against the wall by the window was her bed which had all sorts of pictures taped along the wall over the headboard. There were pictures from all sorts of years. Pictures of Alexis, pictures of her when she was still known as Alexander, pictures of family and friends. There was a lack of pictures of her father though. He could never support Alexis and struggled to understand that even though she was transsexual, she was pansexual and not "homosexual" or whatever. She turned her attention from the pictures to the closet, which was practically spilling with button up shirts, sweaters, and her karate uniforms, weapons, and a bag for her sparring gear. Tucked in one corner of the closet was her two guitar cases, an electric and an acoustic with a small amp by it, and in the other corner were two cello cases, one of them being an electric cello. The closet doors were covered with movie posters while her walls were filled with movie and band posters. She had a dresser with a mirror attatched across from the closet and next to that, across from the foot of the bed was another small dresser stand with a TV on top and a mini fridge next to it. The floor, though, was scattered with clothes that really should be put in her dirty laundry basket. Oh well, cleaning can be done later in the day.

    She grabbed her towel, brushes, medication, and her robe and quietly walked out her room so she wouldn't wake others. There were a few early risers out already. She made her way to the dorm bathrooms and took her shower, wrapping up in her robe while she brushed and blow dried her hair and brushed teeth and took her pills. Once that was all said and done, she went to her dorm room and began to pick out the days clothes. That was always a battle.

    She picked out a plad button down shirt and a Bring Me The Horizon shirt. She pulled on the shirts, leaving the button down open to proudly display the band tee. She pulled on a pair of royal bones pants where one pant leg was checkered black and white while the other pant leg was solid black. She sat in front of the mirror and applied her make up, brushing her short hair back and out of her face. She smiled at herself. She loved her feminine looks. She worked hard, put in a lot of time and money for it. And now she was who she was meant to be.

    Alexis glanced over to the clock. "Shit! I'm gonna be late! Damn it Alexis, you woke up early so this wouldnt happen!!" She bolted up and grabbed her back pack, shoving her phone and ear buds in it, throwing it over her shoulder and ran out her dorm room. No matter how early she woke up, she always managed to find a way to make things take forever so she was almost late. She bolted out the girls dorm building and towards the school. Lucky her for being fast. She weaved her way through the crowd of students and into the auditorium with the others. She was out of breath, looking around for a spot. She found an empty chair in the back, pretty close to the entrance. She sat down, dropping her bag next to her chair and ran her hands through her hair to smooth it down after it flew around her head during her run. She glanced around curiously at the other students as they filed in.
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  7. Kenny looked up, slightly startled when someone sat down next to him. "Hi," he greeted nervously, playing with his hair as he spoke. He wasn't really used to being approached so kindly by other people. His grandmother and Mabel accepted him, as did his drag friends, but he wasn't with them now. Most of the time he just kept quiet and stayed out of everybody else's way. He reached up to fix his glasses and remembered that he had out contacts in before he had left the house. Maybe that was a bad idea. He was used to having something to fiddle with.

    The girl beside him introduced herself, and Kenny took a moment, not entirely sure how to introduce himself. "My name is Kenny," he said after a moment. "Or Lucy. Whichever you want, I don't really care. My friends usually just call me Lucy all the time. It's nice to meet you." It wasn't a lie. To his friends he was always Lucy. In the same way that Lita was always Lita and Cherie was always Cherie.

    Aidan grabbed his hand once she noticed his nails, but he didn't pull away. "I do them myself," he said. Or my friends do them for me. Maybe I could do your nails sometime, if you want."
  8. Aidan blinks a bit when she says Kenny but smiles," wow, you're good," she laughs a little," Or is that like a rude thing to say? Sorry, small town upbringing, my social skills need work." She shakes her head," I love the name Lucy, you know first female and all that," she laughs a bit. "You can so do my nails, but they will be chipping within a day," she smiles," rookie cook and all. But next time i have a date, i know who to come to. I'm Aidan by the way if I didn't already say." She brushes a hand through her messy hair.
  9. "Okay everyone, please sit down." A cool, new york thick voice came over the microphone. The voice belongs to the guitar teacher; A tall, plump man who lacks a head of hair but has a scruffy grey goatee. He has taken the stage and holds a microphone in his hand. "I'm sorry that its me who has to be your MC for today. The principle and VP are a bit busy doing whatever it is important people do. So, I figured I will tell everyone whats going on. First, students are going to be expected to go to the office at some point to pick up their school uniforms. We will be a little more strict than we have in past years. Some people, one person in specific doesn't like to wear their uniform. Second, there will be school wide performances, such as musical and plays. For musical performances, we will be a bit more careful with what is played. The Heavy Metal Club has put on some..questionable performances for the school. I'd like to talk about sports now-"

    Johan knew the teacher, Mr.Growlie is talking about him. Ever since grade 9 he had refused to wear the uniform. Eventually they gave up, but he doesnt think they will be so quick to give up this year. The teacher keeps rambling on and on about sports and classes and what not. Getting bored easily, Johan reaches into his backpack and pulls out a red guitar pick. He puts it on his palm and randomly flicks it into the air and it hits someone random.

  10. Alexis wasn't listening as closely as she should to the announcements. She heard about the uniform and the school performance but after that she began zoning out and thinking about one of the dogs at the dog shelter. It was still shy and rarely left it's dig bed. Maybe she will try bringing it some special treats? Like those doggy bacon strips! The dogs usually go nuts for things like that! So she could stop in the store later today to pick some up since this is her only day off work this week.

    In the middle of her thoughts something flew into her race, hitting her just under the eye. Alexis let out a small startled shriek as she was jolted out of her thoughts. Her gaze instantly whipped around, being embarsssed and hoping no one saw. "What the heck was that..?" She mumbled and bent over to pick it up. Oddly enough a red guitar pick hit her. Well... That saves her a trip to the stor. She could just use this for her guitar. But.. maybe she should see if it was dropped on accident? "Did someone drop this..?" She called out quietly.
  11. Johan instantly burst out into laughter. He knew the shriek was his doing. The teacher on stage stopped his speech upon hearing the shriek and the hystarical laughter. Johan grabs his sides as his laughter keeps up. He gets many confused stares, but he just doesn't care.
    "Is there something you would like to share?" The cool teacher speaks, looking at Johan, being used to his shenanigans.
  12. Alexis's face turned red hot when she heard the laughter that followed behind her shriek. Of course she knew laughter was directed to her and her loud shriek. Her eyes shot to the long hair boy and scowled. She remembered him well from the last few school years. He was always a prankster and though she never met him, she knew of his reputation. She always did her best not to judge people, but now all she could think of was he was the source of the pick that hit her in the face. It made sense, at least to her.

    He use to be in her music class, playing guitar along side her though often he would prefer playing his own style rather than what was placed for them to play. Sure, she usually wanted to play something other than old Beatles songs and would rather play songs by her favorite bands, but she wanted to pass the class more than annoy the teacher.

    But, pushing the thoughts aside, she glanced to the teacher in the front of the auditorium who now had his attention, and some students thanks to the teacher basically shinning a spot light on the boy when he addressed him in front of the whole school, on the long haired boy. She glanced to her fellow musician, Johan, she lightly flicked the guitar pick back at him so it landed in his unusually long hair.
  13. When a gutair pick went flying, Christian dodged it quickly before hearing a yelp. He turned to his side as the pick smacked a young girl in the face. "Oh shit." He whispered. It hit Alexis. He didn't know her well at all, but he slid across the bench, "Are you alright? Oh, it was Johan..."

    Of course. Christian knew it would be him. He had threw a couple of things at him in the past too. "Watch it, Johan.." He hissed, not in a mean way, but Johan was probably used to it. The guy wasn't an asshole, but he did irritate Christian when it came to times like this.

    "Typical.." Christian smiled at Alexis before shrinking back into his seat, watching the teacher again.
  14. Alexis rubbed under her eyes, hoping a red mark wouldn't appear. That would be embarrassing. She didn't need any more attention drawn to her. But when a fellow student she remembered was named Christian scooted over to ask if she was fine she gave a small, sheepish smile and nodded. She remembered that kid pretty well too. It was amazing how well Alexis could remember people and faces, but could hardly remember street names or directions.

    Christian always seemed like a pretty nice kid, which was refreshing. And she always loved his outfits, they reminded her of the types of clothes she use to wear, but that was B.C. Before the Change. She regretted not getting to know him better, which sucks since its the last year of school for them. In fact, Alexis had a small amount of friends since she was always too busy to hang out and on days she wasn't busy she stayed in her room watching the best thing mankind had ever created. Netflix.

    Alexis eventually realized that while she was lost in thought she was awkwardly staring not exactly at Johan or Christian but at an empty spot in between. Just looking at it like an idiot with her hand still over the spot she got hit. Alexis quickly dropped her hand and turned her attention away from the nothing that she stared at for so long. Sheesh, getting caught starring at nothing and no one was as embarrassing as getting caught staring at something or someone. At least in her book it was. She glanced over to Christian and flashed a friendly smile.
  15. He chuckles as he combes through his hair with his hands. He waves off the teacher, not caring to tell him what is going on. Finally Johan finds his pick in his thick mane of hair, then throws it into his back pack. Not wanting to listen to the same speech for the fourth time Johan pulls out his headphones and places them around his ears. He cranks the volume after plugging it into his phone. He picks a calming (to him) song; Dreamcatcher by ERRA.

    The teaher goes on to explain that the school has a wrestling team which has a show every friday where students can pay to come see kids from different schools wrestle, and they even record it. It's a way to combine professional wrestling with high school team wrestling. The teacher also talks about the Football league, and how there is a big event like the super bowl at the end of every Football season. This school has been to that event four times in a row and lost all but twice.
  16. Kenny's face reddened as Aiden spoke. "I don't know," he said when she asked if it was rude. "Thank you, though. I put a lot of effort in to be this pretty. You did say that already. It's nice to meet you though. I don't have any friends in this place so far. I transferred from another school for my last year. I wasn't exactly well liked back there." He shrugged. "I'd drop out if I could, honestly. My grandmother would throw a fit." He paused and then laughed. "Asian stereotypes."

    There was a bit of commotion in front of them as something hit a girl in the face. "Um, excuse me," Kenny said. "But are you okay?" He turned to glare at the guy who had thrown the pick. Rude. He shrank down in his seat when the teacher speaking to them asked if there was something they would like to share. Maybe he shouldn't be saying anything else. He didn't want to get in trouble with anybody on his first day.
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