The Final Frontier

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  1. Space...
    The final frontier...
    These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: To explore strange new worlds... To seek out new life and new civilizations...
    To boldly go where no one has gone before!
    Ten years after the war with the Dominion, the Federation has stepped into a new era and a new, if somewhat uneasy beginning. The supernova that was set to destroy the planet Romulus and its moons which was destined to occur did not. Ambassador Spock was able to successfully save Romulus and Remus and thus uniting the nations. Romulus struggled to get back onto its feet as such an event was very straining on the Empire. The Federation was there to help and assisted in picking up the pieces. The result was peace, and five years ago Romulus signed a treaty with the Federation and were united in allies. Remus wished to remain separate, but signed a declaration of peace.
    The Federation has expanded its territory, developed new colonies and forged new alliances and made more enemies. However it continues to thrive and thanks to new gathered technology and a new attitude to space travel a brand new fleet of state of the art ships have been built. The new flagship of the federation is a combination of the bright new future and the best of the past, aptly named the "U.S.S Enterprise." The Aurora is the largest, fastest and by far the strongest vessel belonging to Starfleet. It's primary purpose is exploration and scientific pursuits, but few know that the new Enterprise is also one of the Federation's most powerful warships, if needs be.
    Trouble is brewing, and while the Federation does it's utmost to hide it from civilians, it's only continuing to get worse. The Enterprise's orders have changed to instead go to the furthest edges of what used to be the neutral zone, to explore the unusual signals and signs coming from that side of the galaxy.
    A junior officer reported that it sounded distinctly Klingon, but when their superior listened in later on, it was more Romulan. Another ship reported a completely different set of languages.
    Is the Federation facing a new kind of enemy, or the old ghosts of the past?
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    Captain Alexander Tennet​
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  3. could i be a Kobold as an alien race? if so i dont mind being Chief of security and it will be my first Star Trek campain
  4. I'd like to join as First Officer
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