The final frontier (and some stops inbetween)

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Space... it's big. Who knows what's out there? Well, those brave enough to explore are slowly finding out.
The crew of the ship "Spit & Prayers II" is one such bunch.

Names - Joe & Quain Daror

Gender -

Species -
Uh... hm. What you would call a realy mixed breed.
((Their species survives through DNA absorption. Usually females would go out into space, come into contact with various other alien species and bring back the "samples" in their body. If they can't get back they can choose another mate of any alien race. The gender always alternates (i.e. female with the DNA will have boys, and their children will be girls, etc.) Due to all the DNA in their species it's hard to tell what they originally looked like but they recognise each other by a certain aura/scent. ))

Profession -
Space trade and doing what no one else wants to do - like going after space banshees for banshee soup.

Position -
Joe usually acts as the pilot when things get rough and the auotpilot can't be engaged. Quain is in charge of the cargo hold and making sure everythign is secure when traveling. When it comes to actual trading they are both savvy businessmen and are good at getting a good deal out of the clients. If the need arises for repairs or maintenance of the ship (which can happen quite a lot) they're the guys for the job.

Appearance – Quite human-like (hair on the head, facial hair) but with alien-animalistic features and spikes (which are somewhat colourful) along the back and arms, two tails and some gills. They can change their skin colour somewhat like a chameleon can.

Powers (if any) -
They have a strong bond/link between them, to the extent that if one twin is cut, it will appear on the other one in the exact same spot. They can also communicate via the mind. Other than that they have the natural ability to grow what one might call a biometal armor from beneath their skin that can cover their entire bodies. It usually comes out in self defense but they can control and manipulate it to form wings, for example, but it takes a lot or resources. They don't have to eat but need a certain sustenance (which is different for each individual) which is converted into some form of energy to maintain and control the biometal. In their case they need electricity. Their species (or one in the mix) has a spacial awareness about them and they can basically see/smell/hear/feel something all at once when the awareness is sent out around them. It can also go through walls to some extent. They have an uncanny understanding of technological things, and they can't lie. At all. Ever.

Background/Personality –
They grew up in the trade business and once they were old enough they bought their own ship (dubbed "Spit & Prayers II") and went in the space trading business. They usually take the exciting and dangerous jobs and wouldn't think twice about looking into something that could be interesting.

Colour of Speech – Red (#c30d0d)
and green (3c9e0b). Purple (a33dce) if they talk at the same time.

lovedove, once you have your characters up we can start :)
Alright here's mine!

Name: Janu N'yovem
Gender: Male
Age: 70 years (about a 30 year old human)
Species: Moryin. Moryin originally hail from the planet Nattett, though have migrated to other planets. Moryins are often 6.5 to 8 feet tall, some even reaching 9.5 feet. Their skin usually has a pale color, with the females having a wider skin color range than the males. Their legs bend backwards in a way similar to birds, and their feet look a bit like hooves, though they are thinner and taller. Due to their home planet's surface, Moryin's have excellent balance. They have very large eyes that can see very well in light and dark conditions. (Also, they are more sensitive than human eyes) Male Moryin have a distinct frill on the back of their head, starting from the top of their head and ending at the bottom of their neck. The frill is used as a symbol of their health and age. The better looking their frill, the more healthier, younger, and potentially more attractive they are to females. If the room is really dark, one can see that a Moryin's skin glows very faintly.
Appearance: Janu is a typical healthy Moryin. He is nearly 8 feet tall with a large frill. His skin is a very pale blue and his eyes are a grey color.
Personality: Janu is very hard working, always striving to make things better. At times he can be a perfectionist, not accepting any mistkaes. He is prone to rambling on about things and talking a lot, though he can be very quiet when working on maintenance on the ship. He is usually very calm and does not lose his cool (though that's really just in his species).
Abilities: He is very good with ship repairs and electronic care. He's also very good at remembering things and finding ways through puzzles or confusing situations. But he is not a good fighter.
History: Janu grew up on a planet of immigrant Moryins. He quickly showed a skill in the arts of technological things. He then joined a ship crew to explore and strengthen his skills.
Other: None.

Name: Sinrah of the Yanraht
Gender: Female
Age: 10 years old (about a 19 year old human)
Species: Nythen. Nythen are mysterious creatures that hail from Nyth, a planet often shrouded in darkness and fog. Nythen are usually viewed by other species as ruthless and cunning, though that is not entirely the case. Nythen on their home planet live in small homes in tribes (which is reflected in their name by the "of the...") Because raids on tribes are very common, Nythen are naturally quick and quiet. They age very quickly, so the average Nythen lives to only be about 30 years old. They dislike using large and noisy weapons, and prefer quick and small ones
Appearance: Sinrah has very dark grey skin (almost to the point of being black) with tan hair that is usually tied back behind her. Her eyes are a bright orange color. She often wears suits with hoods and masks that can hide her face. Often her clothing consists of many tight pockets to help carry her stuff. She is about 5'7'' with a very slim figure.
Personality: Sinrah is usually very quiet and quick, preferring to let her knife speak for her. However, she is a vicious fighter and doesn't allow mercy in her fighting. Once she knows someone, though, her loyalty is unbreakable and she will die for them.
Abilities: She is very good at climbing things and walking on them, due to her good stealth. She is very quick and agile, though lacks power when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Her eyes are very good in dark places, but are sensitive to bright lights.
History: Sinrah was born into the Yanraht tribe. Attacks were very common, so at a young age she was enlisted as a protector of the tribe. As a protector she became an effective fighter and was shown respect by many. However, her life would change when one day a ship and a crew came to her planet...
Other: She is very confused by technology, since the Nythem do not use a lot of it.
As they were approaching the planet, Joe took his seat as the pilot, flicking a few switches and calling up status screens. The planet looked interesting, certainly big enough to have something on it.
"Hey Janu, got anything interesting about this place?" he asked. Their journey had been quite a long one, thanks to some space pirates whom they've had to avoid some time earlier. "If we can land I'd like to do a quick scan outside, see what the damage is." Of course the ship always looked the worse for wear, no matter how much you polished or washed it.

Quain was in the cargo hold a level below, still checking for any damage caused by their frantic flight. So far so good and the boxes were intact. Through some doors were the area for live cargo and this time it had a single occupant. One could call it monkey-like, only it had four arms and a beak for a mouth with huge black eyes. It's fur was the very long and soft kind and as Quain entered the room it started chiding up a storm.
"Hey little guy, we had a bumpy ride, huh?" he smiled, checking his hologram chart. It was feeding time, so he opened the container next to the monkey thing's cage. It hissed as the lid slid open, revealing a number of purple round fruit. Quain noticed one of them turning red and took it out to investigate. Upon seeing it the little critter chided very excitedly and reached for the fruit. This got a chuckle from Quain, but the instructions were clear: If the fruit turned red, do not feed it to him.
"Sorry mate, no luck this time." he said and gave the critter a purple one, much to his disappointment.
"View mode." Janu N'yovem commanded the ship's main computer.
[View mode in session.] A female monotonous voice replied back. A large window popped up and showed a vast expanse of space with only a singe planet stuck in the middle of it.
"Planet name and info." Janu said after studying the surroundings.
[Scanning and retrieving file...] The computer was silent for a moment with a small icon appearing in the middle of the computer screen signaling that it was bringing out the command. [Nyth. Planet system 12956-1. Nyth is the only planet in its system. It's often shrouded in a heavy fog, with sometimes black fog occurring. Many large and quick forms of life have been recorded on the planet. These are most likely to be predators. The planet is known to house some of the largest flora and fauna in its galaxy region.] A small window popped up with the words "More info" on it. Janu deleted it quickly.
Hmm...predators? Not very good...Wonder if should warn Joe and Quain. Out loud, Janu asked "What are danger levels of said predators?"
[Scanning and retrieving file...] The computer was silent again, than more windows popped up around the viewing screen. Many held text and pictures of the animals. [Danger level range is 5.99989 to 7.4573.]
Janu considered this. Those were a bit high...but not so dangerous as that their life was heavily in danger. They needed supplies and that planet could have what they needed. So he simply said to the computer "Stand-by mode."
[Stand-by mode in session.] The computer closed out all the windows as the screen began to get darker. It would "sleep" until it was needed again by Janu. In the meantime, it would lower its power usage and become idle.

Janu walked out of the main computer room and headed towards the weapons station. They would most likely need those just in case the wildlife turned out to be less than tamed. Janu wasn't planning on getting eaten. He still had about 230 years to live and he planned on living them. He took out a small flat chip from one of his pockets. Pressing one of the buttons on it, it grew bigger and transformed into a MultiPad. A multi-task pad that would be very handy in these strange planet.
[Ten minutes until landing.] A computerized voice said over the intercoms located over the ship.

Janu hoped he'd be ready in that time.
Concentrating on the landing sequence and prepping the ship's course to align with the planet's rotation, Joe noticed Janu heading to the weapons station. He chortled, "That bad, huh?"
For Joe and his brother it wasn't much of a problem if there were predators since they had their biometal to count on. The problem would arise if they ran out of resource to maintain it, which brought the question, "So any civilisation here?"

As Janu walked towards the weapons room, he ran into Joe. "That bad, huh?" He chuckled.
The Moryin looked down on him (for he was much taller than Joe) as he pressed a button next to a door. "Wildlife on planet. Danger level calculated to be between 5 and 7. Should take measures to be safe." Janu lifted his three fingered hand and pressed a series of buttons on a data pad next to the door. A small light winked green and the door slid open. Inside was a dimly lit room filled with weapons. Janu took one off a rack than took another one for good measures.
"So any civilisation here?" Joe asked him.
"A few large tribes. Scattered across planet. Likely to be home to sentient species. Maybe they give us supplies." Janu closed the door as they walked out.
The ship intercom system spoke again. The ship rocked around a little as it came to rest on the ground of the planet. [Ship landed.]
Janu began to walk towards the exit, than stopped and looked at Joe. "Quain? Where is he?"


Sinrah had watched the strange object in the sky descend. Though a heavy fog had engulfed everything around her, her sharp eyes were still able to track the object until she lost it over the distant horizon. She had seen it before a few times and had heard stories from others in her tribe, but she had never seen one land. It could be a potential threat to her tribe and the people living in the tribes. As a protector, she was sworn to protect the tribe with whatever it took, even if it meant losing her life.
She ran her fingers up the hilt of her killing blade, bound to her palm by a strip of cloth. This was the weapon she used the most. It was effective, quick, and silent. Just how she liked it. It was what she killed with and that "object" would be her next victim. Silently, she swiftly moved through the fog and towards the landed object, climbing over trees and avoiding large rocks in her way.
"Wildlife on planet. Danger level calculated to be between 5 and 7. Should take measures to be safe."
Joe nodded and after Janu was done got himself and Quain some small calibre weapons. It would do to at least ward off smaller creatures and if any bigger ones showed up...
On second thought he added a laser rifle to the arsenal and a blade for Quain. You never knew.

As Janu talked about the civilisation he asked, "Any idea of their technology level? Who knows, we might be able to trade something too if all goes well." He was always enthusiastic about trading with new species as they mostly had something interesting to give. Plus he and his brother had been looking for a portable energy source to carry with them wherever they went.

"Quain? Where is he?"
Joe connected mentally with his brother, "He's-"
"Here." Quain finished for him as he appeared from the opening door leading down to the cargo hold.
"Shall we?" he said, as his brother handed him a gun and the blade which he strapped to his side.
"Any idea of their technology level? Who knows, we might be able to trade something too if all goes well."

Janu shook his head again. "Not too advanced. Traditional." He watched as the landing platform opened and gave entrance to the planet. White fog billowed in like slow moving water. It was very thick but one could see the ground earth through the sheet of white. Off in the distance, a strange animal hooted loudly. The dark figures of trees in the distance were visible.
"Thick fog. Hard to see. Brought scanners." Janu lifted up a scanner that was strapped to his side. "Be careful." He warned the two.


Sinrah watched in awe as the strange object opened up. Inside she could see the dark shadows of strange beings. Two were about the same height as her while the other was very thin and towered over the other two. He had something strange on the back of his head. It looked like the blade to an axe. This caused Sinrah's body to become tense. Whatever they were, they were a threat.
Again, she ran her fingertips over the blade of her killing knives. Soon. Very soon.
The news had the twins somewhat disheartened. So no chance of finding that energy source, oh well. At least the planet had potential to be... interesting. From the looks of things it would seem nature had the upper hand here, which they liked.
"Wow." Joe commeneted in awe.
Quain took a deep breath of the fresh air, and even his gills frilled at the humidity level. As he walked out his tails flicked with anticipation. Everything felt so big. Huge even, or was that just the excitement talking?

"Be careful."
"Hm-mm." Quain replied for them both, as he sent out his awareness around him. Joe did the same and together formed a mind map of their immediate surroundings. They were yet unaware of anyone or anything around them, except maybe for small insectiods or plants.
"Just going to check the hull, be right back." Joe told them in a low voice as he quietly made his way to the back of the ship. He saw the scorch marks as he went, and how it darkened more to the back. Well, this is going to be tough to clean.

Quain kept a look out for his brother as he dissapeared into the fog, and checked to see if he could make out what Janu's expression was. He couldn't really tell. Joe then sent him a message, "The ship's okay, we can get going." he relayed it to the Moryin and started in a direction.
Janu followed behind the two, stepping into the heavy fog.


The fog engulfed everything in a white embrace. Only the contrasting dark shapes of large objects ways off could be seen through it. Janu quickly did a scan of his surroundings. Luckily, there were no large predators lurking behind them to strike. The only heat sources were from the large trees around them. "No predators. Safe."
No sooner had the words come out of his mouth something flew past his head, barely missing him. The blade had just barely missed him and a large cut began to form the Janu's cheek, blood beading along it. The knife hit the ship with a hard metallic thud and dropped onto the ground. A harsh whisper sounded from behind a tree and a figure jumped out from behind it at the group, silently but gracefully like a ghost. The glint of a blade sparkled through the fog.
Hmm...must have hidden against tree to blend heat with the tree's. Smart. Clever. Despite the attacking, he had time to ramble in his mind. Typically him.
"No predators. Safe."
"Oh good. Last thing we want is-"
Trouble flew glintingly fast and the twins ducked, being a little prepared with their awareness. Joe immediately had his laser rifle up, and Quain had his blade out. The formed a triangle shape with Janu so that their backs were facing each other.
"Janu! You alright?" Quain asked surprised, seeing the trickle of blood on this cheek. The first thought was that whatever cut him might be poisoned.

Joe glanced towards the thud, and sent his awareness in that direction. Having a smaller area to focus on he was able to send it further and made out a life form which felt/looked sentient.
Also, "Female." he stated, "Young adult I think."
"You think she'll understand if we say that we come in peace?" Quain asked tentatively but Joe could detect the bit of humour in his voice.
Janu touched the cut on his face, staining his with crimson splotches. Bleeding? The thrown knife had sliced his flesh. It seemed strange to Janu somehow...He ducked at the last minute to examine the knife, just as the attacking figure jumped at him. She missed and skidded lightly on the ground with her feet. Her killing blades were now fully extended and ready to do their job...
Sinrah cursed in her mind. I missed! How could I miss a tall creature like that?! Spending no more time on the thought, she pounced at him, intending to slash his long neck with her knives. He ducked! Quickly, she repositioned her body to absorb the impact of her body on the ground and not fall. She slid a bit, rocks flying out of the way from her feet. Missed again?! That's can he...? She shook her head. That thought could be evaluated later. Right now she had a tribe to protect.
"Yanraht!" She yelled at them, showing which tribe the proud warrior woman was from. Then she jumped again at the tall creature. I will not miss!
This was getting way to serious and with the way the woman was moving Joe couldn't get a clear shot either. She moved quick too and was fixated on Janu - because he was the biggest?

Quain got an idea and let the biometal cover his body in an instant and jumped at the woman from the side while her attention was on Janu. The idea was to tackle her and if this worked Joe could help to hold her down while they try and explain that they meant no harm.
They had no idea how strong she was though, but they still had to try at least something.
Sinrah suddenly was grabbed from her side by one of the smaller creatures. She thrashed her limbs, trying to find flesh for her knife to plunge into. However, their strength was great as they held her down and restrained her. Dirty curses flew through her head and she attempted to break free of their grasp. Strangely enough, they weren't hurting her. The big tall creature simply stared at her like she was some deformed animal. She bared her teeth at him.
"Kill me if you must," She spat at them, a slight accent dripping into her words. "But may you remember the name Sinrah of the Yanraht!" Then she tilted her head back and exposed her neck. If she was to die, she would die as a warrior. Though to her surprise, no one did anything at all. No blade tried to slit her neck or plunge into her chest.
"Well?" She snarled again. "Kill me. That is all you can do."
Wow, she can sure... put up a fight! Quain thought to her brother as they held on until she finally stopped struggling.
"But may you remember the name Sinrah of the Yanraht!"
Joe tilted his slightly backwards in surprise, "Oh, so that's what it meant." he concluded.

"Kill me. That is all you can do."
The twins looked at each other and then at Janu, and back at her.
"Or we could just explain why we're here." Quain told her with a firm voice.
"We're not here to kill you or anyone, we're explorers and traders." Joe continued. He wondered if they should let her go, but feared that she might try to kill them again out of disbelief. Instead he let the metal on his face disappear to show his face and hoped she wouldn't try to kick him.
Janu watched the strange woman struggle and thrash around in the twins' arms. In frame, she seemed like such a delicate and fragile creature. In spirit however, she was fierce and mighty. The bleeding had stopped on his cheek, leaving now only a red line. He was fairly interested in her and her species, despite the attack on him. Though he couldn't help but wonder...
"Strange. Targeted me mainly. Wonder why." Janu said out loud to himself.
After the female declared for them to kill her, Quain retorted firmly "Or we could just explain why we're here."
Sinrah narrowed her eyes at them, her orange pupils darted at all three of them, though lingering longer on Janu. He tilted his head at her.
"We're not here to kill you or anyone, we're explorers and traders." Joe said. He didn't let her go, but he dissolved his bio-armor to show his face to her.
Sinrah cried out at the gesture, thinking of him to be a demon with shape shifting abilities. She had heard young mothers tell their children to become good fighters or strange creatures that could change their bodies would take them away. Was she being taken away for being a horrible fighter? The thought burned inside of her...
Then she took a better look at his face. His face was remarkable like hers with only a few differences. She thought to kick him or hurt him in some way...but she instead studied his face. Her eyes than went to Quain's face, noting the similarities. They didn't hurt her at all or even try to retaliate her attacks. Once again she gazed at Janu closely. I've never seen one such as him. He is tall and so pale...a very strange creature indeed. His eyes are very big. What is that on the back of his head? Why is he so different than the other two? Many questions rang in her head, but she began to ignore them.
"What is your purpose here?" She asked with a hard tone, keeping Janu in the corner of her eye. "To kidnap me for a slave?"
The sudden cry from the woman surprised Joe and he almost forgot to hold on. Her continuous gaze started to make him feel uncomfortable and he slanked his ears back and looked confused.
"What is your purpose here? To kidnap me for a slave?"
"Huh? No!" Quain said, taken aback by the insinuation. "Like my brother said, we're explorers and traders."
"We just came here looking for any supplies." Joe explained further.

They both had the same question as Janu had thought out loud earlier.
"Why are you so interested in him?" Quain was the one to ask eventually.

"Huh? No!" Quian replied hastily at her questions. "Like my brother said, we're explorers and traders."
"We just came here looking for any supplies." Joe added.
Sinrah narrowed her eyes at them again but didn't say anything this time. Not trying to make me a slave? Not trying to attack? In the midst of her confusion, one of them asked her something. "Why are you so interested in him?"
Sinrah stared at them in a puzzling manner as if they were asking the strangest question in the world. Her eyes yet again darted between them and Janu. "Is he not strange? He is so very tall and so very pale. I thought he was some kind of wild spirit...but wild spirits do not have that..." She jerked her head towards Janu's frill.
Janu reached up and touched it in response. "Frill?"
"He is very strange. I've never seen one like him..." Then she shook her head. "If you are not here to take me or the lives of my tribe members, than what is your purpose here? What are you to do?"
"Supply gathering. Ship is low on resources. We need fuel and maybe some food. Trading might occur. Need to become prepared for our journey. Will be a long one and tough."
Sinrah blinked twice, only understanding half of that statement.
"'Wild spirit'?" Joe said with a slight chuckle. They both listened as she explained and thinking about it, from her perspective it really must have made sense to her.
"Firefly, maybe, when its really dark..." Quain added.

"Supply gathering. Ship is low on resources. We need fuel and maybe some food. Trading might occur. Need to become prepared for our journey. Will be a long one and tough."

The young warrior woman looked confused, but at least seemed less hostile. The twins decided to loosen their grip and melt their armour away again. For safety though they stepped back and gave her room. Quain even held out his hand to help her up.
"You probably saw what we came in, right? It's like our home but we can travel far to other planets with it." Did she even know what he meant by planets? "It's a space ship."
He wasn't sure how much she'd understand and didn't want to overwhelm her with information.
"We could show you what we have for trade?"
"'Wild spirit'?" Joe laughed while Sinrah sat unsure of what he found so funny. Surely he was strange to them. He was so different, wasn't he? Janu's reaction to this was simply him tilting his head while looking at her.
"Firefly, maybe, when its really dark..." The other added. Sinrah shot him a confused look, not knowing what in the world he was talking about.
Eventually they let her go and she stood up quickly, ignoring Quian's hand, but did not attack. She rubbed her wrists where they had grabbed her roughly. They stepped back away from her. After a moment of silence she sheathed her killing blades and put them away.
"You probably saw what we came in, right? It's like our home but we can travel far to other planets with it." He paused for a second. "It's a space ship." He paused again. "We could show you what we have for trade?"
Sinrah nodded slightly. "Yes...a space ship...I've heard stories and tales of them." Answering his second question, she shook her head. "I have nothing to trade. But...there are merchants at my tribe. I would take you, but they would most likely kill you. You could take the risk."
"Hm. Not sure if we should." Janu turned to Joe and Quain. "What do you think?"