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  1. The Fighters Guild was founded to be a safe haven for those with special abilities. It is a place to hone your abilities and to train so you can survive. The H.A.P or Humans Against Powers are looking to wipe those with abilities from existence. Some of you will just be discovering your powers others will have had your powers for a while. Your goal is to first and foremost get to The F.G. Some of you may be a part of H.A.P, or a part of The F.G. there are limited spaces for instructers And Villians. H.A.P can have special skills. NOT powers but skills such as Archery Swordsmanship ect. Some may be slightly enhanced soldiers such as slight increase in speed, agility, strength ect. No one can have more than one special skill or ability. H.A.P agents may grow in there skills and train to become adept with things like archery swords survival and so on. There are three places for Teachers at the F.G Each teacher may have Two (2) abilities. all others have one (1). I will Be selecting The Leader or Both the F.G and H.A.P. Pm If you would like to be considered. I hope to start this ASAP. I will post my Character Sheet soon.

    Character format



    Ability/special skill:




    1) No God-Modding.
    2) Any disputes will be settled by me.
    3)You CANNOT Control other Peoples Characters.
    4)Follow Iwaku Rules
    5)I will allow cursing but keep it limited meaning don't say Fuck every other sentence.
    6)Each person can have 2 Characters but no one can control 2 Teachers/Agents.
    7)HAVE FUN.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.