The Fight for Life

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Angka sat on a perch, overlooking the dwindling numbers of his clan. The war between the Greif and Aigle's had raged on for many years, casualties numbering in the millions, the earth being burned in to disuse. A patrol circled overhead, watching for any eagles that might try to attack the camp. Angka was growing disillusioned with the leaders of the Greif; nothing good had come from their being in charge, and Angka had been one of the first to protest against them. For that, they had torn out his left eye. Ever since, he had thought twice about speaking out publicly about the regime. That hadn't stopped him from forming a resistance, it's only goal to topple the leaders, to take control and perhaps become the only salvation to the Greif. He smirked. The leaders had squashed down all open forms of opposition, but they wouldn't see this coming.
Scarny looked up at Angka. She flew up to where he was. "Angka permission to speak." She stated calmly looking down not wanting to disrespect her leader. She was forced into leaving ht clan. Her mother left. She had to follow her mother. He mother died in the first war between the clan and them. She was killed by her father. While her father was distracted she killed him. Seeking revenge for her mother. Slash- watched his flock. He was worried that the Greif's would gain the upper hand and kill them. He sighed and went and got something to eat. Zalia came back and found someone else had put there stuff int he cabin. She called out wandering who was there. They must have the wrong cabin. Didn't they see this place was taken already. Wait did the guy say something about a roommate. She didn't remember. She causally looked around.
One of the younger members of the clan had flown up to him. He glanced at her casually - Scarny was her name, at least that was what he thought it was. Fuzzy memories came back to Angka, Scarny had been involved in some sort of trouble recently. Angka looked at the young female, amusement filling him at the way she requested permission to speak. "Yes, young one? Make it quick."

Miles away, Anders ravaged a young doe that had caught his eye. It hadn't been long since he had first learned how to hunt, and he was still perfecting that skill. The kill had been sloppy, even by his standards. But he had downed the doe, and was happy to tear the flesh from the carcass, seeing as how he hadn't eaten in days. Game was growing increasingly rare, and many Aigles were starting to die of starvation. Meals were reserved for the Elders, and whatever scraps that were left got passed down to the rest of the flock. Many years Aigles had to resort to hunting wild game.

Jensen watched through the scope of his rifle as the eagle had chased down its prey, talons ripping the throat out of a doe. He was under strict orders to monitor the eagles movements, in an attempt to find out where the rest of the flock was. The job was frustrating, not because it was difficult to follow an eagle, but because it was numb numbingly boring. It's going to be a long day, he thought. He couldn't wait to get back to his cabin, pop open a cold drink, and just sit there, relaxing.
Scarny nodded "well i was wandering if i could go hunting get some food. I'm starving. I really am a great hunter. I can get some for you too. Ill stay out of trouble." She hopped her would say yes but in some sense knew there was danger waiting for her. Slash- only found a rabbit. He quickly gobbled it up. Zalia didn't find anybody so she lay down with some hot coco and turned on the TV. She wasn't surprised when it was already on the hunting channel. She didn't care he favorite show was on.