The Fight for Etricius

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  1. The world of Etricius has lost its greatest kingdom, Anitir, with no explanation at all. Without Anitir and the House of Seacerith, the other five kingdoms have begun to struggle for power. As the world heads towards chaos and ruin, the kingdoms face problems from both outside and inside their territories. Will the world find hope and peace, or will it plunge into utter darkness and terror.

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    Mio sat at her window, staring out at the clouded morning sky and tall mountain peaks. It was a wonderful morning and the birds were flying by the palace, their feather's shining in the sun. She yawned as she stood up and headed to the door, opening it, she rubbed her eyes and stepped out into the hall. As usual, the palace looked and felt empty, such a boring place to be. Walking around the hall provided little entertainment, but it was funny to see how only a couple of her family throughout history had black hair like hers. Her boredom drove her to go see what Alexander was doing, maybe annoy him a bit if he's too busy to talk.

    It was a normal, noisy day at the tavern, full of drunkards and lazy slobs, sadly no important people looking to hire a mercenary. It was hard for him to find work now, especially since most of the mercenaries had already been employed by many nobles and the general of the Palace of Stone. After his work had finished, he went out to relax in a chair outside the tavern, the sun was barely shining, or at least that's how it seemed in the cave at high noon. It appeared that there wasn't much more of a reason to stay in this place, so he decided he would take a trip to Perysene, maybe try to find work there instead. He packed up his things and headed off to Perysene.
  2. A groan filled the large room as the sun shone through one of the rooms many window and onto a figure that lay in the bed near the center of the room. The beds covers were thrown back to reveal the woman who held the title of General of the Kingdom of Olaea’s army. “Uh, what time is it?” Fate asked quietly to herself before looking out of the windows. She blinked a few times as she registered the suns current position beyond the stone ceiling. “Damn it!” She yelled as she quickly jumped out of bed and ran to her closet. Once there, she struggled to get her uniform on as fast as she could and then rushed out of her room. Today was the day that she had to inspect the army’s combat efficiency and if she didn’t hurry she would be late for the meeting with her Lieutenants. “Gods I hate this jobs so much sometimes!” She yelled as she ran down multiple sets of hallways and stairs, causing many of the servants she passed to look at her strangely for a moment before getting back to work.

    Kyrie sat quietly in her favorite part of the library as she read one of the books the library had acquired recently. The book spoke of the healing properties and uses of a variety of plants found throughout the different kingdoms. So engrossed in her book she barely registered the sounds of the bells, that signaled noon, ringing. Marking her place with a bookmark, she stood up from her spot. She then exited the library and made her way towards the dining room where lunch would be served. While walking she hoped that her elder brother would be there. She had not seen him very much recently because of his duties and she missed talking with him.
  3. Alexander:

    Alexander woke up crying. Which was strange considering he couldn't even remember the last time he had cried and now he couldn't even remember the dream that had caused the silent tears to start rolling down his cheeks. It had something to do with the stars and broken glass. He pondered it briefly before splashing his face with water and getting ready for the day.

    A royal guard duties, besides the obvious “guarding of the royalty”, includes commanding the castle defense; setting up patrol routes and making sure the men are up to par with the standards that they deem acceptable.

    Alexander headed to the training grounds to spar, it kept him in shape, gave a good impression to his men, and wiped his mind of troubles. Today he was sparring with a very young guard, they were practicing their swordsmanship with heavy, wooden long sword replicas. They had been going at it for a while, but the younger man was more passive (probably because he was facing a superior officer) and Alexander was beating him back.

    And then they saw Mio.

    They haltered for a second, to admire her simple beauty, the striking color of her irises before Alexander swung heavily at his partners head with a loud crack. The man hit the ground hard and laid there dazed while Alexander towered above him smirking,

    “Don't get distracted, not even for a second, focus all attention on your foe,” he said while dropping the wooden sword besides him, “that's all for today. Thank you.”

    He then turned towards the princess, bowed deeply at the waist, and then offered a brilliant smile he reserved only for the princesses.

    “How are we today princess? Not planning on giving me any more trouble with your little excursions are we,” he teased.
  4. The large room was quiet and the light wasn't on but the rays of the light from outside beemed through the window of the room showing the figure of the young male, Eliot sat up slowly from the bed his back was sore from yesterday's trainning and he really didint feel like going today but he knew he had to, the general whom almost everyone well respected was going to be inspecting the army and being late wasn't a good idea for him being one of the lieutenants and all, he was young for his age to be in his rank but we was well trained and skilled which put him in that catergory. He rubbed his eyes and blinked a couple of times before getting up and heading into his closet, he put on his uniform in a bit of a rush and grabbed his chain before heading out his room.

    He made his way down the hallway and saw the people looking in the direction he was going great somebody's late he walked at his normal pase which was strangely fast for others, turning the corner he looked out at the windown seeing the arm trainning and he thought of his days out there when he had first started " great now i have to deal with these people" he mumbbled under his breath as he made his way over to the rest of the crew awaiting the meeting.
  5. She sat in her bedroom, sharpening her blade with a wetstone. Once she was satisfied it was sharp enough, she grunted and chucked it against her door that she had carved a target in and hit it smack dab in the center. She smirked and walked over to it and yanked it out and placed it in its hidden sheeth in her boot. Unlike everyone else in the house she was born in, she had a little more compasion for things then the rest of her family of assassins. She grabbed a deep purple cloak and shrugged into it, tossing up the hood so that it covered her face and headed out into the streets.
  6. A while ago…

    Nariko lay on the cool tiles of the abandoned plaza, gazing up at the vegetation above her head and the sky beyond, the rays of the sun poking through the canopies and casting beams of gold across the otherwise shady ruins. The leaves rustled quietly, the nearby waterfall gushed and bounced off of rocks and broken bricks, and in the distance the calls of birds and animals could be heard. This place was their home, now. It had been a long time since this place was the prosperous city of legend.

    Still, the energy of Anitir lingered here. There was something about the broken walls and dusty alcoves that echoed the old days. It was as if the ruins were holding their breath, keeping their secrets close. Even after spending so much time here, Nariko had barely scratched the surface of its mysteries, though she had come to understand some things. She knew that now was not the time of discovery, however. Something was missing. This place that she had spent so long learning about refused to let her in.

    Nariko pulled herself up, leaning back against her hands as she watched a brightly colored bird dart above her head and away into the darkness. It had been years since she had left her home to travel here. With a sense of unease, Nariko stood up. It was time to return home, she decided. Maybe then this Kingdom would reveal itself to her. As it was, the ruins stood around her, dark and imposing. There was no more progress to be made, not yet.

    “Not yet…” she repeated softly, a slight wind casting a chill and causing her to shiver, her newfound feathers ruffling. She missed her family. She missed her kingdom. Collecting what little things she had with her, Nariko started her journey home.
  7. After a long night of travel towards the kingdom him and his few followers had seen from a long distance, Kat had figured it was time to stop for some food and drink. "Alright you two, we'll slow down a bit for now so we can get some nourishment." Kat laughed. It's the first time he's laughed in a long time. "You two seem like you're out of shape!"

    With all the walking and hunting they've been doing, it's a wonder they're still standing at all. The first companion, a tall man with orange hair and ears had rather large bruises all over him. He was a rather clumsy one outside of battle or hunting, and had his tail nearly lopped off from a recent fight with some bandits they'd encountered on their journey to the Kingdom of the Ancients. The other, a smaller man, only standing about 5'6 looked in much better shape, though sore and tired, needed the food and drink much more than the rest of them.

    As their little meal break had finished up, they'd continued on towards the Kingdom. "We should be there by tomorrow morning. It looks like we may need to do some work to that place, I hope you guys are ready. Who knows what we'll encounter."
  8. Miyami sat on her throne, looking at the empty hall in front of her. What a depressing day, and her son was out of the palace once more. She worried about him as she normally did, but thought it better to just let him be instead of looking for him. It was hard for her to enjoy the throne any longer, there wasn't even that much paperwork for her to do anymore. The only thing there was to do was to sit around and wait for news about what was happening on the surface and how close the army was to reaching a decent battle plan. Battle plans, something that she dreaded, mostly because it was next to impossible for any of the surface kingdoms to attack Utieton.

    It was nice and warm near the surface of the water, there were very few boats out today. Hiyashi headed towards the nearby shore to get out of the water and go off to one of the kingdoms. He had done this many times, disappearing for a couple weeks, then coming home to his mother almost sobbing with worry. Though he loved his mother and didn't want to hurt her, he still had to go out and see what the world was like on his own. The one place he hadn't actually visited was Damenton, the home for darkness and creatures that lurk in it. It was a terrible idea, but he had to go, he had to know what everything in the world was like with his own two eyes. He got up on shore after making sure no one was looking, then transformed into his human form and got all his gear ready, then left for his trip to Damenton.
  9. Damion lay on se back, looking up at the black ceiling of his room, smiling to himself, thinking of the many different things he could plan to overthrow the other kingdoms. It was a hard choice to make, either tear them down from the inner workings of the foundations or just completely demolish them. He finally got bored of trying to decide and went off to get something to eat. The cooks were rushing around trying to prepare lunch, so he just helped himself to a snack. After grabbing a sandwich, he sat at a table and ate while thinking of what he would need to do to destroy a kingdom. "The most troublesome would be Perysene, so it would be best to deal with them it first," he sat mumbling to himself as he ate, "Though we would need an ally to do so." An ally, the most difficult thing to find in this time, "This might take a while."

    Alex was tired of doing paperwork, it was so tiresome and increasingly annoying to do. Finally, though, it was noon and time to literally ran out of the room to the dining hall for lunch. It was strange for him, the king, to be running through the halls like a child, but he could care less what he looked like to others, he was the undoubted king. As he headed for the dining hall, he spotted his little sister Kyrie heading there herself. He ran up to her and grinned, "So, since you're the princess, maybe you'd help me with some of my paperwork that needs to be done?"
  10. Fate skidded to a halt as she arrived at the door to the conference room, nearly running into the door as she did so. She then quickly adjusted her uniform and entered the room. Once inside she made her way over the chair at the head of the conference table and sat down. Her Lieutenants, who had been standing at various places around the room, made their way to their seats and sat down as well. ‘Let’s get this over with.’ She thought to herself as she watched the others. “All right then, let us begin.” Fate said as she leaned back in her chair. “How does the army’s offensive and defensive divisions look as of this moment?” She asked to no one in particular. While she may have been the General, she had been so busy dealing with paperwork and foreign diplomats that she hadn’t had time check on the status of the army, which was the whole reason for this meeting in the first place.

    Kyrie jumped as her elder brother suddenly appeared behind her. After a few seconds though she was able to regain her composer and smiled at him. “Of course I will help you.” She said, happy that she would be able to help her brother is some way. “When would you like me to start helping?” The young princess asked.
  11. Mio smiled back at him, "I was actually wanting to watch the men spar," though she was more interested in sparring one or all of them herself, she knew Alexander wouldn't let her. "Maybe you would like to come for a walk with me, if you aren't too busy," her idea of a walk was hiking up to the top of the mountain, one of the most fun things to do. As she waited for his reply, she looked a little past him and noticed a couple of the men standing around and gossiping like village women in a market place. she felt herself blush slightly as she caught a bit of the conversation and that it was about her, she got mad and yelled at them, "Shouldn't you four be training instead of standing around like gentle maidens?!" Her anger and embarrassment were settling down a little as she thought, The soldiers were starting to gossip about trivial things, what is this world coming to?